Mystery Manor

A boy, given a letter from a mysterious man. Attends a party. Meets his Dead great aunt. and becomes part of the manor with new friends.


3. To the party

As they sat at a massive table for supper, Rodric sat next to Gwen and Leo. Not knowing what will happen. Or what they'll eat. A boy, dressed as a butler with a black vest over a white button up shirt. And black dress pants and shoes and a white apron tied at his waist. Black hair and purple eye's. He was quite young. Carrying a platter. Handing it to Zak. “Thanks Michael!” he said as the boy nodded and walked off. “So that's Michael?” Rodric said to himself. A little girl ran behind them all with a dog chasing her. He noticed the dog and nearly fell from his chair, knocking the drink of red wine on Leo. The dog was a skeleton. “Hey watch it!” he yelled at him. “You'll get it in my fur and feathers!” he grabbed a napkin, wiping himself clean. “S-sorry” he said to him. “Don't worry about it, just try to not get so wound up when you see something new” he took a sip of wine from a glass goblet. “Who is that girl any ways?” he asked Leo. “She's the youngest one we have here, you see, once we come near death or have died in the area or whatever, we come here seeking refuge from Hell” he said. “Each person has a different form, you see I had a twin, but he died and went to heaven, I sinned and was condemned to hell. Damien saved me, he saved all of us. And since your the only living relative of Sarah, you had to come here to take care of the manor” “What? The only relative, but what about my mother?” Leo took another sip. “I'm not suppose to be telling you any of this but nothings stopping me. Your really adopted, the family you once knew no longer exists, we've removed they're memories of your all together from they're lives. You no longer exist to them” He finished his wine after swirling it a bit. “You weren't meant to tell him that Leo!” that electro voice ringed through is mind. “Oh come on Gwen the boy needs to know, after all, he is meant to be one of us” He poured himself another glass and took a sip. “Wait what do you mean by one of you?” he asked Leo. “You see, you were born into the Woodman family, your the son of Lord Cillizard and Lady Romee. Not long after you were born they died. You were sent away until the year of your age on Halloween. You would be granted access and power to the household” “I'm only 17” “Shut up. Anyway. You were sent to live with Charlotte and Carmen to live a normal life until then, they knew your family and were happy to take you in, but when you came of age they were to forget about your entire life with them and remake the memories with they're son who died, because Rodric, when you were born. You were dead” “I was a still born?” “No, you were born without a soul, just like Sarah, but she was granted a soul at her second death”. Rodric thought for a moment. “Halloween?” then it struck him. “My friends are having a party in here tonight really soon!” He stood up gaining everyone's attention. “A party?” “Yeah, they were planning to break into this place and set up a party in the cellar!” “We should attend this party” a voice from the other side of the table. “But Damien?” Leo said. The man sitting by them, Blue crossed with green hair, fair skin, pink glowing eye's, Purple horns and a general's uniform. Hid gloved hand raised, gesturing to Leo to be quiet. “Hush Leo” Leo backed up in his seat. “Yes my Lord” Leo took a sip from his goblet. “So tell me Rodric...” Damien placed his elbows on the table, and his chin on the back of his hands. “What type of party will be going down in our estate?” he asked. “Oh...uh....a costume party...” “Is that so?” He asked as he slowly sat back in his chair. And kicked his feet up instead. His boots were solid. Rodric noticed the brown with a metallic outline along the sides and bottom. Damien lifted his arms behind his head. “Y-yes sir” Rodric said as he sat up straight. Damien chuckled. “Sir? That's something I'm not use to...” he curled his lips out a bit in though. “It suits though, but anyway. This party? I insist we attend” “But my Lord...” Gwen started. “Mortals?” “I'm quite aware of that, and I know the young Lord can get us in. After all, you were invited to it were you not?” “y-yes sir” Rodric said. “Good, then I suggest that after supper, we prepare for a party!” Damien's voice went through the hall. A