Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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3016 - KnM Blade: Part 2 (Published 2019-01-03)
3016/17 - KnM Blade: Part 3 (Available by mid to later part of 2020)
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3018 - I Love You And You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi And Mako Jhasmin (Published 2018-06-15)
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3028 - Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal (Published 2019-07-13)

3039/42 - Time’s Arrow (KnM Blade version. Available in 2020)
3044 - Total Recall (KnM Blade version)
3052 - Reunion: Part 1 (KnM Blade version)
3052 - Reunion: Part 2 (KnM Blade version)

17. Chapter 9.

Chapter 9.


I shut the car’s door behind me and turned the key in the ignition. The car made a half hearted attempt at starting and then died. As I tried it a second time, and it irritatedly failed to start again, the passenger door opened with a slight squeak, and Mako climbed in. I looked up at her, startled, but she didn’t say a word.

"Let me try," she said nudging my hand off the key. I let her and inexplicably her GTR purred into life. I was rewarded with a laugh, however, not before I couldn’t help but give her a scowl that imitated one that she would often do at me.

"She's a great car," Mako smiled watching me tugging on my shirt, her face lighting up when she began talking. "She's quick and reliable— if you treat her with respect.”

"I am respectful. C’mon Jhazzy you know that, but Vickers pushed me hard and played his usual dirty games and tactics. If he weren’t such a cunt, your car here would have faired a lot better after that race.” I tried to contain my grin, unsuccessfully, as I glanced over at Mako before turning back to watch the road ahead and drive away.

“Yeah but now the repair bill to my car is gonna soar through the roof Kixi.” She said with heavy sarcasm, looking at me as I turned my head away from her.

"Well," I sighed. "You were the one insisting on me taking and racing your GTR. I was actually content on taking my Saab... remember?”

“Yeah I know.” She replied shaking her head at me as she slapped me on the shoulder, giggling. “It’s just hilarious how my car refused to start for you but not for me.”

“I guess your car is into you,” I shot back smirking before turning an all serious face back at her. “But seriously Mako Jhasmin, all jokes aside for now, we have bigger concerns to worry about at the moment other than your car— and that’s Kes.”

"Ah yes, Kes, she has to be made to suffer! That girl, she's put us both through a lot of hell over the years. Just keep that in mind Kixi, because we wouldn’t want you to go all softy on her once it comes down to the crunch." Mako said unable to resist a gentle tease. “Or otherwise I’ll just have to be like Paige that time when it came down to killing Cerberus, and do it for you.”

“That’s not gonna happen,” I responded meekly and smiled, “but for the record, Paige insisted she kill Cerberus when her and I undertook that mission.”

“Yeah but we all know you hesitated cos you felt sorry for her... you softy.” Mako went on; persistently; her unconvincingly weak effort to stir me up becoming an annoyance.

“Yeah whatever Mako Jhasmin,” I sighed heavily, refusing to even take my eyes away from the road for the briefest of seconds to take a side glance at her, choosing not to retaliate to her lame sarcasm. Although now most certainly was not the time for it, I was so tempted to slap her across the face simply to put her back into her place where she belonged— “Fucking little shit,” I quietly muttered under my breath.

Then, from absolutely nothing, it was as if she could sense my feelings of hostility of wanting to slap her, and went silent. Yet she hadn’t sensed a thing. Snapping into a trance like state, she felt something deeper; so sudden; her mind wandered away.

Her heart began pounding, but it wasn’t the kind of pounding that could drive a person to their knees. It was reverberating in her chest, that if she breathed slow enough, she could have felt it through her shoulders, down in her spine, and into her feet. For a moment she didn’t even realise that she had shut her eyes. Lines of light from the sky traffic above streaked across the night sky; endlessly; but in her mind, those continuous streaks eventually burst into tiny fragments of malfunctioning memories that dissolved into darkness.

"No! Please!" eM screamed and screamed trying to get someone's attention, but gained nothing.

"Sorry girl, you should have thought about the consequences before teaming up with Kay Blade. So as long as I'm here and around, you'll be doing what I say, when I say it," Kes told eM inching closer and closer to her face as she spoke.

eM spat out at her. "I will never give you the pleasure in raping me before you kill me!" She twisted her arm left and right trying to get free, but couldn't. 

In knowing that eM was going to knee her in her groin, Kes blocked it, but it didn’t end there. eM stomped on Kes’ foot, making Kes move her hand from her groin and put it on her aching toe. eM then took the opportunity to knee Kes right in the stomach, causing her to let go of her. Throbbing with pain, Kes crouched in pure agony.

eM then ran almost to freedom, but, of course, like a damsel in distress couldn't make it. Out of all days, eM had chosen this particular day to put her hair in a pony; Kes pulled her back by her pony tail, to ultimately throw eM onto the ground.

