A Day in the life of a child in shanty town

This story is about a boy named Jabavu who has lived in shanty town his whole life, fighting just to earn money to eat will his life get any better? Or will it just get worse?


1. No Food

As I was staring at the black sky, I could hear children's laughter as they played. I lay bare foot on the rough,dusty path, with a cotton blanket to keep me warm I drifted off to sleep.


I dreamt about a world, easy to live in and a house to call my own. My dream was cut short by a splash of rain on my forehead, I woke up happy and excited but not long after I remembered my dream is not reality  and there's is no hope that my life will get any better. I stood up and watched the sun rise up from the horizon. The clouds grew gray and the rain got heavier. "The only place I could go know was my job" I though to my self, even though it doesn't pay much the man was kind enough to let a street rat like me work there. I walked other there with my cotton cover over my head, when I got there I was met by my boss stood, blocking the door way. "Jabavu!" ,he said looking like he was gonna blow a fuse, "I can't let you work here anymore the customers are disgusted by you!"

"But it's the only job I have," I replied "Without it I will starve."

"I don't care a bit about you, I only care about my business and how much profit I get!" my boss screamed, "Keeping you as an employee is not worth it you fired!"

He turned and slammed the door in my face.I hung my head in shame and sadness was I that dirty that I can't work.As I though of what to do next my belly rumbled, just to remind me of how hungry I was. I looked around noticing lots of stalls full of fruit and other goods. I glanced at a stall with no owner "I guess they wouldn't mind one piece of food missing." I whispered. As quiet as I could I crawled up to the unguarded stall and grabbed an apple."I got away with it I thought." I though to me self. But as I was going to bring my hand down, a faint hand grasped my arm and in a low deep voice came " THEIF GET HIM!" I was so startled I just froze but not long after I noticed what happened I began to run. Running as fast as I could , faster then I have ever done in my life and yer half am hour of running my legs where slowing down. I needed a place to hide I found an ally way I ran down it and hid behind a box, I heard the voices run past. I was safe.

I got up to walk out but a hand grabbed my mouth.i was frozen in fear not knowing what to do I tried to break free but it was impossible his grip was strong, without out a warning I was knocked out.

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