Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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3016 - KnM Blade: Part 2 (Published 2019-01-03)
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19. Interlude: Kes En'jusek - Hate makes the world go round.

Interlude: Kes En'jusek - Hate makes the world go round.





In one's lifetime, it's bound to happen that one will meet many a person. Although it will not necessarily mean that one will like them all. I personally categorise people by three types. The first are the people that one likes the most, the second are those that one doesn't really like, and the third, are the people who have absolutely no influence on one's life. Naturally, we can’t be friendly or distasteful to all the people we meet. Of course, there are always some good reasons behind as to why we like or hate a certain person.

In my personal opinion, it is very awkward to hate a person solely on the basis of their physical appearance or things at which they have no control. For example: their face, colour, height, race, religion etc. However, there are many other good reasons to hate a person or group of people.

Hatred is a very strong word, and as a human being I don’t feel good about hating someone merely because I don't like him or her very much. I can only hate a person who bears qualities that I strongly oppose, qualities such as lying, back biting, bootlickering, hypocrisy, corruption, racism, killing and human trafficking. I hate those who have entrusted some key position in the government and failed to discharge their liabilities. I hated the Drex Government, and its double standards— the very same might that the Zhann Alliance that I had lead had overthrown.

Yet in general, we should try to avoid hating someone on personal grounds, because it might nurture some bad thoughts in our soul, which will have a very negative impact on our own lives. That is, though, unless you're Kes En'jusek. Ruthless and relentless, unforgiving and merciless, hateful to everyone and everything— that is what drives her, what gives her reason to breathe. Extinguishing the random lives of others, is fuel for her very own motivation to live— but, then there are the people she simply hates, not random people, but specific people. 

Amongst the many type of people that she hates the most, are those that in her view are hypocrite leaders— those who promise good things but don't follow through with them. Those people are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their thoughts have the power of brainwashing the naïve ones. Those chatterer people are normally very fond of preaching moral and good behaviour, but never try to follow it on their own. As far as these type of people are concerned, or so much is the case in the warped mind of Kes En'jusek, the former president of the post Drex era reformed USS— Mako Jhasmin Zeneca, is one such person.



Enter the holodeck...


The holodeck— there, in a gym sized room, a recreation or simulation of any world, real or fiction was possible, as well as the creation of, the unrestrictive real life like interaction of any character, making it the unparalleled and ultimate experience when it came to down right virtual reality. 

This technological marvel was possible by the means of matter conversion subsystems creating physical props using replicators. Replicated props were generally created when an object was likely to be touched by the participant or participants of the VR simulation. Some props were animated under computer control by precision guided tractor beams.

From there, holographic imagery subsystems created three-dimensional images of simulated environments. Shaped forcebeams gave physical substance to foreground objects so they could have the illusion of being solid.

Lastly, substrate forcefields created treadmill like effects, permitting any participant to remain stationary while the simulated environment scrolled by within the limits of the simulation program.

In general, a participant saw through the images as they would with all holodeck images. No heartbeats, no heat generation, no pulse. The fabulous science here tried very hard to make those beings appear real, but Kes En'jusek had found a way to push the computer's programming a step further, and have it simulate heartbeats, heat generation and a pulse for her characters.

The holodeck was a significant place for the beautiful assassin, allowing for her to experience the thrill of killing those she hated most, those that she so much desired to silence but were not within reach, love the people she wanted to make hers— but, in the end, nothing in the holodeck could ever have succeeded in fooling her, despite it drawing her into the scenario.

But it had happened many times before. She had come into this place where everything looked real, allowed herself to be caught up in the people she met and the things she saw. Indulging herself in her desires, repeating the thrill over and over and then finally realising her wishes in the reality of the real world. Sooner or later, as far as she was concerned, the ultimate fate that would await Mako Jhasmin Zeneca, would be no different to that of the many others before her.



​Several months earlier, at Kes' home in a star system light years from the Sol System, and outside Zhann Alliance control.


Kes hissed and then snarled, allowing her hate to passionately flow through her. "Computer, I need to warm up my hands. Give me the former and first president of the post Drex USS era."

Immediately materialising before the assassin was the form of Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, standing before her in all her elegance and beauty. Promptly and without hesitation, Kes' hands reached out and slid down to Mako's throat that at once begin to tighten. The holodeck's computer had created the perfect simulation of my wife. The Mako in Kes' virtual reality world felt, smelt and breathed no differently to the real Mako, making it the perfect tool short of actually really killing her.

Within the confines of Kes' twisted holodeck program, there would be no escape and no way out for Mako. Yet she resisted. Indifferently to how the real Mako would have reacted, she had to get away. As each second passed, slowly the panic grew as she tried to force Kes' hands away. Mako had to breathe. The ache in her chest grew worse by the moment as she writhed under Kes' grasp. Kes ignored her gasps and scraping nails that were furiously scratching at the hands that were squeezing her neck. Slowly the world started to spin, to fade, as each sound grew dull. Kes' eyes were full of evil— the hate that fuelled her, drove her, finally gave her a momentary sense of satisfaction when Mako let out a gasp, before her eyes closed as a world of black rushed over Mako pulling her down, and her body went limp in Kes hands. 

But Kes was only warming up...

"Computer, reset AI of Mako Jhasmin Zeneca." Kes growled out as the already dead Mako Jhasmin vanished from her grip, and a new Mako Jhasmin materialised before her. 

As Kes' hands slid around Mako's throat, her eyes widened in surprise. Kes tightened her grip as Mako started to scrabble to get ahold of any leverage she could to pry Kes' hands from her throat. Kes could feel Mako's pulse drumming as if she were a frightened rabbit, and the thrill felt good. Kes laughed maniacally aloud as Mako choked and sputtered. Mako was deprived of oxygen for several long, excruciating minutes before her eyelids slowly closed. Kes didn't release her python like grip immediately though, for she knew Mako was merely unconcious, not dead. Once she felt Mako's heartbeat sputter to a halt, she tossed her aside and drew a deep breath to calm herself, before she had to figure out how else she could indulge herself with Mako's already deceased body.

Immediately, Kes gazed down at Mako's eyes. They appeared to be nothing more than icy, coloured marbles. Seconds earlier they were full of life, now, they were glazed over and forever lifeless. The holodeck's computer had perfectly simulated Mako's passing where at the moment of death, her skin had changed a pale white, her life force fully drained and departed. Even in the dark, Kes could see her like a shining beacon. The white creamy tone of Mako's skin reminding her of whipped milk as moonlight shone through the window and on to her. 

It would be sometime until rigor mortis, thus upon Kes lifting up one of Mako's hands, the touch felt a soothing cold and limp rather than stiff. In a slow wave like action of her own hand, Kes gently rubbed the outside and inside of her hand across Mako's arm, the icy like contact of warm flesh touching cold flesh sent shivers through her, but at the same time she liked the sensation. Gleaming on Mako's fourth finger, were her engagement and wedding bands. 

"Those should be mine!" Kes snarled in disgust, not hesitating to remove them from the deceased. Almost instantly she pecked Mako's hand, and gently rested it over her motionless stomach area and slid the rings on her own finger.

