Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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16. Chapter 8.

Chapter 8.


Several hours earlier...


The sky was turning a beautiful shade of orange and blue, when Kes found herself traversing the illuminated skywalks, skyways and pedways that connected and girded the myriad of Celestia City's endless ring of stupendous titanic skyscrapers. Ruthless; cold nature; she hadn't stepped foot on Sol’s capital since the fall of Skycom more than a decade earlier. A breathtaking wonder; she still marvelled at the glorious view that shot up before her; the glittering facades; of the seemingly never-ending surrounding of the urban jungle; of the continuous unending rows of towers.

It quickly became apparent that treading on foot was not going to get her far, nor would the use of the public transport system or a hover-taxi be of any use for where she would ultimately be headed to; the organised race meet at District Versio. Violence was all that Kes really understood; henceforth she would steal a vehicle of some sort; immodestly agreeing with her own inner irrational feelings of hostility.

Stealing a sophisticated hovercar, required slicing skills which the assassin simply did not possess. In fact, Kes didn't even have the slightest of clues on how to boost a millennia old car which featured primitive antitheft technology, which all the while, probably would have had its security upgraded to something more advanced. Yet that was hardly her concern, for she had already premeditated on taking the vehicle of her unfortunate victim or victims at gunpoint; killing them; as that is what she craved so much to do.

Not wanting to run the risk of being followed, or at least reduce that chance however unlikely it was, Kes eventually decided that it would be best to make her way down to the city's lower levels, or the ground level. There, in some of the poorer districts, sunlight hardly, if ever, penetrated. In those places, the almost endless city night, was lit only by flickering neon holo projections advertising sleazy attractions and shady businesses. Spider roaches and huge armoured rats infested the shadows, while bats roosted in the rafters of deserted structures. 

Notwithstanding her long absence, the particular route Kes had chosen to take was already familiar enough, even though her comm device's built in navigation, had suggested taking a particular path that lead well away from the many denizens of the more populated areas. 

The target place was a dingy building at the back of a dead end street. Kes had to step over a man sleeping in a pile of rags near the recessed entrance. However Kes had no intent to enter the building. Several metres to the side, Kes found what she was looking for. A hovercar; and one which she could steal. 

She started to head towards the vehicle. The hovercar was nice; expensive; a sports model; blue in colour, which Kes liked, and probably more expensive than her personal spaceship. Well, maybe not quite that expensive, but she was sure it would have cost it’s owner more than anything the average resident of this neck of the woods could have ever afforded. 

Although the presence of a minor problem was apparent. Three people, one seemingly large well-built bald man with a goatee, along with two slim women. One of the women was a short red haired, while the other a long haired brunette. Both women, around the same height as Kes, stood guard next to the hovercar; the bald man presumably it's owner.

As Kes emerged into the dim light of the dead end street, immediately sensing her approach, the man and two women turned to face the alluring assassin.

"Can I help you?" The man said in a heavily pitched stern voice.

"Yes you can actually," Kes replied in an equally pitched sounding voice "I'm afraid in this case the pleasure of you handing over that fine piece of machinery of yours will be all mine," Kes said retrieving and then aiming her blaster at first the man, and then the two women who immediately raised their hands. 

The man who'd been smiling initially, his smile quickly vanished, and the next words came out in a sinister hiss. "No one ever threatens me and lives to tell about it girl. Whoever you are, you've made one big grave error in judgement." 

"Yeah really? Yet I'm the one pointing a blaster at you." Kes retorted disregarding the stranger's threat. Yet she'd been too keen in simply hurrying up, and didn't realise just how close the man was standing to her, and that he was still within striking range at lunging at her, and taking her down before she had a chance to shoot. 

With her mind too occupied elsewhere, she either didn't notice this fact, or was too enraged to care. Snarling, the man lunged at her. Kes managed to fire her weapon, as the man was within centimetres reach of overpowering her. The particle beam punched through his thick jacket, seared its way through various internal organs, and exited between the shoulder blades. The beam's intense heat instantly cauterised the wound, stopping any visible bleeding— not that that mattered much to the man. He dropped to the floor like a sack of meat, which was essentially what he had become. 

His two female companions stood there; frozen; hands still in the air; frightened. The short haired redhead in particular, was glued to the spot, terror-stricken, that she breathed in and out, but air wouldn't enter her lungs. Starved for air, her heart raced at tremendous speeds, and her lungs shallowly rose and fell in time. She stood there for what felt like an eternity but was actually only thirty or so seconds. Satisfaction of security was nothing but a distant memory, and an invisible force crushed the redhead from every possible direction. 

As for the brunette, she wasn't fairing much better. Kes made no effort to hide her face, shaking her head from side to side. She had so much tension in her which had to be released, like a kettle letting out steam. Kes' high heels clicked on the tarmac as she stepped in closer to the two petrified girls, the brunette's tanned olive skin had taken on such an ashen hue, she was greyish under the streetlights. 

Kes's eyes were locked still, however not at the brunette, but fixed right back on the redhead, though her head kept moving, and her teeth sank more deeply into her lower lip than could be comfortable. Each second submerged in fear made a permanent mark on the redhead's heart, and a vivid imagination made her wander whether it was just her mind playing tricks or reality. 

“We don't want his body immediately discovered. It will attract unwanted attention,” Kes' chilling voice, immediately brought the redhead's mind to the grim reality that Kes' blaster was being aimed directly at her head. 

"Don't move or I'll kill you both where you fucking stand!" Kes gazed intently at the two girls, studying them with unforgiving judgement as she squatted down and began searching the deceased man’s pockets, while still maintaining her deadly aim at the two girls. Although her warning was needless, and any hope either of the two girls had of surviving this ordeal was unknowingly to them, purposeless; Kes was not going to let neither live. Finding what she sought from the deceased, that being, the hovercar's access card, Kes quickly got back onto her feet. 

"Now I shall take possession of this rather fine vehicle, since, he won't be needing it anymore." Kes spoke with grave deliberation, while the redhead's watery eyes enlarged. The hairs on the nape of her neck bristled, and a gaggle of goose pimples laminated the redhead's frigid skin.

