Kidnapped 101

Two high school kids get kidnapped by 3 men and forced into hiding for years still un-found until they are in a hospital with a baby?!


2. Sleep

Out of the blue, Cory tapped Tiara’s shoulder. She jumped in a panic.

    “Don’t do that, you scared the crap out of me,” she said in a whispered tone.

    “I don’t want a baby. I’m only 17 and your- well, almost 17. I’m not ready.”

    “I’m not sure what’s going on but let’s wait and see.”

    Suddenly the man came back, “Uncuff them and take them to the dressing room. Make sure they get in sleep wear.”

    They shoved them into a cramped area. The room was separated into two by a divider in the middle of the room splitting into a boys section and a girls section. Terrell shoved Cory into the boys area filled with different colored shorts, crocks, and oil in every pocket. Roy shoved Tiara into the girls area filled with bikini’s and robes.

    Tiara would of course put on a zebra bikini with a black and white robe. Cory had on black and white zig zag shorts with white crocks. Terrell and James grabbed them by their wrist and walked out making sure Cory was in front. When James and Tiara came out the room, he locked the door and kept her close. They started walking when James digged in his pocket and took out a white damp rag and put it over Tiara’s nose. She tried to get loose but it was too late and her body fell to the floor. He threw her body on his shoulder and laid his head on the side of her hip and walked threw the door in front of Terrell and Cory.

    “What did you do to her!?!” Cory said trying to break free from Terrell’s grip.

    Terrell took a taser and tased him in his side hard and long, until he fell to the floor. Terrell dragged him to the chair in the room and strapped both his legs and one of his arms on to the chair. Terrell put a electronic collar around Cory’s neck and put a combination lock on it.

    James slowly laid Tiara on the bed and strapped her arms to the top of the bed.  He started to strap one of her legs down, when he got distracted. He ran his hand up her leg to her inner thigh. He was going to go farther until Terrell smacked his head with a newspaper.

    “What are you doing? You know what will happen if we tried to get too close to them, Aidan will kill us. Don’t do anything stupid!” Terrell exclaimed with a hand on the door handle waiting for James to follow his lead and leave the room.

    “Fine. You didn’t have to hit me though,” James said as he followed Terrell put the door to the screening room watching the kids through camera’s and started their wait.

    Hours went by until, finally, Tiara awoke with massive energy and looked around viciously until she spotted ropes on her arms and a leg. She tried to budge. Her eyes focused on the end of the bed. Cory was sitting in a chair back turned towards her. She started kicking his head trying to get him up to free her. His collar shinned white and he woke up wincing from the pain in his head.

    “Cory help me out of this,” Tiara said still kicking his head.

    “Ow! You can stop kicking me now,” he said rubbing his head.

    “Sorry, not sorry. Help me out of this!”

    When Cory’s eyes focused he realized he was strapped down to a chair with ropes, but had one free arm. With that free arm, he picked up the knife off of the table next to him, and freed himself. He stood up and made a few stretches.

    “Really?! Help me!”

    “Ok, ok. Sorry,” he went around the bed and cut the ropes on her leg, but while cutting he kept getting distracted.

He started to gaze up her body. Her caramel legs were shining in the dim lights. Her body was slightly turned and her robe was coming off her stomach and legs she was moving to get free. She caught him watching and kicked him in his chest.

“What are you doing? Get me out of these ropes,” then his collar shined a bright white light that blinded Tiara. It spoke.

“Keep looking at her body while she can’t see. Touch her. If you refuse,” the collar shocked Cory’s neck, “that will happen. Do it!”

Cory looked at Tiara, “I’m sorry, Tia.”

“For what?” he got closer, “ Wait! Stop!”

Cory leaned to her ear and said in a trembling voice, “I said I was sorry and if I don’t do this, they’re gonna torture me so please don’t blame me for this.”

There was a long pause until his collar shocked him.

“This my first time so please don’t hurt me, and I don’t want to see this happening.”

He got a blindfold off the table and covered her eyes.

He started her off with a slow long kiss, pulling her torso up against his body that’s over her. He’s enjoying this but is trying hard not to and I think you know what comes next.

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