Kidnapped 101

Two high school kids get kidnapped by 3 men and forced into hiding for years still un-found until they are in a hospital with a baby?!


1. Kidnapped

It was time for lunch at school and Tiara didn’t want to eat anything. She went in the shared bathroom looking for something to occupy herself with. The school is at a poor state and can only afford two bathrooms at the moment for 650 kids in a 150 by 270 sq ft school building in a small town in Winchesterfield, Ohio. It was a small school called Carter East High.

    Tiara found her crush, Cory Jones, leaning against the wall wearing a black adidas shirt, white tumblers, black joggers, a white cubs hat, and a black watch. He was on his iPhone 6 scrolling when he heard Tiara come in and he put his phone in his back pocket and walked up to her.

    “Follow me,” Cory said and grabbed her waist and brought her into the handicap stall.

    “What are we-,” he cut her off and kissed her with passion. He forced himself in her mouth with intensity bringing her body upon him hard and leaned against the door. He broke up the deep passion but kept her body on his lean, slick body.

    “Tia, I’ve liked you since I think, the fourth grade. I’ve never really talked to you that deep before but I’m gonna start that now. I have a question for you,” he took her out the stall and outside the bathroom. He went over to his friends and got a small box out of his bookbag and turned to Tiara.

    “Tiara,” he opened the box and there was a silver chain necklace with Tiara’s initials on it, “Would you be my girlfriend?”

    Tiara had tears running down her face and dripping on her navy blue crop top with the quote, ‘you never stop loving someone, you either never did or you always will.’ She had on bleach white tight jean pants with black adidas shoes, white and black bandana, her short african hair was in a messy bon and she had fake blue and white glasses on.

    After a long pause she said, “yes!!”

    He put the chain around her neck and kissed her lips one more time before saying, “She’s mine bitches, so don’t y’all try to get her!” Tiara made a little blush, even though it could barely be seen.

    After school that day, they met outside the park. Cory walked Tiara all the way to Tiara’s driveway.

    “Wanna come in?” Tiara asked.

    “Thought you never asked.”

    They went inside of Tiara’s house. Right when they walked in there was a spinning like staircase with silver banisters. The ceiling reached all the way to the third floor where the master bedroom and bathroom were. The second floor are four bedrooms. The biggest bedroom belonged to Tiara who was the oldest, the second was for Selena, third was for the twins Alison and Dieanne, and the last bedroom was for baby Lynn. The first floor has a built in theatre, a master chef’s kitchen, a huge family room, and a dining room with a table that can seat up to 12.
    Tiara threw both their jackets in the family room on the couch and she spotted her maid, Akira, down the hallway putting up pictures of the family along the long hallways.

    “Hey AK!”

    “Good afternoon Tia, you know your mother will disapprove of a young man in the house alone with her daughter. Hope he’s not a boyfriend.”

    “He’s not,” and Tia raced up the stairs with Cory right after.

When they got in her room, the first thing you saw was her massive bed that was covered in zebra stripes from the pillows down to the paint job. Her pillows and bed sheet was blue. Her walls were covered by quotes from drake, rihanna, future, etc., name the artist and she has it. She had a big panda rug by her bed that was made out of sheep wool. By her bed was a stuffed zebra with a stuffed panda hugging it’s neck. By that was a grand window that looked over the garage. Under the window was a small dresser with only two drawers that was black and grey. There was a flat screen tv hooked up to the wall and it was on BET.

Tiara walked over to the window and waved down at it and as her hands went down the window turned black. She went to the tv and tapped the corner of the tv and the tv muted. She sat on her bed cross legged and patted for Cory to sit next to her. His facial expression talked for him.

“I just don’t want so much brightness. The sun is enough.” He shook his head.

“Wow,” he turned to face Tiara, “We aren’t dating? I thought after we kissed and i gave you your chain,” his brown eyes shook in a way that almost made me cry. I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Chill, we are, it’s just I’m not allowed to date.”


“Oh now you don’t want to be with me don’t you. I should have known from the start. You know your way out.”

“No, no, no. It’s jus- I’m not allowed either.”

Suddenly Akira, the maid, warned Tiara that her mom is on her way home. Tiara and Cory raced down the stairs and to the back door. She pushed him out and gave him a kiss on the cheek good-bye, and slammed the door in his face. She raced to the front door before the door swung open.

Samantha, Tiara’s mom, came in the house. Tiara was at the bottom of the stairs.

“Akira, please put my coat and gloves away,” Samantha said. She looked towards Tiara’s direction, “Oh Tia, how was your day sweetie?”