"Girls, put his body in the rear boot compartment of the hovercar. Together you should be able to drag, lift, and put him in there.” Kes barked with the authority of a woman who was not to be crossed, grinding out the words between clenched teeth.

However much to the assassin’s irritation, neither girl immediately complied with the order. Instead they continued to stare at their assailant in frightened disbelief, the redhead eventually lowering one of her hands so that she could place it over her heart area; a futile attempt to slow down her heart palpitations. Kes though, didn't care. Her intention of not allowing either one of them to live remained unchanged, so their fears would soon be silenced, permanently.

“Now!” Kes snapped, menacingly waving her blaster at the girls, the veins in her neck stood out in livid ridges.

Finally getting the hint, the two girls fell to command, each taking hold and lifting an arm of their dead friend. After quite a strenuous effort, they managed to drag him across to the hovercar. It seemed like a colossal effort at first, but somehow, the girls managed to lift the man’s body over and into the vehicle’s boot. Undoubtedly a vigorous attempt on both girl’s account; one of them arduously had lifted the corpse by the chest, whilst the other simultaneously had lifted the legs; both heaved as the body causing a loud thud, toppling sideways and sunk into the hovercar’s boot.

Blood pounded in the ears of the brunette. Her heart thudded in her chest. Her hands shook. Her feet tingled. Her vision disfigured, as if she were looking through a fish-eye lens. She was literally standing a metre or so from Kes. She had to try something to neutralise her; within striking range; it was now or never; building up courage is what she did.

The brunette didn't give Kes much time to respond as she pounced, crashing into the assassin’s side and reaching for the blaster in the other woman’s hand. The two girls were of a similar height, however it was enough that Kes could hold her weapon high above her head, out of the brunette’s reach. But Kes could only use one hand, and the brunette knew it was only a matter of time before she clawed Kes’ arm back down.

"Fucking let go!" Kes growled, stumbling back to try and get more distance between the brunette’s hand and her blaster. But she lost her balance as the determined brunette jumped at her again, and, along with the brunette and herself, fell over backwards. In anticipation for landing on the ground, Kes tensed up.

The sound of the discharging blaster startled everyone and through instinct, the redhead who had watched the brave attempts of her friend ducked. At first it seemed like no one had been shot, but as the Redhead got herself back up on her feet, it was clear that that was not the case. She gasped in horror and fear, as she realised that a plasma bolt had ripped straight through her friend’s body, sending her to her knees. On this occasion, the bolt hadn’t fully cauterised the wound either; a pool of blood rapidly began forming around the brunette after she had fallen face-first to the ground. 

Watching on helplessly and crying harder, the redhead took one cautious gentle step away from Kes. She then leaped over to her fallen friend, her chest grew tight as bile rose in her throat.

The assassin sprung back onto her feet, quickly regaining her footing. The anger on her face became an effigy of contempt, as she once again resumed pointing her blaster at the two girls.

"Angela!" The red haired woman screamed in shock terror. Time seemed to freeze when she first heard the plasma blast, and a split second later the brunette’s chest burst. The very same energy bolt had whizzed past her, having narrowly missed her own head— luckily for the redhead that she ducked when she had. The redhead was kneeling by her brunette friend in a matter of seconds, gently turning her over to assess the damage.

Blood was pouring out her chest as the brunette coughed blood out of her mouth, a small pool began forming in her mouth. The redhead already had tears streaming down her face as she ripped off her shirt and applied pressure to her friend’s wound, desperately trying to stem her bleeding.

"Don't do this to me Angela! You can't leave me!" The redhead screamed, her bottom lip quivered. Despite her best efforts, Angela was still losing blood, and fast; her eyes lulled back in her head as her eyelids slowly covered her eyes.

Warm blood continued gushing out of the brunette’s exposed wounds. The redhead pressed snugly against her struggling friend’s open wound in what would prove to be a futile attempt to stop the free flowing surge of sticky blood. Seconds later, the brunette lay expressionless, resting in a pool of her own mild cerise substance.

The redhead placed her hand on the side of her friend’s neck, searched for a pulse, and pulled it back just as quickly, when she found none. Much to her agonising horrific dismay, Angela was dead, stunning the living daylights out of her.

"See your dead girlfriend? Exactly how long do you think it would take me to haul her into the front passenger side of the hovercar in order to dispose of the body?" Kes’ wicked and heartless voice boomed into the redhead’s ears, immediately bringing her attention back to her armed assailant.

Kes though, hardly waited for the redhead to answer. Instead, she remorselessly pushed the redhead back, and forcibly ordered her back onto her feet. Pitilessly she then took hold of the dead girl by what was left of her bloodied shirt, causing the deceased victim’s head to rock back and forth. Kes felt a sense of commanding power watching her latest victim’s mouth gape open, while at the same time, her lifeless unseeing eyes appeared to be nothing more than icy coloured orbs.

“Hell I love the feeling of taking away what is most precious from people— their lives.” Kes’ whole body shook with rage, her icy stare bored straight into what would soon be her next of many countless victims.

“Bodies, much like cold hard cash, are essentially dead weight. Its going to take me a few strenuous minutes just to haul her into the front of the hovercar, never mind getting her and the others from the boot out again.” Kes hissed, the sheer thought irritating her immensely.

“You know your friend’s are so perfectly dead! But don’t worry the lot of you will soon be reunited.” Kes taunted the redhead; sarcastically.

“Don’t you wanna be reunited with your friends?” Kes continued to ask raising a brow, menacingly waving her blaster at the redhead’s chest; her tone mocking and cruel; her voice chilling and emotionless.

“I’m quite sure they’re missing you already, so we really must not keep them waiting. That would be so very rude of me if I did that.” She smirked, mockingly placing her free hand over her heart, enjoying herself tremendously as she bore into the redhead’s helpless and defenceless eyes.

“Anyway enough of this already. Every extra second I keep you alive, equates to you wasting breathable air! Get in the boot with your dead friend! I don’t wanna have to drag your corpse into the hovercar like I’m gonna have to do with that already dead girl over there!" Kes gritted her teeth, was done with her sarcasm, and was now clipped and filled with a dark rage.

"Now!” her facial expression turned completely merciless. 

"You're gonna kill me just like that!" The redhead cried out in protest; trembling in fear.

