Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.


13. Chapter 7.

Chapter 7.


Several minutes earlier...

Michael Vickers looked around at the competition. Ramsey Gatehouse, the man who'd loyally served as Vickers' co-pilot in their illustrious careers as F-Zero team mates; had won an impressive five system titles together by the time they had pinned up their racing suits, inspected what he saw in his eyes as a worthy group of racers as far as old fashioned millennia street racing went. A white Ford GT, a green and black Mazda RX7, and a burgundy Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution stood next to Michael's Maranello red Ferrari 458 Italia.

To the left of Michael stood Kayla, his stunning girlfriend. She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow black hair. Her enticing, constellation blue eyes gazed at Michael over her puffy, heart shaped lips. Her lips tasted strawberry sweet when he kissed her. She had a bouncy personality and a sugary voice, which he adored. Not content to be just another drone, she wore vibrant clothes.

Michael himself had short, neat, straight black hair and a thin beard to match, and his face was as smooth as new leather. His nose looked so perfectly straight, that it had to have been at some point surgically reconstructed, while his eyes that turned to regard his fabulous looking girlfriend, a bluish steel of a midwinter sky.

"They're a formidable bunch, worthy racers, but they're not who I'll be taking on tonight." Michael commented as he rubbed his hand up and down Kayla's back.

"They're not? She asked furrowing a brow.

"Nope. Tonight I get to race a more distinguished opponent." He turned to Kayla and pulled her into his arms.

"Who?" She asked licking her lips before a huge grin formed over her face.

"An old rival from my professional days. Are you gonna be my trophy girl when I win?" He asked as he nuzzled her neck.

"If that's what you want, Michael," she answered, trying to draw him out. She was still frustrated on where they stood. She was pleased he'd finally kissed her in front of the others earlier that night, whereas before he'd treated her like a sister around them. He'd been extremely possessive of her since they arrived, keeping an arm around her shoulders, a hand on her back, even holding her hand. He'd kept her at his side the whole time. But he'd introduced her to people as, "the newest member of the team," not as his girl, and that hurt a little more each time he did it.

He pulled back to study her, aware that something wasn't quite right. Her eyes were wary and sad, despite the smile she gave him.

"What's wrong, Little Girl?" He asked, wanting to make her smile real.

"Noth-," she began, only to have him cut her off.

"I want the truth Kayla. Now," he demanded.

Kayla dropped her eyes, trying to hide the tears welling up in them. Now on top of everything Michael was angry with her. She blinked furiously as he said her name and slipped a finger beneath her chin. She knew he wouldn't let her hide from him.

"It's silly," she began as blue eyes met blue. He let out a frustrated hm-pf and she raised her hand to his chest.

“I ah…I'm just a little scared," she hedged, thinking fast. "I know you're a multiple F-Zero champion. But this kinda racing is dangerous. Even if the cars are a lot slower. You don't have nowhere near the same protection and track isolation. You could get hurt.”

Michael studied her for a moment. The concern for him in her eyes was real, but he felt it wasn't what had been there just minutes ago. There was more going on than she was ready to share with him. That was okay, though. He knew he could be patient and wheedle it out of her later.

“I'll be fine, Little Girl. I'm a good racer, and I'm careful," he said trying to alleviate her fears. "Besides," he added, grinning. " I've got my trophy girl waiting for me.”

He tipped his head and his lips captured hers. "Okay?" he asked.

She nodded and he kissed her again softly.

"Good," he replied just before his lips claimed hers for one last kiss. Then he led her over to the rest of the team, and went to chat with Ramsey who had been close by their side the whole time.

“All right," Ramsey spoke out, "Let's get proceedings for the main race going.”

"Is that little squirm Kixi Rajki here yet?" Michael asked expelling a hiss, while Kayla opened her mouth wide in astonishment upon learning that I would be the one that he'd be racing. Despite the many years that had passed by, the mention of my name still gave Michael a sour tingling taste down his throat; A taste that he was convinced, could only be expelled from his body by defeating me.

"Yes, word is that she is making herself known to the crowd in a rather indecent kinda way. She along with her wife, the former president of this nation mind you, have no decency whatsoever. They literally just entertained a crowd of people by fucking in front of them, exhibiting little or no regard for anyone else. Both of them are nothing more than self-centred egocentric loners, with an overinflated sense of self-worth." Ramsey grimaced in disgust.

"Typical attention seekers, both of them. Yeah that Mako Jhasmin, her wife, how the fuck did she ever manage to elevate herself as high as president? I mean, I wouldn't rate her any higher than that egotistical moron that I'm gonna hand out a whooping to that she long deserves." Michael then questioned with a condescending sneer.

"The stupid fool is so conceited that she'd never believe that you would have actually beaten her because you're simply better than her." Ramsey further added to the spite.

"Yeah they're behaving like two little porno sluts, giving us all a live show. Those two dumbarses should stick to sex instead of racing and politics respectively. They're a disgrace to society, and it's an utter embarrassment to even think that Mako Jhasmin and Kixi are the former President and First Lady of this nation." Slithering a flat smirk through crooked lips, Kayla couldn't help but laugh at Michael's feelings of animosity towards both my wife and I.

