Being a Caniff.... Maybe?

Piper has had a rough past. She had lost her parents when she was young. She has been in the adoption center ever since. Until one day she gets adopted by the biggest youtube sensations. Will she learn to love them or will it turn out the same way ass all the other times she was adopted?

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2. Chapter 1

Pipers P.O.V (point of view)


I was in my room that I used to share with a little girl but she was adopted like four days after she got here. I was getting ready for the adoption week thing. I don’t know what they call it. I was wearing a black crop top that says “you can’t sit with us” on it, high waisted white washed shorts, and black vans.

I grabbed my penny board and rode down the hall to the caretaker's office “ Mrs. Vedder I’m going to the store then to park. I’ll be back in an hour or so,” I tell her. “ Okay, be back soon today is adoption day,” she says. I rode to the store and bought an Arizona and a bag  of cookies. I then rode to the park and sat down on a bench. After sitting at the park for about twenty minutes I received a text:


From: Mrs. Vedder

To: Piper

Get back her in ten minutes...or you have to do everybody else's chores when you get back.


From: Piper

To: Mrs. Vedder

On my way... see you when I get there

I grabbed my board and headed back to the orphanage.


When I got back I was three minutes late let’s hope she doesn’t notice.

“Where were you,” Mrs. Vedder says, making me jump. “ I’m only three minutes late please don’t make me do everybody's chores, please.” “Whatever your still doing everybody's chores I don’t care,” Mrs. Vedder. “Fine.”


Taylor’s P.O.V

I was sitting at home watching T.V, all of the guys were busy today and I had nothing to do. I was about to get up and get a drink when a commercial came on for an adoption center in LA, California, the commercial was really sad. It got me into thinking that I should adopt a child. I decided to text the the guys and see if they agreed.


To: Group Chat


Taylor: So I was thinking I should adopt a child

Nash: Are you sure bro that can be a big responsibility

Matt: ^^^^

Taylor: yeah I’m sure

Cam: Lets do it

Aaron: Sure why not I always wanted to adopt but when I am legal to

Carter: What age would you adopt and boy or girl

Johnson: ^^^^

Taylor: 13-16 and a girl there is already too many guys in the house

Gilinski: Let do it I’m hyped

Sammy: Alright man

Skate: sure bro

Shawn: let’s do it man

Taylor: Ok who want to come with me to the adoption center

Sammy: I’m down

Sammy: I’ll be at your place in 5

Taylor: alright

End of conversation


Sammy finally arrives to the house and I get my shoes on then grab my keys to the Jeep. “Ready Sammy.” “Yeah let’s go.”  We arrive to the Sunny Side Up Orphanage “Sammy I’m nervous what if sho don’t like me” “Well then we wait and give her time to adjust to us all.” “Okay” “Okay”

We walk into the main desk and there is a lady sitting at the desk with short blonde hair and way too much make-up, she looks faker than barbie. “Hi What would you like sir” “Hi umm I wanted to adopt a girl from the age 13-16” “Well the only kid we have here in that age group is Piper. Would you like to see her file?” “Yes please” she reaches over into a filing cabinet and grabs her file then hands it to me. “I doubt you will like her” “What's that supposed to mean” “Well she doesnt listen she hates when people tell her what to do and she is just a bitch” “Ok that’s cool lady but I don’t care” I opened her file and start reading:


Name: Piper Marie

D.O.B January 1, 2000

Eye color: Green

Ethnicity: White

Hobbies: Penny boarding, music, and being salty

Favorite food: Chinese

Favorite drink: Arizona Tea

Other: Has asthma and is allergic to peanuts


I love her already, I want her. I handed the file to Sammy and he read it over. “I really like Piper, Taylor.” “Yeah me too” “ I’m going to get her”


“We want Piper, please” “Right away sir, let me just call her down here”

I watched as she walked to the staircase and called for Piper to come down.


Piper’s P.O.V

“PIPER!!” I hear as Mrs. Vedder calls my name. I walk downstairs because I know that there is no point in yelling back to her because she will just keep yelling my name until I go downstairs. “What” “Your getting adopted, so go pack your stuff after you meet them” She takes me to her office and I see two guys sitting there.



**Taylor Caniff 


*** Sammy Wilk 

*** Mrs. Vedder



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