Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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13. Chapter 6.

Chapter 6.


"Why do I have the bad feeling about tonight," Mako Jhasmin mumbled as she dragged a hand down her face in a mixture of fascination and frustration.

Glancing around and ignoring my wife, I studied my surroundings. We'd come to a massive abandoned carpark in District Versio. We'd taken so many damn turns, that for a second I wasn't sure we were still in Celestia City.

However with the sun having set hours ago, all that I needed to do was look up towards the gleam of the night sky. The streaks of lights from the sea of hovercars that were moving, weaving, buzzing around the innumerable lit up skyscrapers reminded me exactly where I still was. All around me, the air was warm and humid. Music blared from the many car sound, video, or holovid systems surrounding us, while headlights from the cars lit up the carpark.

There were so many people, so many cars parked close by, the odd hovercar too, it always amazed me how people managed to get around at all during these closely packed events.

Being her first time to any such event, Paige had never seen anything like it. She also hadn't recalled seeing me the way I was now. Knockout didn't even begin to describe how good I looked. Everything about me, at least in her mind, was perfect. Nice curvy body, slim waist, toned arms and legs. She couldn't stop staring at my legs, imagining them wrapped around her waist as she laid me back over the bonnet of the car I stood next to. My short shorts left next to nothing to the imagination, and highlighted those long, tan, firm legs. And my arse. It was so perfectly rounded, she wanted to drop to her knees and bite it.

Bizarrely enough, she had felt as if she had done more than touch me before, more then ever have kissed me. Intriguingly, she felt as if she had in the past, made out with me, pashed and had sex— countless times in fact. Paige like always, shook the vividly bizarre sensations away. There was no doubt of her fondness toward me. I was madly in love with Mako Jhasmin, yet I indeed had feelings for her too.

What she inevitably wrote off as probably no more than the consequential effects of lucid dreaming, in reality was more than that. She had no idea that over a decade ago, that I had been given no choice but to partially lobotomise her of her memories of our intimate moments together, of her love for me. Out of pure jealousy, Mako had been adamant in permanently silencing her. Not withstanding her menacing even me, it was simply something I couldn't fathom in carrying out. However after much strenuous persuasion, she eventually settled for my suggested alternative of partial lobotomy. Paige's feelings for me were indeed no result of lucid dreaming— they were real.

"I know what you're thinking Paige," Kajtia mumbled as she leaned against the side of her Porsche and crossed her arms over her chest.

"You do, really?"

"Well isn't it obvious enough. You're sure not subtle in the way you look at Kixi."

"Well Kajtia... It's hard to not stare at her. Being into women and all... its difficult to resist the urge at not looking at any girl that hot looking. Even the guys are all perving on her. Surely you can't blame me for staring, Kajtia?" Paige asked. Kajtia's lips twitched slightly.

"Paige, like I've told you previously, Mako gets very protective of her girl. If she sees you constantly showing interest, she would not only kill you, she'd bring you back to life and then kill you again," Kajtia grumbled.

Cruel as it had been, my best friend Kajtia knew exactly what I had been forced to do in order to to save Paige's life. She understood Mako all too well, and was definitely not a fan of her extremities in having to deal with any threat that came my way. Unlike Mako, she had a liking towards Paige as a friend, consequently making it her concern to do whatever she could do subtly, to protect the younger girl from the clutches of the obsessive woman who was my wife. She didn't delude herself that Paige's desire for me was wrong. However no one could blame Kajtia, if she didn't think too highly of Mako for her warped reasoning to think that it was simply okay to want to outright murder her for it... and that was putting it lightly.

"Very funny," Paige drawled as she turned to glare at Kajtia. "I know I need to stay away from her, sex wise anyway. Doesn't help when I get those funny feelings that I've... like been with her before. I know that sounds wrong across all levels even saying it, but yeah doesn't mean I can't look... I guess."

"Look... hell..." Chris rose up to sit on the driver's seat of his wife's Porsche. "Kixi is begging for it," he finally said. "She keeps looking at Paige as well, and if she keeps doing it like she does, her wife is gonna go bonkers. Keeping her hands off of Paige, as in not trying to hurt her will be impossible."

Kajtia turned to give him an annoyed look. "Did you seriously just say she was begging for it?"

"Have you not seen the way she has been looking at Paige tonight?" Chris asked as he rested his elbows on his knees and clasped his hands.

He then looked up at Paige. "When you're not paying attention, she looks at you like she could eat you alive. Kixi is playing a very immature game, inappropriately encouraging you."

"Well," Kajtia drawled. "Nothing's changed for her in the maturity department."