“It's a fucking disgrace." Michael continued, his girlfriend's reaction inciting him to continue loathing. "Mako Jhasmin's elevation as president still baffles me. I'm convinced that there were greater forces at play at the time of her appointment. The first elections after the fall of the old Drex government was a total internal affair, with conditions that were ripe for corruption. I strongly believe the then leader of the Zhann Alliance, Kay Blade was involved.”

"And now look where she is. And what she is doing with her life. Former or current president, she gives the USS a bad image. She's more dull-witted than your former track rival if you ask me." Ramsey muttered in barely audible voice.

"Ramsey, I think it's time to address the crowd. It will kick off proceedings and it will prompt Kixi Rajki to come over here and formally accept my challenge." Michael suggested tilting his head and pressing his lips together.

"Agreed. And hopefully you'll put her in her place where she belongs." Ramsey scoffed out.

"Oh rest assured my good friend, that I will most certainly be doing." Ramsey said, as he then asked for one of his team members to get on top of their parked hover-truck that would be used as a podium to gather the attention of the crowd.


Back to the present...


The seething mass of people was impressive. Those who were present, were in for what promised to be a nail biting showdown between two rivals; racing legends of old, and would never forget it.

A man, brown haired, medium build and of average height, occupied a shell-like podium that had risen from the top of a large container like trailer of a hover-truck, and was waiting for the sea of faces to settle down so that he could address the multitudes.

Around them rose the abandoned warehouses of District Versio. Towering still, higher above the buildings were the endless towering skyscrapers of Celestia City, and the streaking patterns of light from the sky traffic that never ceased to rest.

Michael was grateful to see the man on the podium at last, ready to get the evening's highly anticipated event underway, certain that another hour of lingering would have driven him mad.

“Thank you all for coming here and for the support." The man on the podium began facing an expectant crowd that had now gained his attention. "Well I know you guys came here to see the driver who has more F-Zero titles under his belt than any other driver. Man he's such a success story that I would lose count, if I even tried to count the number of times he's won races.”

The crowd responded positively by cheering in excitement, a short pause then followed where the man took the opportunity to take a large holographic transmitting device, which he then lay down next to his feet. It was more than what anyone could have imagined when the device came to life, two images, at least three metres each in height of both Michael and myself gracefully floated in the air for all to see.

"His team," the man resumed after the momentarily raw of the crowd settled, "the mighty Dreamscape Racing, has won more titles than you can count, so without any further ado, give it up for the amazing all inspiring Michael Vickers of Dreamscape Racing, which I am proudly a part of." The man said as Michael Vickers, along with his girl and Ramsey Gatehouse came through the crowd one by one getting photographed from left and right, getting applauds and encouraging shouts. They walked to that hover-truck where the announcer stood, got onto the podium on the truck's roof where the man gave Vickers the microphone.

"Well, looks like we're pretty famous, no autographs though, my hand would hate it. It's a privilege to be here tonight." Michael announced waving to a deafening crowd.

Glorying in the moment, Michael stood at the head of those now assembled, flanked by Ramsey and Kayla, all aligned atop of the raised podium backed by an enormous banner stamped with the insignia of their team, Dreamscape Racing. Enhanced by artfully concealed amplification, his voice boomed across the crowd assembled on the abandoned carpark grounds.

"I would just like to thank you for coming here, and for any of you that supported us, thank you as well. Anyway enough of me talking, why don't we do some racing. That's what you guys came here to see. It's time to settle some old scores, heal some wounds, it's quite obvious who my opponent will be tonight." Michael announced as the crowd erupted in a loud boom once more.

Michael then stepped back and gave the microphone back to the man who then stepped into the middle. "His opponent for tonight, the one time F-Zero System Champion Kixi Rajki is believed to be somewhere in the vicinity, and is already making her way here. She was the woman who defeated the 'Mighty' Michael Vickers," he said putting the emphasis on mighty, "in such extreme controversial circumstances, and then cowardly retired from the series, never giving Vickers a chance to settle his score with her on the track. So my good people gathered here tonight, finally we will get to—"

Out of the blue, a loud screech of burning rubber sounded from behind the large hover-truck, overpowered the man's voice forcing him to abruptly cut short his words. The masses froze in terror, puzzled and alarmed at the same time. A second later, the podium shook as everyone on it got a perfect bird's eye view of the rush of people desperately trying to get out of the way from my erratically dangerous moving car that neared. Amazingly I collected nobody as I saw people scampering away, while others either jumped or rolled out of the way in order to desperately avoid me striking them down. The cloud of smoke swept over the crowd who had now cleared an opening between my car and the hover-truck that acted as a podium, allowing me to do a few doughnuts as I came around from behind the hover-truck, before I too came to an abrupt standstill.

Keeping his head high, and not at all intimated by my antics, Michael quickly took the microphone back from the man who had been speaking, skipping all formalities and cutting straight to the chase.

"You stupid moron, have you lost your marbles making an entry like that. You could have killed someone!" Michael said clinching his fist and pointing a finger at me.

