The Gifted

What happens when an ordinary girl is cast into a world of magic and dangerous people all because of one fateful night? Ellie knows nothing of the world of The Gifted, that is, until she becomes one by pure chance. To no fault of her own, she's thrown into a world that mere moments ago she would have considered impossible to even exist, and is forced to try and find her legs in this new world, will the help of a couple of people - friends might be stretching it, though. As if this wasn't enough, there seems like there are darker things going on outside of the normal Gifted life, and it looks like Ellie might just get caught up in it...

Note: Wrote this two years ago, but I just joined here and I'm like, eh, I need to post something, right? I feel like its corny and could do with a lot of improvement, but I just want to get something out here, I suppose. Enjoy! If this gets enough love, I might just finish it :0 Have a wonderful day! <3


5. Paper Beats Rock

~~“Umm, guys? I wanted to let you sleep in, but… There’s only thirty minutes left until everyone’s first class starts for the day…” Scott called from the main room, instantly waking me up.
“THIRTY MINUTES?” I screeched, ripping the blankets off of myself and rushing into the main room, where I headed over to Scott who was in the kitchen - he had kindly prepared everyone some jam toast. “You could’ve woken us up earlier!” I shouted through mouthfuls of food, darting around trying to get everything ready. Timetable? Check. Bag? Check. Gear? Not sure. For the fifth time, I checked I had packed everything I had needed, and, sure enough, I had.
“You should’ve given us at least an hour,” said a very weary-looking Duke who had emerged from his bedroom and was entering James’. “James takes a long, long time to wake up,” Duke explained as a large thump could be heard, followed by a tired sounding groan as Duke dragged his brother into the main room, James still wrapped in his blankets and skidding softly against the marble floor, barely awake.
“Already?” James asked tiredly, trying to curl further into his blankets.
“You guys had better hurry up! Scott said he’d take us to our first class, we don’t need to make him any later than he’s already going to be!” I hissed, shoving a plate of jam toast under James’ nose, and gently offering one to Duke as well, who, thankfully, was moving about quickly now, preparing himself and most likely his brother as well. “Thanks for making breakfast,” I smiled at Scott, rinsing my plate in the sink, “but where’d you get the food? Was it here when we came? I never checked.”
“I bought it,” Scott said, combing back his hair and double checking his own bag.
“What? When? How?” I asked, confused and surprised. I had never seen him leave the dorms.
“Last night. 2 a.m. I couldn’t sleep, so, you know, I thought ‘what needs doing?’ and I remembered – since we missed out on the tour, no one had been able stock up on food and stuff, so I thought I’d do it.”
“At 2 a.m.?” I exclaimed, shocked. “Scott, please tell me you got at least some sleep,” I sighed, and turning to face him as I zipped up my bag, I saw his expression and realised that he had indeed not slept at all. Trying to change the subject out of sympathy, I asked “And how on earth did you manage that at 2 a.m.? Do people work in an Academy store thing overnight? That’s bizarre!”
“No. You can just walk in there and get what you want whenever you want, as long as you pay. There’s security cameras in there, and if the staff see that you didn’t pay, well, consider yourself stuffed,” he shrugged, walking over to James and Duke, collecting their plates and rinsing them as well as his own.
“But why do you have to pay for food? And what’s with the Dining Room if we just eat in our dorms?” I questioned, my head spinning.
“It’s a Senior job. We get a basic allowance that should cover all our basic needs and stuff. If you want better stuff, though, you have to pay more to the Academy – and that means you have to get more money, and to get more money that means you have to do more jobs around the Academy and so on, so on. As for the Dining Room, we have dinner there every Friday as the staff discuss what had gone on during the week, but the rest of the time we eat up here or elsewhere around the Academy if it’s lunch - it doesn’t really matter most of the time,” Scott explained, looking at the time. “Also, we have about ten minutes left. We should really get going.”
“But I’m dead,” groaned a still very-sleepy looking James. Duke, as if knowing this sort of thing would happen, strolled out of the bathroom and over to his brother, carrying a bucket of cold water. Swiftly kicking away James’ blankets, he proceeded to pour the water all over his brother’s face.
“And now you’re alive,” Duke smiled, patting his brother’s soaked-through hair and grinning at his dazed expression.