"Now that's a lot better, don't you think?" Kes asked spitefully, knowing that she would get no response. Kes then lifted up her own hand and inspected the beauty of Mako's bands on her own hand and couldn't help but wonder if and when she eventually did slay the real Mako, that when she were to reach out, would she only graze air— as if she were nothing but a ghost? She'd killed so many, yet no differently to anyone else, that would be a question that she'd never really understand the answer to.

“Was that satisfying enough, Ms. En’jusek?” Suddenly, the holodeck computer asked with complete control.

“It was fabulous but, well, not quite enough. Now, about Mako Jhasmin and her relationship with Kixi Rajki.”

“I want you to be patient, Ms. En’jusek. We’ll get to the subject of Kixi in a moment,” the computer said in a patronising voice shaped by far too many advanced degrees. “There are some background questions I need to ask to input the correct parameters regarding Kixi because unlike Mako and the countless other characters I've simulated for you, you actually like Kixi rather than hate her. I’m sure you want me to have you be with Kixi rather than kill her, don’t you?”

“Yes but do not continue to talk to me in that unbearably supercilious tone, Computer, as though I were some gaudy chimp you’re trying to teach to type. Now begin simulating the next scenario!”

And in the next instance, a new scenery materialised before the assassin and began playing out.

Now, Kes loathsomely observed Mako and I giggling, and trading affectionate kisses and tender touching.

I grabbed for her hand and we made our way towards Kes. Kes quickly hid her face in her still open locker. She heard us walk right by her without so much as a second glance. Kes hadn't known that she was holding her breath until she let out an exasperated sigh.

Kes gave me a faint smile, just to let her know that she wasn't totally in the dumps, and said, "Yeah, I know."

Glancing up from beneath her bangs, Kes' mouth ran dry and her hands were sweating. She made direct eye contact with me.

"Oh... uh... hi."

"Sensei said that I should work with you," is what I told Kes. I sounded annoyed and unlike me, Mako hadn't even bothered to stop to say hello.

"Um… okay." Kes was stammering and had no idea why, but it was probably because we were standing less than half a metre apart, and it was the first time since we were not actually in the dojo training that I even looked at Kes, let alone speak to her.

"So what do we have to do?" I asked, snapping Kes out of her stupor.

Kes gave me a quick run through of the techniques and weapons kata we needed to know for the next dan grading, and I soon got to work making notes. The air around us seemed to have gotten warmer and it felt as if suddenly Kes couldn't breathe again. Why hadn't I said anything else to her? Why weren't we talking about what happened during those last few weeks of summer when the dojo was closed? Why was I ignoring her?

When Kes couldn't bear the silence any longer, she decided to speak first. "You almost done yet?"

I ducked a thick lock of hair behind my right ear, and Kes could clearly see my cute earrings. "Yeah, I guess."

Kes ran through some of the names of the more complex moves I did and most of them were wrong, but that wasn't something she couldn't work out before we all left since we weren't leaving just yet. I however, took the opportunity to whip out my comm device and silently send a message.

Kes stared at me in dismay. It was as if my mind had been wiped totally clean of the events that took place just a few weeks earlier. The only acknowledgement that I gave her was when I walked into the change room and asked about the grading fees. Kes mentally sighed.

Several minutes later it was time to leave as we were done for the afternoon. Kes gathered her things, hoisting her green messenger bag across her body, and made her exit. She ventured into the hovercar park and approached her vehicle and unlocked the door. Tossing her bag into the passenger's seat she slumped in behind the controls, resting her hands and head on the plastic covered controls.

Kes took in a few deep calming breaths, before wiping the sweat from her head and running her hands across her face. Across the parking area she could see me giggling, and jumping into the side of Mako's hovercar and giving her a tender peck on the cheek.

"That's it, that does it." Kes growled out aloud to herself as she reached a hand out into her hovercar's glovebox. "Oh how I'm literally gonna enjoy rearranging your fucking face Mako slut!" Kes continued talking to herself as she retrieved a tiny hand weapon consisting of heavy brass. She slid her fingers through into the holes of the brass knuckles getting a grip and forming a fist. With it, she would now use the weight and hardness of the brass to injure soft flesh, and effectively brutally slaughter her soon to be victim with her bare hands.

Walking straight over to Mako's hovercar, Kes ignored me in the front passenger side and went straight for the driver. Taking Mako by surprise as she opened the door, Kes grabbed her by the hairs on the top of her crown and forcibly dragged her out of the vehicle. 

"Hey!" Mako yelped in excruciating pain, while as per the programming of the story being played out, I remained frozen in the passenger seat so I could helplessly be made to watch the unfolding ordeal.

Without any further ado, Kes and Mako got into a fight, although realistically it wasn't much of a fight. Kes was literally beating the crap out of Mako; one blow from her brass knuckles shattered Mako's arm in, and then another shattered her jaw and her other arm with yet another single punch.

"I fucking hate you Mako Jhasmin!" Kes said spitting in her face and then with another punch ruptured her chest. By this stage, Mako's mangled lip and obviously broken nose were caked in dried blood, congealed and cracked. The now browning blood had drizzled down her face like so much rain down a window pane.

"And now to end your vile existence!" Kes hissed unable to control her fiery emotions. Then, in a frenzied fit of rage, Kes grabbed her roughly by the shoulder and smiled as she struggled in her grip. Taking Mako's right arm, she wrapped it methodically around Mako's own throat. With the elbow tightly around her neck, Kes pushed Mako's arm in using it to squeeze at her own throat, and continued to do so until her struggles became weak and feeble. When Kes was finally satisfied, she grabbed one side of Mako's head with her hand jerking her neck upward. She pulled simultaneously down on Mako's own arm, causing Mako's own elbow to build up pressure on her neck. Then with a sickening sound, Kes heard a satisfying crack and she knew she had done the deed; Mako Jhasmin Zeneca was dead.

Mako dropped to the ground in a heap the moment Kes released her grip and let go. The woman on the floor was lifeless. Her dark hair was scattered in multiple places, stained with dried blood; crimson. Her brown-hazel eyes were wide open, but her irises held a sudden sadness. Her clothes, a pair of jeans and a short sleeved shirt were bloody. Her body was slumped over, half-sitting, half-laying on the cold concrete floor. 

In life Mako had a ready smile and knowing eyes. In death she was a ghostly pale, her lips already bluish— that very thought pleased Kes. Kes reached down and closed Mako's eyes, and although her eyes were now closed, she didn't have the appearance of sleep, as even in deep slumber, there were always tiny movements and a healthy glow to the skin. Mako's corpse, was so still on the ground, and had it been the real Mako, she would have long departed, leaving this life for whatever followed this existence. Kes kissed Mako's head lightly and stroked back her hair. Kes longed to make that a reality, craving the thoughts in her mind.

"Computer, once again reset AI, but this time play preset scenario number four." 

Kes' low rumbling laugh was without humour as she called out her command. Instead, it contained more promises of pain and torment as the holodeck's simulation of the new preset surroundings instantly materialised.

Mako paced quickly down the street, her hands shoved deeply into her pockets as her mind wandered elsewhere. The city streets were barren— only a handful of tired and desolate people appeared and disappeared around her, eager to get someplace warm as she was. She was watching the dark alleys when she heard footsteps pattering along the footpath behind her. She felt someone bump into her and move past.  