"I don't know where you get your delusions laser brains. If anyone has lost their marbles it's you. Only a weasel like you would organise something like this behind my back. You could have told me that it would be you that I would be racing. It's not like I would have declined the perfect opportunity to beat you again." I said lifting my head and pushing my chest out.

"It's on now big time! And I'm taking you out once and for all!" Michael snapped back smiling disparagingly.

"What are you hinting at Michael, that twelve years ago when I clinched the F-Zero title from you fair and square that you did try and ram Kajtia and me off?" I said unceremoniously getting out of the car, my hands shielding my neck, as I tried to understand his real intents.

"Ah of course, once a little brat, always a brat. You still really think I would stoop to such low standards Ms. Rajki? Does your Kajtia friend over there still believe your bullshit? I mean look at you, you won a single title and then you retire. It's like you were a chicken shit to defend your title. I on the other hand went on to win two more titles giving me a total of five." He said insinuating that I were nothing more than a bad liar regarding my claim that he, Michael Vickers tried to ram my car off the track on the final stretch of the final and deciding race, of the 3016 F-Zero Championship twelve years ago.

“For starters it's Mrs. Rajki. And yeah, well, you only need to win once to be a champion. I along with Kajtia over there don't think you tried to ram us off the track when we won the title..." I said causing Michael to half grin and nod in satisfaction, only for his expression to change to an angry snarl as my next words followed. "We know you tried to ram us off you cunt face!”

“I see your mouth is no less foul now than what it was then. Say I was always meaning to ask, why did you retire? I never really bought the shit you spun during your shock retirement announcement?”

"Because I was out saving the society from the tyranny of the old Drex Government." I said lifting a shoulder and winking an eye, more at the fact of knowing that my statement was actually matter of fact, and that he'd never believe me.

"Ah of course Kixi Rajki, the crap that still comes out of your mouth never ceases to amaze me." He said as he, Ramsey and Kayla walked down from the podium converted hover-truck and over to his Ferrari 458 Italia.

"Yeah and it never ceases to amaze me that after 12 years, you're still a cunt. But hey I figured Michael, if I need to break a conversation with you, I might as well stoop down to your level." I provocatively retorted.

"That's enough you dumb bitch!" Michael barked back angrily, his nostrils flaring.

"Oh did I just hit a nerve?" I asked sniggering.

"What you out of all people make me hit a nerve?" Michael snarled. "No fucking chance." As he got into his car and started it up, the distinct crackling and popping sound of the Ferrari's engine was unmistakably remarkable.

"Then why are you angry?" I continued laughing, as did Mako, Chris, Kajtia and Paige.

"I'll make you eat your words Kixi. We race past this District Versio to the edge of District Kishi then back to here," he said furiously revving his Ferrari.

“Legally we are only allowed to race in District Versio. This main event between us is to not go beyond these confines. District Kishi is not abandoned. There will be people and other vehicles that could dangerously get in the way." I said nonchalantly, adding, "racing our cars into there is not allowed or legal.”

“And since when did you give a fuck about it being legal or safe Kixi? Or have you turned softy?”

“No, I was more concerned about you being able to handle it Michael.”

“Oh just shut the fuck up you stupid bitch and accept the altered challenge. That's assuming you got the guts...”

“You're on, I'll put you into second place quicker than your mother can unbutton her overalls." I said locking eye contact with him, aghast. I let out a harsh, short bark of utterly false laughter. “Anything else I should know before we get underway?”

“Yes there is one last thing actually. Lose that girl of yours, otherwise you might forget that your supposed to be racing... You know what I'm hinting at?”

“Actually I don't. Enlighten me Mr. Vickers?”

"Sure, your girl was a pathetic president, but after what you and her demonstrated earlier, I think you've both found your true professions." As shocking as the venom in Michael's voice was, the crowd swallowed up in his laugh. It was an insulting cachinnation to say the least.

Yet I kept my cool as their laughter rang in my ears like jingling bells, smiling, knowing that what I would say next, would quickly put that brief outburst of laughter under control.

“Oh really now. Well speak for yourself cos don't get me wrong, your little precious doll over there, she's a great girl, but would you really marry her, with all that business?”

"Hey what business?" Kayla cried out shaking her fist at me.

"What do you think. You look like the type that would give a good one night stand behind your man's back." The next thing out of my mouth after that was a small spray of spittle, followed by a web of blood, and a left lower incisor. The fist following through was attached to one very angry girl. It was nothing to what I had experienced as my alter ego, but still, Ramsey had to likewise hold her back, while Chris also found himself in the mix of things to separate us.

"Michael will put you back in your place Kixi Rajki!" Kayla furiously spat out, and then along with Ramsey turned and headed for where Michael sat in his car.

Mako stared at Michael in disbelief and horror and then turned back at me. “Don’t do this, Kixi,” Mako said quietly. “Please don’t go this way.”

I regarded her with a serious expression. “Are you kidding me Jhazzy. This is what everyone's been waiting for. And must I remind you, it's the reason why we're here in the first place. Even with his altered not quite legal race course, it will still be fine." I assured her.

