The Time Of Day.


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Hi, i'm Blake. i'm 23 and just graduated from college. i live with my best friend Harry, he can be a pain sometimes. I have a dream of becoming a famous YouTube animator. and i am not very confident in myself, i am an architect. i have tried YouTube before and did not succeed. all my friends made fun of me. my channel name is Galactic and i dream too be very big one day. 



"Hey, Roomie" Exlaims Harry as he throws an egg.

"Yeah?" I said as i got hit by the egg. "HEY, WHAT WAS THAT YOU IDIOT!!!" I stormed off to my room.

"Ugh, hes so annoying. his YouTube channel is his main worry!" i'd sigh as i say it.

"Seeya, Harry" I shouted as i left the door. I'd get in the car and turn it on. "I CAN'T BELIVE ITS FINNALLY THE DAYYYYYYYYYYY" I exitedly shouted. I'd drive to the tech store and walk in.

"Hello!" Said the worker as he walked out from the back. 

"Im here too pick up my device" i'd hand him the reciept. He walked in the back too get it

"Here ya go!" He said as he handed me the device. My face lit up with exitment.

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