Mystery Manor

A boy, given a letter from a mysterious man. Attends a party. Meets his Dead great aunt. and becomes part of the manor with new friends.


2. New Arrival

Rodric walked up to the old mansion with his mother. She was quiet upset.
“Shh” she said. “They might hear you” they? Who are they? She walked with him to the back of the mansion. A man, wearing a black tuxedo. Those white gloves. Rodric knew him.
“Lady Renee” he bowed to Rodric's mother.
“John” she bowed her head. “He received the letter and is ready to attend the party” this so called John guy nodded and took the young man's arm.
“Follow me young lord” Rodric was confused.
“Mom?” he said to his mother, who was in tears. “MOM!?” a large set of doors closed. Darkness. The man with him disappeared. He was alone. “ Hello?” he yelled out. A flash appeared, a bright light blinding him. He raised his arms to his face to block it. “What the fu-” his face was hit by a slap.
“Don't use that language in my house!” he looked up a bit, holding his face.
“Who the hell are.....what the fuck!?” he got up seeing a girl, a dress glowing white, her skin was white. Her eye's were black. With red leaking from them.
“I am Sarah. Who are you?” she asked him.
“Sarah? As in Sarah Woodman?” he asked. She looked at him, a glowing white aura around her. Her face was expressionless.
“Yes...” her voice was soft and echoing through itself. She floated way off the ground.
“Holy shit” he said.
“I said none of that language in my house!” she said as he noticed the cross on her neck.
“Oh sorry!” he apologised immediately. Her wrists had chains on them, and so did her feet. A lock on each. The lights came on all around them. He looked to his left. A boy with bandages all over him, like he was an Egyptian mummy.
“That's Victor, he died here too” Victors eyes were red. With blood all around them, and on his hands. He sat on the beam and the bottom of the large staircase that lead up stairs. Rodric looked to his right. “And that's Gwen she came here near death and lived” the girl was pale, with short blue hair. Her eye's were electronic. Glowing light blue. Her lips were a deep blue, blending with her skin. But little circles of light on her shoulders, and lines of blue light down her arms. A white top that covered her neck and breasts but not her shoulders or stomach. And white shorts that covered noting.
“She's a robot” he said confused.
“Sort of, she has her soul in that body, so I guess she's a cyborg” Sarah presumed. He looked up on the stairs. The top of them. Two boys. One with black wings. With feathers. And white skin and long black hair. His eye's were leaking black liquid. And was wearing nothing, his legs covered up to his waist with black fur and his arms too. Large white horns that come from his head and sharpen to a point. The other, with short black hair. Multi-coloured skin of gross shades of green and greys. Patching all over him. A pink, ripped tank top and a black uniform jacket. A blue and black stripped tie hanging loose on him. His eye's, one blue the other purple. With a chain on his black skinny jeans. And patterned slip on shoes. And a pair of head phones hanging from the back of his neck to finish him off. “The one with the wings and horn is Leo, and the zombie..”
“You mean a brain eating serial killer?” he over reacted.
“Hey I'm not that bad!” he yelled leaning on the railing of the stairs.
“That's Zak he was born and raised in this house, until he met his unfortunate death back in 2009” she said to him. “He's not very polite to strangers” she crossed her arms slightly.
“Hey Sarah! Why do you have to introduce us, you never bother to hag out with us!”
“Zak!” Gwen yelled, her voice was electronic. “Pay more respect to her, she's older than all of us here-”
“She isn't older than Tyler!”
“Yeah but Tyler's a vampire!”
“But he's still older”
“Will you two shut it!” Victor intruded. “Honestly every time we get a new arrival you have to make such a fuss!”
“Huh? New arrival?” Rodric whispered to himself
“Oh keep your mouth shut Victor!” another voice came from the ceiling, he looked up to see a man, standing on air. Rodric fell back in shock.
“Tyler!” Sarah said. “It's too early for you to be out of your coffin!” she said.
“Well it's kinda hard when all I hear is your voices from the other side of the house!” he said crossing his arms with anger.
“Not an early riser I'm guessing?” Rodric asked himself. The vampire turned his attention to the red headed boy on the ground. He came floating down, no shirt and just black pants. And a ripped body. Palish skin and short brown hair. His eye's were brown.
“So your the new runt of the litter?” he asked. “Not what I was expecting” he said. Rodric looked at him, and got up off the ground.
“Hey I may be the runt, but I'm stronger than you bit-” another hit from Sarah. “What the hell was that for!”
“Your using bad language in my house again!” she replied. He held his head.
“I don't care, he's bad mouthing me!” she groaned.
“Sarah is this that little runt of a great nephew you have?” Tyler asked her.
“It is” she hugged Rodric. “And if you want him, you go through me!” Tyler smirked and put his hand through her ghostly body.
“Okay then!” Sarah screamed slightly.
“Tyler, please stop taunting her?” a soft voice came from a doorway. A boy with one eye, a glowing blue eye. And a type of black electronic mask covering his mouth, nose and right eye. And black hair. A white long sleeved shirt with a stretched out collar. And a pare of blue jeans. He was barefoot. Leaning against the frame. 'You know how much she hates it”
“Oh be quiet Carlos!” Rodric looked at Carlos.
“More people?” he whispered.
“What if I get Michael, Layney and Ellie! You wouldn't like that?”
“You know Layney scares me!” Tyler yelled.
“Then you had better get back to bed” Tyler snarled and floated to the ceiling, disappearing into the darkness. Carlos looked at the group walking towards Rodric, greeting him in. Leo landed on the ground next to Carlos.
“How long do you think he'll last here before he becomes one of us?” he asked Carlos.
“I don't know, but I'll talk to Damien later about it” Carlos stepped back through the door into a lab. And closed the door behind him. Leo watched, then looked back at the group smiling and laughing with Rodric.

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