Then all of a sudden the other woman, the stranger that had bumped into her turned, reached out to grab Mako by the elbow. "Hey, lady—" Mako started as she made eye to eye contact with the other— Kes En'jusek. Then without even seeing the blade Mako felt an explosion of pain in her stomach. Time slowed to a crawl as she glanced down to see the silver blade carve its way inside her, digging deeper as a crimson blush spread across her shirt.  

Mako gagged, tasting blood in her mouth as she hit the wall and slumped down to the ground. Kes followed her down, her hand still clutching the knife, the weapon still buried in Mako's gut. Mako kicked out wildly, jarring Kes enough that she let go of the blade.  

"Fighting me is pointless Mako. You know who I am and I will kill you no matter how much you beg me for mercy," Kes said as she moved back over Mako. Kes swung, connecting with Mako's jaw. It connected with a satisfying crack, and she began to move away as Mako's strength gave up and she fell limp to the ground.

But she wasn't quite dead yet...

Mako lay motionless on the ground, the occasional spasmodic twitch of her limbs satisfying the assassin woman as she squatted down beside her victim to take hold of her hand. Dark red blood made its way out of Mako's body. It oozed between the space between Kes' fingers as she covered her wound with her other surprisingly shaky hand. 

Motionless, Mako stared directly at Kes— helplessly, just like the assassin had wanted. Mako's vision became blurrier as her shirt turned darker, and all that she could see was the scarlet blood that once flowed in her veins. Each drop of blood slowly took away the life in her, leaving her pale and weak, yet defying death. She wondered if her attacker felt the same way. But she looked different. Kes' shirt was blood stained, but her blood wasn't scarlet like Mako's. It was too dark for red, too light for maroon. Kes— Death Incarnate, kept holding onto Mako's hand, with two fingers placed firmly over her wrist, feeling her weakening pulse. When the last drop of blood carried away, the last bit of life left in Mako finally faded away, and Kes felt it fade away into oblivion with a satisfying grin.

“Computer, I want something more. I was enjoying myself but this isn't enough. In a way it feels like you don't want to see me enjoy myself, and that you can’t stand to see anyone happy!”

“On the contrary, Ms. En’jusek. I do not object at all to happiness or to whatever environment you want me to simulate for you to undertake your activities. I am after all, an intelligent machine at your disposal. I have no emotion, nor any sense of humour. I'm merely running the programs which you yourself have preloaded and designed."

“Well!” Kes cried, clenching her fists. “I need more! Something to further fuel my hate, and intensify it to the next level. I hate Mako Jhasmin! She is fucking unworthy and—" But there Kes stopped, suddenly, and although it wasn't to anyone in particular since there actually wasn't anyone physically there to begin with, she gave a look so swift and so venomous, so threatening that the words caught in her throat and she remained quiet.

Totally void of any emotion, the monotonous female voice of the holodeck's computer continued. "Very well then Ms. En’jusek, running holodeck program number fifty-four."

A new surrounding materialised before the assassin woman, giving her a realism like effect of having been instantly teleported elsewhere. Yet to Kes' surprise, the computer blocked her from making any interaction with what was about to unfold.

"Computer, why am I not allowed to interact within the simulation's parameters!" Kes furiously demanded.

"Ms. En'jusek, you specifically requested that you needed more to stimulate your hate for the character Mako Jhasmin. For me to fulfil your request in a nature that will be deemed satisfactory, it is imperative that you first watch and then when the time is right, interact." The holodeck computer calmly elaborated as silently, a completely non existent Kes watched on like a shadowy ghost at the events that began to unfold. 

In what had to be some sort of apartment, Kes watched as I nodded my head to someone she didn't quite recognise, a man, but more than likely just a made up character for the purpose of this program's storyline. She watched as I then walked up the stairs as calmly as I could. As soon as I was out of the man's view, I stormed up the stairs into what presumably was my bedroom, and plopped down into one of the beanbags. I was angry, and there I sat for a little bit, but that anger soon turned into sadness and I started to bawl into the palms of my hands.

"What is wrong with me?" I softly murmured out aloud, repeating it several times over.

I curled up into a ball as the tears dried up. "How could I do that, want that. I'm not in love with that assassin woman, I'm not in love with Kes. Those feelings are fake, I'm making them up. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not." I continued, the crack in my voice was ever so noticeable.

"What if I was. What if I, Kixi Rajki, liked Kes? Not just like her, but in love with her. In love so hard that my heart might explode out of my chest, and butterflies would pour from my stomach and out of my mouth. In love with a cold blooded assassin— but what about Mako Jhasmin." Suddenly the door burst open and Mako walked in.

"Hey Kixi, Chris said I would find you up here. Why was he saying that we had to make up— woah Kixi are you okay?" My cheeks were tear stained and my eyes all red and puffy. "Hey cupcake, what's wrong?" Mako said in a much gentler voice. And suddenly the tears started streaming down my face again. She ran over and gave me a big hug. I breathed in her scent, and it was so comforting that I started to cry even harder. I loved Mako Jhasmin, my wife. That much was apparent to Kes and it made her blood boil with hate. 

"Kixi? Do I need to beat someone up? Perhaps give your bestie Kajtia a huge wedgie? Cause you know I will."

"No Mako," I said while involuntarily sniffling, "It's just... something that I'm dealing with." Mako pulled away from the hug, her face only inches from mine. Kes observed just how much I wanted to kiss Mako, grab her by the back of her head and kiss her until my lips were sore. I looked into her eyes and slowly leaned forward, Mako moved her head forward ever so slightly. Kes knew that we wanted to lock lips too— it sickened her. I leaned forward the rest of the way, and just like that, my lips were on hers. To Kes it felt so wrong, but at the same time it felt so right to me.

I started to pull away when she came back for more, her lips crashing over mine. She pushed me back on the beanbag and pinned my arms down and kissed me over and over again like there was no tomorrow. I kissed her back and all of that, instantly making Kes' blood boil because according to how the story was panning out, that was how things were supposed to be. There was no doubt in Kes' mind that I, Kixi Rajki, beyond anyone and anything, really loved my wife, Mako Jhasmin Zeneca.

We kept kissing for the next five or so minutes. Mako was the first to pull back. We had ended up so that she was straddling my lap, both of us sitting upright.

"I, uh, don't know what I was so upset about before." I was the first to speak.

"Who cares. Something amazing just happened." Mako said. I smiled and then gave her one long last kiss. Kes who continued to observe us felt like vomiting in disgust. 

"Something amazing happens every time we kiss or make out. All I know is that out of all of the people I've ever kissed, nothing has ever felt more right."

"Well you did propose to me all those many years ago and I did become your wife." Mako said smiling.

"Yes that wonderful night in Venusville on Mars, the night of the Formula Zero gala. It was a great moment in my life. I was celebrating my first— and only Formula Zero System Championship win as well as having proposed to you. You have no idea how long I spent planning that one out."


"Ah never mind. I just wanna kiss you." I said grinning, as I pulled her into a final kiss. 

Finally Kes had had enough. Even though Kes had been seeing the events that were unfolding as if she were standing directly before us, when the holodeck's programming finally allowed for her to enter our room, it did so only by the stairs to the bedroom. Interrupted by hearing the sound of ascending footsteps, Mako quickly got off my lap and we both stood up. Kes walked into the bedroom, her upper lip curled in disdain.

