Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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22. Interlude: Kes En'jusek - All in a day's work.

Interlude: Kes En'jusek - All in a day's work



At the Grand Interplanetary Inn, Lüna Wan, Earth’s moon Luna, sometime in late CE 3027.


Amila Kassaby walked with perfect grace through the lobby of the hotel. The opulent room with the incredibly high ceilings and massive chandeliers, was filled with people all dressed expensively. But even among the who's who of the city, Amila stood out.

She was wearing a tight and sexy, but stylish evening gown that showed off her bare shoulders and graceful neck. It was low cut, showing a hint of her ample and full and perfectly shaped breasts. The high slit up the side, revealed flashes of her long beautiful legs as she strode with purpose and a haughty air through the throng of people.

Amila's beauty was often described as un-earthly. She had large almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones. Her neck was almost too thin and too long, her lips were plump, and her black hair shined like the sea at night. She was the kind of woman who made even the most confident of men act like fools, and who every women immediately hated even while they secretly were jealous of her.

As she walked, ignoring those around her, the men all stopped to stare; watching the swaying of her rear as she passed. As the men gawked, not even attempting to conceal their lustful stares, the women stared daggers through her, as their husbands and boyfriends ignored them while she passed.

Amila approached the lifts and smiled as three men fumbled to press the call button for her. She grinned warmly at all of them as a thank you, and stepped into the lift when it arrived. The doors closed, and she pressed the button for the eighty-first floor and rode the lift as it rose.

Stepping off, she approached what was one of the hotel’s premium suites, and knocked lightly at its large double doors. The doors opened a few seconds later, and a woman stood on the other side as Amila stepped inside and closed the doors behind her. Like her, the other woman was also pretty, with a lean build standing roughly the same height as her. She had long light brown hair that went down past the length of her shoulders, and although in her late thirties, smooth skin that resembled a woman like Amila who was still in her mid to early twenties. She wore long pants and aviator sunglasses on her face.

The two of them stepped to a sitting area without a word until the other woman finally spoke, "Do you have them?"

Amila reached into the folds of her dress and produced a small pouch of fabric which she handed to the other woman. Sitting, the other woman unwound the top and poured the contents onto a towel she had laid out over a small side table. Amila knew what was contained within the pouch, but seeing the twenty or so uncut diamonds still gave her a shiver.

"So, is everything alright Kes? Is our business concluded?" Amila asked, unable to wipe the smirk off her face.

Kes En'jusek inspected several of the diamonds before scooping them back into the pouch and tossing it absent mindedly onto the bed, "I suppose, at least the payment portion. But there is something I need you to see. Please sit."

Kes indicated a chair in the middle of the room as she spoke, however Amila tried to deflect whatever Kes was going to show her. "I really should be getting back to the spaceport. My space yacht is waiting."

"Oh, I'm sure they'll wait. That's the point of having your own private luxury liner after all. So, please sit." Kes waved her towards an armchair when she did not accept her offer.

"Sit!" Kes told Amila curtly who, while maintaining an air of dignity, did as she was told and sat delicately in the plush chair.

She stared at Kes as she pulled a comm tablet from her handbag. Kes grabbed a side table and pulled it so that it sat a few feet in front of Amila. Setting the comm tablet on top of it, Kes turned it on. The device came to life by the means of a virtual keyboard hovering in the air before her, a small holograph.

Amila started to speak again as Kes splayed her fingers out and the virtual keyboard grew larger, but a raised hand silenced her. As Kes touched several of the floating virtual keys, the keyboard vanished, and materialising in its place, was a floating holo message that read, ‘Insert data chip.’

Kes reached inside her jacket and pulled something out. Amila flinched, afraid she was going to see a weapon. But Kes produced a tiny data chip which she slid into the side of the comm tablet. As the floating block letters of the previous hologram zoomed into itself and disappeared, Kes moved to another chair about three metres away and sat.

"I— I don't understand," Amila told Kes in her regal English accent.

Again, without a word, Kes simply indicated that she should look at the hologram images that were about to appear in front of her. Suddenly, like a cloud of dust appearing on the horizon, a new holo image took shape, and floating directly before her, Amila saw the face of her lover, well the current face anyway.

Years before, Amila Kassaby had fallen in love with a man named Holden Bordas. She had been undercover as an agent of the elite Skysec Secret Service of Skycom Corporation, and sent to investigate the CEO of a smaller, but rival faction, the Gexin Combine named Ilias Iklipso. This powerful tycoon employed a financial genius to scam Skycom shares, and then invest and hide his money; that man was Holden.

But then the unexpected happened; Holden and Amila had fallen in love. They ran away after Holden had stolen several billion credits of the tycoon's money. Knowing that the ruthless CEO would never let him go, Holden had left Amila in order to protect her, and disappeared for nearly four years.

About six months ago, after undergoing millions of credits worth of facial reconstruction, he had resurfaced. He and Amila had been reunited while avoiding Skysec, as well as bounty hunters that had been hired by Ilias who wanted them both dead. The adventure they had gone through to be reunited was a story for another time though. The time since then had been incredible. Within the territories that fell under the Zhann Alliance jurisdiction, neither Skycom who had long since been toppled from power in the Sol System, nor the Gexin Combine who were considering criminals, had any real significance in those regions. In finally reaching the confines of the Zhann Alliance, so long as Amila and Holden stayed deep within the worlds of the Sol System, the threat to them had been neutralised. Thus, they travelled first class within Earth and the other inner worlds of Sol.

