The Time Of Day.


2. .

My face lit up as he handed me a drawing tablet.

"I Can finally start my new career!" i whispered too myself as i left the shop with a giant smile. i got in the car and started it up "I'm so exited to get started!" i got home and plugged it in too charge.


3 Hours Later


"UUUUGGGHHH, That took forever" i said and then looked at the clock. "Wait. WHAT, ONLY THREE HOURS!" i would turn on my tablet and start drawing. i started off with a small blob figure and then built up too a dinosaur. i would go too start recording voice overs and then realised i don't have a microphone. 

"HAAARRRRRYYYY!!!" i shouted down the stairs.

"WHAT!" he shouted back. he ran to the bottom of the stairs

"Can borrow your mic?" i questioned. he started coming up the stairs too talk too me.

"Why?" He also questioned

"Because i got my new drawing tablet today, come look" i lead him into my room too see.

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