"You two ladies sicken me," she started, "no— correction, you former President Zeneca, is the one that sickens me. You are a disgusting low-life showing displays of affection to another woman who rightfully should be mine. You will burn in hell for your sins."

Kes closed the bedroom door while I buried my face in a pillow and cried for the third time in the past half hour. Mako walked over and started rubbing my back. Then she pulled my head out of the pillow and kissed me. "This is how it is supposed to be." Mako pulled back looking straight into the eyes of the woman assassin growling. "I hope I don't breathe the same air as you, Kes En'jusek."  

"No!" Kes hissed back angrily. Moving away from me, Mako backed towards the wall in fear as Kes advanced towards her cautiously. Sly as a fox, Kes attempted to coax Mako out of her shell with words of encouragement. 

Mako was not convinced. Her back bumped against the shiny solid metallic wall and she stared out surprised. She blinked, and when she opened her eyes, Kes had stealthily slipped a knife out of a sheath concealed beneath her shirt. Brandishing the knife with expertise, Kes plunged it into Mako’s flesh. There was a sickening sliding sound as it penetrated Mako's thin shirt and went straight into her chest. As Mako began to cry out in agony, Kes stifled her screams with her hand, covering her mouth, while the programming of the simulation ensured that my own form just froze to stand there and watch. Mako quieted quickly. A trickle of blood slid down like a tear from the corner of her mouth. Barely clinging to life, she uttered her last words. "Why you?" She questioned in a soft whisper. Her facial expression was reminiscent of that of Caeser upon his death, and her mouth could just as well have been forming the words: "Et tu Brute?"

“No!” Kes angrily shouted out as she bent down hovering over the deceased body. Moving the tip of her thumb over and under Mako’s motionless eyes, Mako didn’t blink, nor did any muscle around her lifeless orbs twitch. 

“That was way too quick! Computer, bring back Mako Jhasmin,” Kes demanded, still shouting as she got back up onto her feat. Without failure, another Mako Jhasmin materialised before the wrathful assassin, while the dead one comprising of holomatter disappeared.

Mako Jhasmin stared Kes directly. She seemed confused this time round, not knowing whether to trust Kes. But at that very moment, the assassin woman seemed so innocent, so nonchalant. Mako couldn't decide whether to defend herself against the woman or not, and while she was still undecided it happened. 

The metal sliced through Mako's skin with little effort and dug straight in. The pain was intense and searing. Instantly, she cried out in pain and felt the effect of the knife. She grabbed at her side, trying desperately to stop the bleeding. The blood oozed through her fingers and ran down her hands. A searing burn flared up her side, consuming her in agony and making her mind go blank. Besides pain, nerves were starting to rise in her. Mako tried to grab after the assassin, but her strength seemed to be running down her side with the blood. So much blood.

Kes jerked the knife in a bit further before yanking it out suddenly— but it all seemed to happen in slow motion. After one swift movement, the knife returned to Kes' side, the tip of it visibly red, crimson blood dripped from it. Confused, the dull aching seemed to burn, spreading from Mako's chest to every particle of her body. It was like she was on fire. She again looked down at the gaping wound oozing blood, her eyes wide and fearful. Her throat seemed to tighten, making it impossible to let out any noise. She couldn't even scream. Her fingers fumbled clumsily with the cut now making her insides scream, hoping that somehow it would turn out not to be real. 

"I'm in love with Kixi. I want her and will make her mine! I will lobotomise her if need be— Kixi will then forget about your abominable existence Mako— and you? You'll be fucking dead— your memory faded into oblivion!" 

Yet Mako barely heard a word that had been said. Her vision blurred as tears lined her eyes. She felt the cold, hard flooring underneath her as she fell in a heap, slamming into the ground and shaking with shock. Her pain intensified. Her body twirled and jerked as she fell. 

Close to death, Mako lay spread eagled on the floor. "Well Mako," Kes said whispering as she lowered herself down next to Mako and retrieved her blaster. "It's time to say goodnight, permanently." 

Kes brushed away several strands of Mako's hair that was covering her temple, and gently kissed her there. Immediately after that, she firmly placed the nozzle of her weapon over the soft flesh on that part of her body. With her other hand, Kes stretched out and took a hold of Mako's wrist, where she felt her weakened pulse slowly fading away. Taking a quick glance at Mako's helpless eyes, Kes then looked up at me who as per the holodeck scenario being played out, was forced to watch without the ability to intervene. 

"You Kixi will watch as I kill your love. But don't feel bad for I'm doing you a favour. After I kill this little piece of shit here, you will be all mine." And with those words, Kes didn't hesitate to fire a blaster bolt straight through Mako's head killing her instantly. Feeling Mako's arm twitch as her pulse disappeared, Kes couldn't help but smirk back at my expressionless towering form. 

"Now Kixi, take a step back and continue watching." Kes said in a softer voice as she holstered her blaster. "Once I'm completely done with your dead wife, I'll give you the love that you truly really deserve." Kes passionately said to me as she then looked back at Mako, used the tip of her thumb to fully open one of her eye lids, and loathed as she stared into her unmoving lifeless orbs.

Kes unbuttoned Mako's shirt. She felt a shiver run down her spine as the head flopped to one side and a stream of fresh blood trickled out of one nostril. She exhaled and shook off a wave of nausea; brutal and savage as Kes was, she just didn't expect to see that happen at this time, yet it still wouldn't deter her in getting her thrills from touching Mako's lifeless body.

“Sorry, Mako, but you don’t need clothes anymore,” Kes whispered as she removed the shirt, but had to wrench Mako's arms out. As both her arms flopped out and she discarded the shirt, after also removing her bra, Kes gently rubbed the smooth palm of her hand across the cold dead skin of Mako's lower body, breasts and arms. Indulged in the sensation of touching her after having killed her, she then moved down to Mako's jeans, undoing her zip, but then realised that the boots would have to come off first. Notwithstanding that she struggled with the operation, Kes eventually removed Mako's long brown knee height boots, taking pleasure when both the deceased's legs wobbled and spasmodically twitched as she took them off. 

"Seeing you lay here like nothing more than a dead sack of meat gives me much joy Mako." Kes continued to whisper, finally getting the jeans off the corpse, and just like she had done with Mako's upper body, she rubbed the palm of her hand across Mako's cold but smooth legs. 

Choosing to not pick over the rest of Mako's now naked body, Kes left all of the jewellery and gadgets that Mako had been wearing on her, finding she liked the look of the pale corpse better with the bracelets, wrist gadgets, rings and necklaces still on it.

Shrugging for just a moment, and contemplating on what she should do next, eventually, with each hand, Kes picked up both of Mako's legs and dragged her over to the bed. A brief struggle followed as Kes lifted the dead weight that was Mako, and slumped her over and onto the bed. Kes then moved the naked body so Mako lay half way down the bed, making sure that there was room above her head. Straddling her face, Kes looked down at the dead woman and wondered, how much better what she had done and was about to do would be when she finally got to do it to the real Mako.

"Computer, replicate a strap-on dildo for me." In a flash, a big black strap-on materialised, the fake cock stared straight up at Kes, while she then chuckled to herself, as she looked back at my virtually frozen form who for now had to play the role of observation.

Then, she undone her own pants and promptly strapped on the dildo, grasping her base and tapping Mako's cold soft bluish lips with it. "Now get it nice and wet. It'll make it easier later."