“Just shut the fuck up and be grateful that I’ve decided to make your death a quick and painless one." Kes growled before her lips grew thin, while her mouth thinned with displeasure. She then proceeded to violently push the redhead girl forward, shoving the nozzle of her blaster in the centre of her lower back, forcing her to walk forward towards the boot compartment of the hovercar. 

"Now get in!" Kes demanded relentlessly. 

"Please, please I haven't done anything to you. If you want the hovercar take it, but please don't kill me! Please!" The redhead begged; tearily.

"I don’t care. I want to end your life. It’s as simple as that. I could have stunned the lot of you and taken the hovercar, but where would be the fun in that?” Kes snarled grabbing the girl’s arm with ruthless pressure. Her voice was stern with no vestige of sympathy in its hardness. Her voice was heavy with sarcasm, yet chilly.

At the same time, the redhead girl’s brain had practically shut down. She was clammy and there was the glisten of a cold sweat. Her eyes were wide open; knowingly; waiting for the inevitable; for Kes to deliver the fatal blow. 

“Just get the fuck in there!" Kes said as she used excessive force to ruthlessly push her into the boot, where she curled up on top of her already deceased male companion. 

“Excellent. Now I’ll only have to drag your female friend’s dead body in this hovercar since you’ve already saved me the trouble of having to put yours in here. I guess that’s the beauty of a walking dead woman.” Kes sneered down her nose, grinning maliciously, as her venomous eyes glowed with savage fire.

“I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!" The girl sobbed into her chest unceasingly, hands clutching at her jacket. “Please, what did I ever do to you!” 

Kes noticed the tightness around the girl's eyes, and the despair. Knowing she was powerless to defend herself, the sheer thought gave her much satisfaction.

"Be fucking quiet! You're wasting too much breathable air dammit! Oh and by the way I agree with you, you haven't done anything wrong, except that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time." As Kes said those words, she pointed the nozzle of her weapon to the girl’s temple. As she did the girl began to yell. "Don't worry, I'll make it quick and painless." Kes said assuringly in a low deep voice, staring into the girl's eyes, and feeling a sense of pleasure seeing her totally petrified. Kes gritted her teeth in hate, despite not even knowing the girl. 

"No, no please. I don't want to die!" Her cries were quickly muffled, as Kes placed her other hand over her mouth and continued to stare into her very eyes; her young innocent eyes of fear and despair. She snarled in hate as she pulled the trigger without hesitation, showing no remorse for her unjust actions, instantly creating a cauterised wound through the centre of the girl's brain. Kes did not disengage eye contact with the girl, as her body twitched for several seconds and turned lifeless. Kes then withdrew her hand from the deceased's mouth and blaster from her head, allowing for the body to just slump perfectly with the other dead man. She then abruptly slammed the vehicle's compartment shut.

A thin trail of blood followed the limp body of the fallen girl as Kes dragged the body by the legs. With the hovercar's boot full and not able to fit a third body, Kes had no choice but to put the brunette's body in the front passenger seat. Once there, Kes took a firm grip of one of the girl's arms, pulled her up over her shoulder, and in one gruelling move, sunk her into the hovercar's bucket seat. Buckling her up, Kes looked fixedly into her dead victim's eyes; scorned pleasurably at the sight; kissed the unresponsive body over the forehead, nose bridge and lips; fondled her cheek with one hand; with the other brought the victim's hand to her own lips and pecked it before putting it down. 

"You're so much better just like you are now— dead." Kes cackled a laugh as she let go of the girl altogether, ran over to the driver's side door, and jumped in at the controls in one fluid motion. Frowning, she started the hovercar and peeled out of the dead end street.

Tired honey coloured eyes watched the road; Kes drove the hovercar low and only a metre or so over the ground; almost as if it were a wheeled vehicle. Buildings towered around her as she remained at ground level, from there Celestia City looked like it was all downtown and nothing else. 

Kes blinked and then shivered; the hovercar swerved all over the road, which was rather disturbing at the high speeds she was driving at. The bodies themselves would be dumped far away; in a zero populated location; out into The Wastelands. Thus the likelihood of them ever being found, let alone pinpointing exactly where the bodies had been killed off and by whom, was all next to zero.


About thirty minutes earlier...


Kajtia could feel her eyes on her as the petite figure of a woman which unmistakably she was sure had to be the assassin Kes En’jusek, stood conversing with a group of people. Turning, her eyes roamed over to several other people until she spotted her again, standing with a man along a row of black Honda CRXs. Even from such a distance, Kajtia couldn't mistake the intensity of her gaze, it was all in the set of her shoulders. The man she was with, raised the beer bottle in his hand towards Kajtia, and Kes offered a small wave before turning back to the conversation.

Kajtia tuned in on time to hear Paige say in an excitable hush, "Chris, you nearly tore off shirt!"

Kajtia immediately stifled their laughter with a perfectly smooth feminine hand, while Paige just frowned.

Kajtia was stunned by the sight of Kes’ presence. She blinked and looked around again, but her surroundings stayed firmly in place.

“What the hell?” Chris gave his wife an incredulous look.

Kajtia’s face was still a picture of puzzlement as she gazed at Chris and Paige. Kes En’jusek could not be here, wasn’t supposed to be here, but somehow most certainly was here. 

“That girl over there speaking to that guy near those CRXs, that’s Kes En’jusek— and she knows we are here.” Kajtia said speaking with open disdain, while for an instant, Chris craned his neck catching snatches of the conversation and most of it had been, well… that she was looking for me and that she fancied me.

"Really, Kajtia, you cannot be serious?" Paige asked, a smile tugging at her lips.

"No, looks like she is serious," Chris corrected, and much to Paige's dismay, wiping any smile she may have had off her face. 

"Why would Kes do such a thing?" Paige then asked innocently. "I mean come back to Earth or even the Sol System?"

"No idea, well not quite, I mean what the fuck! How is this... even possible?” Chris gasped out, his jaw dropping wide open. 

"Not quite?" Paige glanced at Chris, watching him with a confused expression. "What the heck is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, just before, I could hear some of what she was saying to that dude she's with over there. It appears that she has the hots for Kixi." Chris was unable to hide the scorn in his voice, the whole business about Kes having special feelings for me had left a bad taste in his mouth.

