Shuriken Slavery

(First person) I'm Shiemi Okumura I gave up with school a long time ago... I am trying to sort out my life and have gone back to collage, realizing how hard it is in the real world. I must be careful with my powers though, the flame will be discovered and I will lose everything.


3. Buisness

Master Rin has a buisness of his own. Hence why he is so rich. He chriogenically modifies seeds. This also makes people want his seeds, to discover his secrets. Recently a group of men have been trying to kill him, to take his wealth.

"MC?" I asked Master Rin. MC means Mahito Corp. They are hired to assassinate people. "I think so, they keep parking their vans around the area" (You can tell by the green seats) tap, tap, tap. "GET DOWN!" Master Rin ducked and hid under a dumpster. "Gahito!" I slammed my foot on top of the fence and flung on top of the roof. "Long time no see" I exclaimed "You too." He mumbled "Where is Mahito?" I questioned "Don't you remember?" He answered "Oh, that's right, I killed him" I replied to him. "He was my other half, he completed me, we were twins! And YOU, you took it all away, and now, after all these years you switch sides and hide the seeds?" He boomed. I just clicked my fingers and my neck and leaped over to the other building, soaring through the sky. I pulled out my shuriken and slashed his arm. "That's a scar to remember me." I smiled, "That's enough!" He roared. He swung out a large katana and tried to stab me. "Catch me if you can!" I giggled. I jumped on his head and cut the back of his head with the blade of the shuriken. "This isn't over!" he sighed and passed out. "He's gone. But he WILL be back." Master Rin came out from hiding. "Thank you, Shiemi, but don't tease him so much." Rin explained "But it's fun!" I laughed. "C'mon let's go, before he wakes up, it won't take much.  

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