Loreta was forced to move to another place. She had to move in to a new house and change schools. But she noticed that her new classmates were weird. So she asked for the help of her mother, but her mother couldn't allow that to happen, because Loreta has yet to found out about the secret she's holding.


8. Glenda

 All of my stuff was already delivered to our house. Our house maids did all the work. But my personal maid had changed once again. Sometimes our maids can't stand the pressure between me and my mother. So they say their goodbyes and don't come back. Usually my personal maid stays only for a month. Sometimes a bit longer, but they change rapidly. Even thought they are maids they can never enter my room. That's one of our rules. 

 But my mother decided that this time I should chose myself. There were 4 maids and I had to chose. I looked at them closely and decided for the good of Glenda. She was around my age and she was very beautiful. Her eyes were sparkling of joy from my decision. And then she said:

 - Thank you, for choosing me, young miss. - 

 I smiled at her and we both went up to the second floor. She stayed behind me all the time. But she knew her manners and didn't even dare to be in front of me.

 The real reason why my maids change all the time isn't the pressure between me and my mother. It's a lot more complicated and it's really hard to explain. So we tell all the maids the same thing over and over, but it's not like it isn't true. I really do have a complicated  relationship with mother. 

 I leaded Glenda to another room. That was my second room. It was more like a little living room for little amount of people. We went in and I closed the door. I looked at Glenda with a different stare and said:

 - First of all don't call me young miss. You have to call me miss Kaneko. Second of all you have to call my mother Mrs Nakamura. Just try to remember our last names and you will do fine. - 

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