Mystery Manor

A boy, given a letter from a mysterious man. Attends a party. Meets his Dead great aunt. and becomes part of the manor with new friends.


1. The Letter

“Halloween, also known as Hallows Eve. Is the day where our earlier generations decided to have One day dedicated to the harvest of pumpkins” the projector turned off in the dim lit room. The voice of the professor was booming through the class room. “Now can anyone tell me, why they decided to make it on that day?” one student raised their hand, red shoulder hair, tired up poorly. His red eye's and white tank top. Covered by a black jacket. Dark blue jeans. A chain from his belt going around his waist. And a black and red cross chain on his neck. “Rodric?”
“Because they want us dress like children and run around the streets asking strangers for infected sugar goods” he smirked, a few people laughed.
“Rodric please be more serious about his” he sighed. Rodric laughed.
The bell went. Everyone jumping from their seats to the door.
“Now I want everyone to finish their books about Hallows Eve before the end of the weekend!” the professor shouted over the sound of trampling feet.

Rodric with his buddies after school, were hanging out by the front steps. A few of the girls walked out from the school. Rodric looked at his mates, then the girls.
“Oi hotties!” the girls stopped and looked in disgust. “Wanna come to our Halloween party tonight?” the girls look at each other. One looked back with hatred.
“No way losers” they chuckled with grief and walked off. His friends laughed at him.
“Oh shut up!”
“Hey I actually heard that there would be a party at that old mansion”
“You mean the haunted one?”
“Yeah” Rodric didn't like that idea.
“I don't think we should, you've heard the rumours. A young girl named Sarah, she used to live here 50 years ago, she went in that place, and never came out” he became really dark.
“That's just a story that was made by our grandparents to scare us on Halloween”
“But if they didn't want us near that place, why make that up to scare us?” Rodric knew his friends were messing with him, but he knows that the story was real, because, that girl was his great aunty.
“Well that would be because it's dangerous on the inside, you could get crushed by falling wood ou stones” Rodric sighed.
“I'm still know going, besides you just said it was dangerous inside”
“Inside the main part. Not in the cellar” Rodric's attention was drawn back.
“I'm listening”
“It's super secret and only a few have been invites. But you need an invitation to attend.” His hope was lost.
“Whatever I'm going home” He grabbed his back from the stairs. “See ya's” he walked off as a car pulled up in front of him, almost hitting him. “Hey you bastard!” the window came down, the car was black, like something the president would ride in, with black tinted windows. A hand wearing a white soft glove appeared, holding an envelope.
“Wait till you return to your house to open it” the voice was husky and croaking. He took the envelope and the window went back up. The car drove away.
“That was messed” he looked at the seal on the back. It was an S written in cursive writing pressed in red wax. He looked back to the direction the car was and kept walking.

The sound of a door opening filled a dark and quiet room. Rodric opened his curtains and saw children in costumes running around, knocking on doors. He sighed and dropped his bag on the floor. He placed himself on the bed, looking at the mysteriously sealed letter. He stared carefully at the seal. He thought it was a joke from his mates. But he opened it anyway, expecting some sort of plastic spider to jump out or whatever. He carefully ripped the seal from the paper. Taking the letter on the inside out to read.
You are invited to a special party at the Woodman's estate.
You have to wear a costume, and bring your own alcohol.
Welcome to our home and enjoy your time.
He though it was weird. The Woodman's estate. Where is that? His mind was quirky. He got up to step down the stairs. His mother was in the kitchen. He brought the letter with him.
“Hey mom?”
“Yes?” she was busy in her witches costume getting lollies ready for the children.
“Where is the Woodman estate?” She looked at him with shock.
“Where did you hear that name?” she asked vigorously.
“This letter I received from this weird guy in a car this afternoon. He said to open it when I got home”
“What does it say?” she asked, gesturing her hand to have the letter. He handed it to her, she read.
“Whats wrong?” he asked her. She looked at the seal.
“You have to go to that party” she said fast. “Get dressed up now!” she said. He nodded, taking back the letter and walking up the stairs, he could hear his mother talking to his father.
“He's got THE letter” she said quietly.
“You can't be serious? Him?” his father asked.
“Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but he must be able to talk to Aunty Sarah” he was shocked hearing his mother mention his Great aunt's name. He ran up the stairs to get ready.

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