few hours after dinner was eaten, dished were washed and everyone was ready. They gathered at the door. Rodric was waiting at the massive oak doors at the front of the house. Dressed in a black cloak and carrying a scythe. Gwen came down wearing her usual attire. Followed by Leo as himself. “So is everyone but me not dressing up?” “We do not need to my Lord” he heard a small, high-pitched voice, a girl. Blonde hair, tied up in two pony tails. Wearing an orange and black dress that looked like a carved pumpkin. And black and white, thigh-high stripped socks. He was actually quite cute. “Can see that, wait who are you?” he asked her casually. She giggled slightly and made a peace sign. “My names Ellie! And I'm your friendly neighbourhood pumpkin kid!” she smiled. “You've seen to much anime!” he sighed. “You must have seen too much to think that!” she shouted at him. “Now now children, lets not get so rowdy” Damien came down the stairs clapping his hands slowly. “We must be off soon..... Where is Casey and Layney?” “They aren't coming you know they don't socialise well. Especially Casey.” “Who's Casey?” “Casey's our little Poltergeist. And doesn't handle people to well” “That's right!” just at that moment, two people started walking down the stairs. One with his fore arms and hands black, and his finger were long and pointed. His hair was long and black that came over his shoulder, his eye's were blue, but he looked to be wearing eye-liner. His clothes were strange. Black leather cut at the shoulders. And it had a scale pattern on it heading down to some leather belts. A cape linked to his top and his shoulder by a black feathers. And a red ribbon. Tribunal tattoo's in his shoulders and and his ears were pierced with his seconds done. His jaw was chiselled to perfection. It made Rodric kind of jealous. “Damien, you letting this freak lead you?” his voice was rough and sharp. The other behind him had white hair. Leading to his shoulders. And wearing a fancy suit. Something from back in the 19th century. A blackish jacket. White skin. And a coloured tattoo on his right eye. His eye's not to mention were red and glowing. “Oh come on Jasper, he is after all your future leader” “Doesn't matter. I don't take orders from low life's” Just then a big crow flew down to his, landing on his shoulder. “What are your thoughts on this Jackson?” Rodric looked over to the white haired boy. “I don't care honestly, a leader's a leader, they come and go, and I've lived through many of them” Damien nodded with a smile. Jasper looked over to him with a snarl. Jackson smiled. “What, you know I have no care for politics, accept for assassinating them” he chuckled. “What the hell is wrong with these people?” Rodric asked himself. “You talk to yourself a lot don't you?” he looked to see a girl. She was adorable with her pink hair. Pink cat ears, and... “What the fu-” Sarah's hit once again. “HEY!”. Sarah groaned. “What your language runt!” Tyler came floating down. Wearing a cape. “Of course it's you!” Rodric mumbled to himself. Tyler snarled with a hiss. “You little prick!” he grabbed Rodric by the hood of his cloak. “Don't think you can just be welcomed here with open arms, there's a system to our domain!” “Tyler!” he stopped in shock. He knew that voice. “Layney?” he asked quietly, turning his head slightly towards a girl. Her hair was white, her skin was tan, probably the darkest one there. She stood at the top of the stairs looking down to them. Wolf ears. Wolf tail. A blue crop top and short blue denim shorts. She had fur on her jaw line. And long finger nails. “Tyler, leave the newbie alone, why do you always have to act tough?” she started to step down the stairs. She showed up in a spilt second to Tyler and Rodric. “Release the poor boy...” she said calmly, raising her hands to Tyler's. He calmed down to her presences and let go. She held her hands in his. “Alright...” he said as he looked at her. Rodric stepped back. Looking at the pair. She smiled at Tyler and he calmed down completely. “Okay...then” he said. Looking over to Damien. “Shall we leave now?” “I'm staying” Tyler said. 'Oh so now the vampire boy doesn't want to join us' Rodric thought. “No Runt, I don't want to join you!” Tyler said to him. “What the... How did you_” “I can read your mind” “What?!” “Come now Young Lord. We must be going...” Damien said.
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