“Well, I suppose that’s one way to do it. James, you should probably change into some dry clothes, and quickly, now,” Scott said, shaking his head and smiling at the Pelitri Brothers’ antics.
“Yes-sir!” said a rather grumpy looking but now attentive James, who shook his hair like a wet dog, spraying water all over the floor and his brother’s face, then got up and retreated into his room, where he presumably changed into clothes that weren’t sopping wet as Duke dried his face with a few tissues from the tissue box on the coffee table (it was the worst brand possible currently).
“Where are Alex and Jason?” Duke asked, having finished drying his face, looking around the main room.
“They’re already out,” Scott told him, hefting his bag over his shoulder. “Can I see the timetables you three have?” he asked, and was met with Duke and myself passing them over, Duke having to pass on his brother’s as well.
“It says the three of us are in the same classes for today, and Friday too,” Duke said, pointing at the classroom listed and the teacher names.
“Right, considering for you Juniors it’s one of the two days where you’ll all be learning the compulsory subjects, the staff tried to keep the teams together as much as possible. At least it makes my job easier,” Scott said, shrugging.
“WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,” James screeched as he exited his bedroom abruptly, swinging his door open wide, now dressed in dry clothes, “Let’s GOOOO!” he grinned, then took one look at me, laughed out loud, and added, “After you tame that mess, though, Ellie,” he winked.
Oh. Right. I’d forgotten to brush and tie my hair.

My first class at The Academy for the Extra Gifted of the Gifted was general combat on a part of the 15/21s oval, and I wasn’t exactly sure how it would turn out.
…Let’s just say that it turned out horribly.
Our Professor, Professor Juin, was a stocky-looking man who clearly worked out, and maybe even a little too much at that. After some very boring introductions, he explained the first topic we’d be exploring:
Weapon of choice.
The majority of first years at least had a basic idea as to what weapon they thought they were going to use. Even James and Duke did. I, on the other hand, was completely stumped, and did not have a clue. Sure, Professor Juin understood my predicament, but with everyone weapon I tried – long range, short range, stabby, slashy – it didn’t matter. I was simply horrible at combat. I kept telling myself, don’t worry, you’ll get better at it – this is only the first time you’re trying it, after all, but, alas, doubt won over my mind, and I found myself loathing the lesson, and probably the future ones, as well.
“Take a deep breath, sight, then release,” Professor Juin told me, and though I tried my best, the arrow I had shot from the bow I was trying to use sailed very wide of its target.
“I’m sorry…” I told him, feeling hopeless. “I’ll improve. I swear,” I insisted, and he nodded, clearly not caring.
“I’m sure you will, Ellie. Now, who’s next?” he asked, as if he’d already forgotten me, as I returned to the main group of students waiting to try out the weapons.
“50 points to team Special Snowflakes for effort, Ellie,” snorted someone in the crowd. Whipping around to face the speaker, I was once again met with the boy who had made the blood comment at the gate yesterday morning about James and me.
“And you would be?” I asked patiently, my expression devoid of any emotion. I looked the boy up and down – he was average in shape and size, brown haired, and didn’t really have anything going for or against him - except for that mischievous look in his eyes, of course.
“Drew Lone,” he sneered, turning his nose up at the sight of me. “And I suppose you’re Ellie Pelitri?” he sneered.
“I’m Ellie Shantra, to you. By the way, it’s your turn with the bow – you should honestly pay more attention,” I said smugly, crossing my arms as he frowned in annoyance at me, then headed over to try his hand at the bow. He got into position, aimed, adjusted, breathed in and released-
It was a bullseye.
“Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you use a bow and arrow. Would you please demonstrate once more, Drew?” Professor Juin asked excitedly, and as Drew proudly fired another arrow, this one also being a bullseye, Professor Juin pointed out his perfect stance, movement and aiming. “This is a student you could all learn from,” he told us as Drew placed down the bow and returned to his place in the crowd among his friends, pushing past me with a little laugh.
“How about you watch and learn, Ellie Pelitri?” he grinned ruthlessly.
“How about you shut up and leave, Drew Loner?” James butted in, his tone dark and annoyed. “She’s just beginning, give her time,” he hissed at him. Silently, I met his eyes, and shook my head. Its fine, I tried to tell him wordlessly.
