The Time Of Day.


3. .

I lead him into my room too see. 

"Woah" he said "How new is that?" he looked really suprised.

"i got it today?" i said confused

"No! not like that. when did it first come out, that model" he said and sighed after

"Oh, Sorry. Its the model 18. i had it custom made." I Answered smugly.

"Custom? Do you know the owner or something?" He questioned

"No, I Just ordered it off the site and custom made it." i said "i could have had the higher model but im just new too this stuff."

"Cool. and no you cant use my mic. now go to bed." he said like my mom.

"Ugh" i sounded 



The Next Morning


"OH NO, I'M LATE FOR WORK" i sprinted down the stairs in my boxers and got in the car. "DAMN IT" i ran back inside to get dressed. "ugh, i'm going to be so late now."

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