The Girl Of Mysterys

There is a boy named Rin and he drags himself to school every SINGLE day like normal... He has a friend that is called Mystic she doesn't talk much but one day SPECIFICALLY today. He tries to talk to her but fails he follows her suspiciously and he wonders apon an AMAZING adventure he'll never forget...


1. The start of a HORRIBLE day...

One boring day, I had to get up to go to school once again for the hundredth time... It was miserable but i still had to go so I put on my favourite raincoat and left for school. When i got there it was normal and everyone was getting breakfast in the cafeteria and playing. I went over to see my friend who was lonely and I said hi she didn't reply so I left her alone. I went into class on time and put my stuff away I sat down last seat last row with my friend sitting next to me. Her name was Mystic and she was always mysterious to me and I was always puzzled by her and her strange behaviour whenever shes near me. A few minutes later, class finished. I was first out but next was recess I went to try and talk to her again but everyone was blocking my way to get near her.

Her eyes sparkled like a shining star as she stared deeply, longingly into my blood red eyes. My hair was as red as blood and it was as straight as a ruler.


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