Loreta was forced to move to another place. She had to move in to a new house and change schools. But she noticed that her new classmates were weird. So she asked for the help of her mother, but her mother couldn't allow that to happen, because Loreta has yet to found out about the secret she's holding.


7. Rest of the day

 He did not see that coming. I said that on purpose, because I wanted to end that interaction with him. At first he actually blushed and it surprised my classmates. But it didn't end there. He looked me in the eyes and, I don't know if that actually happened, but it seemed that his eyes became darker. And then our teacher interfered. She came to us and said to that boy:

 - Louis, what did I say? Didn't you heard me clearly yesterday? After this lesson stay behind, we have to talk. -

 I could clearly hear that she was angry at him, but I quiet don't know why. I didn't like that boy much, because never have ever that happened to me. So I decided that I should talk with mother. 

 My mother picked me up after school. I hopped in to her car and we went home. But as you already know my mother was weird that day. She was a lot gentler that day than usually. I looked at her and asked:

 - Can I change schools? -

 I said it with not much of a confidence. She kept on driving, but after a half a minute she actually replied. She said:

 - You know there are 3 other schools here in this town, but this time I won't allow you to transfer to another schools. And that's my final answer. -

 I don't know why but mother was strange this time. I could fell that she's concerned about something really big. I don't know what it is. My mother always allows me to transfer schools in the middle of study. 

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