"Yeah, well, just hope that Mako doesn't slap Kixi a hard one across the face," Chris murmured. "She's been known to literally hit, and then virtually rape her when she's pissed at her."

"It's not rape when you want it. It's just wild make up sex which I'm guessing Kixi will be getting lots of that later tonight." Kajtia said taking a deep breath in and out, while Paige kept looking over in my direction, watching as I bent over to look at the dash of the car I stood next to.

My laughter carried over the noise and music, as I stood and brushed my hair back over my shoulder. There had to be over three hundred people here and I'd swear, I hardly knew who most were, but they all seemed to know me. Oh yeah sometimes I needed reminding myself, that I was once an F-Zero racer and a one time System Champion; it was so long ago now. Everyone said hello to me. Guys and girls alike admired me. Some openly flirted. I took it all in stride, sometimes flirting back, sometimes returning kisses on the cheek; my wife reluctantly tolerated it. Occasionally, I would dance a little to the music; my hips moving to the beat and making Paige want to join me or go somewhere private were she could masturbate to the image.

All of a sudden and from nowhere, a tall black man jumped onto the bonnet of his car and spread his arms wide. "Hey redhead, I say we race! Me versus your top dog blondie friend."

Paige raised an eyebrow and looked around the crowded area. Where the hell did he plan on racing she wondered, figuring that the answer to that question would come sooner rather than later.

"Kixi, you in?" Paige asked from the bonnet of the car, looking around quickly for me.

"Not tonight. I'm in a happy mood at the moment, that I would feel bad if I just take his money." I answered boastfully.

The crowd laughed; some moaned in disappointment. I stepped from behind two girls and moved close to the car the man stood on. "I'll put someone in my place, though."

Three men came forward. One stared me up and down like I was a piece of meat. Mako stiffened, wanting nothing more than to smack that look of lust off his face.

"I'm Jose, and I'll race," the man said. "Who's this person you want to take your place?"

I rolled my eyes slightly, but my smile widened.

"Fair enough." I then looked over at Paige. "My apprentice here... Paige." 

Of course no one except my friends knew what I had really meant by the words 'My Apprentice,' probably assuming she were some new rookie driver or mechanic that Zed's had employed, instead of a former Arjian Resistance agent. From the day Paige had defected to our side in the war against the former Drex government and Skycom, she had yearned to be like me, like Kay Blade; had wanted to be my apprentice and had ironically to eM Blade's— Mako's dismay, become a valuable member of KnM Blade alongside me as Asuka Blade.

Kajtia coughed and Chris snickered. Paige reached over to slap Chris across the chest with the back of her hand. Her heart raced at the idea of getting behind the wheel of Mako's car. The Nissan GTR was quick, and equipped with more technical gadgets than she knew what to do with.

"I'll race," Paige said. "If I can drive the GTR."

"No Paige, you will not! Absolutely not!" Mako's protest came before Paige had barely finished her words.

"What? What are you, her mother or something?" I said shaking my head, but then immediately regretted having said those words after my wife irritatedly looked daggers at me.

"I want to compete Kixi. I've got what it takes." Paige said, jubilant at the prospect of getting behind the wheel, while at the same time animated at the honour of racing in my place.

"Kixi this is my car! Remember?" Mako protested angrily, crossing her arms.

"Relax sweetheart. Paige is less likely to fuck it up than I was when we drove here, and as you can clearly see, the car is still in one piece." I said giving her my trademark lopsided grin of reassurance.

"She isn't you, and she will be racing another car head to head. I don't like it Kixi." Mako said not buying into my reassurances, wrinkling her smooth brow, and shaking her head in complete disapproval.

I met her gaze squarely. "Well then you should have let me bring my Viggen tonight." I gave her a questioning look, then turned away wordlessly.

Her eyes blazed defiantly. "Well I don't like her driving it."

"Wait a minute," the man, a young Hispanic guy said as he stepped forward. "I gotta race this chick in your car?"

I smiled a smile so adorably sexy, that Paige couldn't take her eyes off me as I turned to speak. "It's not about the car, Jose. It's about the driver."

Jose snorted. "Not always."

I shrugged. "If you're afraid, then don't race."

"I am not afraid," he replied, frowning. "I'll race."

"Good." I turned to Paige and held the car keys out, waiting on her to come take them from my hand. "I'm curious as to how my apprentice handles herself behind the wheel." I shook the keys as though to entice her to move from her spot.

