Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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3016 - KnM Blade: Part 2 (Published 2019-01-03)
3016/17 - KnM Blade: Part 3 (Available by mid to later part of 2020)
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15. Interlude: Kes En'jusek - The Assassin Awakens.

Interlude: Kes En'jusek - The Assassin Awakens.


Some twenty-seven years prior to the present-day...


Kesandra Tameika En'jusek's feet hurt. Her calves ached. Her thighs burned with every step. Yet somehow she ignored the pain and pushed herself to go on.

She'd been walking ever since she'd ran away from her home in Bestin City. Determined to never return there again, as she moved away from the city, it's confines had long disappeared over the horizon.

Her mission was clear. Find a way to reach Lüna Wan; A large thriving city situated on Earth's only natural satellite. To do that however, she had to find a ship to get her off Bestin— and she had to do it without alerting anyone in authority. Normally the standard interstellar journey to Alpha Centauri's closet neighbour, the Sol System, was fairly straightforward. A would be traveller would go through to their local spaceport hub that linked to the nearest starport. Pre the advent of the fully commercialised hyperdrive era in 3021, this, had at most, been the norm for the common civilian vessel when venturing from one star system to another.

The sole obstacle that lay beyond that for anyone not travelling with the appropriate documentation, was the indefinite prospect in having to pass through strict customs and border control that were inevitably unavoidable. Lüna Wan was located at the core of USS and Skycom Corporation controlled territory. Unavoidably that meant that all subjects moving to and from those borders, would be subject to a rigorous screening process.

As far as things went for a little girl who had ran away from home, had no family or guardians at the intended destination, and would have very much boarded a transport illegally without any of the appropriate travel documents, having to present herself to customs and border control just wasn't going to cut it. It wouldn't be a question of if, but rather a question of when. Once identified as an illegal stowaway, she would almost certainly be traced back to her mother on Bestin City. USS border security would then waste little or no time in alerting Bestin's local Bestin Consortium, as well as the Sajnen Confederate authorities, resulting in her immediate deportation.

Finding a ship that could sneak her through and bypass customs was possible from outside of the city. But that meant finding other people, and Kesandra had no idea where any other people might be, so she had simply chosen a random direction and started walking.

She was too small to pilot a swoop that had belonged to her mother's neighbour, that, she could have stolen, knew how to steal, and ultimately would have stolen. At first that hadn't mattered. She thought that she would encounter somebody with a capable transport soon enough.

There were always transports of the sort scavenging across the thinly populated outlands. That fact ran especially true through the war torn areas from a resent dispute between Gencore Corporation; an ally to the Sajnen Confederate, and a rival corp, the Gexin Combine. The local Bestin Consortium rulers had cared little of the consequences of the fallout of the battle that had wildly ravaged across its own sovereignty, instead choosing to benefit from the profits of war. Turning a blind eye, the more powerful but yet volatile Sajnen Confederate, cared little of the barren world's interests, considering Bestin nothing more than an expendable insignificant backwater world.

For Kesandra, things didn't quite turn out as she'd hoped they would— they rarely ever did.

Fatigue had set in quickly. She had felt her pace slowing as her strength ebbed. Now she'd been reduced to a tired little girl plodding across the desolate Bestin landscape. Yet she refused to surrender to despair, instead focusing all her energy on putting one foot in front of the other. It was impossible to say how long she continued her forced march— how many hours or kilometres she endured, before she was rewarded with what she sought. The sight of a shuttle in the distance.

Hope gave new life to her weary limbs, and she managed a clumsy, limping run toward the vessel. She could see people milling about the craft; a young woman, an older man, and two teenagers— a boy and a girl. As she drew nearer the woman noticed her and called out to one of her companions. "Thomas! Tell the kids we've found someone who needs help."

Minutes later Kesandra found herself inside the vessel's cargo hold, sitting on a supply chest while wolfing down nutrition bars from a ration kit and chasing them with a warm cup of hot chocolate. One of the teenagers, the boy, had thrown a thick blanket over her shoulders, and the entire crew was now hovering protectively around her.

"I've never seen someone so small eat so much," the woman said with a laugh.

She didn't look like she'd come from Bestin originally. She had fair skin and short black hair, and she wore a bulky padded vest under her jacket. There was also a blaster pistol strapped to her hip, making Kesandra fairly certain she was of the military type; most probably from the Confederate or Gencore Corporation.

