Mystery Manor

A boy, given a letter from a mysterious man. Attends a party. Meets his Dead great aunt. and becomes part of the manor with new friends.


4. The party

Rodric was pushed ahead of everyone, his mate at the doors of the cellar.
“Rod, you actually showed up... and your dressed as death” His mate was dressed in a Jason Voorhees outfit, with the mask on his head.
“And your point is?”
“Nothing, it's just that, Rina's dressed as death too” Rina, Rodric's crush.
“Are you serious?”
“Never been more serious, she might even notice you”
“Shut up” he gave the signal for everyone to come out from the shadows. “I brought a few friends with me” the gang stood behind him.
“Rod, I didn't say that you could...” Victor budded in on him.
“Listen, we wanted to come, so we did, you got a problem with that, you go through me. Got it?” He grabbed him by the collar of his jacket.
“Yeah, understood” he smiled nervously. “Go right through” Victor let him go. As he glared and walked in with everyone else.
Lights, flashing everywhere, loud music, girls in skin tight outfits. Guys in outfits making them look masculine and strong. People drinking. Dancing. Making-out. Sarah saw everything.
“Oh my dear lord!” she said with disgust.
“Listen this is a party these days. God created this, so appreciate it” Rodric said to her. With a small smile. She crossed her arms and pouted.
“Sarah, you should get in your solid form, or people will get sus” Zak mentioned to her. She looked at him, and shifted to a solid form. She looked the same, just wasn't glowing. Rodric smiled. And looked out to the crowed. He saw Rina.
“Go talk to her” Ellie smiled at him.
“You don't know what she's like, she's popular, I'm an outcast”
“Oh stop being a little wuss. Go talk to her!” she pushed him. Her smile turned to a stern look. He nodded and walked to the crowed. A few girls in revealing costumes came to a few of the boys. Damien was crowded by a few girls. One on Victor and two on Zak.
Rodric walked through people and to Rina, she was laughing with a few friends. She was wearing a revealing angel costume. He blushed and swallowed the lump in his throat.
“Hey Rina” she looked at him, so did her friends, their smiles disappearing.
“Hey ah....”
“Rodric!” he said, her friends laughed at him.
“Right, I don't exactly know you! So move along!” she said with a pathetic smile. He nodded and walked off. He walked outside, Gwen watched him and followed. He sat on the grass outside. Looking to everyone who had someone with them.
“Why are you out here?” she asked him. He got startled.
“Gwen! It's just you” he breathed a sigh of relief. “It's nothing” she went to sit down next to him.
“It doesn't seem like nothing” she replied, looking at him. He chuckled.
“I just got rejected hard” he looked at her.
“Well then she is stupid as fuck then” he never heard Gwen swear. She laid down on the grass. He laid down with her after a moment. They were silent for a few minutes.
“So why did you come out?” he asked her.
“Well I saw you storm out here, obviously something was wrong. I couldn't leave it and pretend that it was nothing” she looked at him. Her eye's glowing blue in the night. He looked at her and smiled slightly.
“Well, it's nothing to worry about” she frowned and looked at the stars.
“I know what it feels like. It's how I ended up living here” she said. He leaned up on his elbow with interest.
“What are you talking about?” She chuckled.
“You want to know my story huh?” she smiled. “Well, it started a few years ago. Back then I was known as Catlyn Rich” he heard that name before. “I was only 13, and I had a crush on this guy. But he had a girlfriend, of course I didn't know that until I confessed to him” she smiled, then frowned. “She went insane about it. Thought I might steal him from her. So she hunted me down one day at school, and ambushed me in the hall ways. Her and her little posse pinned me to the wall. She started hitting me and kicking me down” he was shocked.
“What a bitch!” she laughed.
“She really was. But anyway. He left her after hearing that. Then he came to me. I was actually happy for a split moment. Then found out, he was playing with me. They were still together, he was just toying around, and she knew. She was the one who planned it”
“I know who you are” she looked at him. “You were killed by a pair of lovers a few years ago is what I heard”
“Close. They thought they did, my body was never found. But really. I was here. Being remade by Carlos. He saved my life. Trapping my soul in this mechanical body” she smiled. “But now I am happy” He looked at her smile, it made him smile.
“Good to know” she looked at him. She got up slightly.
“You really think?”
“Of course” their eye's met. They started to lean in close.
“Hey guys!” Ellie came busting out the doors. “You gotta come see this!” Rodric got up straight away. Followed by Gwen. They followed Ellie inside.

Victor. Zak. At each other's throats. Jackson, trying hold back Zak. And Jasper, trying to stop Victor, and Sarah was trying to get in between them.
“You know the fucking rules in our house Victor!”
“Your the one to talk! You know to not interact with Mortals!”
“It's not my fault, they came onto me!”
“Doesn't mater!” Victor broke free from Jasper. Running at Zak. Pushing Sarah out of the way. Trying to rip at Zak. Jackson's grip was cut loose as Zak broke free. He threw the first hit. Everyone around them was cheering on. Screaming 'Fight' as the battle took place. Victor fell to the floor. Holding his jaw. Rodric ran out from the crowd to stop them.
“Okay that's enough! Both of you!” He pulled Zak away. “Hold him!” Jackson and Jasper had a grip on him. Victor got up to make a hit. Rodric tackled him slightly. “Enough!” He pushed him off a bit. “Stop this bullshit!” He held Victor by his bandages.
“What is going on here?!” Damien came in, his uniform slightly undone. Marks on his neck.
“Zak is making himself comfortable with mortals!”
“So is Damien!” They looked at him.
“I'm in charge, I can!”
“As if!”
“Oh Shut the fuck up!” everyone was getting frisky. In a bad way.
“Get back home. NOW!”

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