"Hello Amila," Holden said almost solemnly from the holo projection recording of himself. "I wanted to record this for you because I feel I owe you at least that much."

He took a long drag on a cigarillo as he paused before he spoke again. Amila looked from the face of her lover to the woman sitting on the other side of the hotel room, but she got no help in telling her what was going on from her.

Holden spoke again, "The past six months, reunited with you my dear Amila, have been wonderful..."

Amila Kassaby couldn't help but smile. More and more she was becoming convinced that this was all some misguided attempt to surprise her with some wonderful gift or proposal.

"...but in the back of my mind, something has been bothering me more and more."

The smile faded from Amila's beautiful face.

"When I found you on Titan after those four years apart, I also learnt that you had been working for Skysec when we first met. I told myself that it didn't matter; that it was in the past and done with. But, while I know you have left their service, I can't shake the feeling of betrayal that I have felt these long months. I have tried; believe me I have, but I simply can't abide it."

Holden paused again and appeared as if he felt the weight of what he was saying.

"And so what to do? I came to the realisation that I couldn't stand the idea of you being with another man, or even out in the world or the stars if I couldn't have you. I simply love you too much. Perhaps Iklipso and I were more alike in that way than I cared to admit. And so I contacted Kes En'jusek. I knew her from my days of working with Iklipso. She has a reputation for being quite discrete and thorough."

"Bu— but Holden..." Amila stopped speaking as she realised she was speaking to a recording. Tears began to drip from her eyes.

"And so, Ms. En'jusek will end your life tonight my dear. The diamonds I asked you to bring to her, were the payment for this terrible deed. I am so sorry and I will always love you. Please Kes, do not make her suffer more than is absolutely necessary. Goodbye Amila."

The holo image of Holden vanished into nothing. Amila sat in stunned silence as Kes stood and approached.

"Th—this c—can't be real! This is some joke, right?"

She stood as the woman who was to be her murderer approached and stroked her cheek gently, dabbing at the tears, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid not."

"Pl—please just let me speak to Holden, I know I can convince him not to do this."

Kes stepped back and began to remove her jacket, and she smiled as if she had heard something funny, "He told me you'd say just that; that you'd beg me to let you call him to talk him out of this. He also told me under no circumstances should I let you."

"B—but why?"

"I think he knew how convincing you could be, and that you would in fact talk him into giving you another chance. So, to protect himself from your charms he decided not to let you use them on him again."

Kes tossed her jacket over the back of a chair, her short sleeved shirt exposed her smooth toned arms, along with an expensive diamond link bracelet on her left wrist. Amila glanced towards the large double doors.

"Don't bother," Kes told her knowingly, as she tucked a curled string of hair behind her ear and took off her aviators. "The doors locked automatically when they closed and I've hidden the access keys."

Kes approached, and Amila backed away until her calves hit the edge of the large plush sofa and she could no longer retreat.

"You could scream if you'd like. I chose this suite because of its isolation though, and I reserved the one across the hall under another name so it's empty as well. So, I seriously doubt anyone will hear you but feel free. I of course understand your need to try."

Kes sat down on the arm of the couch and paused, waiting to see what Amila did. Amila looked side to side frantically as if she was trying to find a way to escape.

"No? Okay then." Kes stepped away from her, surprising her a bit, and approached a small mini-bar.

"I'm glad. No reason we can't be civilised about this situation, unpleasant as it is. Drink?"

Amila sat back down and nodded, still trying to process what was happening.

"Bourbon okay?"

She nodded again.


Again, she nodded and Kes dropped ice cubes into two glasses. She approached and handed one to Amila while she took the other and sat across from her, crossing her legs casually.

Kes took a sip, pausing in the middle to watch Amila down the entire glass in a single gulp. Amila sat for a second, a combination of letting the bourbon do its work and thinking about her next course of action.

"I have money."

Kes looked at her askew, "I'm sure you do, but what kind of an assassin would I be if I let the person I was hired to kill simply buy me off? I'll tell you what kind; unemployed."

"Perhaps," Amila stood and approached. "We can work out some other payment; something more valuable than money seeing as how I'm newly unattached. I am willing to try it with women too.”

As she walked up, Kes noticed that she was purposefully swaying her hips more than usual. Stopping a few feet from Kes, Amila reached behind her and pulled the zip on the back of her dress down. Now unzipped, the dress fell to the floor revealing her body. She wore no bra as the gown had provided all the support in that area she needed. A tiny black g-string covered her most intimate of parts, barely hiding the small cleft of her womanhood between her legs. A black garter held her stockings up. Other than her jewellery and four inch spike heels, she wore nothing else.

Amila stood, unmoving and allowing Kes' eyes to roll over her body. Kes inhaled as she took in the sight of her; she was truly stunning. Amila's body was long and lean, but her breasts were full and hung heavily on her chest.

After a few more seconds, Amila reached up and pulled several pins from her hair which was up. Shaking her head side to side, she let the long black locks cascade over her shoulders and flow free. As she did, her movements sent her breasts swaying side to side, each bouncing off the other.

Leaning down, she placed her hands on the arms of the chair. As she did so, it caused her tits to hang even lower and gave Kes a clear view of her ample breasts; a view which Kes took no effort to hide that she was taking in. Amila simply smiled as she watched Kes stare at them.

