On The Run

We all have our steady, normal routines, but sometimes we have to get used to being on the run.


1. Epilogue

... Now looking back at it, it's actually funny how I would always complain about things being all the same all the time. I didn't like it back then. I remember how this would be the only thing that I wanted from life. I mean who wouldn't want to go to different places of this planet and just have a great time overall? Now that this is what I am doing I actually do miss the old times, but there is no way of going back. Once you are on the run, it is extremely difficult to look back. If you look back you will get slowed down and if you do slow down you will get caught.

 It is all as simple as children's' games actually, just like tag you're it, if you want to call it like that. If you get distracted you will not be the fastest you can and if this happens then basically game over. Of course, you can get back in the game, but it would be just too much work.

 A lot of times I actually ask myself how did this all start. Maybe it all started with the wishing stars when every time I would ask to get away from where I was. It sounds like I hated that place, but that's not true. I guess I was just bored, or something similar to that feeling.

  I spent my childhood in a small town. Those movies that you always see they are actually not that different from reality, especially when it comes to small towns. It's true that almost nothing happens there and when it does people will keep talking about it for years. 

 That was the case with my family and more specifically with the day, I was born. You see my family was not exactly what you would call a completely functional one. My father was as valuable as trash and my mother, well she didn't have much in her hands. Looking back I think she was still trying to get away from the shock of the real world. My hypothesis is that in her teenage years she was a spoilt princess. Don't get me wrong she is as strong as she can and she is a great person.

 People in there would always look at me as if I was some kind of miracle for some and a stupid mistake or rush decision for others. One thing all of them had in common is that they would never let me forget their opinion about me. It wasn't just words. It was more like that feeling was present with every little action that they did. 

 It was all the same, until one day it was time for me to go. It all came as a surprise, not only to me and my mother but to everyone who loved to know what would be going on with other's lives. I couldn't believe it that I had made it, but the day was finally there. It was finally time. I remember being so happy during those days.

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