“Oh, so she is your girlfriend?” Drew teased, shaking his head and laughing out loud as the Professor began to pack up the equipment a fair way’s off, unable to hear him. James’ face turned slightly red, and he looked as if he was going to do something stupid when a small hand, Duke’s, was gently placed on his arm, restraining him.
Leave it, Duke seemed to whisper to him.
“So, when are you two getting married, you special, special little snowflakes?” Drew continued, earning a few laughs from the majority of the crowd. James was clenching his fists, and Duke was looking at him worriedly, trying to calm him. “Careful, now, wouldn’t want another explosion-”
“Surely, that’s enough? Honestly, you’re not getting anywhere with me, only with James – and what exactly will that even earn you, Drew? Respect out of being a moron? If that’s what you want, go for it. It’s your miserable life, not mine,” I said, and left the crowd with my head held high, deciding I’d try and help Professor Juin in an effort to prove to him that I was, indeed, trying my best in his lesson.
I was stopped before I had barely moved, however, when Drew grabbed my arm and furiously spun me around to face him.
“How dare you?” he hissed, practically spitting in my face.
“How dare I what? Tell the truth? If you don’t like it, change it, then. It’s pretty simple, Drew,” I told him, my expression unchanged and yet seemingly bored and uninterested. This was my usual defence against bullies – give them no room to argue and make them a fool in front of everyone else, knowing that they should generally stop if they get humiliated enough. Usually, it worked, and they would leave me alone after the incident to pick on an easier target.
What I hadn’t counted on, however, was that someone else was also within the argument. If there’s one important thing about my tactic, it’s to know how far you can push it, and when you have to stop, so that it doesn’t backfire onto you and make things worse instead of clear them up.
I don’t think James understood that.
He laughed.
Drew, maddened beyond measure, turned abruptly and sent a fist flying at his face, which connected with his jaw. James, now infuriated as well, shook himself free of a terrified looking Duke, and sent one of his own punches flying back towards Drew. It connected, and by the sounds of it, James was very good at hand-to-hand. Drew staggered backwards, touching the blood on his busted lip, his eyes blazing furiously at James. James, the stubborn boy, remained standing proudly, his chest pushed out and fists clenched.
“Please stop! Come on, this is ridiculous!” I exclaimed, trying to stop the fight. I, for one, had only been in arguments that could have been a potential fist-fight. I had not, however, ever actually been in or even close to one in progress, and what I learnt that day was that when one has started, there’s basically no stopping it. To my disgust, the rest of the first years simply stood and watched – some even took pictures. I was thankful for the tiny few that went to go fetch Professor Juin, who was a shockingly far distance from his class he was meant to be tending to, and thought that I'd thank them later, should I see them again.
“Is that it?” Drew taunted, then charged at him, James ready to block.
Only, at the last minute Drew ducked down and swept James’ legs out from beneath him, and now that James was on the ground, he pinned him there and began raining blows down on him. “YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY?” Drew snarled, spit flying everywhere, continuing to hit him, “YOU THINK IT’S-”
As silent as a wraith, Jason had pushed through the crowd of first years and had kneed Drew in the gut, and boy, did it look like it hurt. When Jason ripped Drew away from James and threw him back into the crowd, the boy fell to his knees, tears glistening in his eyes, teeth gritted and blood still running down his chin from his lip. James, stunned, painfully sat up and looked at Jason, a little gratefully, and yet a little crossly too.
To the crowd’s utter surprise, Jason had also hit his own teammate, kicking James’ chest and causing him to flop back onto the ground where he had been only seconds before. Confused and stunned, James didn’t dare to try and move – he looked like he couldn’t even breathe at the moment.
“Pathetic,” Jason snarled furiously, his expression one of disgust. “Fighting like little children, are you? Disgraceful!” he spat, then turned on his heel and elbowed his way out of the crowd, leaving everyone staring, dumfounded, after him, terribly confused and utterly terrified.

The fight had ended as quickly as it had started. Upon Jason’s leave, two Professors, one of them being Juin, rushed over to the scene and quickly dispersed the crowd and sent them on their way to their next classes, although kept Drew and James behind to talk, while they sent someone up to the office to get somebody to search for Jason, who was no nowhere to be seen, so they could figure out what had happened.