"Whoa!" Paige turned to Chris; alarmed.

“That woman is Skysec’s former assassin Kes En’jusek. She shouldn’t be here, let alone be looking for her fantasy love. Fucking stupid moron has a death wish coming here. How the heck did she get on-world anyway?” Kajtia hissed out, anger forming in the pit of her stomach. I was her best friend and she would defend me at any cost. 

“Don’t know," Chris growled out, momentarily shifting his gaze back in Kes' direction, "but we need to contact Kixi and Mako before she comes here and starts talking to us— which I'm sure she will given she knows that we are in fact Kixi's friends." 

"Right!" Exclaimed Kajtia. "That fucking murderous slut! Paige you need to leave— immediately.” 

Although reluctant, before Paige so much as muttered a word, she knew full well why she had to leave. She imagined herself standing over Kes' chained-up form, deigning to see the assassin, one of her two mortal enemies tortured and executed; the other her older sister Kristy; current CEO of the reformed Skycom Corporation. Between Kes and Paige, like was the case with her older sibling, there was considerable animosity. And that was putting it politely.

"Chris see to it that Paige leaves here safely." Kajtia said as she spun on her heels, and looked over her shoulder as she started heading for her car where she would use her vehicle's holo projecting comm device to call me with. "I'm gonna get into contact with Kixi and Mako, and warn them before that vile deceitful little slut makes her way over to us."

Chris was about to mumble something, but instead without saying a word linked arms with Paige and started dragging her away with him. 

“You’re not safe with her around. You need to leave before Kes notices you.” Chris finally explained what they both already knew, rubbing the back of his head with his other free hand.

There was a silence as Paige's mind processed Chris' words. And then.

And then...

“... ha!"

Paige guffawed. A disbelieving laugh leaped from her lips despite her best efforts to control it. She didn't know whether she was angry or elated; probably somewhere in between the two. She’d fought in the war against the tyrannical Drex government and Skycom Corporation, and had herself played a role as a major protagonist in the many battles that had been won and lost. She couldn’t believe Kajtia, who had actually played a lesser role in the conflict, was suddenly demanding that she leave because of the presence of an old deadly foe which she was more than qualified in dealing with. Under any other circumstance, she might've actually found it funny. But her laughter was a byproduct of sheer incredulity; she simply couldn't bring herself to believe what both Kajtia and Chris were asking of her.

“But I want to stay help.” Insisted Paige.

“No Paige.” Chris glanced at her, his eyes tight and worried. “If you do, Kes might question how any of us know you. And given you were directly involved in Cerberus’ murder amongst many other things, it will most certainly complicate things.”


“No buts Paige. Go now. It’s for everyone’s good. Kixi and Mako can take care of this from here.”

Chris was the first to find his voice. And his resolve. Wordlessly, Chris unlinked his arm from Paige’s and moved to stand in front of her and took her hand. Her prior comments spoke of pure defiance; something he hadn't thought her capable of a few hours ago. Everyone from what was once the Arjian Resistance was so proud of her. Turning against her family, no matter how evil they were, was no easy thing to do. Paige had not only done that. In order to prove her loyalty, she had ultimately been the one who had willingly offered to carry out the brutal execution of her much despised mother, Cerberus.

She'd known his answer before she could even finish laughing. As if sensing that very thought she shot him a glare so fierce it made his very soul shiver. 

“Chris, do you realise that in a one on one confrontational combat situation, Kay Blade has always come off second best against Kes. She is lucky to have escaped every time— Kay Blade has never beaten Kes in a fight!” Paige looked at Chris with her eyebrows raised questioningly.

“Yes we all do. However Kes has no idea that Kay and Kixi are the same person— and by the looks of things, our adversary is clouded by blind love for the latter. Also on every single occasion that Kes, as you solemnly put it, beat Kay Blade in combat, Kay was at a disadvantage of having her special abilities depleted. It most certainly is not the case now Paige.”

“I know, but... I feel as if I should be doing more.”

“I get you Paige, but right now, you sticking around will put Kixi and Mako in a far worse off situation.” Chris said letting go of Paige’s hand, and turned around to have his back facing her. “The best help you can give them right now is to not be seen.”

“Um, not be seen you say?” Paige once again raised her brow questionably.

“Yes Paige, you may use your imagination on how you want to interpret that.” Chris said turning around to once again face Paige, patted her across the shoulder, and winked an eye at her. Seconds after he had turned around for only a second time to have his back face her, Paige almost crushed him as she hugged him from behind.

“Okay, okay Paige. I appreciate your warm friendship, but how am I supposed to get back to where the others are if you're crushing the life out of me?” Chris couldn’t help say with mock annoyance in his tone.

"Sorry." Paige immediately responded releasing him from the hug, whilst Chris turned around and smiled at the girl looking up at him.

"You know, Kes is always full of herself." Paige said rolling her eyes. She looked around at her familiar surroundings taking in everything; the vehicles; the nearby buildings; and the people. "I'll be around if needed." She said hopping into her car, grinning as she drove off.


Back at the present time...


"Can I help you?" a deep feminine voice that belonged to none other than Kajtia Xiz’injürek asked as she turned around to see who was speaking. A stunningly attractive long sandy-haired woman, probably just a few years older than Kajtia was standing just a couple of feet away looking at her inquiringly.

"I don't… I think I might have the wrong place." The woman responded unconvincingly. "I'm looking for someone, and I thought this was were I would find her, but… I must have gotten the address wrong.” 

"Who are you looking for? I know a lot of people here, and they know a lot of others.” Offered Kajtia, pretending she had no idea who the woman was; pretending she didn’t know that this particular woman had approached her because she knew all too well that Kajtia was not only my former F-Zero copilot, but my best friend. 

The woman was silent for a moment, and then boldly looked up at Kajtia. "Kixi Rajki. Do you know her?"

"Why are you looking for her? Who are you? What do you want?" Kajtia asked deliberately sounding suspicious, pretending she had no idea that she was speaking to Skysec’s notorious former assassin.

"So you do know her?" Kes asked again. "Can you tell me where I can find her? I need to talk to her."

