The Silent Woods A novel

David Grahame is a thirteen year old teenager from Arizona. When he arrives at Sheppard Woods for the weekend, he finds out that he isn't alone.


1. The woods



David Grahame ​walked towards Sheppard Woods. He looked at the darkness that took its toll on everyone who went there. He saw the sign that read: ​Trespassers will be prosecuted​. He shook his head. Then he spotted an old cabin. Several hunters were smoking. They were holding air rifles in their right hand. "Good morning. Nice day for walking. Where's J. O. Sheppard, the owner?", he asked them. One of the hunters shook his head. "He's dead; he died last week from a heart attack. He was eighty years' old. I'm Fred Lowe, the new owner", he answered him. David nodded. Fred, who was thirty-eight, opened the front door. He grabbed some keys. Once the door opened, he let David inside. When he went inside, Fred flicked the bright light. And they went inside.


David saw a girl smiling at him. "Hello? I'm Zara Lowe". She was holding a black glove in her right hand. She heard the sound of a saw felling some of the oak trees. David noticed the trees were falling towards the silent woods. Zara gazed at him. "Hi, I'm David Grahame. I'm here to stay for the week". Zara, who was also thirteen, nodded. She said: "Dad can deal with the financial side of things". He took out three hundred dollars from his brown wallet. He gave the money to Fred. Once everything was settled, Fred gave him key number 52. And he went in the room, then relaxed for the rest of the day.


David had a brief rest. By Midday, he yawned. Then he opened the door, and grabbed his key. He then headed downstairs towards the Dining Room. Inside, there were several diners sitting down for lunch. Zara smiled at him. "What do you like to eat? We have pasta, pepper steak with mushroom sauce, and vegetables, pumpkin soup, and coffee to drink", she said. 

"I'll have the pasta, and coffee, please". 

"Sure", Zara said.

And he smiled.


By one o'clock PM, David enjoyed his lunch. The eerie woods had given him the chills. He was about to pay for his meal when a three men arrived. They wore hunting clothes. Their black boots were clean of mud. Zara gazed at them. "Dad, I thought it was you". Robert Lowe, Zara's father, smiled. He was glad to see his daughter. "There's been bad things going on here", he said mysteriously. Zara stared at him. She didn't know what he was talking about; she was just doing her job. David, who was paying the bill, gazed at her. He didn't know what was going on; he was thinking about the previous teenagers that had died in the woods over the past five years' ago. Robert Lowe gazed at him. David shivered. He then took out three ten dollar bills, and gave it to Zara. Suddenly the back door creaked open. And, as six lumberjacks arrived, they saw Robert Lowe. The leader, Thomas Anderson III, smiled at him. "Time is up, Robert". And he grabbed a .38 Smith & Wesson gun, and held it in his left hand. He then fired at Robert's chest. He fell downward onto the faded, black carpet. "Dad!​", Zara her father died in her arms.


David comforted Zara.

"What's going on?", he asked her.

"I don't know. Something must be going on", he answered her.

"I don't want you to be involved, David". 

"I am involved", David said. 

And he was about to say something else, when the door creaked open...and David saw a hammer lying on the blue mat that was in the front door.

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