We couldn’t find Scott, so Duke and I had to find our way to our next class entirely by ourselves. Duke, looking shame-faced and exhausted, did not speak a word the entire way. Thankfully, we were only five minutes late and the teacher, telling us she was Professor Hart, explained to us what we had missed.
“Welcome to your first Introduction to Elmeals and Gifts lesson, 15s! It’s a pleasure to meet you all. Here, we will be learning how to harness and use our Elmeals and Gifts to the best of our ability, and also learn about how exactly they work,” she said, smiling brightly, and I was finding that I was quite excited for this particular lesson.
Though good things rarely seem to last long around here, I thought to myself as a knock sounded on the door to our spacious classroom.
“Professor Hart, if I may borrow Duke Pelitri and Ellie Shantra?” sounded a deep voice from the doorway – it was the other Professor who had been around when the fight had occurred in the first lesson, and instantly my stomach plummeted in worry.
This can’t be good, I thought, and from the look on Duke’s face he was thinking the same thing.
“For how long must you take them away? You realise the first lesson for this particular subject is one of the most crucial, vital ones there are?” Professor Hart said impatiently, waving her hand in our direction to dismiss us. “Think of all the work they’ll miss out on…” she sighed, but it wasn’t in a cruel way – she looked genuinely distressed for us, as if she was concerned it may make things more difficult for us in her class.
“Mi-” I began, realising I was about to refer to her like I would a teacher back in high school, caught myself, and then tried again, “Professor Hart, perhaps there’s a way we can do our work later?” I asked politely, a little shyly if anything. Her gaze was quite hard and disappointed, and I didn’t want to make things worse for anyone right now. To my relief, her expression softened and she nodded.
“Yes, yes, hold on a second – here, take these,” she said appreciatively as she opened a drawer in her desk and passed both Duke and I a booklet with some basic information in them regarding the lesson. “It’s not as good as actually being here,” she sighed, “but it’s something. Off you go now, can’t leave a Professor waiting,” she smiled softly, and I nodded thankfully as I took the booklet and left with Duke, wordlessly following the Professor who had summoned us to wherever he was taking us.
“In here,” he motioned, and I realised he’d taken us into his office. The name above the door read Professor McMorrow in newly-painted letters. Together, both Duke and I nervously took the two seats in front of the Professor’s desk, with the Professor sitting at his own seat behind it, hands clasped all business-like the moment he was looking at us.
I found that I couldn’t quite meet his eyes.
“So,” he began, eyeing us casually, “I suppose you already know why you’re here,” he said, refusing to show whatever emotion he was feeling to us.
“I… I’m sorry…” I found myself apologising almost immediately.
“For what?” he asked, perplexed, “I don’t believe you threw any punches yourself, did you, Miss Shantra?”
“No, sir… But I felt I played a big part in provoking Drew. It was my fault the fight started, you see. James was honestly just trying to help me out, I don’t think he really meant any harm,” I said, and as I did I met his eyes coolly, hoping that he’d see the truth in my words. “I’ll gladly take all responsibility,” I said suddenly, and found that I was almost begging for him not to punish James, but myself. It’s okay if I don’t make it here, I thought, but James is a different story. This is his livelihood.
“But Drew was the one who provoked you first, Ellie!” Duke exclaimed, and to my surprise when I turned to face him it was anger that I saw written on his features. “James... I, he… Drew – he started it all…” he sighed, defeated.
“Do you think I should punish your brother, Duke? You realise that a fight within the Academy grounds that is not of a training sort or is not a supervised competition is one of three strikes against one’s name towards leaving the Academy for good?” Professor McMorrow asked, wondering what exactly it was that Duke was proposing.
“I…” Duke trailed off, looking down at the ground, unsure. “My brother… He’s aware of his actions,” Duke admitted, though at barely a whisper. “I suppose you must punish him, sir, but Ellie should absolutely not be punished, in any form, that’s for sure. She was just trying to stick up for herself, and she didn’t hurt anyone by doing it,” Duke decided, and nodded, like he was satisfied with his answer.
“I teased him. Called his life misera-”
“You said his life would be miserable, should he continue to be a jerk! You said nothing but the truth, Ellie, how can one be punished for that? In a way, you were opening his eyes for him so that he could see his wrongdoings! James was the one who took it too far, not you,” Duke stared at me, exasperated, as if I was trying to get myself into trouble. An audible sigh was heard and McMorrow leaned back in his chair, clearly thinking everything through.