Half expecting an answer, Kes wriggled her strap-on between Mako's lips and parted her teeth resting in the dead woman's mouth. Moaning as the strap-on shifted and pushed the nub further inside herself, she revelled in the fact that her strap-on brought her pleasure from a blowjob. Thrusting her hips, she began to thrust in and out of the deceased's mouth, groaning with each thrust as her strap-on plundered new untouched depths in Mako's mouth. Kes' breasts swayed with each deep and powerful thrust. Drawing all the way back, Kes pushed forcefully through Mako's throat, adamant to get her entire fake cock inside her throat. Wriggling around slightly, Kes managed to slide the last few inches into Mako's throat, pressing her lifeless lips up against her leather crotch. The look of Mako's cold, slowly turning blue face parted at the lips with a thick cock down her throat, was a treat.

Pulling back slightly, Kes kept her fake cock deep in Mako's throat gently face fucking her. Being dead, she couldn't fight back, and therefore she had no gag reflex allowing Kes free access to her mouth. In past simulations, Kes had broken Mako with her toy whilst in an unconscious state, but this opportunity to use her throat without any chance of her fighting back was glorious. When the chance to finally do this to her for real arrived, she decided that she would do it while she was still alive, that amongst many other terrible things before she executed her. Kes looked forward to that day. Pulling out of Mako's throat, she let her saliva spill over her chin as Kes' fake cock hung above her lips.

Deciding a change of position was in need, Kes rearranged Mako so her head was hanging off the edge of the bed and her throat was opened up to all of Kes' perverted needs. Smirking, Kes crouched down slightly and returned her fake cock to Mako's gaping mouth. Thrusting her hips forward, Kes was able to slide the entirety of her fake cock down Mako's throat with relative ease, savouring the delicious shifts in the nub buried inside her cunt. When the craftsman made the strap-on, she made sure a second nub was installed in the back, which was now buried in her arse, shifting with each movement she made.

"Oh Mako Jhasmin. If only this were the real you to feel this!" Kes exclaimed leaning forward and letting her hands roam Mako's thin and limber frame. Her hands found Mako's nipples and she gently tweaked them and realised that unlike in the past with other holodeck scenarios, that on this occasion she couldn't watch them harden. Nonetheless, bending down she captured one of Mako's nipples in her mouth and suckled gently on it, her tongue playing with the sensitive peak, all the while her thrusts pushed deeper and deeper into her throat. Licking and sucking on her nipple, she made sure to trace her tongue along Mako's cold skin, tasting my own juices that still lingered on her flesh. 

Moaning at the taste, she moved down to Mako's cunt, surprised that it hadn't yet turned stiff and icy as she slightly tickled the tips of her fingers across Mako's hairless pussy. Kes chuckled leaning forward, and planted a long kiss on her fluid seeping cunt. Tasting both her fluids and the remains of my own pussy that I had not long since rubbed against Mako's, Kes couldn't help, but moan again. Both those tastes and Mako's mouth were doing wonders for the assassin, grunting and groaning in pleasure. Clambering onto the bed so she had her knees either side of Mako's head, she then thrust her fake cock into her mouth.

Eventually pulling her fake cock from Mako's mouth and taking a deep breath, Kes rolled off Mako's limp and motionless body before readjusting her. Turning her over and propping her up on her knees so her arse was in the air and her face buried in the sheets, Kes took up position behind Mako's deceased body. Coming face to face with her arsehole, Kes pried apart Mako's arse cheeks, and smiled. 

Leaning in, she slipped her tongue along Mako’s arsehole, and ran along it as she licked up and down. Slowly, Kes pushed her tongue inside Mako's arsehole, lapping away at her bum hole; a hole Kes was about to introduce to her new toy. As Kes licked Mako’s arsehole, her tongue flicked back and forth along her hole, an action that normally would have teased and taunted her had she actually still been alive, before pulling away and spitting at her arse, and then darting back in, to lick her more.

Kes’ tongue wriggled its way back inside Mako’s unresponsive arsehole, sliding along her insides as Kes’ hands fondled the cute half caucasian, half asian girl that was, Mako. Pulling away, Kes slapped Mako’s arse before spitting once more on her arse and massaging it into her arsehole, her finger dipping in for a moment before returning to Mako’s hips.

"I have wanted to fuck this arse from the moment I saw it," Kes sighed spitting into her hand and massaging her fake cock to a polished shimmer before placing it against Mako's arse. 

"Now you literally get to cop it up the arse— that for being a shitty president and making things bad for me when I was better off when we were ruled under Atul Drex. I at least had some kind of home under Skycom Corporation, but no thanks to you, and of course Kay Blade and eM Blade, I lost everything. But don’t worry, I’ll get my revenge on those two just like I will with you.”

Desperate to fuck Mako's arsehole, Kes rubbed her fake cock against Mako’s rosebud and pushed forward until Mako found her entrance. With one forceful push, her fake cock-head slipped past her arsehole and inside her. Moaning loudly, Kes took a moment to relish the feeling of Mako's arsehole around her fake cock before sliding forward. The time she spent lubricating both her fake cock and Mako’s arsehole paid off, for in her deceased state, Mako could put up no fight. Her fake cock easily buried itself up to the hilt in her arse. Kes’ leather covered crotch was pressed firmly against Mako’s bum. She had stretched and expanded exponentially to allow for Kes’ fake cock, and she was impressed. Even Kes would struggle taking a cock of that length into her own arsehole.

Proud of her little dead slut, Kes began to thrust her hips, pulling out slightly before sliding the entire way in. Her hands were constantly playing with Mako's bum cheeks, which were so smooth and taut. Smiling she continued to thrust slowly into Mako's arsehole, moving only an inch at a time with each movement of her hips. Each movement was amazing and sent shivers through her spine and tingling sensations through her pussy. She was well on her way to her orgasm and only a minute later, Mako's arse had made her cum.

"That felt good but is still not enough!" Kes grumbled under her voice as she slowly pulled her fake cock out from Mako's arse, taking off the strap-on and discarding it. 

Kes' face darkened in anger, and she spat on Mako's corpse and snapped out. "Killing you Mako and raping you while you were dead was not enough. Computer, set AI of Kixi Rajki to fall to all my commands without failure, and leave Mako's deceased body where it rests."

"You, Kixi, come here to me, now!" Kes pointed and then clicked her fingers at me, and then suggested that we hop in the jacuzzi for a little while.

"I forgot my bathing suit," I said.

"So? You don't need it," Kes said, slightly suggestively. 

I agreed and went to the bathroom to take off my clothes. I walked outside onto the terrace to the jacuzzi, wearing only a towel. All the lights were off, and I could hear the water bubbling. It sounded so inviting, and I knew Kes was already there, naked and waiting. After a moment, my eyes adjusted and I saw Kes' shadowy outline. I walked up to the tub, took off my towel and eased my body into the warm, bubbly water. It felt wonderful, and I sank deep into the tub's depths. Kes sidled up next to me. She looked over at me and our eyes met, my beautiful blue orbs bore holes into hers, her eyes filled with lust and need. I felt her hand caress the inside of my thigh under the water.

