The Lamp A novel

Marjorie Schaffer is the keeper of lamps in the Arizona Cemetery. When she finds out that it's haunted by ghosts, and other monsters, she struggles to survive the eerie night by dawn.


1. The lamp-1


M​arjorie gripped the old lamp in her small, right, hand. She had remembered the wise words of Jacob Shaffer, her dead father, "​Be careful of the monsters; be careful of their screams​". She glided in her light green gown towards the eerie tombs; she was glad to take control of the lamp at the age of eighteen. The graves were old. Some were broken; some were guarded by white statues. She walked towards the first row of graves. Marjorie stared at them, then watched movement that caught the movement of her blue eyes. It was a teenage boy. He grinned at her. "I didn't think you'd be here, Marjorie", Liam Gregson said. She was sure the other teenagers in town would enjoy holding the lamp in their hands. But she was sure the ideal news she could've had which involved protecting the ancient cemetery, was top of her she headed to her own dead mother's grave. She didn't want to follow in her footsteps; she wanted to grab the lamp...and have the power which was endless. Liam grinned. He was eager to believe in the notion that ghouls wouldn't creep up from their rotten graves, and rip the flesh off the legs of visitors with their sharp teeth; he was sure everyone wouldn't invite vampires into their houses...and bite their necks to feed on their blood; he was feeling his mind was numb. Marjorie heard the sound of voices. She turned around. "What's going on?", she asked him. "I don't know", Liam answered. And she saw several goths smiling at them. And, as she headed towards one of the new graves, Marjorie shone the lamp at their faces, and prayed to God that they were safe from danger. Liam walked towards the graves. He walked towards the graves. As he did so, Marjorie placed a flower on her mother's grave. And then she cried.

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