"Kixi don't do it, I can't afford losing you." Mako said after having gotten out of her car to take hold of my arm. I could feel sadness building up in her.

"I'm sorry love, I can't let an opportunity like this pass." I said looking away but then looked back at her and saw she had a tear in her eye. "I promise I'll be fine. He ain't taking me down this easily. I'll make it up to you later." I said as I wiped a tear off her face. "And besides, this can't be anything as dangerous as when people are actually trying to kill us." I winked an eye knowingly, that she knew exactly what I had meant by that particular remark.

“Wait, wait,” Mako suddenly shouted from behind, running after me as I was about to get back into the car. “You forgot something…”

Just as I opened the car door, I turned around surprised, with an expectant look on my face. “What is it?”

Panting she stood before me. “I know we made out before in front of everybody, meaning you did express your true love for me beyond any doubt. However... we were interrupted before I had the chance to not only tell you that I love you, but more than I have ever imagined that I could love someone! Please come back in one piece!"

“Oh, Mako Jhasmin!” I fell round her neck. Suddenly teardrops were mixing with the sweat of adrenaline that ran down my face. “When I married you almost ten years ago now, I promised to love you forever, every single day of eternity,” I sighed. “Being with you is… like magic.”

My arms looped around her neck and hers looped around my waist. Our bodies were pressing close together, and despite the hug being only a few seconds short, I didn't let go of her waist as I pulled back.

"Kixi—" she started to say, but the next thing she knew, my lips had captured her own and she couldn't say another word. My lips were full and slightly chapped, and they were moving over her mouth with expert precision. We were vaguely aware of the catcalling behind us, my fingers were buried in her hair.

After a minute, she rested the side of her head over my chest, and shut her eyes. She could feel the beating of my heartbeat, which given my adrenaline pump she found surprisingly calm. "Don't worry about me." I said after we finally pulled away from each other and I looked her right into her eyes. "This might end up being a battle to the death instead of a race, but I promise you just like I have faced battle every other time, that this will not be the last time I hold you in my arms."

Yet lines of stress formed on Mako's forehead after she swallowed a lump in her throat. I placed a hand over her cheekbone, and gently fondled my thumb over her cheek before pecking her over the forehead. With a quick wave to Kajtia, Chris and Paige who had stood there watching, along with Ramsey, Kayla and the hundreds of others, I promptly got into my car. I blew another kiss towards Mako with my hand, as I reversed the car doing a J-Turn and drove away from the hover-truck and the other parked vehicles, and out next to Michael's 458 Italia, where surprisingly he patiently had waited. I looked at him, anger visible on my face, while he had the same disdainful look over his own.

My reckless ingress had made the crowd wary of my driving, thus they speedily moved completely out of the way, so we could line up our cars and ready ourselves for the race. As race starter, Kajtia moved in between us, while Mako, who's beautiful face was framed with worry, sat back close to Chris and Paige nervously biting her lip.

Notwithstanding all the reassurances I had given her, Mako's eyes were filled with terror, giving Chris a worried, questioning look.

"She's fine," Chris assured her in very much the same way I had, touching her shoulder.

Mako shook her head doubtfully. "She is far too reckless," she said quietly.

I relaxed, ever so slightly. The revving of our engines boomed coughs and rumbles that mingled with, and then overwhelmed the roar of the crowd. I kept revving my engine close to 9000 rpm, tightly gripping the steering wheel as I concentrated on the road ahead.

Kajtia threw her arms down. "Go!" I put my foot down on the accelerator, shifting into first gear quickly, getting off the start line turning my steering wheel slightly right. We away shot from the start in a cacophony of sound, smoke from burnt rubber fountained in the wake of our acceleration, clouding the air in a whirlwind of grit. We were off, shooting away from the crowd, zooming off into the distance in a blur.

I looked to my left and saw Michael right next me. I shifted quickly into fourth gear and sped from him taking a left bend, then straight into a long right U-turn, powersliding on the end. As I then shifted into fifth gear, a tight left corner rapidly approached, so I put my hind legs on the brake slowing down to 100 kph, before quickly putting it back on the accelerator, and then again into another tight left turn, followed by a long right bend. I looked back into my rearview mirror and saw Michael catching up to me, which he eventually ended up next to me again.

It didn't take long before we found ourselves past the boundaries of District Versio. Now, despite being well outside of the old abandoned district, where most of the traffic was situated high in that sky above us, there was still some minor traffic to contest with below.

I saw the road ahead split into two. I took the right path, while Michael went left. With low hovering traffic that was close to the ground, I was forced to weave in and out in order to avoid a potential collision. Eventually the road met back again, and we were once again side by side.

Up until now we had been driving side by side through most of the corners. However once we entered the heart of the busier Kishi District, I saw Michael brake earlier, taking what I immediately realised was a shorter route. The man clearly knew these streets better then what I did. I took the subsequent corner, and the sight of Michael's car not only reappeared in my vision through a series of clear fences, he was now ahead of me.