“And you, Duke? I heard you were the one who fetched Jason when the boys were busy fighting. Why did you do this?” he asked, fingers tapping gently on his desk now.
“I… thought he might help me stop the fight…” Duke said, as if realising it had not really been a bright idea at the time.
“Well, he sure did. Were you aware that he’d also join the fight, however?” McMorrow asked him, his features impassive.
“No, sir. Not at all. I just saw him as the only person I recognised in sight, training with your class over a little way’s off, and I just wanted somebody who could possibly help my brother,” he explained, eyes downcast.
“And so you decided that disrupting my own lesson was your only choice, instead of fetching your own Professor to help?” Professor McMorrow questioned, an eyebrow casually rising in the direction of the ceiling in amusement.
“I just…” he paused, and then nodded, red-faced like his hair, “Yes, sir. I did.”
“And why would that be, Duke?”
“Because… Because Jason is one of our team members, and I just thought… I don’t know. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking,” Duke sighed, looking defeated.
“You trusted Jason Shaed to help you, even after the incident yesterday and all you’ve seen of him so far?” McMorrow asked incredulously, finding Duke’s answer hard to comprehend.
“I think Duke did the right thing,” I spoke up, meeting the Professor’s eyes directly, confidently.
“And why would that be, Ellie?” Professor McMorrow inquired, turning to face me, genuinely curious. I took a deep breath, gathered my thoughts, and then spoke.
“Because that’s what team members do. When you’re in need of help, you look to them. Jason Shaed might not be the ideal team mate, but if we can’t trust him, then our team is only likely to fall apart, sir. Trust is a big issue within our team, and I believe that although Duke did something today that did indeed make things worse temporarily, it also managed to prove to Jason Shaed that he is a Senior now, and that he now has a responsibility to look after us, his team’s Juniors,” I stated matter-of-factly, then decided to drive my point home. “And also, should the Academy’s ‘qualified’ Professor have actually paid attention to his class, the fight would not have broken out in the first place. Even teachers in Oblivious schools can manage their students better, sir,” I said honestly, my eyes never once leaving his. Duke went stiff in his seat and looked at me in horror.
“Ellie! What on Earth-”
“I think she does indeed have a valid point,” McMorrow admitted suddenly, taking my words to thought, to both Duke’s and my surprise. “If your Professor was nowhere in sight, where would a Junior go to? A Senior in their team does sound like a reasonable option, should they panic about another one’s safety, and believe that their team can resolve things quicker than an incompetent Professor,” he admitted, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.
“Thank you, sir,” I said, nodding my appreciation.
“Not a problem. I really do like it when students do have a proper discussion with me about events, rather than yell in my face about who did what and so on, like what sadly always seems to be the case,” he said, smiling warmly at me. “There’s not much I can do for your brother, though, Duke. A mark has already been taken to his name, and he has lost 50 points for your team, I’m afraid. Through interrupting my lesson and involving someone else in a fight, Duke, you’ll also lose your team 20, but at the same time for quick thinking and teamwork, earn yourself 10 positive points and Ellie another 10 for being reasonable and patient within my office upon discussing matters. With that in mind, the two of you are free to go – and you may as well head on to lunch, the bell is about to ring,” he said, nodding.
“Thank you, Professor McMorrow, for hearing us out,” I said happily, smiling from ear to ear from his generosity. He smiled back once more and nodded in return, and then both Duke and I left for lunch.

Upon entering our dorms, Duke turned to look at me, his eyes wide in shock.
“HOW? Why, how – that was insane, stupid, and, and…,” he shook his head, overwhelmed, “Amazing! And all at the same time!” he said, facing me like I was some sought of precious relic.
“All I did was talk,” I said, shrugging, when I realised that everyone who was within the main room – Alex, Scott, and James - had turned suddenly to face the two of us.
“What happened now?” Alex sighed, looking totally crushed. “I’ve already heard what happened from James out on the 15s/21s oval; please tell me that things aren’t that much worse…”
“I said I’m sorry,” James said unhappily, his eyes downcast as he picked at his lunch – a small box of microwaved lasagne, which everyone had by the looks of it. Shrugging, I sat down beside Scott, who handed Duke and I our own.