"You do not, I repeat, do not knee the superior Kes En’jusek in the stomach!" She exclaimed, her lips grew thin with anger, while her mouth thinned with displeasure.

Kes then looked eM in the eye and slapped her causing her head to abruptly jolt to the right, and her face to turn a deep shade of crimson. Any harder and her head would have dislocated from her neck. Although that matter was irrelevant, because Kes intended to kill her by either strangulation, or by performing a neck breaker. 

In Kes’ eyes, was a look of superiorness, like she had just conquered the world, so she struck her again, on the same cheek, her now burning cheek. eM burst out into tears, she needed her friends, she need me— Kay Blade, to come in and save her. Kes however, just kept on striking her in the face; relentlessly; with no remorse. 

Kes got off of eM, and punched her in the stomach, causing eM to curl into a ball and hold her bruised stomach. As she touched her face with her left hand, while with her right still held onto her stomach, she felt a warm liquid running down her face; it was blood, her blood. 

As eM was being fondled by Kes, an increasing pain just kept on coming; to no end was it going to stop; she cried out; futilely; for Kes to stop, but she wouldn't; she was being raped.

“Think of this as your final moments of sexual pleasure before I get to have the utmost joy in ending your useless pathetic fucking life!” Kes’ words were a breathy explosion that willed the anger out of her voice, while at the same time grunting in sexual delight.

Then from that point on, it was black.

Mako briefly opened her eyes for a fraction of a second, shook her head sharply, and then squeezed her eyes shut again.

“This isn't real, this isn't real.” She mumbled so softly that it made it difficult for me to catch what she was saying. But it was by far the most real of any flashback she'd had in the years since the incident involving Kes En’jusek had occurred. Everything looked, smelled, and felt real; the heat radiating from Kes’ body; her heavy intimidating breaths baring down on her; the smell of blood; the sound of Mako’s own cries for help.

Her heart continued to pound out, however now the pounding was somewhat soothed; soothed by a tiny crack on her side door window that allowed a small current of air in; a breeze that discovered the exposed skin of her face and arms, and intertwined between her fingers dangling listlessly at her side.

The car engine dulled the hammering of Mako’s heart as I continued to drive in silence. A few seconds later, snapping out of her trance like thoughts, she grasped the seatbelt laying across her chest with her right hand, and squeezed.

“Mako! Are you okay? What just happened?” I mumbled out with worriedly-bitten lips.

Paralysed and stiffened with anguish, she didn’t immediately answer. Her hair stood on end; her eyes wide opened; panting; without breath; and without voice; she stared at the road ahead; frozen.

“Mako Jhasmin, are you listening to me?" I felt a wave of panic surge through me as I raised my voice.

Still panting, and seemingly exhausted, Mako forced her brain to answer. “I’m okay Kixi. I just had some sort of flashback. It felt so vivid. So surreal. As if I had relived that moment where Kes beat me up, raped me and almost killed me.” 

"That happened almost a decade ago. I still remember it as if it were yesterday." I said, hesitantly.

I continued to concentrate on the road ahead, the rumbling, staccato, muffled roar of the car’s powerful displacement engine being accelerated hard, along with the sound of a loud, but mellow, muffler upon deceleration downshifts, dominated the interior cabin as Mako went all quiet again. 

Notwithstanding the fact that I was driving, she nestled herself next to me, as I managed to take a quick side glance away from the road and pressed a kiss to her jaw bone. 

With the temperature dropping outside, Mako had began feeling cold. She had already wrapped herself up in a blanket, while I turned the heater on together with the aircon in order to defrost the front windscreen, quickly clearing it."Kixi?" She asked quietly.

"Yes, Jhazzy?" I answered, my voice caressing.

She was silent for a moment. 

"I don't know," she eventually said, softly, and then continuing as she slightly raised her voice, said, "All I know is that flashback I just experienced was triggered because we came into contact with Kes. She is a terrible evil. It’s pure and simple. I just want her more than dead— I want her to suffer immensely." She buried her face in my collarbone. "It’s entirely up to us to make that so Kixi."

I then pressed my free hand to the back of her head and kissed her hair. "It's okay Jhazzy, it’s gonna be okay. All in due time we will deal with Kes.”

“All in due time.” I repeated softly.

She didn’t answer at first, but then she looked up into my eyes and whispered, "and that will be later tonight."


Thirty minutes later...