Fortunately for me, Mako's car had four tanks of onboard nitrous installed, so I was hopeful that should the need arise for me to use it later, that it wasn't going to present me with any problems. Upon pressing the NOS button, I was jerked back into my seat, as the car roared, peaking past the 300 kph mark, allowing me to easily catch up to Michael and retake the lead.

The many buildings that surrounded us were nothing but a blur in my peripherals. I focused solely on my adversary and the road ahead which once again split. I took the left while Michael went right. I went through a right bend before seeing the junction where both roads met once more, putting my vehicle into a powerslide out of the corner right in front of Michael, yet somehow, he still managed to catch up to me as we went through a left bend.

I felt Michael hit the left back wheel of my car, and a moment later, he hit it again, but this time he managed to get my car into a spin. Veering out of control, I was forced to come to a complete stop, unable to do anything but yell and slam the steering wheel in sheer anger as I watched him drive away into the distance.

"You fucking cunt!" I cursed out aloud.

I needed to improvise and I needed to it quickly. Frantically looking around, I spotted a construction site with what surely would eventually become a kilometre tall superstructure. Yet as luck would have it, it was only at it's initial stages of construction, at an equivalent height of a three storey building; a rare sight if one actually even existed anywhere in Celestia City. I immediately raised an eyebrow upon spotting a ramp in front of it.

"Well two can play at that game," I grumbled to myself, smoking up my wheels accelerating toward it and up the ramp. Before the ramp ended, I was doing at least 160 klicks and literally found myself airborne. Thankfully though, I knew I had made it when I felt my wheels touch what was currently the top floor of the building, breathing a momentarily sigh of relief.

From the top of the long building that I was now driving along, I could see Michael's Ferrari to my far right, as well as the corner we would ultimately be meeting at. As he took a left turn, I gunned the throttle hard, observing a small ramp at the end of the building. Time seemed to slow down; my vision around me distorted; sounds slurred. I was flying through the air after I had accelerated to 200 kph over the ramp. In seeing Michael's car moving below me, it almost gave me the vivid sensation of no longer being in a conventional motor vehicle, but instead, in a modern everyday hovercar.

Given the many dangerous and near death stunts I had pulled off as Kay Blade over the years, this, in what would at least in my adversary's eyes could be viewed as one hell of a crazy stunt, was probably something that I would have considered mild by my own standards. Nonetheless it didn't lack in craftiness nor finesse, to place it amongst the many of craziest things I had pulled off before it. After landing just in front of Michael, the fury of sparks that resulted from the erratic scraping of metal over the road surface, caused him to brake slightly as I accelerated past him, my cunning manoeuvre prompted me to briefly take a hand off the steering, so I could fist pump a fist in the air in triumph.

Determined, from here, the signs were abundantly clear; things were only about to get dirtier and nastier. Logic, common sense and reasoning had ceased to exist, prevailing it, desperation and a win at all cost mentality. It was no longer a case of clean racing between the two of us, but rather we were now trying to shove one another off the road.

We went around a subsequent S-bend bumping into each other. I managed to dodge one of his hits, and he went alongside the wall of a building. Giving me a slight advantage in which I took, I stepped on the accelerator going straight for the next T-Intersection, going along a left corner at high speed, then turning right on a junction, then turning right again. I glanced at my mirror as I went around a left bend and saw Michael catching up to me. I blocked his attempts at trying to overtake me, and once again received some major hits to the back, one nearly resulting in yet another out of control spin, but I managed to keep it together this time. However it did cost me my lead. Michael overtook me pulling ahead, and shot off a fair distance ahead of me. Getting it back together, I followed hard, keeping him well in my sights, as he, and then I, turned back onto the main road that would without fail, head us back toward the glory that awaited one of us at District Versio.

By the time we approached yet another of the many bends, I was right on Michael's tail. I attempted to overtake him, but he simply blocked all of my attempts. Improvising, I turned right, but then quickly turned left, managing to get next to him, only for him to slam me into a wall. Sparks again erupted wildly in all directions, however, apart from severely denting and scratching the car, it didn't stop me. I broke free from the wall and got behind him, causing him to subsequently slam into the wall, and powerslid myself back in front.

In the lead, I passed through the next corner and realised that there were three ways through. Left, centre or right, I slowed down a tad and veered left. Michael on the other hand, roared through the middle at high speed, catching up to me as I came out of it and drove along the subsequent straight. Swerving from time to time, I denied Michael any drafting opportunity as he got closer and closer. The next corner approached as quickly as we had passed the previous. I braked sharply and turned, while Michael passed me pulling on the handbrake to get around the corner. He powerslid through it all the while losing grip, while my move paid dividends as it allowed me to maintain the superior grip, where I ultimately passed him again as we came out of the corner. A straight road followed, and before we both slammed into each other, we took the liberty to look one another in the eye, our faces portraying nothing but our full hatred towards each other.