"Now how about I make a deposit on that payment I mentioned..."

"Well Amila, looks like you're in luck. I'm interested in other women as well as men. In fact, I prefer other women better." Kes replied, while Amila dropped to her knees as she looked up at her with a sultry expression on her face.

"Stay where you are and don't move." Kes said moving away from the couch, and then walked up to a small set of draws to retrieve a pink coloured double sided dildo. "I've prepared for this in advance." She continued as a devilish grin split her face, and her teeth gleamed under the suite's lighting as she walked back to where Amila was, and hadn't moved.

Moving with the purpose of a woman who felt her life was at stake; Amila took the dildo from Kes, opened her pants quickly, and shoved the dildo into Kes's vagina. 

Kes flinched. "Cold," she said in reference to Amila's hands touching the sides of her vagina. 

Amila then took the dildo in her hands, where like a real cock, it felt stiff.

"Well then," Amila told Kes as she stoked the dildo that was now inside of her. "How about we warm things up down there?"

Kes' head fell back and she inhaled sharply as she felt the dildo push into her, while at the same time Amila's warm wet mouth slid over the fake sex organ. Lifting her head and peering down, Kes watched the top of Amila's head bob up and down over her crotch as she gave her the head job. Amila pulled the dildo deep into her mouth, letting her plump lips slide over the shaft, massaging it as she worked it with her tongue as well.

Kes dug her fingers into the leather of the chair, scratching it, "Oh fuck!" She muttered as Amila worked her with purpose.

Kes was surprised when in only a minute or two, she felt her orgasm welling up.

"Oh shit! I— I'm gonna cum!" Kes blurted out almost apologetically, a bit embarrassed that Amila had managed to finish her so fast.

Amila looked up, a line of drool stretching from her perfect and full lips to the head of the dildo that stuck out of Kes' vagina like it were a cock. Amila smiled wickedly at Kes, "We can't be having that now can we; at least not so soon."

Amila seemed to be mocking Kes slightly, but she didn't care.

Lowering her head, Amila began sucking hard on the tip of the dildo, while she caressed and fondled the sides of Kes’ vagina with her hands. After another thirty seconds or so, Kes felt the stirrings of her climax dampen and subside, until she was left only with the incredible pleasure of Amila's hands touching her, and her mouth pushing the dildo deeper into her pussy.

Seeming to sense that the danger of Kes cumming had passed, Amila pushed her mouth down over Kes’s fake cock again, taking the entire length into her orifice and beyond. The tip of the dildo pushed against the rear of her mouth and likewise, the end of the dildo pushed deep into Kes’ pussy. Amila paused and took a deep breath before forcing the rest of the dildo deep into her throat, sealing the airway, while at the same time continuing to massage the sides of Kes’ pussy with one hand. This, caused an incredible wave of ecstasy to wash over Kes.

"OH SHIT!" Kes screamed at the top of her lungs, as her body tensed and her heels scraped the carpet as she kicked her legs out.

Amila held the fake cock deep in her throat. Kes could feel Amila’s soft hand continue to massage the edges of her pussy. Kes was panting and whimpering as again, she fought not to cum. Kes couldn't believe how long Amila was able to hold the position without any air.

Finally, after over a minute, Amila pulled her head back and inhaled deeply, as a large amount of saliva fell from her open and panting mouth, and washed over the dildo. While she caught her breath, Amila continued by pushing the dildo hard, in an in and out motion hard with her hands, until Kes began to feel the familiar stirrings of yet another orgasm brewing.

Amila gave Kes a look that said, 'Again? Really?,' as if she was exasperated at Kes’ lack of stamina. Bending down, Amila took her end of the fake cock between her lips, and began pumping her head up and down fast as it also continued to push Kes’ end of the fake cock in and out of her vagina.

Kes could tell that Amila wasn't going to ease off this time to let her climax subside. It was obvious that Amila had decided to end this escapade sooner rather than later. Kes gripped the arms of the chair, digging her nails into the leather and tearing it.

"Yes! Oh fuck!" Kes muttered under her breath as she felt herself about to cum.

Amila could feel Kes reaching the tipping point but didn't stop this time; in fact she increased her movements, sucking faster on her end of the fake cock. Kes tensed almost to the point that it appeared she might fall from the chair, as she released her bodily fluids which Amila tasted as it spurted in her face.

Amila withdrew her mouth from the dildo, and then pulled it out completely from Kes’ vagina. She moved her head forward and tongued Kes’ vagina, wildly licking it, then kissing it, and then licking it again. Kes was trembling and her face was grimacing as her pussy grew so sensitive, that the sensations were becoming hard to bear. Kes’ orgasm though, wasn't done, and several more spurts of cum shot outward from her hole nearly a foot into the air falling over Amila’s pale soft skin. One long strand fell across her face, stretching from her upper lip to the middle of her forehead. A second stream hit her in the cheek, and quickly began to drip and run down her face to her jaw line. A third fell across Amila’s left large almond shaped eye, forcing her to close her eyelid as the thick gooey stuff was caught in her long lashes.

Finally, Kes' body fell back into the chair as she nearly collapsed from the exertion of the orgasm Amila had given her.

"Oh fuck!" Kes said between pants, as she watched her fluids running down Amila's beautiful face, and dripping from between her lips and onto her magnificent breasts. 

