Kidnapped 101

Two high school kids get kidnapped by 3 men and forced into hiding for years still un-found until they are in a hospital with a baby?!


4. Questions

We arrive to a small cabin up a pretty steep hill. As we struggled to go up the hill the car bolted backwards and forwards every bump in the road. Cory and I huddle close to each other trying to get warmth. Realizing that we’re farther from home, I clenched Cory’s hand. He put his right hand over my hands making me loosen my grip.

    As we pulled up in front of the house, the men looked back at us and got out the car slamming the doors behind themselves. They went to the opposite sides of the car. Roy opened the door and yanked Cory out and landed him on the snowy ground. Then Terrell opened my door and picked me up, carrying me to the porch steps. He pulled the keys from his back pocket and used the purple key to unlock the front door.

    As he ushered me through the door he turned on the lights and as soon as I walked in there was an explosion of the smell of oak. There was high ceilings and the living room was very bright. The fire was blazing and the kitchen was long and spacious.

    Just then Roy shoved Cory onto the beige couch and slammed the door with his right foot. I sat in a seat in the front and watched Terrell go lock the many locks on the door and put a four-digit passcode in and pulled Roy into the next room.

    “Are you okay?” I said rushing over to sit next to Cory helping him lift himself up.

    “I’m good,” he wiped his face, “It’s all good,” he pulled me close.

    As I lay on his chest, I hear his heart racing, and I try to lift my head up to look at him but he pushed me back on his chest saying don’t. I can only imagine what he’s thinking right now.


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