Kidnapped 101

Two high school kids get kidnapped by 3 men and forced into hiding for years still un-found until they are in a hospital with a baby?!


3. A Drive

They've been driving for five days in a black dodge SUV and they are already in New Veda. They stopped at a gas station. Both Terrell and James got out blasting some music and locked the car. Once they were out of sight they tried to unlock the door but the locks were broken off. When they came back five minutes later, they had three bags.

Terrell came to the back of the car with Tiara and Cory and snached Tiara out the car and put a stick in her back pocket. He closed the door on Cory trying to get her but he can’t while he strapped down with chains to the floor.

Terrell gripped Tiara’s arm tightly and walked her into the woods and pushed her against the tree. He pushed his arms against her neck, pulled her body close to him by pulling her fly towards his, and went close to her ears.

“You better be pregnant or we are going to torture your little boy toy over there,” Terrell said removing his arm from her neck.

He went to the tree in front of her and leaned against it crossing his arms across his chest. Tiara stared blankly at him while she pulled out the pregnancy stick out her back pocket. She looked down at the stick as if she didn’t know how to pee on a stick, then she looked up at him.

“What’s the problem, now?” Terrell said, “I’m not turning around if that’s what you think is going to happen. Pee already!”

Tiara hesitantly pulled her bikini bottom down and squatted and before she could put the stick under her, Terrell grabbed it out of her hand.

“I will do it, since you’re taking forever to do one simple task,” he said and put his hand under her and slightly touched her which brought scarce over her body and she tensed up. He grabbed her by the neck making her cry.

“Alright we done you can wipe your face now,” Terrell said and she pulled up her bikini and wiped her face. He put his hand up, “Now we wait.”

They stood there in silence. Terrell was staring at his watch and the stick waiting for the results, Tiara was watching him than back at the car.

Maybe while he’s not looking I can make a run for it, but then I’ll leave Cory behind for them to torture all they please and I’m probably pregnant- how will I live? Where am I? How will I get home? What do the-

“Yes!” Terrell said shocking her out of her thought process, “You’re pregnant,” then he jumped for joy.

He grabbed her arm and raced her to the SUV. He opened the door and placed her in her seat and buckled her in. He went into the driver seat and started beating on James’ arm and in response, and in return James punched him in his face.

“What’s the matter with you man? What did you do to her? Why you so happy?” James said rubbing his shoulder.

“First off, why the fuck you punch me in my face man.? That’s not cool. Second nothing’s wrong with me man, she’s pregnant!” Terrell said starting the car and smiling looking back at Tiara.

“Really? That’s just what the boss wanted.” James said looking out the window.

“Oh my God man, you didn’t catch feelings did you?” Terrell asked as he was pulling out into the empty rode.

“Naw man, I got a girl at home. I don’t like black girls. You know this already, stop playing,” James said looking at Tiara then Terrell.

“Yea I know, but she’s back in Ohio and we going down to Louisiana. She don’t find that the least bit of suspicion at all?” Terrell said making a left unto the highway.

“She trusts me I think. I mean, like- I don’t know. We facetime sometimes, but I don’t know, man. Let’s just play some music,” James said and turned the knob to the radio, “Aw, this a good song.”

Then he started humming along to the song Exchange by Bryson Tiller.

So give me all of you in exchange for me

Just give me all of you in exchange for me, for me

Break it down, yeah

Yes sir, check

We use to lay up and then stay up

Have se-

Terrell change the station and James just looked at him in a blank stare and the song Body by Dreezy started playing.

Got on your shirt, put in that work

Until you cock out

Mike Tyson boy you know I got that knock out

Take a dive inside this liquor

Got me pulling on your zipper

He want to hit a-

James turned the channel and the song You Changed Me by Jamie Foxx was playing.

Said I’d never settled down

I’m with you girl, look at me now

Cause you changed me baby

I be a player for life

You switched that all up in one night, oh baby

Ain’t no sense in frontin’ when you-

Terrell turned the radio off and they drove in silence.


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