The Time Of Day.


4. .

I Got back in the car and headed off for work

"EEK, I'M SOOOO GONNA GET FIRED!" As I walked into the office the boss looked at me and called me over.

"Blake, I saw your YouTube video, it went viral. I’m promoting you to business manager." The boss said.

I went silent. and we both just stared at each other for what felt like an eternity.

"Really?!?!" i shouted and everyone looked over. i just stared around.

"Yes, Blake" said the boss.

"Really Really?" I Questioned again.

He'd sigh and say again "Yes, Blake." he'd look over his shoulder and look at the clock. "Lunch Time."


1 hour later


"OHMYGOD that was so gooooooood." i muffled spitting out crumbs.

The boss looked at me confused. "How much of the buffet did you eat?" 

"I Didn't eat yesterday, i was making my new video." I Said happily



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