After another half a minute or so, Amila sat back on her heels, feeling that there was nothing more to do. Reaching over to the table, she took the towel that Kes had laid the diamonds on between her fingers, and pulled it to her and began to wipe Kes' vaginal fluids from her skin.

"Well?" Amila asked seductively, as if she couldn't tell from Kes' current state of wheezing and dishevelment, that she had immensely enjoyed what had just happened.

Kes' weak smile told her all she needed to know. Kes stood and zipped her pants up, and then pointed back to the chair behind her... "Sit."

Amila looked up at Kes, unsure of what was going to happen. Kes gave her no inclination of if she had bought her life back or not, so she decided to play along to see what happened. Amila was a master at manipulating men and she knew, that indifferently, she could manipulate a lesbian woman too. Her best choice of action was to play along and do exactly that with Kes, submitting to her until she knew if she had been turned to her side or not. Standing, Amila again sat in the same chair, and in front of the same comm tablet as before.

As she watched tentatively, Kes slipped a second data chip from her jacket on the chair, and loaded it into the comm tablet. Amila watched as new holo images began to materialise, brushing the hair which now hung into her face to the side. The face of Holden Bordas appeared again.

Hello again Amila my dear. I'm afraid I wasn't entirely honest with you in the first recording I made."

Amila looked to Kes standing against the far wall and sipping on a glass, enjoying a post climax bourbon.

"You see Amila, I told Kes that after you watched my first recording, that she was to let you decide your course of action. If you professed your love or at least your loyalty for me and accepted your fate with dignity, she was then to return you to me unharmed. On the other hand if you're watching this holo recording, we both know that's not the route you chose. If you are watching me now, then it means you offered yourself to her just as I suspected you would. And it also confirms my worst fears about your nature; that you are simply a manipulative opportunist and willing, whether with men or other women, to use your beauty and body to gain your ends, just as you did with me. And I simply cannot be sure that is not what you are continuing to do. And so, for the second and final time tonight, I will say I love you Amila and goodbye. Ms. En’jusek, she is yours."

The hologram vanished in thin air.


Amila fell from the chair to her knees nearly hysterical, as she screamed at the now empty air where the hologram of Holden had been as if that might save her. Lurching forward she stood and grabbed the comm tablet, hurling it across the room where it bounced off a desk, breaking.

Just as she turned and began to plead to Kes for mercy...


Kes whipped her hand across Amila's face, slapping her hard across the cheek. Amila’s head snapped to the side and she was thrown backwards from the force of the blow. She collapsed onto the sofa, her face buried as she fought through the intense stinging. She looked up...

"P— Pl— please, don't... don't do this."

Kes leapt onto her, straddling Amila’s torso and pinning Amila’s right arm under her leg. Kes’ hands found Amila’s throat as she wrapped her fingers around Amila’s graceful neck.

“I’ll share a little secret with you. Years before you even served in Skysec’s Secret Service— from back in Skycom's glory days when Gabriel Skyhawk was the CEO, and Skycom virtually co-ruled the United Systems of Sol alongside the Drex Dynasty. In those days, the directors of Skysec were first Cerberus, and then Skycom’s current CEO Kristy Langley. I Amila, was their personal assassin. Kristy was nothing like her late mother Cerberus. After Skycom's and the Drex Dynasty's fall in the Sol System, Kristy and I had a falling out which lead to us going our seperate ways. Moving forward, I worked as a free assassin which included doing several jobs for the Gexin Combine. That's where I met Holden Bordas. Now, look at me Amila, I’m beautiful— but, so are you, and I love killing beautiful women more than I love killing handsome men!"

Amila’s eyes were open wide as she stared up at Kes’ face with its wild look of murderous intent. She knew this was no joke. Kes meant to kill her. Amila was frantic to live. She reached up with her left hand, the only one she had free, and tried to push Kes off her. Her hand found Kes’ face and she pushed hard but to no effect. Kes moved her head back and away, to prevent Amila from clawing at her as she squeezed her throat hard enough to cut off her air.

After twenty seconds or so, Amila realised she was being strangled to death and began to pound her fist against Kes’ shoulder and chest, while she made gurgling noises. Kes barely felt the blows as she kept wringing the life from her.

"That's it bitch! Fight! It won't matter!"

Amila was growing weaker. Her hand clutched at Kes’ shirt feebly. Her eyes were rolling back into their sockets as Kes cut off not just her air, but also the flow of blood to her brain as she squeezed. Amila began to fade; her vision dimmed and her body went limp.

'I— I am— m going to d—die,' she thought to herself, but just then she took a huge flood of air that hit her aching lungs.

The weight of Kes lifted from her and she fell to the floor, holding her chest and gulping in air. As the burning in her chest subsided, she looked up. Kes was standing a few feet away looking down on her. Thinking she had gotten a reprieve...

"Th— thank y— you. I— I'll pay. I can pay you. Thank you."

Kes smiled wide and chuckled, and any good feelings Amila had at her respite faded quickly.

"This isn't a reprieve bitch! Just a pause. I'm going to take my time with you and enjoy myself. Usually the people I'm hired to kill are men, and if they are a woman they aren't particularly attractive. Would you believe that usually if I want to kill an attractive woman I have to do it for free, and that's because no one really pays me to kill anyone attractive. I just go out there and randomly kill them for pure pleasure, and I've killed hundreds over a span of two decades. You Amila are special because you’re a beautiful woman that I’ve been paid to kill."

