Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.


9. Interlude: Kes En'jusek.

Interlude: Kes En'jusek.


She walked. Cicadas were immediately silenced and ceased all movement. Birds stopped in their singing and immediately took flight. Squirrels scattered away in droves. No mosquitos drew blood from her, nor did they seem to be anywhere near her. That was Kes En'jusek. Enigmatic. Silent. Sneezing. *achoo* She stopped, rubbed her nose, blinked, and gazed at no one or nothing in particular.

The beautiful looking assassin, who'd become nicknamed, 'Death Incarnate' by many, myself included, sat on the slightly damp grass, ignoring the feeling as it spread to her jeans, and allowed the sound of the nearby water to soothe her. Lately she'd been feeling a little strange. Well, stranger than normal. As if she was waiting for something, which made no sense at all, because most of her life's purposes had been attained... Well most of them. There was just another, thus the reason she had returned back to Earth after so, so long.

She'd had no choice, and now, well now, that anticipation was building again. The way it had done during the so called wars against Skycom Corporation. Ha! As if it had ever gotten that far. No, they'd simply trotted her out and used her to do a lot of their dirty work. And oh! Wasn't she paying for that now. Well... at least in the psychological sense.

She pushed her bitter thoughts away. They would do her no good. She felt something warm against her chest and realised her favourite killing tool, her strangling cord was still there, and was calling to her. Without further thought, she began to think, the gentle afternoon sun warming her as she shut her eyes and entered into a deep pensive state.



~Kay Blade~


She hated me.

Everything about me.

I was clever, formidable, well organised, yet in her eyes she was better, having bested me in a number of one on one combative situations over the years.

Yet I was still alive, thriving, having led a successful revolution against the tyranny and war machine that was Skycom Corporation.

But it wasn't her Skycom Corporation. Nor was she a loyal part of it. In fact she didn't admire the powerful Corporation's eventual leader Kristy Langley no better than she did me. Yet they shared a common interest, a purpose, one that ultimately clashed with mine, and that of the overall interest of the good of the people, thus the birth of our bitter rivalry and hatred.

I paraded around with my partner. It was clear to her and the others who liked or hated me, that eM Blade was more than just a side kick. We were lovers. She hated me so much that she would hurt me by bringing harm to my eM Blade – and she had.

Arrogance radiated off of me. I was excellent at what I did or set off to do. Credit for that she gave me. However she didn't think I'd ever assimilated the importance of modesty. She had murdered plenty of people, some for a bounty, some over hated, and some merely for fun. Killing eM Blade slowly and making me watch would be fun for her. Killing me afterwards would satisfy her lust of hatred.

She needed no bounty. If she knew anything was certain, it was that she hated me, Kay Blade, that as well as my sweet beautiful eM Blade. And that was putting it lightly.



~Mako Jhasmin Zaneca~


She hated her.

Everything about her.

How she pretended to be such a perfect president in the five years she had served. Innocent goody two-shoes, how, behind that mane of fiery black hair, there was a pair of devil horns, that she apparently reserved for those her opposed her pretentious ways. How she had the eyes of a bush baby that just added to that sweet, I'm adorable façade.

Everyone just loved little Mako Jhasmin when she was seemingly in power. No doubt a puppet, in reality useless, just like Kay Blade and those of the Zhann Alliance that made it possible for the inferior likes of Mako Jhasmin to rise to power, and oust the likes of those at Skycom Corporation and assassins such as herself, away from the United Systems of Sol. The people thought that through Kay Blade's Zhann Alliance that the USS was a force to be reckoned with. But, oh were they blind.

Yet as for me, Kixi Rajki her lover, she thought of me as nothing more than a weak show pony. Former race driver, one time F-Zero System Champion, and a former First Lady to that useless president Mako Jhasmin, she actually found me attractive. She had saved me once, after I had been kidnapped by anti Skycom Corporation rebels, who had thought I had been a Skycom Corporation sympathiser, turned out those rebels clearly had no idea I was also Kay Blade, and all died when she had come in to rescue me, sent by none other than Kristy Langley, the then head of Skycom's security agency known as Skysec.

She hated my wife. It was a fact. The former president Mako Jhasmin Zaneca had to die. She had thought me dumb and stupid, weak and fragile, yet she found herself attracted to me. Oh yeah, the irony of it all...

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