I managed to push him towards a fast approaching wall, he looked at me again before his mouth gaped open, and his eyes widened. A part of the wall on his side protruded out. I turned to glance at him, smirking a venomous grin, as I forced him wide toward the obstructing wall. Facing the prospect of an impact so heavy that it would have immediately ended his race, he braked sharply and quickly, turning at the last second. Fortunately for him, he missed the wall altogether, but it did allow for some distance between the two of us.

On the homestretch, I could see the lights of the many vehicles parked, where the people in their masses— waited— in anticipation— to what would surely be a heart-stopping finale. I slid a finger over the nitrous button— confident— my eyes shining prematurely with triumph as I pictured myself crossing the line, envisioning a standing ovation. I gripped the steering wheel tightly with both hands, the force of the sudden acceleration knocked me back into my seat as I pressed it.

Yet I soon realised the graveness in my error for having acted far to rashly. Without warning, my car began experiencing technical difficulties. As he gained on me, Michael hit the NOS button and ultimately burst forward. Beside him, my car's holographic diagnostics computer flashed its warning, but I ignored it, flicking it off, before releasing the remainder of my nitrous reserves.

It quickly became apparent that I should have heeded the warning, because soon rings were flying around the cabin of the car. Immediately, the Nissan GTR spun out, but fortunately I didn't collide with anything as I skidded to an abrupt halt.

I sat for a few seconds, breathing heavily as my heart slowly stopped hammering in my chest. When I was sure that I wasn't about to have a heart attack, I started the car back up and drove to the awaiting crowd.

Michael's Ferrari blurred as he flew past toward the finish. He felt the high he only experienced during those few seconds it took for him to triumph victoriously over the finish line, and cease the win. Well, the high that up until now he'd only felt while racing, some small part of his brain realised, but this time it had felt better than ever. He had defeated me, and now his jubilation would be sweet.

After driving over the finish line, he began to slow down his car. He couldn't wait to get back to Kayla, to see how she'd liked the race. He also wanted to feel that high again, the high he now realised he felt every time he held her in his arms, when she smiled at him, or when he heard her soft voice saying his name. He drove back to the starting line and quickly exited the car.

I watched the crowd surge toward Michael's Ferrari. The man had brought his car to a skidding halt in the centre the huge carpark, where other vehicles and the mass crowd encompassed them.

While everyone crowded around him trying to congratulate him, he only had eyes for Kayla, and after she had reached him, he immediately pulled her into his arms. He lifted her over his head and buried his face in her breasts, spinning her around. Then he slowly slid her down his body and kissed her.

The crowd around them cheered. With Kayla hugged him tightly, Ramsey and other members of his team were scuttling around them both. When the crowd was finally fully converged moments later, they hoisted Michael aloft and carried him away, chanting and shouting his name.

"Oh my God, Kiks are you okay?" Mako asked running up to me and putting her arms around me.

"I'm fine Jhazzy, like I promised." I said hugging her back.

"Well you look like shit, so does my car." Mako said and I looked back at her car and it was dented everywhere, bumpers missing, parts missing, dents everywhere and basically no windows, doors loosely hanging.

“Well, shit happens." I said letting out a chuckle. "I'll get it fixed, you know I will.”

“You seem rather chilled given you just lost to Vickers. He's bathing in what should have been your glory.”

"Yeah I know. But you know in the grand scheme of things, no one will remember this in the years to come, but they'll always remember that I, as Kay Blade defeated the Forces of Drex's army of darkness to make this world a better place. So who cares." I shrugged.

“So very true Kixi.”

“Oh and most importantly I have you, and you have me, and that is more than anything I could possibly have asked for; Better than winning races, better than reigning supreme over the forces of evil.”

"Oh Kixi I love you so much that I... well I can't ever stop loving you." She said as pushed her into me and we briefly hugged and kissed.

"Um... I smell a rat. "I said laughing. I had referred to Vickers who the crowd had already put back down on his feet, and was approaching me with his mob of companions as well as the many other fans that had congratulated him. By this stage my other three friends had also found me and come by my side.

"Here's what you want, right here," Ramsey said, holding up a handful of credits. "You were racing a skateboarder." He said out aloud making sure that I could hear his mocking commentary.

Yet I simply looked at him rolling my eyes, unfazed.

“Yeah count them," he told Ramsey, before turning to Kayla and one of his mechanics who were goofing around with each other. He cut in, lifting Kayla up by her waist. "And you're my trophy.”

"What are you smiling about?" Michael asked me, after he put Kayla down and leaned over her shoulder.

"I almost had you, but I guess you won this one." I said trying to be civilised for a change, pointing and chuckling at Michael.

"You almost had me? You never had me! You never had your car!" The crowd oh-ed, as Vickers continued, "Granny shifting, and not double clutching like you should. You're lucky that shot of NOS didn't fry the welds on the intake." He turned to Ramsey who stood next to him, "Almost had me?" Ramsey shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

I looked down for what wouldn't have been even a split second and found Michael walk up to me grabbing me by the arm. "You gonna try claim I tried to take you out too, but oh, hang on, you actually tried that shit on me just before. You have no credibility Kixi Rajki. It's probably a good thing you did retire after your first controversial title. Had you continued the reality of your falseness would have come out more sooner than later, just like they did tonight."