Kes approached and crouched down next to her as she heaved, gulping in air. Her body tensed when she saw Kes produce a knife with a long thin blade from behind her.

"Pl— ple— ease, I— I..."

"Ssshhhhh," Kes responded as she moved the knife to Amila’s face. Amila stiffened, daring not to move as she felt the cold metal against her skin.

"P— p— please, Holden wouldn't want this. He wouldn't want me to suffer like this."

Kes was using the knife to trace around Amila’s lips, outlining them, "You're quite right Miss Kassaby. In fact, he was very specific in his instructions that I was not to be overly harsh with you."

"Then why?"

Kes smiled wickedly at her, "Quite simply... I lied to him. I told Mr. Bordas what he needed to hear to secure employment. Now don't think me so desperate for money that I did it for that purpose."

Kes shook her head as she spoke.

"No, no, nothing as droll. It wasn't until I saw your picture that I knew I needed to secure this job. You see girl, in my personal opinion, there is nothing better than the face of a beautiful woman twisted in pain. Every single woman that I’ve killed over the years has brought me indulging pleasure— and without failure. YOU, Amila, are indeed a very beautiful woman, perhaps even more beautiful than I am.”

Lowering the blade, Kes poked the tip into the soft flesh of Amila’s left tit causing her to flinch in pain.

"Someone is excited," Kes said to her as she poked at the tiny rock hard pebble shaped dot.

Reaching down, Kes slipped her fingers between the edge of Amila’s g-string and her soft thigh, and then lowered the knife as well. The blade cut easily through the thin fabric, and she repeated the motion on the opposite side of Amila’s waist. Pulling the tiny covering away, Kes lifted Amila’s underwear to her face and inhaled deeply, smelling the familiar feminine aroma of a woman’s vagina before tucking them into her pocket.

"Pl— please..."

Kes pressed a finger to Amila’s lips, cutting her off before stepping back as she eyed her hungrily up and down admiring her body, as Amila stood before her nearly nude and totally exposed. Amila stood rigid and silent as she let Kes violate her with her eyes. Amila’s arms were pressed against her sides, and her hands were balled into tight fists as she fought the urge to scream and run. Amila was hoping and praying that something would happen to allow her to escape, but after several long seconds, as Kes approached again, she realised her prayers were not to be answered.

"Pl— please Kes... we can talk about this," Amila pleaded as she moved ever so slightly back, away from her.

Kes turned and lifted the knife she still held. Amila gasped and recoiled, afraid she was going to use it on her. Instead Kes turned and with a quick and hard motion, she drove the blade tip into the polished wood driving it into the table. As Kes turned back to face her, Amila stared at it, glad it was out of Kes’ hands, but still knowing her situation was dire. Kes approached and reached up and wrapped her hand around Amila’s right breast, cupping it and massaging the flesh in her fingers. Taking her nipple between two of her fingers, Kes twisted hard causing Amila’s face to contort in pain, as she pinched the very sensitive area of her body.

"You are so beautiful Amila. I can’t resist in allowing a creature so alluring as you to eventually age and lose that beauty."

As Kes ran her eyes up and down Amila’s naked body again, Amila saw her opportunity. Acting quickly, she reached up and pushed her hands against Kes’ face and shoved her as hard as she could muster, clawing at Kes’ skin as she did.

Kes was pushed back and staggered slightly as she lost her footing. The shove wasn't that hard, but it did knock her off balance. She recovered quickly though and turned. She was grinning, seeming to enjoy that Amila was fighting back. While Kes was gathering her footing, Amila lunged towards the knife, grabbing it with both hands. She began to work the knife back and forth trying to pull it free from the table where it was imbedded. She was frantic, her hair disheveled and her face flushed. She knew this weapon might be the only thing standing between her and a certain death.

Kes saw what she was trying to do as well, and apparently realised she had been too casual in her efforts, and that Amila was about to gain access to a weapon. Kes lunged forward to stop her just as she jerked the blade free. Lifting it up, she met Kes in mid lunge as Kes felt the knife against her throat. Kes stood still, hands raised as Amila pressed the blade against her jugular.

"DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE!" Amila screamed at her.

"Okay, okay, don't do anything stupid Amila."

"Stupid?! Like slit your throat? Now, give me the key to the door!"

Kes paused, looking into the desperate and frightened eyes of the woman before her, and then she replied..."No."

"What? Give it to me or I'll..."

"What Amila? What are you going to do? In the past, you may have been an agent for Skysec’s Secret Service, but they merely used you as a spy to gather intel from their enemies. We both know you're not a killer."

"Pl— please... just give me the key and let me go," Amila begged.

Before Amila could react, Kes reached up suddenly, and took her wrist in her hand.

"NO!" Amila screamed as she tried to cut Kes, but was unable to overpower her grip as Kes wrenched the knife from her neck. Twisting Amila's arm, Kes forced her to turn, or allow her elbow to be broken. Kes turned Amila so her back was pressed against her and the knife, which was still in her hand, and was pressed against her own throat.

"Now drop it Amila, or I promise you, I will not have the same hesitations about using it that you did."

Amila was sobbing and seemed resigned to her fate, "J— just get it over with you bitch!"

Taking the knife in her free hand, Kes pulled it from Amila's fingers and threw it across the hotel room, "No Amila, I'm afraid your end won't be that easy."

