Loreta was forced to move to another place. She had to move in to a new house and change schools. But she noticed that her new classmates were weird. So she asked for the help of her mother, but her mother couldn't allow that to happen, because Loreta has yet to found out about the secret she's holding.


3. My sincere mom (NOT my mother)

 My mother was waiting for me in the kitchen. But this time our house was filled with a light coffee scent. As I was standing at the entrance of kitchen, I saw my mother making her coffee very elegantly. Her long dark red hair was floating in the air together with the wind that came from a window. Her light skin was complimenting her dark brown eyes. But the long lashes were the most beautiful. 

 Mother has been a beauty ever since her birth. But her temper can not be mentioned in this place.

 She saw me at the entrance, but she did not mention anything. She kept on making her coffee. I slowly took a seat at the table and then an unexpected question came from her mouth:

 - Did you slept well in my bed? -

 That question surprised me, and I was left there hanging. But when she looked me in the eyes, I noticed that her stare has changed. It had become softer than usually. I didn't know the reason why, but the last time I saw a look like that was when my dad was still alive. It actually made me quite worried.  

 Since she didn't heard an answer from me she said:

 - You have half a hour to get ready for school. You wouldn't want to be late on your first day, would you? -

 I started to eat my breakfast faster and after that I went straight up to my room to get changed. 

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