Dark Evening A novel

Fifteen year old Alison Quentin arrives at Harrison House in Mississippi on a dare. When she stays the evening there, she finds out that she's not alone.


1. Dark Evening-1


T​he house was dark. Alison Quentin stared at the cheap looking 1981 car that had been left to rot outside the front door. She saw the lamp glowing near the old woods. She imagined Tracey Clements, her sorority room mate, was laughing at a bad joke; she knew that the house had a bad reputation as being haunted. Or worse, home of a deranged madman armed with a hatchet in his black gloved hand. She didn't imagine the nightmare would cause her to flee in horror, and never come back. If she came back, she thought to herself. Alison had long, blonde hair, bright, blue eyes, and average height. She was wearing a black coat, blue jeans, a brown, snake skin belt, black socks, and light, brown shoes on her small feet. She headed to the front door. Alison saw a black Welcome​ mat; she opened the front door with a key in her left hand. She then headed inside...and hoped that she would be alive by the early morning sun glowed tomorrow.


Alison flicked on the hallway light. She saw six rooms. The last one led to the spacious attic. She placed the key on the left-side shelf; she opened the first door. It was full of cobwebs that was like a cheap B-horror movie from the nineteen thirties; it was sending a burst of terror inside her. Three old chairs were covered up by grey cloths. Suddenly she felt a cold spot in the room. Before she could do anything, the door creaked shut. "​Hello! Is there anyone there? Hello?​", she asked the foul, night, air. And then she heard the eerie sound of a child's giggling. Alison attempted to glance at the black doorknob. It moved around and around. She was about to scream when the door opened by itself...and the giggling stopped. She peered around the freezing hallway. Before she could do anything, she saw the chairs rocking back and forth of their own accord. She sensed movement coming from the attic. Seconds later, she heard another door creak. "​Have a dark evening, child​", a female voice said. Alison saw a ladder crash down next to her feet. She backed away in fear. Once she stared at the coldness of the house, she heard the sound of more giggling; she then walked towards the stairs. She shivered. Then, as she walked upstairs, a dark shadow of a woman was holding a hatchet in her right hand. "Come out, Lisa! Come to Mommy!", the ghost said. And, as the child screamed, Alison knew that she was in the middle of a past event in the house. She heard the door creaking again...as it slammed shut all by itself.


Alison couldn't believe it. 

She was in a vortex of time and space. 

She walked up the ladder. Then, as she closed it, she saw more cobwebs. Spiders crawled up and down the nineteen thirties' chairs. Nearby was an old bed. She walked towards the rest of the room. Nearby was a nineteen twenties suitcase. A gold key was in the middle of it. She turned it two times. When she heard the loud clicking sound, she saw several papers inside. Three dolls were sitting on the bed. There wasn't anything terrifying about them; there was just something darker in the attic that wasn't seen. Alison looked around. Before she could do anything, she felt the cold hand grip her right hand. She screamed, and headed down the stairs.


By the time she reached the hard ground, Alison knew that Harrison House was haunted. But there was something more that she knew was inside the cursed place. The red carpet was tattered; the rest of the house shifted uneasily, as she struggled to keep her nerves in check. Something caught her attention. It was a dark figure watching her with a demonic presence that was unnerving. It wore a red hood on its head. It glided towards her with black boots on its feet; its black eyes focused on her. "​It's about time for a dark evening tonight​", it said. He glanced at her, as she spoke. "Go away!", she ordered. The demon creature laughed. It moved forward. Alison fled, as she headed to the front door. She turned it with her right hand, and left Harrison House with her life intact.


Alison saw her house. She couldn't focus. As she opened the front door she saw her mother with a concerned look on her face. "What's the matter, Alison. It looks like you've seen a ghost?", Jenny Quentin asked her daughter. "I have. And I don't want to go to Harrison House again", she answered her. 

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