A Day in the life of a child in shanty town

This story is about a boy named Jabavu who has lived in shanty town his whole life, fighting just to earn money to eat will his life get any better? Or will it just get worse?


2. Kidnapped

I woke up to find my self tied up in a dark room, a bowl of bread at me feet and a cup of water just out of my reach. I waited which felt like for hours before some one came in. I spoke to him asking "Why did you do this!" "Let me go" but he just replied with something I didn't understand as it sounded as if it was in another language. He grabbed my wrist and untied my rope. He pulled be to follow him , I tried to resist but he was to strong. He led me outside to a plain open land with about 49-60 works on it digging the land and planting crops. The man spoke again but he sounded more aggressive, but still I didn't understand. He through me to the ground in anger, and pointed to the workers. I limped other to them and started digging. On one side of me was a old man and on the other a boy about my age, I tapped him hoping he spoke my language. I asked "What is this place and why are we doing this?", he waited about and looked around then spoke " This is a slave farming job and we are owned by the master Malik." He stated 

"My name is Jabavu." I greeted 

"My name is Ali." He replied "You can stay in my tent if you want."

"Sure." I agreed happily, by the end of the day I had blistered hands and I could of collapsed with extortion. I got to the tent and slept the most I have ever slept before. In the morning I thought to my self "This is that bad, this isn't bad at all."

Berfore I knew it a month has passed by, me and Ali had grown closer. At lunch we all went to our tens and ate but unnoticed something unusual there where less tents than when we started.I asked Ali if they let people leave but he answered with no. I went to investigate and before I knew it I was snooping around masters tent. I looked through every box he had and found nothing but clothes and food. The I heard foot steps I scrambled to the hide behind the box . Then a hand touched my shoulder I jumped round in fright. It was Ali. "What are you doing in here!" He questioned "If we get caught we will be in big trouble!" 

"It's fine." I reassured him "We won't get caught." But as I said that master walked in to me and Ali. Ali pushed me behind a box before master could see. " ALI!" He shouted, "What are you doing!?" "We have to punish you!" With that master pulled out a gun and before I knew it shot Ali in the head. 

I sat there in shock. Seeing Ali's lifeless body on the ground with fear in his eyes.I knew where everybody was disappearing to, they were being killed. I need to stop this before anyone else gets killed. I will do it for Ali.


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