"You sure have some nerves of steel whoever you are. Until you tell me who you are, I’m not telling you a thing." Kajtia insisted, her mouth quirked in annoyance as she folded her arms. 

"I'm sorry to break up this little reunion or whatever it is that's going on here, but can someone explain to me what the hell is going on here?" Chris stepped in, having somewhat appeared to come out of nowhere, his gaze strayed to Kes, meeting her stare without the slightest flinch.

"Oh sorry, I'm Kes En’jusek." Kes finally told Kajtia her name, smiling, and extending her hand out to her. 

"Yeah I heard that, but I still don't know who you are, and what you're doing here." Kajtia responded not taking Kes’ hand.

"Where do you get off talking to me like that huh? Who the hell are you? I'm trying to be polite here and you're talking down to me like I'm some lowlife." Kes said unable to keep the hostile tone from her voice.

"Woah Kes chill out okay? She's just looking out for her best friend." Chris said coming to stand in  between the two women.

"Who the hell is she to look out for her?" Kes suddenly demanded, glaring over Chris’ shoulder at Kajtia.

"I'm Chris by the way and that’s my wife Kajtia.” Chris butted in, his attempt to defuse the situation lame.

"Yeah… I already know that. Kes shot back at Chris with a slight frown on her face.

"Umm…. well it's good to meet you too... umm it was Kes right?" Chris said still looking confused, or in any case, pretended to be.

“Yeah that’s me. You know Kixi had told me so much about you. It's so great to finally meet you in person." Kes said, relaxing her stance for at least the briefest of moments, smiling tentatively at Chris. 

There were traces of spittle on Kes’ lips, while her mouth turned up a fraction of an inch as she once again insistently asked the question: “Anyway I told you who I am. Now tell me where I can find Kixi?”

“Why should I?” Kajtia opened her mouth to make a suitably cutting retort. “Especially after you rudely present yourself here demanding things, and then refuse to tell me anything about who the heck you are.” 

"Well," Chris shrugged. "You heard the lady. No means no."

Kes hadn't been expecting this; for a moment, that stoic visage reflected her shock. "You can't be serious."

Kajtia clicked her teeth in warning, a stray blue spark ground out between her molars and into the open air. "I've never been more serious in my entire life."

"Neither have I." Kes composed herself with a counter of her own, her hazel orbs blazed into  Kajtia’s darker eyes. "You know, I once saved Kixi's life when she was kidnaped by a group of terrorists working for Kay Blade. Afterwards, we both felt the connection. Further I would also have you know that she was sympathetic to the late Cerberus, and then her successor Kristy Langley, both whom were avid race fans of hers. They both supported her career and indirectly yours since you were her copilot."

Kajtia frowned. "I don’t think so."

Kes cringed slightly at the accusation. "Oh you think I’m making this up ha?"

“I wasn’t referring to the parts about the terrorists, Cerberus or her daughter." Kajtia snapped out emotionally, even though it was more than obvious that Kes like so many others, was oblivious to the fact that I was in actual fact both Kixi Rajki and Kay Blade. "Although in truth Kajtia and I had many big avid race fans. I was actually referring to the part about your preposterous claim of having a so called connection with her. That's gotta be the biggest load of shit I've ever heard!"

Kes turned solemnly, a blank onyx gaze affixing itself to her. "No, its not. After I rescued her, before I dropped her off to you and the rest of her awaiting friends, we kissed. The connection was unmistakably there. But I don't expect someone like you to ever understand."

"Understand?" Kajtia blinked, "How would you know what I understand and don't understand?"

Something twisted inside of Kajtia then. The strings of her emotions, already plucked and stretched to their breaking point, chose that moment to snap. Chris must've noticed, because he shrank back slightly. Kajtia's ire burnt so hot, that she barely noticed it.

"Ohh," Kajtia began quietly, her voice vibrated with barely controlled anger. "Is that what this is, then? You kissed her once like over a decade ago, and now think that after all that time she's into you? In case you didn't know, she's happily married, and even at the time of you rescuing her, she was already engaged to the very same girl she's married to now." Flames were surging at Kajtia's words as she spoke, yet she didn't care, "but hypothetically speaking, if she were single, you sure have a funny way of showing your fucking affection!"

"To hell with you Kajtia. You think that I'm worried about her being married? Well don't be." Kes rebuked. 

Kajtia could feel the beginnings of a migraine coming on. "And, what? You expect me to be all buddy-buddy with you because you rescued her like ages ago and kissed her once."

The assassin actually looked a little put out at Kajtia's constant refusal to help her. "Well I think you should know that there were also other occasions where we had bumped into one another, kissed, and the connection between us was ever so present."

Kajtia stilled, fixing Kes with a ghastly glare. "What the hell did you—"

Kes replied readily. "Oh we've met up and made out a number of times since that first kiss after the rescue.”

As if sensing that very thought, Kajtia scowled. "Look, whatever you're trying to do or claim to have done with Kixi in the past, she is happy with her partner who if you ask me, is her perfect soulmate."

Kes sighed, while the very thought of seeing me engaged in intimate activities with her, caused Kajtia to raise a hand to her mouth, unable to stifle her gasp. Kajtia thought of all the people the very woman that stood before her had killed. Sure killing to protect someone was perfectly understandable, but not Kes' known admittance of her misdeeds that past reports had suggested. There was not so much as a glimmer of remorse in Kes' cold hazel eyes; as if she were casually discussing the weather or something.

Out of the corner of his eye, Chris frowned thoughtfully.

"Is she somewhere with her wife? What was her name, oh yes, Mako Jhasmin." Incredibly, a small smile plucked at Kes' lips as she spoke. It only grew as she turned toward Chris, and then back at Kajtia again.

At Kes' curious expression, Kajtia's scowl deepened. "Maybe you should go now Kes. It's time for you to leave," Kajtia whispered softly. "At any rate, it sounds like Kixi and Mako would be better off with out you around."

"What?" Kes balked. No they— she wouldn't," Kes hurled back arching an eyebrow. 