I snaked my arm out of his grip, walking away. "You should go stick your ego to where the sun don't shine. You won so why don't we just leave it at that. Seriously I don't know what your problem is cunt?"

Again the crowd oh-ed. "Ask any racer, any real racer, and they'll tell you. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning." Michael said gleefully.

“Fuck you then!" I spat. "I tried to be nice, tried to be accepting of your win on this occasion, but clearly you still have a problem.”

“I don't have a problem girl. You didn't win. Obviously you're the one that has a problem. You're always making wild accusations because you're weak.”

"Nuh, that's total bullshit you arsehole. I was more like shut down by a fool who really believes he never resorts to desperate measures like trying to run me off the road when he thinks he might lose.. Yeah whatever. You make me laugh... but not with you— at you." I growled, nostrils flaring while the blood felt like it were being drained from my face.

Yet Michael held his arms out ignoring my tiring allegations which one couldn't really blame him, since at the very end of this race, it was I that had tried unsuccessfully to finish him off before the homestretch. The again crowd cheered at him, while he wiggled his eyebrow at me, as Kayla came up under his arms.

"If you only knew the truth of who I really was!" I snarled angrily to myself, mumbling as I dropped my head and looked away, but somehow, under the sounds of all the cheering and jeering, he had heard me.

“Only knew the truth of who you really are Kixi?”

"I didn't say that." I quickly denied.

“Yes you did, or are you gonna lie about that too?”

For a moment, my mouth opening and shutting like a goldfish with no sound coming out. I didn't know what to say, and I wasn't exactly gonna reveal one of the USS' best kept secrets and use my NFV to change myself into Kay Blade.

"It's nothing. You won. Now leave me be." I stammered.

“Oh that's right Kixi Rajki, go walk away and hide like you know how to best. This is why you'll never be as great as the likes of me.”

“Walk away? Me?" I questioned wide eyed in shock. "No, unlike what you have been lead to believe, I don't walk away from my problems." I said turning back at him. "But you see I'm not making my defeat a problem, thus walking away doesn't constitute to me hiding like you think is what I'm good at." I smiled lopsidedly. "There's more to me than you can ever fathom to imagine, but I'm not ready to share it with you or the world yet.”

"You starting your delusional speech again?" Michael said as the several others around him broke out into a short laughter.

I shook my head doubtfully. "You Michael are far too cocky," I said quietly. "The fans—"

“The fans trust my judgement, young wannabe," Michael interrupted smoothly, directing his words only to me. "One would think that after all this, that you would too.”

I glared at him. "You assume too much," and them walked away ignoring the crowd's mixed reaction of cheering and jeering.

Michael continued to accepted congrats, all the while keeping his arm possessively around Kayla's tiny waist. I on the other hand excused myself from Chris, Kajtia and Paige, deciding to drive away from the carpark and down the road to a small isolated area, where I could calm and cool myself down from all the hype and agitation.




"Feel better?" Mako asked once I had parked and turned the car off.

“Yeah," I replied grinning at her. "Now that it's just us alone.”

I pulled her close and pressed my lips to hers. When she smiled, I slipped my tongue over her lips and into her mouth. Mako raised her tongue to meet mine, and we dueled. When we finally broke apart, we were both gasping for breath.

"You Jhazzy are my cure for everything. You always taste so good that you have ridden my mouth of that sour tasting defeat to Vickers," I told her as I kissed her cheeks. I slid my hand up to caress her breast, flicking my thumb over the nub, the instant I felt her nipple harden.  

Mako groaned and kissed my face, her nails dug into my shoulders. "Feels so good," she whispered. "Please don't stop, please."

Reaching beneath the seat and pulling the lever to slide the seat back as far as it would go, I clearly had no intention of stopping. I then pulled Mako over to my lap, pulling her shirt up and off. My hand slid to her back and quickly unfastened her bra. I slid it down her arms and bunched it up with her shirt. I tossed them toward the passenger seat and captured one nipple with my mouth, while my hand kneaded the other.

Mako's hands shook as she struggled to get my own shirt off. It was hard to concentrate with my mouth and hands caressing her breasts, but she finally managed pull the shirt off. I slid a hand up to cup each of her breasts, my thumbs flicked across the hardened nipples. She bent down and kissed the top of my head as her palms ran over my own breasts and hardened nipples. As I turned my face up, she rained light kisses over my forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks, and finally my lips.

The silence of the car was gone, now filled with our laboured breathing, loud smacking kisses, low moans and softly murmured words of desire and pleasure. We kissed passionately under the open sky, lost in a bubble of time and space.

Suddenly the comm unit installed above the centre of the car's dashboard began squelching unexpectedly. To my unanticipated surprise, I could see the incoming holo transmission was coming from Kajtia.

“Um, it's Kajtia," I said to Mako. "Wonder why she's trying to call us, she knows where we are and that we would be back soon.”

"Not sure Kiks. Something may have come up. Kajtia wouldn't just try and call like that unless it were important." Mako said stuttering, running a hand through her hair. For whatever reason, she had an eerie feeling that she could not explain that something was indeed up.