“Good, mom? Are you okay?”

Samantha just looked at her as if she didn’t know her and just walked down the hall into the chef’s kitchen for her usual glass of vodka. She looked disappointed for some reason, but Tiara couldn’t care less. She went to her room and got on hangouts and texted Cory.


Cory-Hey :)

Tiara-My mom gave me a weird look.


Tiara-I don’t know, maybe she got fired…


Tiara-Do you have any other thoughts??

Cory-No, but still.

Join Request from Nyah

Cory-Who was that?

Tiara-My friend. I didn’t tell her about us.

Cory-You kept us a secret from your friend! Why didn’t you tell her about us? Was it because the blanket thing?! XD

Tiara-Don’t wanna talk about it, bye!

Cory-Sorry, call me please!!


    Tiara leaned back in her chair when Akira came in, “it’s time for dinner Tiara,” then she closed the door.

    Tiara went straight down the stairs with a attitude. She walked into the dining room to the opposite end of the table from her mom and plopped down. It was soul food night. There was buttered corn, cornbread, greens, baked chicken, fried chicken, yams, cheese rice, thick steaming biscuits, and steamed cheese broccoli. They sat there in silence.

    Tiara excused herself and went to her room, thrusting herself on her bed.  She went on youtube and searched all kind of things that pertained her interest including some of her favorite musical artists and dance challenges. Then there was a knock on the door, it was Aiesha, Tiara’s younger sister, and the older twins.

    “Can I come in?” Aiesha said walking in her room.

    “You’re already in,” Tiara said now standing.

    “Oh, so I can stay? Thanks!”

    “Get out!”

    “Fine!” Aiesha said stomping out the room and Tiara closed the door and locked it before she tried to come back in. Her phone lit up with a flash and the sound of bells. It was Cory facetiming her. She answered.

    “Hey, Tia!”


    “I’m sorry that I laughed at you, I couldn’t help myself. I mean think about it, a high schooler who has a blanket.”

    “Thanks, that makes me feel so much better.”

    “I did it again didn’t I? Sorry!”

    “Keep it down someone could be listening under my door. My sisters do that all the time. I’m used to it, but still.”

    “Same with my older brother,” he let out a sigh, “I don’t like sneaking around much.”

    “I don’t either but it’s only been a day. Oh my mom said I can take a friend to Florida with me. I’m going to ask if I can take you along. If she say yes then she’ll call your mom if it’s okay.”

    “That might just work. Anyway I gotta go, bye. Meet me at the stop sign down the street from your place.”

    “Okay, bye.”


    Everyone was dressed and eating breakfast in the Anderson household, but Tiara was already out the house before anyone was downstairs.

    Cory was wearing a white adidas shirt, pants, and shoes, a nike cap, along with a white watch. His outfit made him seem darker than his clothes. Cory was leaning against the stop sign waiting. She ran up to him in a hurry. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they started their walk to school down a deserted street. In mid walk someone behind them yelled,”Now!”

    They turned and saw two men that were running right towards them. They quickly started running as fast as they could, but the men were faster and stronger. They tried to get out of their grip, but they put a white cloth that was damped upon their buttoned noses. Their breathing slowed, their struggling stopped, and their eyes slowly closed.


    Tiara woke up on the ground of what looks like an abandoned house. She was handcuffed to a long silver pole with brown stains. The abandon house had a window with cobwebs, a rocking chair with a black cat sleeping, a brown bear rug with a mouse trap and a dead rat in its mouth. The floor and the walls were busted or scrapped and had blood stains. Tiara looked around frantically until she saw Cory on the other side of the pole still passed out.

    “Cory, wake up!”

    He went up with a jump then winced, “what?!”

Tiara rolled her eyes and tried to stand up.

    “You know where we are?” Tiara asked.

    “Looks like an old house,” he said before a tall, slim man came in with what looks like brochures.

Tiara and Cory glared at each other, then back at the man. He spoke.

    “Alright, here is your assignment. You read these books and do what they say or you’ll get punished slave style. Wait where’s...,” he looked around and shouted, “Terrell! Roy!”

    They came out of their hiding areas. Terrell came out from around the corner with salted chips and Roy came out the bathroom.

    “Watch these kids and don’t take your eyes off them. Got that?” he yelled and they nodded in agreement.

    The books on the floor were all about parenting your kid to their age requirement, or exercises to help speed up the process while pregnant, or how to make a baby quick, and so much more that they didn’t even knew existed yet. Then Tiara realized something…they were gonna get her pregnant!


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