Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.


4. Epigraph.



Paralysed while still shocked at the revelation. Someone was grabbing her. Firm but soft hands on her shoulders. Before she knew what was happening, she hit the water. It filled her mouth. It was in her eyes. Flooding her ears and her nose, stopping all breath. All she could feel was the water, pressing down on her from all sides. She opened her mouth, but inhaled a lungful of the liquid instead.

She thrashed the surface as her head was suddenly yanked back out of the water, gasping for air, coughing, her lungs burning, waiting for the moment those hands would grab her and force her back down again.

Then the inevitable thought entered her head, had she finally met her end... she gave up struggling.

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