Shuriken Slavery

(First person) I'm Shiemi Okumura I gave up with school a long time ago... I am trying to sort out my life and have gone back to collage, realizing how hard it is in the real world. I must be careful with my powers though, the flame will be discovered and I will lose everything.


2. Husakuku high

I am Death girl. My actual name is Shiemi. Shiemi Okumura. (Hinting to a manga book) And I gave up with school. I am trying to fix my meaningless life. It is my first day today. While I was out of school I worked for the WWNC (WorldWideNinjaCorp) and I can't let anyone know. While I was, and still am a ninja I am the best in the company. I work for our richest customer, Rin Sumaku. He wanted me to go to this school. To be a normal girl. He told me himself he wants to adopt me, he is just at the right age limit. I have been with him since I first started as a ninja when I was 5 years old. Now, I will be normal again, I must protect Master Rin, but his wish is my command. So I will attend high school.


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