Just then, the sound and roar of a familiar engine could be heard closing in from a distance; the occupants and vehicle unmistakable; Kajtia covered her mouth, fingers flying to her face in disbelief over the fact that I would be allowing Kes to seduce me; that, in order to play a deadly game of deceit and betrayal; and to ultimately achieve my desired end goal.

"Ah," Kes' voice cut through Kajtia's thoughts like a hot knife through butter. "It seems Kixi is about to arrive."

Kajtia shot her a skeptical look, but finally conceded. "Alright, you win. That's her coming in with Mako. I guess we wait and see now, on how she will react when she sees you here." 




I could feel my heart beat… every single pound in my chest. Not through my ears, that was occupied by the sound of cars, music and voices of people as I steadily pulled in to where the others awaited. For a moment, I didn’t move, I didn’t even breathe, remaining frozen in my seat. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, as well as the sounds of deep heavy breathes  nearby— Mako. The few fine hairs on my arms stood to attention, as a militia of chills marched down my spine. The beating got louder and louder, while my breaths got deeper and deeper by the second, that I hardly noticed the car’s engine go silent upon turning off the ignition. 

Finally I swung around to face Mako and spoke.

“This is gonna be tricky, but we have an advantage. She doesn’t know we are KnM Blade. All she knows is that I’m Kixi and that she for whatever reason is in love with me— apparently, secretly, always has been. We just play her game. Be nice, show that we fear her, which, we sort of do anyway, and give her what she wants to ultimately get what we desire.”

“That will involve making love to her, you realise that Kiks?” Mako nonchalantly asked the obvious, still slumped in the passenger seat.

“Yes, but it will also catch her off guard so I can kill her... and not only that, reveal my alter ego as Kay Blade just before I execute her.”

“What if—“

“We fail? C’mon Jhazzy, we’ve undertaken far more dangerous assignments before.”

“No Kiks, that’s not what I was trying to say. What I wanted to say was, that she obviously knows that I’m the former president of the new USS that played a big part of ousting the Drex government and Skycom which she served a part of. She may have feelings of distaste or hostility against me, and might be out to kill me at the same time?”

“Yes that is possible Jhazzy, but she won’t try doing it while I’m looking, not if she truly desires me. We need to tread carefully and play her game. You must allow her to fulfil her sexual desires for me and thus allow me to pretend that I do in fact have feelings for her. Only then will the opportunity to strike her arise, with the end goal of ultimately ridding her filth from existence.”

“I don’t like this Kiks, but you’re right. And given she is here now, then I guess we have no choice.” Mako agreed giving a reluctant smile.

“Okay then,” I said nodding, taking in a huge breath in an attempt to further increase my self-confidence. “We can do this. After all we are KnM Blade.” I concluded as I slowly expelled my breath.

There was the tinkling of glass bottles and swell of music floating in the warm night air, as I momentarily stood leaning against the car after we both stepped out. I watched as people drifted about the area, the sound of different engines created multitudes of sounds along with the music. My eyes moved over the crowd until I spotted Kes, standing with Chris and Kajtia, and talking animatedly.

“There she is,” I murmured just loud enough so only Mako could hear me. “I’m gonna act all friendly with her like I’ve missed her as that’s what she wants and expects.”

The light of other nearby cars lit up her halo of sandy-brownish hair and the ice blue knee height dress she wore. Kes had a thin matching scarf which was purely for show since it was nowhere near cold, and it was tied to one of the incredibly thin straps that joined the fitted bodice of her dress, the gauzy material hanging over her shoulder like a sash. I could see the exposed skin of her neckline and arms, as she had only wrist length gloves on. Admittedly, I was completely fascinated as I watched her talk, unable to take my eyes off her. She turned further away from me and I could see the bare skin of her back and I repressed the urge to shudder at the sight.

"You already drooling over her Kixi? You need to stop, it's embarrassing."

Reluctantly dragging my gaze away from Kes, I turned to scowl at Mako.

"I do not drool, Jhazzy," I said, taking Mako’s hand as we started walking towards Kes and the others. 

Mako simply smiled and said, "Of course not, Kixi, my mistake." We both turned to look at Kes as she continued chatting, and Mako went on talking. "Though, I wouldn't blame you. She does look lovely. It's amazing what a difference the right clothes can make."

“Just don’t get upset and all about me giving myself to her. Consider this and investment. She gets to get intimate with me, and I get to reveal to her the biggest shock she’ll ever witness before she permanently makes her departure from this fucking world.”

“Don’t worry, on this occasion, it will be the best investment any of us will have ever made.” Mako grinned sinisterly.

I couldn't get to Kes fast enough, letting out a laboured breath as I firmly locked my gaze on her, where she continued to stand next to Chris and Kajtia who were still standing next to their cars. Thankfully Paige wasn’t anywhere to be seen, prompting me to further heave a euphoric sigh of relief. Presumably, she must’ve wisely been told to leave before Kes had the chance to spot her. For a brief second I developed tunnel-vision; the rush of adrenaline making it hard to think; thinking just how much more brutal I would make Kes’ death if she even so much as lay a finger on Paige; my precious little Paige, if any harm came to her, she would be avenged no differently than if it were to happen to Mako Jhasmin.

Kajtia tried to still the impulse to rolls her eyes and settled for taking a sip of her beer. She gave a sidelong glance at Kes, and saw that she had spotted my approach and was staring at me with an intense gaze that could only be described as possessive.

“At one point, we passed a yellow Lamborghini Countach that belonged to a pale, shaven-headed goateed man that waved a friendly hand at us while we walked by. As if all of a sudden needing to be reassured, Mako asked me, “You  definitely know what you’re doing?”

“Sure. I mean, I guess…” I replied frowning a little.

“You’re sure, or you guess?” prodded Mako.

I gave an exasperated little grunt and looked at her. “I’m no less confident than I was a minute ago Jhazzy.”

“Most times, I don’t know if that sort of reply is supposed to mean something good or bad with you Kixi?”

I made a face. “Yeah, well that’s the beauty of it all.”

Mako let go of my hand and came to a halt. “Wait just a second,” she said. “You mean… you’re just going to wing this right?”

I sighed. The whole thing about having to get intimate with Kes in front of Mako, and further have my other close friends know about it, made me both uncomfortable and confident in ways I couldn’t even begin to articulate. “Jhazzy, can we keep going and talk about this later?”