However, there was something about the woman that Kesandra couldn't quite grasp. She found her appealing to look at; while at the same time sexually alluring— Not withstanding the fact that she didn't quite properly understand the latter as yet.

From what she remembered being taught in the limited amount of schooling she had received, she was certain that it had to do with when a boy and a girl liked each other, giving rise to their hormone levels. In fact she was confident that, those were the emotions that were uncontrollably running through her; turning her on— except one obvious element stood largely out of place. A woman which she found tantalising irresistible had captivated her— Confused she tried to shrug it off.

"What did you expect, Irtanah?" the older man said. In contrast to the woman, he looked like he was probably a native of Bestin's thinly populated outlands. He had broad shoulders, leathery skin, and a short brown beard. "The poor thing's nothing but skin and bones. When was the last time you had a decent meal, girl?"

Kesandra shook her head. "I don't know," she said around a mouthful of food.

She'd only accepted their offer of a meal out of politeness. Ever since she had ran away from her mother from Bestin's largest settlement, Bestin City, and arrived at this desolate world's outlands, she'd been living on roots and berries, her body constantly on the edges of starvation. She'd been doing it for so long that she'd gotten used to the pangs of a perpetually empty stomach, adapting to the point that she was barely aware of her hunger. But the moment that first bite of real food hit her tongue, she remembered her appetite, and now her body was determined to make up for days of poor nutrition.

"Where are your parents?" the woman called Irtanah asked.

"They're dead," Kesandra answered— lying, after a moment's hesitation, setting down what remained of the ration kit. The food was delicious; the simple physical pleasure of eating was a glorious sensation. But she couldn't allow herself to be distracted by it right now. She had to be very careful with what she told these people, not wanting to risk being sent back to the city.

The man crouched beside her, bringing himself down to her eye level. When he spoke, his voice was soft and sympathetic. "Any other family? Brothers or sisters? Anyone?"

She answered with another shake of her head.

"A war orphan," Irtanah muttered sadly. "My name's Thomas," the man told her, "This is Irtanah, and these are my kids Ric and Jacinta. What's your name?"

Unwilling to reveal her full name, she hesitated for a second, "I'm... Kes," she finally offered, giving them a shortened version of her name.

"Kes? That's a funny name. Never heard one like that before," the older teen, the boy, Ric said. He looked to be about sixteen.

“There are lots of names you've never heard," Thomas chided his son sharply. Then, in a softer voice, he asked Kesandra, "Are you hurt, Kes? Or sick? We have medicine if you need it.”

“I'm okay. I was just hungry.”

"Should we take her with us?" Irtanah asked.

Thomas kept his eyes on Kesandra as he replied, "Why don't we ask her. Kes, do you want to come with us?"

"I have to go to Lüna Wan," Kesandra replied without thinking. As soon as the words were out of her mouth she regretted them.

“Lüna Wan? That's in another star system controlled by bad people, Ric chimed in. "You must be pretty stupid if you want to go there.”

“Hush, boy" Thomas snapped. "You've never been off Bestin, so how would you know?”

“I heard people talking," Ric replied. "Around the camps and stuff. I'm only a kid but I'm not stupid. I heard things like Skycom who are from Lüna Wan, were giving weapons to the Gexin Combine to fund their war against our friends, Gencore.”

“You can't believe every tale you hear around a campfire," his father reminded him. "Now take your sister and go wait up in the front of the ship.”

"Come on," Ric grumbled, grabbing his younger sibling by the arm.

“That's not fair!" Jacinta protested as she was led away. "I didn't do nothing!”

“Why do you want to go to Lüna Wan?" Irtanah asked once the kids were gone. "It can be a dangerous place if you don't live in the more expensive districts. You don't look like you're from a wealthy family, so it's not the kind of place for a little girl on her own.”

“I won't be on my own. I... I have family there," Kesandra lied. "I just need to find them.”

Thomas rubbed his hand over his chin, tugging slightly at his beard. "Because of where Lüna Wan is, for folks like us, it might be pretty hard for us to find them at a place like that," he said. "Is there someone else we could contact for you? A family friend on Bestin City, maybe?"

"I have to go to Lüna Wan," Kesandra insisted.

"I see" the man said, then he stood up and turned to Irtanah. "Our young guest seems mighty determined to get off this world."

“We can't take you to Lüna Wan," Irtanah said, "but we can take you with us when we leave Beatin. I'm sorry. I'm not sure how much you understand of the current political turmoil, but given you have been effected by the resent disputes here, even at such a young age you must have some idea. Lüna Wan is deep inside the core of both the Drex controlled USS government and Skycom Corporation territory. We would need visas to go there and none of us, you included have any.”