"So soft," She whispered. Kes moved her body so it was closer to mine. I could feel her body pressing up against me, and then her lips met mine in a passionate kiss that left me breathless. I wrapped my arms around her chiseled waist and pulled her closer. I became even more aroused as I felt her nipples hardening each time they brushed mine. At this point I started kissing her neck and I made my way up to her ear. I heard Kes let out a soft moan.

"I want you." I whispered as my tongue circled the outer edge of her ear. Kes nudged me away and giggled, pleased that the holodeck's computer was playing out my AI to fall to her every command. Kes eventually said that we had been in the jacuzzi for too long, and that we should get out. Disappointed and frustrated, I agreed. We wrapped ourselves in towels and Kes went to the bathroom to put her clothes back on. I got dressed by the heater in the bedroom. Kes reappeared in jeans, a shirt and brown knee height boots. They, were in fact Mako's clothes, and Kes hovered tall over Mako's cold limp body, unable to wipe the spiteful smirk across her face.

"Let's fuck, Kixi," Kes said with a soft giggle. "Right next to dead girl here."

"Kes?" I looked around as she kept snickering, and then focused my attention solely on the assassin. 

"You know you want to Kixi, and in front of this sack of meat here, it will make it even sweeter." Kes looked over at me with a smirk as she kicked the side of Mako's dead body. 

"Out there in the jacuzzi, well your touch did feel good," I replied with a slight slur, and then stumbled over closer to Kes.

Kes smashed her lips against mine, cutting me off. Though this kiss was rough and sloppy, like both of us needed more… and we did. I put my arms around Kes' neck and Kes put her arms around my waist. We heard a voice getting closer outside the door and quickly broke apart to see if anyone, more than likely Chris, was coming up. Nobody was. I was about to go lock the door, but instead Kes grabbed my hand and pulled me into the ensuite. She shut the door behind us and pushed me against the back wall, kissing me even harder than before. We passionately kissed for a couple of minutes before breaking apart to catch our breaths.

"Wow, someone's in the mood," I said in a sultry voice.

"Sorry," Kes tittered. "Is it too much?"

"No, no. Not at all. I've just never seen you so…direct. It's kind of hot." I smirked.

"Well, you turn me on so much. I've been thinking about you for a long time."

"I’m not sure why, but I’ve been thinking about you too." I kissed Kes again, this time more gently.

Kes lightly bit my bottom lip, causing a moan to escape my mouth.

"Kixi! How unladylike of you. Now who's the one getting turned on?" Kes joked.

"Shut up and kiss me," I begged before smashing my lips back onto Kes’.

As our lips continued to wrestle, Kes began to feel the wetness coating her centre. She needed friction. She began to slightly rock her hips into mine, hoping I would do the same in response, but instead I pulled away and looked at her with gleaming eyes.

Kes began to panic. "What's the matter? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, I was just curious…have you ever done this before?" 

The corner of her mouth quirked up. "What? Kissed another girl before? I can't say that I haven’t."

"Ha ha," I laughed sarcastically. "No, that's not what I meant. Have you ever… you know…” I looked at Kes hoping that she had caught on to what I was asking, but the assassin just stood there with a confused look on her face, or so she pretended to, so I continued, "…more than kissed a girl?"

Kes gave me a comforting smile. She wanted to play out the story in a way that she didn’t have to force any sex on me, but rather make me want it. "Once,” she said, obviously lying.

I nodded. I wasn't really shocked by the answer.

"And you? You had anyone other than Mako Jhasmin.”

"Once," I said, mimicking Kes’ previous answer.

“You mean once as in Mako Jhasmin only, or you had someone else before her?”

“I mean I had someone at the same time— Paige Langley, youngest daughter of the late Cerberus. My wife Mako Jhasmin could hardly stand her.”

“No shit Kixi,” Kes nodded, “but then again I don’t know how you can stand Mako, I most certainly hate her. If only I could actually kill her beyond the realm of this simulation.” There was an awkward silence, and Kes then decided to drop the topic of her hatred towards Mako for the time being. 

"So, anyway, are you saying that you typically like more than one girl and very much want me to more than kiss you right now? Because I would hate to be that typical sexy girl that teases you all day long without doing you the favour of fixing it," she said smugly.

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. "Just kiss me, okay?"

Our lips reconnected. At first it was gentle and passionate, but it quickly became more aggressive. This time I was the one to rock my hips. Kes got the hint, and knew that it was my way of telling her that I wanted more. Without breaking the kiss, Kes moved her hand in between our bodies and pulled the front of my skirt up for easier access. She put her hand down my g-string and felt the pool of wetness that coated the outside of my folds. It was like reaching into a thick lake. She smiled into my lips and let out a chuckle.

I quickly became self-conscious. "What?" I panicked. I was afraid that I hadn't shaved enough. After all, I wasn't expecting this to happen today, not with Kes.

"You're very wet," Kes whispered seductively into my ear.

With those words, I felt a wave of heat rush to my centre.

"Let me clean that up for you," the long haired assassin girl said before kissing me once more. Kes dropped down to her knees and reached under my skirt. She slowly pulled my black silk g-string down my legs. I spread my legs to give Kes better access. Kes pulled the front of my skirt up and over her head as her eyes met with the wet mound in front of her. It was perfect. It wasn't too bony or too big, but was just the right size with a little bit of hair on it, which was just the way the assassin girl liked it. Kes closed her eyes and inhaled through her nose. She was hit with that heady scent that she loved so much. That's one of the things Kes loved most about women; the way we smelt. She pressed her lips against my centre and kissed me gently a few times. Then, she slowly dragged her tongue up my slit.

I closed my eyes and let out a breathy moan. I rested the back of my head against the wall, and reached up with my right hand to grab the wall shelf above me. "Yep, I'm fully gay— never touched a man in my life," I whispered to myself before an unexpected whimper escaped my lips.

Kes heard me and smiled. She was glad to know that she was doing her job in reassuring me of my sexuality. She drew circles with her tongue on my enlarged clit.

"Mmm yes. That feels so good." I reached down with my left hand and put it on Kes' head, which was covered by my skirt. I pushed Kes' face into my centre as I thrust my hips back and forth. Kes licked me harder and faster, making small circles.

"Oh fuck! Right there! Don't move!" Kes continued her movements and made sure not to change anything she was doing.

Kes slowly started to pull her head away, but I pushed her head back down. There was no way I was letting her lose that spot.

"Keep going," I said, "I'm still close."

Kes complied and continued to massage my clit with her tongue. This time, she made circles in the opposite direction.

"Ugh yes… Keep going Kes… Fuck that feels so good… I'm so close… Keep going," I spat out between breaths.

Kes could feel me getting wetter. She knew it was only a matter of time before my release. Her tongue was getting tired, but she made sure to keep a consistent rhythm.

I felt the heat rush through my body and my abdomen tighten. "Shit, Kes!" I yelled as my walls began to contract. Kes kept licking, helping me ride out my orgasm. It was about thirty seconds before I finally patted Kes' head, signalling her to stop. Kes pulled her head out from under the skirt and looked at me. I was panting in an attempt to catch my breath. I had my eyes shut tight. The long-haired assassin softly kissed my cheek.

I opened my eyes and said between short breaths, "That… was... amazing." After a few more moments of heavy breathing, I finally caught my breath and let out a huge sigh. My mouth curved into a smile as I opened my eyes and looked at Kes. "Damn."