“Sure,” she said, and then smothered an impish smile as she extended an arm, indicating that I should precede her. “Ladies first?”

“Hilarious,” I said flatly. But I stepped forward.

"Kixi?" Kes approached me slowly, watching my body language for any clues. The instant I had arrived, I leaned my petite frame up against the side of Chris’ Lexus. With one leg bent holding me steady against the car, I kept my arms crossed against my chest. At the sound of Kes’ voice I made eye contact with her again and dared not look away.

I gave her a small smile, pulling myself out of my reverie, and wasted no time in cutting to the chase by asking, "Did I tell you that outfit looks lovely on you?"

"Hells Kixi!" Kes laughed, "Well you have now. Is it really you Kixi?"

"I sure hope so Kes, or otherwise it would mean that you’ve come all the way out here for nothing.” 

"Holy shit Kixi!" Kes smiled, finally getting a better look at me, her eyes taking in every inch of me, causing Mako’s body to flood with irrational jealousy as she stood and watched next to Chris and Kajtia. "You look amazing, I mean you always did but I just, shit I can't believe I’ve finally gotten this chance to see you again." Kes’ smile grew wider as I watched her stumble over her words, something I had never witnessed before.

"I know Kes, it's been a while. You look good too, glad you finally got rid of those high tights. You never could pull it off." I teased before finally catching her inquisitive stare, my eyes widening once again before I schooled my features into a polite smile. Smoothing down the front of my own outfit and taking a step around to the side of her body, my posture stiffened as I extended my hand to her.

"Kes En’jusek, it's a pleasure to finally be reunited with you again." She took my hand in hers as I finished our introductions. 

"Yes indeed it is, Kixi Rajki." She smiled back as I released her hand, and watched her move both of her hands behind her back. 

“At ease Kes. We are all friends here. I understand that Kajtia may have acted a little hostile with you before. Not to worry and my sincere apologies on her behalf. She was only looking out for me, and wasn’t aware of our prior acquaintance.” I smiled; lying subtly; knowingly; that Kes had no idea of our sinister charade; motioning her to an at ease stance, causing her to inadvertently blush.

"No problems." Kes laughed, swinging an arm around my shoulders and pulling my body in for a quick peck to the crown of my head. “Gosh Kixi, I can’t you tell how I feel about you?”

I gazed at Kes, biting on my lip. “You know I could never love you. You know that I’m married to another— the black haired that I came here with watching us right now. But... she understands our little relationship, and the importance of our acquaintance. I can be all yours tonight, under the sole condition that she participates in whatever activities that our hearts desire.”

"Sure Kixi." Kes growled as she gave me a playful shove and nodded her head like she half expected me to say that. “And apology accepted regarding your friend Kajtia over there," she glared teasingly.

Hoping like hell, that my cocky smirk was hiding all of my foul intentions and rapidly growing attraction regarding the stunningly attractive sandy-haired assassin, I landed a smacking kiss to her cheek, prompting her to casually ask me if I could rip off her suspender belt straps. 

My answering smile was brilliant as I then cleared my throat asking: "Why would you ask such a thing Kes?"

"Well," Kes said slowly, "It is most likely due to them getting in the way of, uh, certain activities."

My face flushed. "Oh." 

I should have known it would have been something like that. Especially with how things would ultimately be heading, but to actually ask me in a public area in front of my friends, let alone my wife...

Kes turned to face me and I caught the look in her eye. I had seen it before; it was the look that came before she proceeded to kiss me senseless; each time against my will. I felt a shiver run down my spine.

I didn't say anything but returned my gaze back towards Mako and the rest of my friends. Kes looked at me again, and she was about to say something to break the strange tension that seemed to have settled when I finally spoke.

"No, I don't want to," I said in a low voice.

Throughout the course of the former days of Skycom's control of the Sol System, her desires would have been carried out regardless of my objections— but not tonight, especially given she wasn't supposed to be here and was considered an outlaw by the current government. Oblivious to the truth about me; oblivious to my double life; oblivious that my alter ego was her number one sworn enemy; ever since she had first kissed me, she had unwittingly unleashed some burning desire for me.

However, any disappointment that the assassin may have felt with my answer was quickly dispelled as I went on. "Not here in front of everybody. Come back to my apartment, say at thirty minutes past midnight. I know it's still a few hours away, but I can't just leave Mako's GTR here and as we've already decided earlier, Mako is going to be involved in whatever activities we decide to carry out later. You know where I live, it's still the same place it was during the Skycom days."

"All right," she finally said and walked closer to the bonnet of Chris' Lexus to lean over and watch the people and cars beyond it.

She felt me standing just behind her. I wasn't touching her, but she could feel the heat radiating from my body, I was that close.

"I would take them off, slowly, Kes," I drawled in her ear, "but later tonight, I promise."

Kes stood ramrod straight. Her heart had sped up, and instantly her skin tingled in anticipation.

"Oh?" she said, unable to think of anything intelligent to say.

"Mm-hmm," I hummed, "I would unzip that dress you have on, unhook whatever lovely bra is concealing that delectable chest, and unfasten your stockings so I can slide them down those fine legs of yours."

Kes went to turn around, but I placed a gentle hand on the small of her back, the contact causing her to gasp at the electricity of the touch.

"O-ho, no you don't, keep watching the cars," I said, my voice deep. I saw Mako glance up at us as I removed the hand from her back, "Wave to Mako, Kes."

Raising a rather weak hand, Kes waved at Mako. Despite her resentment towards the USS's now former president, she did try to offer a smile.

"We are in public, Kixi," Kes whispered, unable to trust her voice.

"I'm not actually touching you though," I purred.

Yes you are, thought Kes. She could practically feel my voice caressing her. And she was certain I would have a devilish smirk plastered on my face. Trying to concentrate on the people and cars in front of her, she exhaled carefully.

"I could if you'd like me to, though," I said in the same low tone.

I heard her small squeak of surprise as I slowly let my free hand lightly caress the side of her hip, and trail lightly down the back of her thigh. I could hear her slightly panted breathing as I let my fingers drag across the top of her thigh, my fingers deliberately grazing against the suspenders before I pulled my hand away.