"Take me where?" Kesandra asked, suspicious.

“Gencore Corporation have a small fleet of ships orbiting the planet, Kes. We are with them so you'll be safe up there. We'll find someone to get you cleaned up and look after you.”

"I can look after myself," she answered defiantly.

“Yes, I can see that," Thomas interjected. "But I bet it's lonely being all by yourself.”

When Kesandra didn't answer he continued, "Tell you what— it's getting dark outside. Why don't we take you with us up to the Gencore fleet for now? Then tomorrow we can figure out what to do next."

“If you still want to go to Lüna Wan, we'll see if we can help. But if you change your mind, maybe you could stay here on Bestin with me and my kids for a while. At least until we find your family.”

Kesandra's mouth dropped open at his offer. Thomas reached down and patted her gently on the shoulder. "It's okay," he said. "You don't have to answer right now. Just something to think about."

Managing a slight nod, Kesandra resumed eating her meal, her mind still reeling.

"I'll go get us ready for takeoff" Irtanah said as she left, heading up toward the front of the vessel.

Thomas grunted his agreement, then spoke to Kesandra once more. "I have to go up front to help Irtanah. You just stay back here and finish eating, okay?"

Kesandra nodded again. There was something comforting about the way Thomas spoke to her. He made her feel safe and important at the same time. She watched him disappear through the door separating the supply hold from the cockpit. "You just holler if you need anything," Thomas' voice called back to her.

A minute later the engines roared to life and the shuttle lifted up into the air, but Kesandra barely noticed. Her brain was overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. Part of her was silently screaming that she couldn't just sit there, and that she had to do something now. She couldn't let them take her back to Gencore Corporation's fleet. There were too many people there with friendly connections to the Bestin Consortium and the Sajnen Confederate. They were bound to find out who she was and return her back to her mother. She hated her mother. She never wanted to go back, nor wanted to see her again.

Yet another part of her wanted to go back to Gencore's fleet. The harsh underworld life on a strange foreign city light years away from her home, with all certainty was no place for a little girl like her. Her secret contact at Lüna Wan had warned that life as an assassin was no glamour— in fact it was the exact opposite. She would have a zero social life and no personal life— not that it really mattered much she thought to herself; nobody including her mother loved her and she had no friends. It would be a struggle no different to now, and she was tired of struggling. They hadn't even arranged for a transport to take her to them, but rather preferred to test the young girl's wits by making her find her own way there as a test to see if she were really worthy enough. Thomas, on the other hand, had offered her his home; he'd offered to let her be part of his family. What would be so wrong about simply accepting his offer? She would have the thing in her life that she missed most— love— friends. Was the life of an assassin what she really wanted?

Before she could come up with an answer she heard a noise, and looked up to see Jacinta, the younger of Thomas' two kids, coming in from the cockpit to talk to her. She guessed she was somewhere around thirteen— only a few years older than she was.

"Dad says you don't have any family," she said by way of greeting.

Kesandra didn't know what to say, so she only nodded.

“Did they die in the recent battle?" Jacinta asked. "Did mercenaries kill them?”

She shrugged, unwilling to elaborate in case she inadvertently gave away some detail that would expose her facade.

“My mother was a soldier on the side of Gencore Corporation," Jacinta told her. "She was very brave. She went to fight against the Gexin Combine before they came fighting here again on Bestin.”

"What happened to her?" She only asked the question because it was expected and it would have seemed odd if she hadn't. She didn't want to do anything to draw unwanted attention to herself.

“She along with the whole crew died when her cruiser was ambushed by Gexin insurgents. She put up a brave fight but was killed by them. Dad says—”

“Jacinta!" Came Thomas' voice from the cockpit. "Get back up here. Let Kes have some peace and quiet.”

The girl gave her a shy smile, then turned and left her alone again with her thoughts. Thanks to her words, however, she'd made her decision.

Thomas had offered to take her in. He'd offered to make her part of his family. He was tempting her with a simple but happy life. But his words offered nothing except empty promises.

What good were family or friends if you didn't have the strength to protect them? Thomas had lost his wife, and Ric and Jacinta had lost their mother. When the Gexin insurgents came they'd been powerless to save the one they most loved.