We both laughed.

"You're really good!" I said in almost a shocked tone of voice.

"I've never gotten any complaints," Kes winked. 

"And that's definitely not about to change after this experience." I slid my g-string back on, then grabbed Kes hand. I kissed her on the cheek, and then smiled at her before walking towards the door. I opened the door and walked out.

Kes watched me walk out of the room, staring at my arse. She smiled as she thought about what had just happened between us. Kes could still feel the wetness between my legs. But then she was snapped out of her daydream upon my hastily return.

"You! Kes!" I snarled, looking over at her. "You killed my true love over there. You're a whore, and an evil deceitful bitch. How could you do such a thing and then expect me to love you for it!"

"What!" My sudden turn against Kes was totally unexpected. "Computer what is the meaning of this. Why the sudden mood swing in Kixi?” She asked.

"You asked for something that would infuriate you, clearly after your last experience, my advanced algorithmic processing detected quite the opposite." The holodeck computer responded in its usual calm. "And besides we need to be realistic here. There is no way Kixi is going to simply fall in love with you after you kill her beloved wife. So it's time to give this story an unexpected twist."

“Her beloved wife? I say fuck her beloved wife— literally!”

“I think it’s time we spice things up just a little, Ms. En’jusek.” 

"What exactly did you have in mind?" Kes asked somewhat irritated. 

Then, without warning, dematerialising at once, were both my character and the corpse of Mako, as well as Chris who had been downstairs and not really played a role, however the backdrop and setting remained as it was. After that, as if it hadn't been enough the first time the holodeck computer had taken the assassin off guard, both Mako and I rematerialised, but this time, even beyond Kes' own belief, Mako held a knife to my throat. 

"You'll never have my Kixi. If you kill me Kes, she's coming with me." Mako gabbled out while I apparently struggled in her grip. 

“Computer, how the hell do you call this a realistic scenario? As if Mako would harm her precious stupid wife— who should be my girl dammit!” As Kes said those words, an old twentieth century revolver materialised holstered to her hip.

“Ah but you see Ms. En’jusek, this is where it’s now up to you. Do you surrender to her and hope she releases Kixi, or do you test your aim with a revolver, a weapon of an era long gone at the risk of killing Kixi instead of Mako?”

"Oh please," retorted Kes. "I'm a markswoman, what makes you think that I'd miss?"

"That gun is a twentieth century revolver, a projectile weapon based on mid nineteenth century technology, it isn't your state of the art thirty-first century energy weapon. Your marksmanship skills with modern weapons may not be sufficient—"


Kes levelled the revolver at Mako’s chest, her fingers quaking as she felt the cold metal grow increasingly heavy with the passing second. Kes spoke, her voice a soft plea, “Mako, I know what you are trying to do. You’d never hurt Kixi. You want me to drop my weapon so then you can turn yours on me. I’ve called your bluff bitch!”

Mako’s face only grew more grim. Her grip tightened on my throat at her side, and her grip on the knife in her other hand was unwavering. Speaking into the cold night air with a cutting tone, she replied, “It's no bluff Kes.”

With a breath and a blink of an eye, Kes didn’t even feel her finger twitch on the trigger. The shot was muffled, as though the sound travelled through sea water to her ears. Kes could only watch, still, as Mako stumbled back and stared down at the red blossoming at her chest, before she collapsed and the knife slowly clattered to the floor— however she wasn’t dead, yet.

Warm blood gushed out of the exposed wound. It was then more than evident that Mako had never had any intention whatsoever in ever harming me. I stumbled over to my wife, and pressed snugly against her opened wounds to stop the free flowing surge of sticky blood. There, laid an expressionless Mako who rested on a pool of mild cerise substance, which stunned the living daylights out of me.

"You’re an animal Kes! I'll never love you!" I spat out as I picked up Mako's knife.

Unable to help her total look of disgust, Kes growled, "then be it— with her. If you will not take me to be your partner for life, then you Kixi, will die!"

With a determined stare, Kes pulled the trigger with a reverberating bang. The bullet entered my chest piercing it, and then went through my lung knocking the wind out of me. I fell to my knees in shock as I clutched at my bleeding chest, the knife clattering to the floor.

Kes rolled her eyes and pursed her mouth in a self-satisfied smirk. "See what you made me do Kixi? Now, let's just do this." Kes hastily knelt down next to me and tried to kiss me. However I refused to have any of it, defiantly spitting in her face. 

Raging at the futility of it all, Kes dragged both the incapacitated bodies of Mako and I together, facing us front to front, allowing us to kiss one another before she carried out our swift executions. 

"I want you two to be in the middle of a kiss just as I kill you both, and then once I'm done, I'll fucking kiss you as much as I damn fucking please, Kixi!"

Kes dug the nozzle of her revolver into Mako's back, carefully positioning the weapon with the alignment of our bodies, so that the exiting bullet would pierce first through the flesh and bone in Mako's back, through her heart, then exit via her chest and then go through my chest, heart and back in one precision shot. 

“Fine, you wanna be with her Kixi, then you'll be reunited pretty quick— like within seconds once the bullet goes through your lover’s heart and kills her first, and then goes through you, sending you both to the afterlife together!"

Forcing my head into Mako's so that our lips touched, she allowed us to kiss. Even as certain death neared, Mako's lips felt warm and reassuring over mine, and likewise mine had a similar effect on her. Without further ado, Kes fired the gun. Mako and I were so concentrated in our kiss; our final moments as one; lost in our own realm of time; we didn't even hear the sound of the gun go off; nor feel the penetrating bullet that ultimately ended our lives as we dropped to the ground; lips still touching; together; dead. As the life fluid drained out of both of us in it's garish red, both the skin on our bodies took on the pallor of a corpse. 

Our blood flowed like a lazy river. It flowed like so much red gravy across the floor, but Kes was still fuming; angrily. Separating our bodies, she snaked the smooth part of her forearm across Mako's neck, tightening her grip and squeezed with all her might until she heard the sickening cracking sound of bone. She spat on Mako's body as she tossed it to one side as if it were nothing more than garbage, and then lifted me up. My head slumped back while my mouth gaped wide open, but Kes placed her other hand behind my head to lift it. She kissed me just like she had promised to do once she had killed me. 

Kes had totally lost control of her emotions. 

“Clearly Ms. En’jusek, you have much work to do in convincing Kixi into becoming your girl." The holodeck computer said in its best attempt in simulating sarcasm, which, was at best, lame, but nonetheless effective. "Killing and raping her current wife— the love of her life in front of her isn’t going to work, but we already knew that Ms. En’jusek.”

“Who cares!" Kes barked back, just as the program ended and everything in the holodeck's room except Kes vanished, returning her to the familiar surroundings of the yellow squared lines on a black surface that was otherwise known as the hologrid. "The reality is, that I will do exactly that— kill and rape Mako and make Kixi watch, and it won’t matter because in the end I’m gonna lobotomise Kixi so that when she wakes up, she’ll remember me as being her damn wife. Mako Jhasmin will be nothing to her once I’m done— nothing but a wiped away shadowy existence that will die into oblivion!”

“Very well then Ms. En’jusek, my ultimate goal is to satisfy your desires and ultimately help you achieve your end goals.”