“Talk,” Scott said, looking quite despaired.
“We’ve already lost fifty points on top of the twenty we lost yesterday; please tell me you two didn’t lose us another huge sum…” Alex sighed, clearly distressed.
“I lost us another 20,” Duke said, and as Alex looked like he was about to toss his remaining lasagne up into the roof, he quickly added, “but also won 10, and Ellie won another 10, as well. So technically, the scores cancel each other out.”
Alex looked absolutely stumped.
“How?” Scott asked, confused and yet terribly relieved. Duke turned to look at me, and in turn everyone else did too.
“I… talked..?” I said unsurely, shrugging yet again. They blinked. “I suppose I was reasonable and polite, and had some decent points to make… and was honest, that too. That’s… that’s it,” I said casually as I began to dig in to my lasagne.
“You practically told him off,” Duke said, amazed.
“You WHA-”
“I MEAN-” Duke said hurriedly, to stop Alex from murdering his leftover lasagne, “That, she, like, I don’t know. She said that Oblivious schools could do better and that I had simply been relying on my team for getting Jason, and somehow the Professor just…”
“I didn’t give him a choice, you realise? That’s really all it was,” I sigh, rolling my eyes, “you see, for him to punish us for behaviour that is desired upon us, the teamwork, and for receiving a less-than standard lesson with our Professor, who wasn’t even paying attention, he either had to punish us and risk putting a bad image on the Academy and himself, or let us off evenly and leave the image as it is.”
“Woah,” James said, looking as amazed as his brother.
“Makes sense, I suppose,” Alex said, nodding at me as he got up, looking relieved as he mercifully decided to end his lasagne’s life the easy way – by eating it normally and throwing the rest in the bin.
“Where did you learn to think and talk like that?” James asked.
“What do you mean? It’s-” I paused, and then it dawned on me as to why everyone was so amazed. The Renowned were too busy battling and training to educate the next generation in the finer points of life, whether it be persuasion or negotiation – there had been no subject or anything relating to them. With everything people valued being revolved around fighting, it seemed that battling one another was the only way most people seemed to think arguments could be solved, simply because they did not know an alternate way. “I, umm, learnt it from my family,” I said, which was partly true – I had learnt it while being an Oblivious in a normal Oblivious school, and well, my family were clearly of the Oblivious, so…
“They must be really smart,” James said, rubbing one of the bruises on his cheek, which was surprisingly not as bad as I thought it would’ve been.
“Doesn’t seem like Drew knows how to hit well,” I remarked with surprise, and James smiled sheepishly.
“Uh, well… He hits pretty good, actually. Alex just healed my wounds a bit, though,”
“Oh, I see…” I said, sounding rather impressed as I viewed Alex’s handiwork.
“Yeah,” James said, and after a brief silence, he looked me in the eyes and spoke to me, for once being very serious. “I… I’m really sorry about what happened out there. I… lost control of myself,” he said, ashamed.
I smiled, like it was no big deal.
“It happens, I suppose. Just try not to do it again, alright? I can handle myself, you know,” I said confidently, accepting his apology. At that, James laughed.
“I can see that now. You’re really clever,” he grinned, shrugged, and then, apparently finding that the situation was becoming a little too touchy-feely for his tastes, he took out a notepad from his bag and turned to face Duke and myself.
“Would you mind helping me with what I missed in the second lesson?” he asked, and I nodded, taking out the booklet Professor Hart had given us, and we began work on it together, just as the door to our dorm rooms swung open once more.
It was Jason Shaed.
He made eye contact with me, his gaze furious. “I was not helping you, you idiot-”
“Jason, she helped us gain back some points. It was really good of her - now give her a break, okay? For now, thanks to her, we’re only negative 60 points, because I, myself, also won another 10 in Professor Gerdon’s Navigation class and also because of Ellie’s remarkable effort to get Duke out of losing more,” he said proudly, and I beamed at him. I was thinking how things might not be so bad after all when Jason scoffed at us.
“Well, thanks to me,” he said, almost as if he were proud, “we’re now on negative one hundred and sixty,” he said, turning to leave the dorms, his expression emotionless and uncaring, as he left us to process that last bit of information on our own.
Thank goodness Alex had already discarded of his lasagne.

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