Grabbing both her arms, Kes lifted them and wrapped one of her hands around both of Amila's wrists, and pinned them against Amila's chest as she struggled, but was unable to break free. Reaching back with her now free hand, Kes reached into one of her pockets, and grabbed a long piece of cloth she had brought with her. Using the long length of fabric, Kes began to wrap it around Amila's wrists, binding them.

"NO!" Amila screamed, but was unable to stop her hands from being bound tightly.

Grabbing Amila by the hair with one hand, and still holding the remaining length of the cloth with the other, Kes began to drag Amila towards one of the open doors out of the hotel room. They entered the bedroom, and Kes pulled the fighting woman towards the large king sized bed in the middle of the far wall.

"NO! DON'T! You psycho bitch!" Amila was continuing to scream at Kes as the sight of the bed and what it implied filled her mind.

Reaching the edge, Kes tossed Amila roughly onto the soft comforter that covered the mattress. Kneeling beside her, Kes wrapped the remaining three feet or so of fabric of the cloth around the heavy wooden headboard and tied it off there, securing Amila's hands above her head as she was laid out on her back on the bed. Kes paused, panting from the exertion of wrestling with her and stroked Amila's face. She jerked her head away from Kes...

"Don't touch me!" she yelled.

Kes smiled evilly at her as she slid off the bed and began to undo her pants, "Oh, I'm going to do more than touch you Amila. I knew the moment I saw your picture that I was going to rape you."

As she spoke, Kes began to strip off her clothing until after only a few seconds she was totally naked. Whilst dragging Amila into the bedroom, Kes had taken the double sided dildo with her. She shoved one side of the fake cock into her pussy, and on the other side, she held it in her hand, and began to stroke it.

"You were never going to return me to Holden, no matter what I did, were you?"

Kes smiled again, "Smart girl... of course not. No matter what you did, your fate was sealed once you walked into the hotel. I would simply tell Holden Bordas that you weren't to be trusted and had to be eliminated."

Kes climbed onto the bed, kneeling next to Amila as her eyes fell to Kes' fake cock pointing at her like a weapon. Amila, sensing the immediacy of her violation, began to kick her legs wildly in an effort to try and stop Kes.

"NO! Get away from me!" she screamed as Kes grabbed her by the ankles.

Kes seemed to be enjoying herself the more Amila fought. After a few seconds, she managed to grab Amila's legs and push them wide and slide between her long thighs. Placing her hands on Amila's knees, Kes pushed them wide and gazed down, smiling at the sight of her vagina open and exposed in front of her. Seeming to accept her fate, Amila turned her head to the side and closed her eyes as tears began to flow down her cheeks.

"Look at me!" Kes told her curtly, but she ignored her.


Kes slapped Amila hard across the face, taking her by surprise as her eyes were still closed.


Amila turned her head and opened her eyes, looked up at Kes, and smiled. "There, that's better," Kes told her as she held her chin in her hand, lifting it.

Pushing Amila's legs open further, Kes manoeuvred herself between Amila's thighs and lowered her hips, angling her fake cock towards her defenceless vagina opening. Taking a large handful of Amila's hair, Kes held her head up as Amila felt Kes enter her.

"YYAAAHHHH!" Amila screamed as she was violated by Kes' dildo.

Thrusting it hard, Kes drove the length of the dildo that wasn't already inside of her into Amila. "Ah fuck! You like that bitch?!"

Kes began to thrust over and over, riding her hard. Still holding Amila's hair with one hand as she used the other to prop herself up on the mattress, she was violently jerking Amila's head back and forth, adding pain to her violation.

"Oh yeah... take that bitch... take every inch I got!" Kes snarled at Amila as she raped her over and over.

Amila wasn't saying anything, seeming to accept her fate and realising that there was nothing she could say or do to stop or change it. While still crying, she was staring past Kes looking off into the distance.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Kes was yelling as she thrust over and over into her wildly, obviously savouring every second she was fucking the powerless woman underneath her.

Amila couldn't believe her predicament. The fact that the man she loved had basically sold her to be killed was bad enough. But on top of that, the violation she was now experiencing was pushing her mind nearly to the breaking point. Amila Kassaby had been an agent for Skysec for most of her adult life, until she had fallen in love with Holden. She had been confident and in charge in all her dealings with enemy rivals. So to be reduced to a slave who was helpless to prevent even her own rape at the hands of not a man, but a woman who was nothing more than a psycho and a thug, was an insult to all she stood for.

After another minute of rape, Kes began to slow her thrusts. Pulling out, she pushed herself back, kneeling between Amila's thighs. Kes was covered and dripping with sweat and panting, staring down at the spread before her.

"You're cunt is so sweet Amila."

Grabbing Amila by the hair again, Kes tilted her head back... "but I bet you're arsehole is even better."

'Phtuh'... Amila spat into Kes' face, "You psycho bitch!"

Kes leaned back again, wiping Amila’s saliva from her cheek, she smiled, obviously still enjoying Amila fight. Kes climbed off the bed, surprising Amila as she watched Kes and not knowing what she was doing, but knowing it probably wasn't good for her. Standing next to the bed, Kes appeared to be looking around the room. Seeing the lamp, she reached behind it and yanked the cord out of the back and tore it from the wall.

Amila’s eyes went wide with terror as she saw Kes climbing back onto the bed, while also wrapping one end of the cord around one of her hands.

"NO! Kes please!"

Grabbing her, Kes flipped Amila onto her stomach and mounted her from behind. "Shut up bitch! You knew this was how this was going to end!"