Kesandra knew what it was like to feel powerless. She was a burden on her mother who had despised her, her father was an unknown mystery which her mother had never wished to discuss, and her peers saw her as nothing more than a freak. She knew what it was like to have the things she valued above all else taken from her. And she had vowed to never let it happen again.

Thomas and his family were victims— slaves bound by the chains of their own weakness. Kesandra refused to be a victim any longer. As an assassin she would fully accept the life of solitude, and by taking the lives of others, would unleash the power from within, freeing herself from the shackles of the world.

The realisation of what she was— the acceptance of her destiny— spurred Kesandra into action. She began to rummage through the supply crates in the cargo hold, looking for something she could use to stop the shuttle and her crew from bringing her to the Gencore Corporation fleet.

She found what she was looking for just as Ric entered the hold, catching her red-handed.

“Dad wanted me to see if you— Hey! What do you think you're doing?”

Kesandra wrapped her hand around the grip of the blaster a split second before Ric crashed into her, tackling her to the ground.

"You thieving little urchin!" the boy swore at her, trying to pin her to the ground and pull the weapon from her hand. He outweighed Kesandra by thirty kilos, but she fought with a savage desperation that kept him from getting a firm grip on her as they wrestled on the floor.

Drawn by the sounds of their struggle, Thomas came running into the room. "What the blazes is going on here!" he shouted.

In that exact instant the blaster discharged. It was impossible to say whose finger had been on the trigger; Ric and Kesandra were each clutching at the pistol with both hands in their efforts to wrest possession of it from the other. But through ill luck or dark fate, when the bolt was fired the barrel of the weapon was pointed squarely at Ric. The impact left a gaping wound in the centre of his chest, killing him instantly.

The young man's hands went limp and fell away from the blaster. His body toppled forward, pinning Kesandra's legs beneath its weight. Across the room Thomas' eyes flew wide in horror. With a scream of anguish he lunged forward to help his son.

Seeing the father of the boy she had just killed rushing toward her, Kesandra acted on instinct and fired the weapon again. The bolt caught Thomas just above the belt, cutting off his cry and knocking him to his knees. He let out a low grunt of pain as he clutched at the smoking hole in his gut, then reached a bloody hand out toward Kesandra. She cried out in fear and disgust and fired again, ending Thomas' life.

"Thomas!" Irtanah's voice came over the shipboard intercom. "I heard blaster fire! What's happening back there?"

Moving quickly, Kesandra squirmed out from under Ric's corpse and ran up to the cockpit. She arrived to find Jacinta still harnassed into her passenger's seat, trying to turn around to see what was going on. Irtanah was just rising from her chair to go help Thomas. She'd had to engage the autopilot before she could leave her seat, and the delay had given Kesandra the precious seconds she'd need to gain the upper hand.

"Sit back down and don't move!" Kesandra shouted, pointing the blaster at Irtanah. Her voice sounded thin and hollow in the tight confines of the cockpit— the voice of a panicky child.

Irtanah hesitated, then obeyed.

"What happened?" the woman asked, her tone carefully neutral. "Is anybody hurt?"

"Plot a course for Earth's moon in the Sol System," Kesandra ordered, refusing to answer the question. She could barely hear herself speak above the deafening thump of her racing heart.

"Okay," Irtanah said slowly, reaching up to punch the coordinates into the ship's command console. "I'll do what you want. I've plotted a course that will take us out of the system. From there the warp drives will jump the ship towards Sol. Just stay calm." The ship's autonav chimed to acknowledge the new destination, and the woman half turned in her seat so she could look the young girl holding her hostage square in the eye. "Kes, put the blaster down." There was a cool self assurance in her words, and a grim determination on her face.

“I'm not Kes," the girl retorted through clenched teeth. "My name is Kesandra Tameika!”

"Whoever you are," Irtanah said, standing up slowly, "you're going to give me that blaster."

"Don't move or I'll shoot!" Kesandra warned, her voice rising shrilly. How can she be so calm? she thought, even as she struggled to slow her own breathing down. She was the one with the blaster, but somehow she felt like she was losing control of the situation.

“No," the young woman replied calmly, taking a single step toward her. "You won't shoot me. You're not a killer.”

The image of Thomas and his son lying lifeless in the cargo hold flashed through Kesandra's mind.

"Yes, I am" she whispered as she pulled the trigger.

Irtanah managed a faint gasp of surprise, then collapsed to the ground— a quick and clean death. Kesandra waited a second to confirm she was gone, then turned to point the blaster at Jacinta. She had watched the encounter unfold as if paralysed, not even bothering to undo the buckle of her safety harness.

