Loreta was forced to move to another place. She had to move in to a new house and change schools. But she noticed that her new classmates were weird. So she asked for the help of her mother, but her mother couldn't allow that to happen, because Loreta has yet to found out about the secret she's holding.


2. A very strange morning

 It truly was weird. I didn't think of anything and just fell down on the ground. Very slowly I closed my eyes, but at that time it wasn't how I imagined it would be. The whole room was filled with air that had a smell of fresh paint. I stayed down there for some time until I understood what it meant.

 The reason why I could smell fresh paint was simple. That meant that the house was very new and we are going to stay there for at least 5 years. The fact that we are going to stay there for a long time was something new. We never stay at the same place for more than a year. It's quit complicated. 

 I was so exhausted that I fell asleep. In that dark room were I had the time for myself.

 There was this bright light that was bothering me, so my eyes just kind of opened. The light came from a very big window. But when my eyes started to see more clearly, I realized that I'm not in my room. I was in a bed. And the only person at that time who had a bed was my mother. I jumped out of the bed and quickly went out of that room. I closed the rooms door quietly and I walked away as if nothing had ever happened. 

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