Taking her fake cock into her hand, Kes guided the tip between Amila’s arse cheeks, and let it push into her rectum.

"GYAH!" Amila screamed as she felt a sharp pain as Kes began to sodomise her forcibly.

Anal sex was something Amila had done in the past, but she was not a fan of it. Every few months she had given into Holden, and let him plunder her arsehole, but only to keep him from bringing it up at least for a while. Amila gritted her teeth as she felt Kes force her fake cock inside her rear, forcing apart her sphincter muscles. But even as her mind reeled from this newest and more severe violation, she knew the worst was yet to come. She didn't have to wait long as almost immediately after shoving her fake cock into her arse, Kes began to wrap the electrical cord from the lamp around her throat.

"Please Kes, don't kill me! I can pay you! I'll do anything... ANYTH—"

Amila’s last scream was cut off as Kes yanked the two ends of the cord as hard as she could. The elastic combination of metal wires and plastic sheath constricted around Amila’s neck and dug in deeply. Kes wrapped the two ends around her hands and tightened her fists around the ends. Holding one of her hands against the back of Amila’s neck, Kes pulled with the other. The cord's covering made a creaking noise as it stretched and cracked.

As Kes strangled Amila, she began to thrust hard into her rectum, driving her fake cock deep into her rear. The pain Amila was in was nearly beyond comprehension. The combination of having her arsehole ripped apart, her throat and windpipe nearly crushed, and the burning of her lungs, all came together to create a hell for her that she had not thought possible. All this physical agony mingled with the psychological terror of being raped, and the knowledge that she was nearly certainly going to die, and Amila’s mind and psyche almost collapsed in on itself.

"That's it bitch! Take it! Take it all you cunt!" Kes was snarling at her as she murdered the other woman.

Not satisfied with her suffering, Kes decided to add to it. Unwrapping one end of the cord from her right hand, she transferred it to the left, and used that one hand to pull on both ends. As Kes did this, the cord loosened momentarily and allowed Amila to get several much needed gulps of air into her lungs, delaying her imminent death. Unfortunately, this was as much a curse as a blessing as it only served to prolong her suffering. If she had been given the choice, Amila most likely would have chosen to end her agony and succumb to the blackness of unconsciousness and ultimately, death.

Pulling the ends of the cord with her left hand, Kes cut off her air a second time. Pulling back her right, Kes drove her knuckles into Amila’s kidney. Amila’s entire body bucked as a new wave of pain shot through her. A second and third hard punch to Amila’s side, cracked and then broke several of her ribs, which given how thin she was, were exposed under only a thin covering of light muscle and flesh.

At this point, the combination of impending demise and agony became too much for Amila, and she began to kick and struggle wildly. Kes was caught by surprise and nearly thrown off her and the bed, as Amila bucked uncontrollably underneath her.

Smiling to herself though, Kes remounted her quickly, and Amila’s wild tossing, only added to her pleasure and enjoyment as she kept raping and killing her.

"That's it Amila... FIGHT! Fight to live you cunt!"

Amila was quickly reaching a point of no return, as millions upon millions of her brain cells began to explode as they were deprived of the oxygen they needed to live. Her mouth was wide as she desperately tried to suck in any air she could. Amila’s normally beautiful face was a twisted and horrific version of itself. Her eyes were bulging, and her nostrils flared as her tongue was sticking out of her mouth and moving side to side wildly. Amila’s usually pale skin was turning red, while her hands and fingers turned blue as her bindings cut off the blood flow to her appendages.

As Kes kept up the pressure on Amila's throat, she felt her second orgasm of the night welling up inside her. Kes began to thrust even harder as her body tensed and her muscles contracted; One end of the double sided dildo was deep into Amila's rectum, while the other end was simultaneously pushing at Kes' clitoris, which ultimately, caused her to cum. Both Kes and Amila were thrashing and jerking wildly, and from a distance it might have appeared that they were simply two lovers lost in the pleasure of the moment, and in the throes of passion. But nothing could be further from the truth, as Amila was far from ecstasy. As Kes' orgasm neared its end, Amila also neared hers. Both of them began to go limp and their movements stalled. Kes did not let the cord loosen, determined not to give her victim a reprieve even while she lost focus. Kes' eyes fluttered, and her mouth was open in a silent scream as the final moments of her climax passed.

Kes fell forward, driving Amila's head face down into the bed, her body spread, as Kes collapsed on top of her.

"Oh fuck... Oh yeah... Oh fuck..." Was all Kes kept repeating as she panted, and felt she might pass out from the incredible orgasm she had just experienced.

Underneath Kes, Amila's legs stiffened, and her heeled feet lifted from the bed as they jerked. Kes knew she was in her final death throes and had only moments of life left. Pulling herself up, Kes' fake cock slipped from Amila's arsehole, and she crossed her arms at the wrists, pulling the garrotte even tighter around Amila's throat. Amila's body gave a few final jerks before it went limp and she settled into the bed.

Not letting go of the cord for several more seconds, Kes' body finally gave out, and she let go of the garrotte and rolled off Amila. Exhausted and wanting nothing more than to go to sleep, Kes knew that she could not. Laying her head back, Kes did allow herself several minutes to relax and savour the fading sensations of pleasure.

