The Age of the Archangel

Two archangels unearth their past and learn that destiny has made them protector of humanity, but dark forces have dwelled longer than man has lived and seek to destroy all that exists.


1. Chapter: 1

The archangel landed on the ground of the graveyard, the two sets of wings folding back into his back.

      "This is an unexpected surprise," said a female from within the shadows.

     "Be glad I know you, or you would be falling to the ground right now."

     "Morbid as usual."

     "What do you expect from a universal archangel that has been in war with evil since he was eight?" said the archangel.

     "Why are you here Kent?" asked the female.

     "Rose, I need to speak to you, in private," said Kent.

     "Could it wait? I was going to go hunting," Rose said.

     "It's vital," Kent said and grabbed Rose's arm.

     "Hey, what are you doing?" Rose asked.

     "Just let me show you the vision," Kent said and his eyes glowed white...


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