I then stepped away from her and leaned against the Lexus to her left, as I saw Mako take several steps closer to us. I turned to look at Mako, and I could see her eyes had darkened and that she was biting down on her bottom lip. With an ease I didn't truly feel, I threw her a lazy smile and pushed off the car towards Mako.

Kes just watched me walk towards Mako and tried to regain her lost composure. Feeling highly aroused, it left her feeling quite flustered— thus very grateful for the presence of Chris' car that she had been leaning on, as she was sure her legs would have given way by now.

"Well, this event is certainly dying down now, I suggest we head back Mako— maybe have one little night cap before we meet up with Kes at our apartment?" I suggested.

"Certainly, Kixi," said Mako, throwing me a smirk, "I am sure all of us here are over this place by now, and would rather be elsewhere."

Kes resisted the urge to glare at me, and instead settled for smiling sweetly. "Yes, Kixi, I will see you later at your place." She called over her shoulder as she began walking towards the hovercar she had arrived in.

My laughter could not be contained as I heard Kes swearing, and then turn back running to me, so that she could drop a quick kiss to the top of my head, before once again heading toward her newly acquired hovercar.

"I look forward in seeing you later tonight as well." I replied, my smile lighting up my face as Kes opened the door to the hovercar.

"Always." Kes winked before she hopped into her stolen vehicle, giving us one final wave as the hovercar lifted off the ground and floated in the heat haze above the ground. Its front end hung forward like a falcon’s beak dipped in bronze; black windows between shiny bluish metal and black trimming. The hovercar drifted for several seconds before it rose over half a kilometre into the air, and shot off to merge into the constant seemingly busy sky traffic of high above.

I just frowned. I looked at my wife who was staring straight up to where the departing hovercar had been with a fixed look on her face. Kes’ presence had had the power to reduce me into a hormonal mess, yet it was proving to be quite difficult to not think about how I would rape her by the use of sex apparatuses just so I could hurt her before killing her. Eye for an eye; short of killing me only thanks to Mako and the long departed Kallista ke Masana, she had cowardly done the same to me as my alter ego of Kay Blade on Zerentia 3 all those many years ago. 

"Kiks," Mako managed to say.


“You don’t look yourself.” She sighed, walking closer to me just as my eyes snapped back to hers, the fire back almost instantly. The fire I could handle, it was the impassive look she had earlier.

"Oh," I mumbled, "Um, ah, sorry, Jhazzy."

"Don't be. It’s more than understandable if that psycho bitch showing up has rattled you mentally?" She rambled as she started back toward Chris and Kajtia. My hand caught her wrist immediately, pulling her back in front of me. 

"I know deep down you don’t really like what we are about to do, or more so what I’m about to do.” I nearly raised my voice at her, her brown eyes blazing as she silently warned me to calm down. However if there was one thing I'd learnt about Mako during the course our relationship, it was that she never played into raised voices, instead getting deadly quiet. If I'd learnt anything about her, this was her warning before she laid into me, and we got to the heart of the problem.

"Remove your hand Kixi." She ground out, her eyes betraying her fire and showing a flash of fear, something I never wanted to be the cause of. I released her wrist immediately, taking a chance and threading my fingers with hers instead, as I gently tugged her closer to me to join our other hands as well.

"I'm sorry, I didn’t ask for Kes to show up tonight, but you know how much she hurt me, and even you during the course of the war against Skycom. This will be it though. She won't be allowed to ever hurt either of us again after tonight, I promise." I pleaded, swallowing hard as she gave me a small nod.

"It doesn't matter what I think Kixi, you don't owe me any explanation regarding Kes, and if anything, what just happened made us both see things more clearly."

"More clearly?" I asked. Her eyes were anywhere but on mine as she answered, her voice firm and resolute.

“Yes because it’s now plain simple Kixi,” she turned her head to look me straight in the eye. “Because you know all too well that if she isn’t dead after tonight, then we will be, meaning that she’ll never be able to harm either of us again all the same.”

I sighed as we finally pulled apart, both of us out of breath as I tucked a lock of hair back behind her ear, trailing my hand down her cheek.

I smiled down at her, happy to see her return the smile as she smoothed down the front of my shirt, neither one of us ready to break the physical connection quite yet. “No matter what happens, I love you a lot Mako Jhasmin, never ever forget that.”

“I know. Your feelings towards me are mutual.” Mako nodded tentatively up at me before I grabbed her hand once more, intertwining our fingers and walking back toward where Chris and Kajtia stood waiting.

Just as we started walking in their direction, Mako stopped abruptly and pulled me back toward her, my body colliding with hers just as she popped up on her toes and gave me a chaste kiss. She shot me a playful wink before she walked past me and joined the others. 




I stood in stoic silence as I watched Chris’ and Kajtia’s departure; along with them, the night’s crowd dispersing; leaving until we were the only ones remaining; the air around District Versio suddenly stilled.

My eyes strayed to Mako, so soft and delicate yet as I'd learnt, more than capable of handling herself in a fight. She squeezed my hand with a quiet confidence, Mako was my universe, and I her everything. She would never give me up. Never in a million years.

Time seemed to stand still. Mako loved me immensely. The realisation stunned her. There were no barriers between us, there never ever was. 

She was unbound from her fears and doubts, and all of the terrors that had haunted her ever since she was a teenager. And it was all because of me. From the day we had met, I'd coaxed her out of her shell, pushed her to do things she had never dared to do before. She'd gone along with it, quietly and uncertainly, always fearing the worst. I'd seen her at her lowest point. She witnessed me at my worst. We brought out the best in each other through good and bad times.

Smiling, Mako held on to my hand. She felt my power flood her almost immediately as our fingertips touched, kissing me as fiercely as she dared, eyes drifting shut at ease. I held her, unblinking.

Every fibre of her being thrummed the touch, a warmth of a different sort flooding her spread out from her chest. A minute that seemed to last an eternity went by before we finally let go of one another. 

“Kixi let’s go do what we do best.” Mako said grimacing at the thought.

Turning toward the car, I took her hand again and squeezed it tightly. “Yes... together. After all, we are KnM Blade.”

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