Paige cocked her head in amusement and stepped toward me, working her way through the thick crowd that had gathered. As she broke through the people surrounding me, she didn't miss the way my gaze wandered down her body from head to toe. Mako who stood only metres behind me kept her arms crossed, still pissed off no doubt, while the look of desire shone in Paige's eyes.

She met my gaze head on as she reached out to grab the keys. I didn't relinquish my hold right away, and she tugged, actually pulling me a step toward her, and much to my wife's infuriation.

"What do I get if I win?" She asked.

"Half the winnings. You know there's always credits involved in these races."

She let her gaze drop to the white, off the shoulder blouse she wore. The ruffle of lace rested against my breasts, that were pushed up to create a mouthwatering cleavage she wanted to bury her face in.

Her eyes moved back to mine. "Maybe credits isn't what I'm after."

The crowd around us mumbled and awed at her comment, then grew silent, waiting for my answer. My lips twitched slightly as I stepped closer, still holding on to the keys. "I'm married, and my wife is standing right there watching, so doesn't that make this sexual harassment?"

Paige grinned. "That's only if you proposition me."

"I think you're wrong, but I'll give it to ya. So what is it exactly that you want other than credits?"

"If I win, I get a kiss."

The crowd got loud, clapping and laughing at her proposition. She didn't know why she'd said it, especially with Mako standing there death glaring her. The thought just popped into her head as she stood close to me, staring at my glistening lips.

I glanced around at the people surrounding us, my cheeks slightly flushed, but my stance and look no less confident. If she'd thrown me for a loop, I hid it well.

"I'll tell you what, pretty girl. If you win, I'll give you more than a kiss." With that, I let go of the keys and started to walk away, but before getting too far, I called over my shoulder. "But you have to win."

The crowd moved aside, making room for the cars to move toward the abandoned four lane running through the middle of the warehouse district. That was where this race would take place.

Paige quickly made her way towards Mako's GTR parked just a few feet away. Chris and Kajtia joined her as she climbed into the car.

"Have you lost your fucking mind?" Kajtia snarled as Paige shut the door.

The window was rolled down, and Paige smiled up at Kajtia through the opening. "Over what? The request for a kiss or racing?"

"Both. Kixi is a married woman and her wife is right there. Putting aside that what you are doing is wrong, do you have any idea on how jealous Mako gets if anyone even gets close to her wife?"

"Well if you haven't noticed, Kixi's the one flirting big time with me. I'm just playing along. However putting all that aside, you know Kixi has always been a role model for me. Now I want to win this race." Paige said as she turned the key to start the ignition.

The high output twin turbo V6 engine roared to life, vibrating the seat beneath her. Her blood pounded through her veins in anticipation. She lived for this as a teenager, and hadn't had much chance since entering adulthood to pursue her love of racing. Paige wasn't just like my alter ego Kay Blade, she was like me, Kixi Rajki; racing was in her blood. Period.

"From your lips to God's ears," Kajtia mumbled as she straightened and slapped the bonnet of the car twice with her palm.

Paige revved the engine and pushed forward carefully through the crowd. Some of the men nodded and offered luck. Some offered early condolences, as though they expected her to lose, while other women openly smiled and flirted.

With a grin, she sought me and found me by the starting line. I wiggled my fingers, indicating she should pull the car where I stood. She couldn't take her eyes off me as I moved around to the driver's window and leaned down. I rested my elbows on the window sill, crossing my arms as I stared at her through the opening.

"How about a change of plans?" Paige asked.

I eyed her skeptically. "What kind of change?"

"A kiss for luck instead."

I snorted softly, and looked toward the front to make sure the race starter wasn't in place yet before turning back to her. "You put me on the spot back there, suggesting a kiss in front of everyone. Don't press your luck. My wife already isn't taking likely to this."

Paige smiled slightly as I straightened. "Oh, yeah," I said as I backed away toward the front of the car. "Screw up my wife's car or her engine, and we'll both have your head."

Paige's smile widened as she imagined just what she'd like me to do with her head, revving the engine as a response. I shook my head in amused disbelief as I took my place in front of the drivers.

"You all know the rules for this one. Quarter mile down, turn around at the intersection, then the quarter mile back. First one to cross the painted line wins," I called.

Paige stared down the street, making note of the intersection I referred to.

"Everybody pay up. Credits goes to Chris," I called, and Paige frowned. I looked in her direction and replied, "I've got yours."

Paige took a mental note, realising that was the credits I referred to earlier that we would split if she won. Drivers had to pay a fee to race, then whoever won got the total amount. She then wondered if it was also customary to place bets as well? She looked for Chris and spotted him on the other side of the line of four cars. He was taking credits and entering something onto a comm pad, confirming that they indeed did bet too. Shaking her head, she turned her attention back to the strip of road in front of her.

