Hidden secrets

Adam was abandoned as a baby , found in a forest alone. Now living with his foster parents,strange things start happening. Who were his real parents?


1. Unknown Secrets


I'm an 18 year old boy called Adam, who lives in a little village. I've been living here for as long as I can remember. I was found in a forest, they suspect I was thrown away because I was not wanted or could not be looked after.

Its a Monday morning and I'm getting ready for college, I get my clothes on and walk past the mirror to check my hair. It's as white as snow, it's been like that since they found me. They suspects it's due to genetics.I glance at the clock and see I've only got 5 minutes to get to college. "Im going to be late!" I shouted. As I swiftly jumped down the stairs and ran out the door.I get to the bus stop just go see it go round the corner and out of my sight.Instead of walking I decide to not go at all I walk to the forest not knowing it was the one I was found in. I walk through the twisting trees to find an opening at the end of the trees. In the opening was a bench under a dead tree.I must have been stood there for long as the sky was turning dark. I head back to my house to be greeted by my foster parents staring at me. They stood still like a statue for about 2 minutes before speaking." Where have you been." They said simultaneously.

"I've missed the bus and couldn't get to school." I said nervously,

"NO!" They screamed, still speaking simultaneously,"WHERE DID YOU GO WHILE YOU WERE NOT AT SCHOOL!"

" I only went in a forest." I whispered under my breath."


"Why shou-" I tried to reply but was cut of by my mother yelling. Without trying to refuse I followed there orders and went upstairs. I crawled into bed and fell asleep.

Im the night I awoke to voices down stairs. I crept to the top of the stairs and I could hear that it was my parents."We can't let her find out!" They whispered " If she does she will kill us!"








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