Rolling over to her side, Kes grabbed Amila's body and rolled her onto her back next to her. Amila's face was twisted into a horrifying expression that showed just how brutal her death had been. Reaching down, Kes cupped one of her full C cup breasts and squeezed it hard, smiling to herself as she pinched her nipple. Even though she pinched hard enough to cause her pain, Amila lay still and motionless.

Sitting up, Kes untied Amila's wrists from the bed and lifted her. Sliding behind Amila's corpse, she was now seated behind her and leaning back against the headboard. Taking Amila's chin in one hand, and a handful of her long black hair in the other... "Better safe than sorry," Kes said to herself as she twisted Amila's head to the side, and turned it nearly one hundred and eighty degrees backwards. Kes heard a 'CRUNCH!' as she snapped Amila's neck. Letting her go, Amila slumped to the side and fell face first into the comforter of the bed.

Sitting back, Kes panted and drew in several deep breaths as she savoured the final moments of this kill. In all her years as an assassin, this was definitely up there with her best and most thrilling kills.

Taking Amila by the arm, Kes flipped her roughly off the bed, and her body slumped to the floor and landed with a 'THUD' in a heap. Climbing off the bed, Kes stepped over her as she headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

About a half hour later, Kes En'jusek was dressed and clean as she stepped from the bathroom. Stepping to Amila, Kes lifted her by the hair and hoisted her up and over her shoulder. Walking into the living area of the hotel suite, she opened the closet door, and removed a large trunk used for travelling from it. Carrying both the luggage and the corpse to the centre of the room, Kes dropped Amila roughly to the floor. Reaching down, she untied Amila's hands and placed the cloth that had been used to do so in her pocket.

Opening the trunk, Kes laid it on the back with the two halves open and pointing upward. Stepping to Amila, she slipped her arms under Amila's shoulders and lifted her as she dragged her to the trunk. Lining Amila up with one of the open halves, Kes dropped her unceremoniously into it. Manoeuvring her to try and fit her body inside, Kes began to twist and turn Amila's long legs, but found they would not fit.

"Well, dammit," Kes muttered as she stood trying to figure out what to do. Kes knew she could not carry Amila's body through the hotel lobby, and so her plan from the beginning was to transport her out in this rather expensive piece of luggage she had bought the day prior.

Just then, her comm device beeped. Reaching into her pocket, Kes pulled the small device out and looked at the display.

"Great," Kes muttered as she answered the incoming transmission, but as audio only. "Mr. Bordas, I told you I would contact you when the job was done."

The man who had hired Kes was on the other end of the connection.

"Yes, ah, Ms. En'jusek...," he sounded hesitant as he spoke, "I, well, I know but I couldn't wait. Since I didn't hear from you I am assuming Amila did not pass our little test?"

"No sir, no I'm sorry but she did not. I had to eliminate her."

There was a long pause after Kes spoke...

"I— I understand. I suppose I knew what had to be done but still... I had hoped..."

"I understand sir, but as it turns out she couldn't be trusted. This was the best thing."

"Yes, yes, I agree... but I trust you made it quick and as painless as possible?"

"Of course Mr. Bordas," as Kes spoke she looked down at the grimacing face of her victim laying in the trunk, " was very quick. I took her by surprise and I don't think she felt much at all."

"Good good..."

As Holden spoke, Kes seemed to have an idea and picked up a table chair, and moved it to the base of the trunk. Lifting Amila's leg, she stretched it out and placed her ankle on the flat part of the chair.

Holden continued... "But I do ask Ms. En'jusek, please show Amila's remains the respect she deserves. This was the woman I loved after all."

"Oh yes, of course... could you hold on a second Mr Bordas..."

Lowering the comm device, Kes lifted her foot high into the air and brought it down onto Amila's kneecap. Driving her foot to the floor, Amila's leg snapped and folded back in on itself. Taking her foot, Kes was now able to twist her leg so that it fit into the trunk... "There, that's better."

Lifting the comm device to her ear again, "Don't you worry Mr. Bordas, I'm treating Ms. Kassaby with all the dignity that she deserves. Now, what about the other part of our agreement?"

"Well thank you for your services Ms. En'jusek, and rest assured, your passage to Earth is secured. Sending you all that you need to your comm device now."

A series of low frequency beeps to the comm device confirmed delivery of the documents that Kes needed. In having no reason to not trust Holden regarding the authenticity of the received documents, Kes terminated the connection as she lifted Amila's other leg to the chair. After shattering it as well, she folded it and forced Amila into the trunk. Looking down at Amila's corpse, "...all the respect she deserves, and now with my passage to Earth secured, former President Zaneca, will also get all the respect she so truly deserves."

Locking the trunk, Kes then proceeded to remove the bedding, and placed it in a second bag she had brought. Spraying the mattress with a mixture of bleach and water would degrade any remaining DNA she had left. Finally, wiping down all surfaces to eliminate prints, Kes slipped her jacket back on, put on her aviators, and wheeled her luggage out of the room and into the hallway towards the lift.

Once downstairs, she handed the valet an electronic chip that acted as a ticket, and waited for her hovercar to be brought up from the parking garage. Once it arrived, the valet opened the hovercar's boot and lifted the luggage containing Amila into it. Kes smiled as she noted the young man grimacing as he felt the weight of its contents. Once finished, Kes handed him a one hundred credit chip, and the young valet's face lit up at the sight of the large tip.

"Wow, thanks ma'am. I trust you're stay was enjoyable?"

As Kes was about to get into the driver's side of the hovercar she paused, "Yes, very enjoyable indeed."

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