"Fucking stupid piece of motherfucking whore!" I screamed, only just having arrived at our destination. After throwing the car’s keys against the windshield, I pounded my fists against the steering wheel, and stamped my foot on the car’s floor in vexation.

Taking deep breaths, I tried to calm myself down, resting my head against the steering wheel. I closed my eyes and willed myself to relax. 

"Fucking idiot," I cursed myself under my breath. “It would have just been easier to kill her when she had showed up at the race meet. She wouldn’t have seen it coming, and although everyone would have seen me literally commit murder, once the authorities got involved, we would have been cleared since she is a wanted assassin who is responsible for the deaths of countless of innocent victims. Now we have to go through all this unnecessary hell just so she can be permanently silenced.”

Mako turned her hips in the seat so that her torso was facing mine, and her light brownish eyes stared into my blue ones. Then, slowly, she reached across the space between us to take my face in her hands. She stroked my cheek bone with her thumb, her eyes skimmed my brow, my jaw, and then my lips. She leaned forward closing her eyes, and pressed her lips softly to mine.

Unlike our kisses from this morning and earlier in the evening, this kiss was tender. Her mouth slid over mine, her tongue caressed the crease of my lips. Her fingers danced to the back of my neck where they traced light patterns in my hair, sending shivers down my spine that had nothing to do with the cold. She nipped lightly at my lip, sending electricity shooting straight down to my groin.

Mako reached over me and pulled the lever at my side, releasing the seat into a prone position. She unzipped the lower part of her clothing, and awkwardly pushed that part of her outfit down her ankles until it fell to the floor. Then, climbing into my lap, she straddled my hips. From there, she left the upper part of my own clothes on, but undone the lower part. Slipping her hand inside to stroke my pussy, it ultimately made me gasp.

"I can’t ever get enough of you," she whispered, her voice like velvet, "It’s a pity we have to get intimate with Kes later, even if it’s only for a means to allure her before striking her down." 

She freed me from my underwear and took hold of the dildo we had used earlier on at the race meet, and pushed it inside of my pussy. She nudged her own underwear aside with the dildo’s tip, sliding down onto me with a strangled noise in the back of her throat. Her head came forward to rest against mine, her eyes closed, her lips parted. "But don’t get too harsh on yourself for not simply killing Kes when she had rocked up at the race meet. Torturing Kes and making a good live sex toy out of her will be a whole lot more entertaining," she continued, breathing hard and holding absolutely still.

Having no idea what she had meant by her ‘live sex toy’ comment, I quickly brushed it off as no more than a joke. 

Then, her muscles down below tightened around me and my eyes rolled back into my head.

"Fuck! Jhazzy!" I breathed urgently, my arms going around her body and clutching her hard. 

She took my hands from behind her back and laced her fingers through mine, pushing my hands up on either side of my head on the headrest. "No, Kixi," she whispered, her breath coming hard and hot against my ear, "slowly."

She moved, using her legs to push herself up and down the length of the dildo. I tried to hold still but couldn’t, my hips began to buck, straining to make me push the dildo deeper into her. She whimpered involuntarily, and started to move faster, taking more and more of me into her, slamming harder and harder down onto me.

She released me and slid her hands up her torso to palm her own breasts through her shirt. "Oh and yes, Kixi," she moaned loudly, "You’ll always be better than any sex toy that Kes could ever make."

Shaking my head a little, and still having absolutely no clue why she kept on referring to Kes as a sex toy, I could feel myself nearing the edge. I slid my hands up her thighs, bringing my thumbs to meet at the junction of her thighs. Gently, I knead her clitoris through the wet cotton of her underwear, as she slid up and down the dildo that was virtually joining us until she arched against me, my name falling over and over again in a hushed whisper from her lips as she climaxed. As she finished, she slammed down around me, and I finished off by thrusting the dildo up into her, moaning.

She slid off me and I completely removed the dildo that was still inside of me, discarding it in a plastic bag from the back seat. We had fogged up the windows of the car. After putting the lower part of my clothes back on, I retrieved the keys from where they had fallen on the dash, and put them in my pocket.

"I need to get out of this car," I whispered frustratedly as Mako got all of her clothes back on. “Let’s go inside.”




Mako climbed tiredly from her Nissan GTR sports car, and stared at the door of the ground entrance of only one of the many indistinguishable buildings. As was the norm with the majority of bars, eateries and entertainment venues in Celestia City, The Aromatic Cafe Bar & Grill was located on the city’s upper levels, this one in particular on the one hundred and fifth floor. 

"Think we'll get a table?" she asked as she shut the car door. 

I closed mine as well and nodded. "Yeah. We should be okay,” and then quickly added as I smoothed my outfit and hair. “Oh, and are you feeling hungry as well? We could also get a bite?”

