Shuriken Slavery

(First person) I'm Shiemi Okumura I gave up with school a long time ago... I am trying to sort out my life and have gone back to collage, realizing how hard it is in the real world. I must be careful with my powers though, the flame will be discovered and I will lose everything.


1. Life

​Life, you live for a few years..... Then you die.

​It's as simple as it sounds.

​Life is worthless, meaningless.

​We are just rotting balls of flesh waiting to be buried, devoured by the ground.

​Why are we alive? What is the point of living? Will everyone give up already? Why do we even try? We all ask and think these things - us mortals. Probably at 2:30 in the morning, trying to fall asleep while having a "I'm gonna die." crisis.

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