Loreta was forced to move to another place. She had to move in to a new house and change schools. But she noticed that her new classmates were weird. So she asked for the help of her mother, but her mother couldn't allow that to happen, because Loreta has yet to found out about the secret she's holding.


5. My classmates

 I went in the classroom together with the teacher. She went to her table, but I was standing in front of the class. So many eyes and all on me, well that was a felling that I already knew. I did that many times, but I guess that was my last time. And suddenly my teacher asked me:

 - Tell them something about yourself. It's the first lesson after all. And all the attention will be given to you today. -

 I took a deep breath and said:

 - Hi, my name is Loreta Nakura. I am a half foreign. So don't be surprised about my eyes or hair. I do sports and I love to watch movies. -

 Then the teacher showed me my seat and the whole class gathered around me. Teacher just started to do something in her laptop, but I once more had to deal with my classmates on my own. And the first person to ask me a question was a girl with pink hair:

 - Are you going to stay here for a long time or just move to the next place in a year? -

 Her question was something I have never heard of. No one before have asked me such a question. I looked her in the eyes and said:

 - Well I'm going to stay here for at least 5 years. Because my mom got here a good job and because our house is very new, so we can't just leave a new house. -

 She stayed there with out saying another word and listened on to our talk. But thing somehow changed. 

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