The Girl Of Mysterys

There is a boy named Rin and he drags himself to school every SINGLE day like normal... He has a friend that is called Mystic she doesn't talk much but one day SPECIFICALLY today. He tries to talk to her but fails he follows her suspiciously and he wonders apon an AMAZING adventure he'll never forget...


3. The secret door

She fainted and I just went and had my lunch, soon I saw Mystic enter the cafeteria, she took her food and sat near me and glared at me from a distance. I didn't know what to do so i just didn't look at her... after a while it was class and we all sat down. It was math but I figured it out. Class ended we all went home and I followed Mystic back to see what she was doing. She pulled a lever and a door with blazing colours appeared with lights so bright you could barely see. I ran inside it before it closed and I hid and looked around the corner. There were fairies, mermaids and humans. I was amazed. I couldn't even blink because I thought if I blinked they would disappear.

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