The Time Of Day.


5. .

I’d finish work, happily skipping to the car park, when getting to the car park my car being gone, only broken glass on the floor.

“Why... this is the perfect life, then this happens” I’d think about the drawing tablet being on the front seat, tears coming to my eyes as I started walking home. I’d get home, Harry staring at me in confusion. “Where  is your recording equipment..?” He’d stare into my blood shot eyes, me then getting mad.

“What do you think you piece of shit!?” He’d stare at me sad, confused. He’d run up the stairs, shoving me out the way.

I’d stare at his door, feeling bad, then knocking, with no answer.

“H-Harry..?” I’d walk in, his room being empty and his window open, when I looked out his truck driving off. I’d walk into my room, slamming the door behind me. 

“Why am I such an idiot, he did nothing, he was only helping” I’d ball my eyes out, talking to myself. “This is my life now, no car, no friends, a  lonely office at work, no equipment, only money. They’re wrong, money doesn’t bring happiness.”






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