"Don't kill me!" She begged, squirming beneath the chair's restraints. Kesandra could actually sense the fear emanating from her. In that moment, she felt the evil from within her flare to life, responding to the plight of her victim, feeding itself on her terror. It flowed through her like a wave of liquid fire, burning away her guilt and uncertainty and strengthening her resolve. Kesandra's mind was filled with a great and sudden realisation. Fear and pain were an inevitable part of existence. And it was far better to inflict them on others than to suffer them herself.

"Shut you're useless mouth before I permanently shut it for you." Kesandra snapped, bending down to Irtanah's lifeless body while still keeping the blaster's barrel firmly trained at the teenage girl's chest.

Even now, as nothing more than a dead sack of meat, Irtanah's almost perfectly shaped body was making her very horny. She felt excited, aroused sexually— yet comprehending it all was far beyond her reach— but she yearned to understand.

Irtanah's dark coloured eyes were glazed over and lifeless. They appeared to be nothing more than icy, coloured marbles. Only minutes earlier they were alive and conscious— and now, they were stuck in their path, empty, unseeing eyes staring infinitely into the distance, doomed to stare pointlessly forward, forever looking at nothing for all eternity. She died with her eyes open, that Kesandra had made sure of when she had shot her. She felt a sense of commanding power, taking away what was most precious from Irtanah— her life, and furthermore, now she could do whatever she pleased with her lifeless body; as if it now belonged to her.

Kesandra moved her free hand over Irtanah's chest, slithering her hand over her open vest and fiddled with her shirt until she managed to undo it. Slowly and with little effort or strain, she manoeuvred her small hand and arm from Irtanah's chest. She felt goosebumps as her breathing subsequently got slower and deeper upon making physical contact with the deceased still warm skin.

She almost effortlessly snaked her arm under her body and after a few more seconds of twiddling, released the dead woman's bra, exposing her round voluptuous boobs, that went perfectly with her curvacious figure. All she wanted to do was touch them and squeeze them, and now she could without anyone stopping her. She wanted to feel them in her hand. She continued to breath, slow deep breaths, placing her hand on one of her boobs.

A torrent of emotions rushed her as she felt the breast and nipple— Irtanah's nipples felt hard in contrast to the rest of her boob. She had no words to describe her subliminal feeling. Touching Irtanah's boobs, she felt so powerful that her mind went numb, that she craved for her more than anything in the universe; almost forgetting she had a blaster in her other handed pointed at Jacinta.

It was the first time she had lay a hand on boobs other than her own. But Irtanah's were different. They were not just girl’s boobs like her own, but boobs of a full grown woman. She was amazed by how soft they still felt on an adult long past her adolescence— and those things really felt on another level having touched those of another person, even if dead.

She had pressed them hard, but they felt so amazing in her hand that she had gone gentle on them. It wasn't quite the same when touching her own— yet. The softness of Irtanah's adult breasts, the firmness of her nipples, the smoothness of her skin— it drove her completely crazy. Irtanah's form resembled perfectly the woman she would become— and mentally felt like already.

She wanted to do more, would do more as her hand moved around in rhythm over Irtanah's breasts and fantasised...

She wanted to press them and lick them— something clearly not possible to do on her own boobs. She wanted to go really slow with her touches, focusing her attention on pleasing herself.

She wanted to go beyond just playing with Irtanah's boobs. She wanted to kiss her cheeks, her neck, her nape, her hands, while caressing her thighs and hips with her hands after she had stripped her fully. And then there was her pussy, she couldn't even begin to fathom what wonders awaited her there.

The feel of another woman felt irresistibly sensational— alluring in every sense. Next time with proper planning, she would stun or incapacitate her next victim before killing them. There was so much she could do with a nice body like Irtanah's, even more if it were still alive.

The trip to the Sol System would take some time. Kesandra would no doubt further experiment with Irtanah's body later... she excitedly contemplated the thought, as her attention returned back to Jacinta and the blaster she had pointed at her chest.

"Please don't shoot," Jacinta whimpered, making one last plea for her life, shocked at how she had not only played witnessed at Kesandra murdering Irtanah in cold blood, but also sexually entice herself with her body. "I'm just a kid. Like you."

"From today onwards, I am now the assassin Kes En'jusek. I'm not a kid, but a grown up." Kesandra declared as she pulled the trigger. "You sadly will never be."

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