Mako shrugged. "I'm not, but I could use a cup of coffee." 

I gave her a soft smile of understanding, and then met her in front of the car and put my hand at the small of her back. 

My touch felt comforting and she tried to relax a bit. However her tension was not because she was worried about Kes, but more over what her true intents in dealing with the alluring assassin woman were. 

Mako questioned herself mentally, convinced that there was no way that I could possibly know, and truth behold, I was, in fact, clueless.

Yet all the while curious on how I would react to such an unethical sinister idea, she peeked at me out of the corner of her eye, admiring my sunrise gold hair that flowed over my shoulders, as well as my enticing, constellation-blue eyes that gazed back at her. 

Shaking her head and turning back to the doorway, she decided that she’d find out by dropping some sort of hint once at the restaurant. 

Beckoning her forward, we entered the building, and took an express turbolift straight up to the sky restaurant. A minute later, after emerging from the turbolift, Mako and I stood together at a window that ran floor to ceiling in the lobby area just outside the restaurant, looking out at the gleaming spires of Celestia City. 

Composed, for a brief moment, we kept company in silence and watched the brilliance of colours that lit up the night sky; the streaks of light from the many hover vehicles endlessly zooming by; the luminosity that shined here and there off the flat metal and glass surfaces of the city in sudden, blinding explosions of light.

I opened the door and held it open, allowing Mako to go inside ahead of me. We followed the hostess to a table in the back of the restaurant and sat down. I ordered coffee for both of us, which she brought over quickly while we browsed the menu. Mako wasn't all that interested in food, but the coffee hit the spot. 

"Feel better?" I asked. 

“A little," she conceded. “Although, I have to admit. I'm a little embarrassed by our having sex in front of that live crowd at the race meet earlier tonight." She leaned forward and whispered. 

"Well you did get mad at me for making that bet with Paige that resulted in me kissing her in front of everybody— and rightfully so, and, well you did point out quiet clearly that a simple kiss back wasn’t going to cut it and that I should go all the way." I chuckled and nodded my head. 

Mako winced, and felt the heat of a blush move over her cheeks. 

"Sorry,” she murmured, which only made me chuckle harder. 

The waitress returned and took our order and menus. Mako hadn't intended to order anything, but I insisted, getting us both chicken wraps with wedges.

"Gee you can be so bossy sometimes," Mako said as she narrowed her eyes at me. 

I smiled slightly and sipped at my coffee before speaking. “Look who’s talking. Need I remind you what happens to me if I ever say no to sex?”

Knowing just how very true my comment was, Mako couldn’t help purse her mouth in a self-satisfied smirk.

“You see you know it’s true.” I said twirling a thin strand of hair with one hand. “Darling, the look on you're face is priceless.” I continued, chuckling. 

It was just the usual idle chat about nothing of great importance after that. We talked about simple things; things that had nothing to do with war, fear, and death; sitting alone; no one caring to bother us; the waitress returned with the food and placed it on our table. 

Then I remembered, an intriguing thought that  caused me to raise an eyebrow over my night coffee; something Mako had said while our chemistry and attraction to one another had us lovemaking only twenty minutes earlier. 

“So what exactly did you mean when you referred to Kes as making a good live sex toy?”

She turned to raise an eyebrow mockingly in my direction.

"Well okay Kixi," Mako said. "Here goes. I was imagining, what would be better than simply killing Kes?”

My fork froze halfway to my mouth. "Excuse me? I can’t think of anything better than seeing her a lifeless dead carcass!”

Mako leaned in and lowered her voice. “I can. You see, it would be a terrible waste of such an exquisitely perfect body to just fuck her once and then kill her. Why not fully lobotomise her, remove all functions, memories and thoughts of intelligence from her, and make her know just a few things to stay alive. Like eat, shit, sleep— and serve our sexual desires on demand. She’d be like a zombie, serving our needs with no recollection of her life. It’s cruel I know, but someone as evil as her deserves such a harsh pitiless fate.”

My fork dropped to my plate with a clang. "Did I really just hear that?" 

"It wouldn’t be totally unjust given all the innocent people she has murdered over the span of at least two decades. A simple death of any sort for her would be too easy of a way out if you ask me.”

In only hearing what Mako was suggesting, I felt as though the wind had been knocked out of me.  Sure Kes deserved whatever evil came her way for all the atrocities she had committed, but never did I once think that Mako, that same innocent shy little girl that I had first met almost two decades ago, had it in her to even think such vile dreadful thoughts, let alone believe she could put such immoral measures of malevolence into fruition. 

