The Girl Of Mysterys

There is a boy named Rin and he drags himself to school every SINGLE day like normal... He has a friend that is called Mystic she doesn't talk much but one day SPECIFICALLY today. He tries to talk to her but fails he follows her suspiciously and he wonders apon an AMAZING adventure he'll never forget...


2. First Words

I ran around the playground... as i turned around I could see her stalking me behind a corner almost right next to me.I went to talk to her as she stood still as a statue staring deeply into my eyes again. I slowly walked up to her as her cheeks turned bright red when I got a foot near her she ran as fast as she could.The bell rang and we all lined up to go to class I sat down wondering why she didn't talk to me and just ran away. As I looked to my side I saw her staring into space making kissy actions I thought to myself what is she doing? what is she thinking about? all these questions filled my head. All a second I heard my friend's name being called at the front of the class and the teacher shouted at us, "why are you dozing off in my class" but no response came back. The teacher mumbled, "hmm" and she says, "I don't know"... the teacher replied angrily, "DETENTION NOW". Next was lunchtime and everyone lined up to go to lunch but Mystic she glared at me from the classroom.


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