“Good!" Exclaimed Kes as she snapped her fingers to summon the holodeck computer with another task. "And now computer, I would like one more go at raping Mako, but this time while she is alive as clearly it’s more fun doing it to her alive than dead. After I’m done rape fucking her, then I will kill her. Please run the next scenario with only Mako Jhasmin and no Kixi.”

“As you wish Ms. En’jusek.” The holodeck’s computer obediently complied; the manipulation of photons and matter required to create the illusion for Kes’ final request already completed by the time the computer had finished speaking: “Initialising program for scenario number forty eight.”

Kes glared down at Mako Jhasmin who groaned in her drugged sleep, unconsciously humping against the vibrating sex toys forced deep into her cunt and arse. 

Each one the width of a Coke can, Mako was unaware in her sleep of the pain from her cervix being stretched open by the length of the cunt lodged toy, nor from the near torn stretching of her anal sphincter. 

In a longer version of the story being played out, normally, Kes would have had the privilege of having secured the toys inside of Mako with a length of cord between her legs, and tied about her slim waist. Her thighs and shaven snatch were coated with oozing honey. Her breasts, although average in size, were swollen further from being attached to a pumping machine. On this shortened version of the scenario, from this point, Kes could pleasurably simply continue to rape and torture her victim.

Mako awoke several minutes later, trembling from her latest unconscious orgasm. After several seconds of hard thought, she recalled stepping into an apparently normal room, only to have metal covers slam down over every window and door. She hadn’t panicked as thick yellow gas began to fill the room. Instead, she’d searched for long minutes for a way out. An escape.

There was none. Unable to avoid breathing in the foul gas, she had found herself coughing hard. Her eyes teared up, and she convulsed. Mako clutched at her stomach, violently retching. She realised she was going to die, then and there. She expelled a heavy stream of vomit as she collapsed to her knees, bent over.

She lost consciousness; face sideways in the pool of puke. Kes who had momentarily left the room to avoid the foul gasses herself, reentered the room as soon as the ventilation system had made it safe and the metal barriers were raised. She pulled Mako from the vomit and checked her for signs of life. Excellent— she was asleep, and would be for hours, but still alive.

In this scenario, Mako was wearing a different outfit than in the prior sims. Although, as far as Kes was concerned, it wasn't relevant as she then stripped her, tearing off her boots, her socks, her shorts and top, her belt, jewellery and other predominantly wrist worn devices until she lay naked but for her fingerless leather gloves and a pair of red lacy underwear. In watching Mako’s slow and painful descent into unconsciousness, it made Kes feel hornier than ever— that was so much better than a quick gas.

Kes left her for a moment, and returned with two breast pumps of her own design. They would attach to the nipples and force milk out, collecting the slightly bitter liquid into the large attached reservoirs. Where a woman was not naturally producing milk, they injected fast acting hormones to generate it.

With the machines secured, Kes moved back to sit between Mako's legs and pulled the red underwear aside. Her body was already responding to the mechanical manipulation of her teats, and Kes found her snatch to be a little moist. Kes rubbed her shaven lips and around her clit, the flesh hot against her hand. 

When Kes felt that Mako was wet enough, she wasn’t bothered about a dry fuck hurting the unconscious girl, and indeed enjoyed greatly to think of Mako’s suffering, but preferred a hot wet cunt. Kes licked the juice from her fingers and once again produced the strap-on dildo she had used earlier. Upon attaching it onto her body, Kes entered Mako's limp body with her fake cock. She supported herself on her arms above the breast pumps, watching them move with her thrusts.

Despite the amount of time's she'd had sex with me over the years, Mako’s cunt was tight. Kes leaned down to kiss Mako's slack lips, tasting her vomit as she pumped into her. Kes bit hard into her bright red lipsticked bottom lip as she came into Mako's limp body, drawing iron blood into her mouth.

Mako's breasts juggled harder as Kes erratically slammed into her. Kes lay against her, the cold tubing of the breast pump equipment trapped between them. Kes pulled out and only then pulled off her damp, cum-slick red underwear, bringing them up to her nose to inhale the scent of their sex.

A few minutes later, Kes left Mako lying on the floor after wiping her fake cock off in her hair and detaching the strap-on, knowing the pumps would take at least half an hour. When they were done and the pump's reservoirs were full, Kes returned to the unconscious Mako and detached the pumps from her swollen breasts.

Kes slurped on a nipple, tasting milk straight from the source, and then carried Mako out into open air courtyard with a pit in the centre, and a large hydraulic press built over the top. There was a lattice of razor sharp spikes attached to the press. When activated, the press pushed down into the pit, slicing up anything unlucky enough to be within.

Kes carried Mako’s still unconscious and recently raped body down retractable steps into the pit, and secured a solid restraint around each ankle. Kes paused a moment to stroke her hands along Mako's toned thighs, enjoying the feel of the hard warm flesh. She then set about pushing a lubricated dildo into her cunt, an easy process, despite her resisting cervix. Getting even a well lubricated dildo of thickness into her anus was harder, and took considerable strength.

She finally succeeded, having worked up a sweat. Kes activated the dildos and roped them in place, before exiting the pit and lowering the hydraulic press until the lattice was level with the courtyard’s ground.

Forty-five minutes passed before Mako awoke again and recalled stepping into the room and being gassed.

Mako looked up to see sunlight shining through the lattice, silhouetting the female assassin's figure. Her blood ran cold as she viewed the rows of spikes. She was not a woman to suffer fear normally, but trembled as she knelt there.

"Mako Jhasmin Zaneca! I’m glad you’re awake. I like to fuck unconscious girls, but it’s just no fun killing them until they’re awake to really feel it."

"You won’t win Kes— ever. Kixi will never love you, but simply hate you even more!"

Kes though, laughed, hearing the tremor in Mako's voice. "It won't matter, because once you're dead, I'll lobotomise Kixi and all that she'll remember is ever being married to me."

Mako could see that the silhouetted assassin, was slowly reaching out to pull a leaver. The lattice then began to lower on it’s hydraulic press.

Mako couldn’t prevent the yelp of fear escaping her lips as she looked up, and tugged uselessly on her ankle restraints. The press was well designed and silent, allowing Mako to gear the buzz of the distracting toys buried deep inside herself.

As it lowered inches from her hand, Mako broke down and begged, "No! Please, make it stop! I beg you. Have mercy! Please!

Kes shook her head, and replied, "No mercy for you, former President Zaneca, only death!"

The lattice spread up, plunging razor spikes through Mako’s pretty brown upturned eyes. Mako's last glimpse of sunlight came through a lattice of razor sharp spikes, the last sound she would hear was Kes' cruel sadistic laugh. Mako's screaming was cut off as the spikes pierced agonisingly into her brain. Mako's flailing arms dropped to her side and hot urine burst from her bladder as the lattice pressed down. 

Her body was forced backwards, so that her breasts were impaled next. Razor spikes cut through succulent flesh with milk, blood and fat running from the wounds. The spikes continued down, slicing up her twitching corpse. 

Mako Jhasmin Zeneca's death would be everything Kes hoped for when she finally set about luring herself over to her house. And no differently to when in her holodeck scenarios, Mako would die a slow and painful death.

"Computer, end program," Kes ordered. Everything and everyone not real vanished, leaving Kes alone within the gridded walls of the holodeck, and at least for the time being, gratified.

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