I frowned. “Are you seriously for real?”

“Yes Kixi, I am.”

I blinked. "Lobotomise one of the biggest killers in the history of modern society instead of permanently ridding her from existence. Are you nuts? No fucking way Mako.”

"I knew you would react like this. You’re such a softy Kixi. I should've never have told you this," she whispered. 

"Why?" I whispered back, then held my breath as I waited for her answer.

Mako remained an awkward silent for the good part of half a minute before breaking the silence. "You’re a softy when it comes down to the crunch is, I think, what I just said or tried to say." 

I shook my head in disgust. "I know what you said. How exactly did you plan to execute your total unethical malicious plan and not tell me?" I questioned speaking sharply in an irritated tone, resenting the insinuation of the very thought of Mako’s evil-minded reasonings, while choosing to ignore her constant taunts of disrespect regarding my being a softy.

“Well we could tranquillise her instead of killing her. From there we could take her to the old Arjian HQ. Given it’s no longer in use, no one will be there when we take Kes there. The lobotomy lab equipment is still there. That is, the same equipment that was used to partially lobotomise Paige. Now, before you say what if she eventually regains her memories? Well unlike with Paige, there will be no chance of Kes ever regaining any of her memories back after we are done. With Paige we didn’t go all the way and wipe out her entire memory, but rather only the parts where she had feelings of desire for you, and nor did we replace them with nothing which would have virtually turned her zombielike.” 

I shook my head. “I don’t like the idea of lobotomisation. I’m resentful even to this day that you forced me even partially do it to Paige.”

“Well that was your idea Kiks.” Mako retorted, unable to hide the scorn in her voice.

“You gave me little choice. It was that or force me to kill her. I wasn’t going to allow that.” I burst out in an outcry of spontaneous passion. 

“Of course not. You have feelings for her. Don’t know what you see in a girl that was the daughter of Cerberus.” Mako almost spat out, disdaining Paige as nothing more than scum from a villainous bloodline.

“You can’t help using that against her, can you?” I snapped, defensively.

“Whatever Kiks,” Mako said waving a dismissive hand. “I don’t like her, period. But focusing back onto fully lobotomising Kes...”

I sighed and lifted my coffee cup. "Mako, you’re better than this.” I ignored the matter regarding Paige knowing we’d never ever agree over that matter. “You don’t need to stoop down to that level." I took a sip of the hot coffee, watching Mako over the rim. “We simply kill Kes the moment the opportunity arises and be done with it." 

"Whatever,” she murmured, feeling as though she was being placated. “It was only a suggestion anyway. It’s not like I really had the means to do it. Not without coordinating or preparing the equipment to even lobotomise her in the first place.” Mako continued, lying. For years, she had readied herself and prepared for this moment, and now, with the opportunity finally on the horizon, with or without my support, she would stop at nothing to fulfil her unscrupulous quest for vengeance.

“Good,” I responded with a chirpy wag of my head.

“But we must ensure she feels a lot of pain before she dies.” Mako snorted. 

"That makes a lot more logical sense." I grinned, raising an eyebrow. 

“I’m sure it does. Oh, and speaking of pain. I wish we could kill her slowly, bring her back to life, and then repeat the process over and over.”

I tilted my head and studied her. "Seriously?" 

Mako nodded. "Yeah, but I guess you need not worry about me trying that cos it’s simply not possible.”

I stiffened, unable to control the cold shiver from running down my spine. “Well given the countless amount of people she has killed, perhaps that would have been a worthwhile punishment if it were possible.”

Mako shook her head, forcing the tears back and stiffening her spine. “She especially hurt the both of us, especially you on numerous occasions. She must be made to pay for her crimes— harshly and without mercy nor pity.”

"Yeah." I again nodded.

“Anyway we best get going soon." I reached across the table and put my hand over hers, my touch comforting, tender, and greatly needed. We needed each other.

Turning her hand, she grasped my fingers in hers. 

"It's going to be okay, Jhazzy. I won't let anything happen to either of us again. This time, we will win this fight against Kes, I promise." 

"You may be good at a lot of things, Kixi, but you're not God, and you shouldn't be making promises you can't keep." 

I leaned in closer, my intense stare pinning her to the spot. "This is one promise I fully intend to keep because this time my special abilities will not be depleted. "Anyway you and I are finished here. It’s time we got going.”

Nodding, Mako stood up. Following suit a second later, I reached out for the small reader scanner across the centre of the table, and gently tapped the embedded microchip in my wrist; a series of small beeps that followed immediately after, confirmed payment of the bill. It was time for us to leave; our adversary Kes En’jusek awaited.

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