Poems and Thoughts: Volume 1 - Sad Poems

I really, really love poetry because of how expressive and meaningful it can be. This will just be a little collection of some of the poems that I write. Enjoy <3


1. "Morning sky" - For a friend that I lost

I hope you saw the sky this morning

it was as beautiful as you.

It reminds me of the brightest smile...

the smile that belonged to you.

The wisps of pure cotton

glided gently across the sky.

Just like your hair slipped of your shoulder,

when you turned and waved goodbye.


The morning sun looked down on me,

and I swear it felt like you.

The way you wrapped your arms around me

and said "I love you"

But... the morning  sky faded,

And sadly so did you.

But I will see you both again someday,

and say "I love you too"




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