Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.


2. Pronunciation guide to characters and names.

Pronunciation guide to characters and names.


Pronunciation of the below vowels.

A as in Father
E as in Echo
EE as in Cheese
EI as the a in Cake when pronounced with an American accent, or the ey sound in Spanish, or ei in Italian. 
I as in India
O as in Oscar
OO as in Moon
AE as Hay in the Australian pronunciation, or like ay in Spanish, or ai in Italian. Although note that Rajki, or my name, can be pronounced RAE-KI with the AE following the above rule, or as RYE-KI, the rye part reading as it would in standard English. 
Please also note the the pronunciation of Jhasmin is the same as English Jasmine with the a being like the a in fantasy instead of like in father.



Kajtia Xiz'injhürek  KAY-TI-A SHIZ-IN-JOO-REK
Kes En'jusek KES EN-YOO-SEK
Kixi Rajki  KIXI RAE-KI
Lüna Wan LOONA WAN (Wan pronounced like the number 'One')
Mako Jhasmin Zaneca  MAY-KO JASMIN ZAN-E-KA
Zhann Alliance  ZZ-HAN
Züncålazin  ZOON-KEI-LA-ZIN

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