"It's probably nothing," I said nodding, ignoring Mako's concerned look on her face, as we both quickly put our shirts back on before I proceeded to press the green button on the comm device. Then within seconds and after a bit of buffering and static, the live feed of Kajtia Xiz'injhürek appeared before us.

It didn't require an expert to realise that something indeed was up. The eyes of the tall and elegant Kajtia glistened with emotion, as she pulled her eyebrows down, which wilted like flowers in the autumn."

"What's up Kajtia?" I asked startled, my own face looked pinched, my eyes glassy.

Her brows drew together and she bit her lower lip.

I tried to brush off her worries by sarcastically trying to brighten up the mood. I figured, how bad could whatever it is be?

“Let me guess, Vickers girl got her head stuck up his arse?”

No. Nothing like that, Kajtia inadvertently chirped a laugh. "Actually he along with his crew left a while ago." Her tone then turned serious again.

His lips trembling as if he were to let out a sob- but he never did. His nose twitched as his mouth suddenly became agape and he drew in a breath of air sharply, turning his neck. "It's Kes... Kes En'jusek."

Alarmed, my eyes opened widely. Upon the mention of her name, my face turned an immediate chalky white. Following that a feeling of bewilderment left my mouth gaping open.

"Kes?" I repeated, the sound of her name alone continued to startle me. "What in the name...”

"Yes. Apparently she's befriended to you! And as Kixi of course." Beside me, Mako's face fell faster than a corpse in cement boots. Her skin had became greyed, her mouth hung with lips slightly parted, and her eyes were as wide as they could stretch.

"This most certainly is an unexpected surprise. Very unanticipated indeed. She must have a lot of nerve coming back to Earth. She is a wanted criminal and an enemy of the State." The veins throbbed in my neck, as I jutted my chin and clenched my jaw in anger.

"Would you like me to discreetly call the autho—"

"No. Let her be. She has come to me because she is a loner. No one likes her, and for whatever reason I believe she is attracted to me." I said tightening my lips as I finished.


"Yes, and I know what you're gonna say. But she has no idea regarding my alter ego, just like very much everyone else. That fucking Death Incarnate bitch has a liking for Kixi and hates Kay Blade. So ironic actually. If she only fucking knew that they're both me." I smirked, my smile shallow, my eyes deep piercing.

"How can you be certain?" Kajtia dubiously asked

"She has come for me... because she has feelings for me. I know this from when she rescued me years ago from those kidnappers who falsely claimed to have been from the Resistance and working for Kay Blade, clueless that I was her. She kissed me but wanted to do more." I explained avoiding eye contact with Mako, knowing how much she wouldn't have wanted to hear that.

Yet upon hearing my words, Mako's face slackened, her brow furrowed and her eyes darting in my direction. "I don't like it. She is pure evil, dangerous and needs to be put to death— immediately"

"I understand... And that's why I'm gonna give her what she wants. And after I do, I will then reveal my true self, allowing her to know that I am also Kay Blade her mortal nemesis, and then slay her when she isn't expecting it." I said now steading eye contact with both Mako and the hologram image of Kajtia, placing a hand on my heart in a mocking gesture of sincerity.

"Are you serious Kixi?" The hologram of Kajtia flickered as she leapt in the air as if a firecracker had gone off. She shrieked, wild eyed, hands over mouth, clearly not anticipating what I was determined to do to cleanse the realm of the living from my long time merciless foe.

“Obviously it won't be here. We'll take her out somewhere, play her game and then go back to my place." I clarified as Kajtia still appeared to be somewhat bewildered, standing still as a statue, and ridged as a board. "Let her know I'm on my way and keep playing the pretence game. This is an opportunity that has presented itself to us, and I don't intend to waste it.”

Kajtia nodded in acknowledgement and then ended the connection. Mako sat there in total silence contemplating, while I continued to drive back towards the abandoned carpark of District Versio, where the majority of the racers and spectators had either already left, or were slowly dispersing from the area.

Mako knew precisely on how she wanted to deal with the assassin. With plans far crueller than the death I intended to hand out to her, she remained tight lipped, even to me, in the fear that I might attempt to thwart her far more wickedly obscene plans for vengeance. She knew all to well that I was a softy when it came to the crunch in delivering hash inhumane punishment, instead preferring to deal with quick swift solutions. In fact, and unknowingly, I disgusted her over the matter.

The chance to unleash what she had always dreamt on doing to the woman who had strived to great lengths in hurting both herself and I, she was certain had arrived, and not even I, the woman she loved dearest, would stand in her way in her pursuit in putting her sinister plans to fruition.

Secretly she felt the fire from within her raging furiously. However what she portrayed and was leading me to believe, was a stark contrast beneath her veil of pretence. All I saw was a face stuck in an incredulous expression, who was rendered speechless, unable to comprehend what had just occurred regarding the arrival of Kes En'jusek.

That's what I had known to expect from the person I'd known for almost twenty years now; Mako Jhasmin; my wife; the woman I thought I knew so well. Prevaricate was the perfect word to describe her.

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