"Drivers at the ready," I called as I raised my hands high above my head.

Paige had to concentrate hard to keep the small bit of stomach she could see, as my shirt raised above the waistline of my shorts from distracting her. She really needed to win this race. Not just because she had never raced before and wanted to show that not only was she a worthy student of mine as a combatant, but also as a driver. Oh and not withstanding Mako's presence, she not only wanted that kiss, she was hanging for it.

"Go!" I yelled and dropped my arms.

Paige hit the accelerator.

I stood perfectly still as the two cars raced past me, two on each side. I spun around quickly, keeping a close eye on Paige and Mako's car. Mako would really have her head if she messed it up. In fact she was already quite cross with me.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Mako asked as she came to stand next to me.

"Well I didn't really wanna race that dude, given I'll be racing in a bigger event later, and seeing that Paige volunteered—"

"Kixi you're a fucking dumb fuck!"

"I beg your pardon Mako Jhasmin?"

"Kixi, if you're asking for me to actually kill her this time, you're doing an exceptionally good job. If she remembers how much she was madly in love with you, there will be no option to lobotomise her this time. I'm gonna kill her, and you even dare try and stop me, I'll fucking smack your own teeth in too Kixi!" Mako barked furiously, gritting her teeth.

"You need to calm down Jhazzy. Nothing is gonna happen between Paige and I."

"Except if she wins, you promised to kiss her! You stupid dumbarse! You Kixi! Seem to be needing reminders that you are mine and solely mine! I fucking own you!" She continued snarling putting her hand behind my neck collar and gripping hard.

She was furious at me. That alone I could feel through the tension of her grip. She wanted to pull my down violently, strip me and fuck me hard, but held off seeing that we were in a crowded public area— for now.

"You're gonna make this up to me later when I fuck your fucking brains out Kixi."

"Yes rest assured Jhazzy, I won't be resisting."

I shrugged one shoulder, as Mako let go of my collar, keeping my eyes on the car. So far, Paige was in second, but gaining quickly on first.

Chris grabbed both Mako's and my arm, and ushered us to the side as the two cars made the turn at the intersection. I watched as Paige easily took the lead and crossed the line a half a car length before the second one.

"Damn," Chris murmured into my ear so that Mako didn't hear. "Nice driving. Looks like now you're going to have to kiss her."

My stomach knotted at the thought. Not because I didn't want to, but because I did, even in Mako's presence. Actually, much to my embarrassment, I'd thought of sleeping with her. After being partially lobotomised, Paige didn't remember, that years ago I had slept with her countless times and in all honesty, I missed her. Lobotomised or not, nothing could ever erase her feelings for me. It was like she didn't know, but somehow did. Even if there was no chance of it happening, damned if tonight I could think of anything but sleeping with her.


"What?" I asked, turning to Chris in confusion.

"Did you hear what I said?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Sorry. No."

Chris chuckled and handed me the money. "Go get your kiss."

"Uh, huh." I looked over at Mako.

"I guess a promise is a promise Kixi." Mako said, her voice a soft low pitch. "But you better be ready later for when I slam you hard in bed."

I sighed as Paige pulled the car to a stop right at my feet. "I feel like an idiot. Sure I have feelings for her, but Mako is better, she's the best girl in the universe and I'm lucky to be married to her." I grumbled at Chris loud enough so that Mako heard me as well.

I glanced over at my wife and caught her gaze as she stared back at me. Her skin tingled at the way her eyes dropped along my body, then back up. No matter what, Mako would always remain madly in love with me. I felt like a fool, now that reality hit home. I swallowed and quickly glanced away.

Paige climbed from the car and shut the door, as several men came over to high-five her or pat her on the back for a race well won. She'd surprised me. I may have been an expert and professional at F-Zero and hovercar racing, but at this type of racing, I'd had to run several races before winning my first. Paige won the first time out. As the crowd around her thinned, she leaned against the door and crossed her arms over her chest, a look of pure arrogance on her face. She was so thrilled with herself that I could only smile.

"So where's my kiss?" She purred, making my stomach flutter.

Since when did I get butterflies from anyone other than Mako I asked myself? Oh yeah, I quickly recalled answering my own question. From the very same girl that stood before me, waiting, in what now seemed a lifetime ago.

Deciding to take the bull by the horns, I ignored the chants of "kiss" crescendoing around me and slowly walked toward Paige.

She pushed from the door and took a step toward me as I came to a stop in front of her. My heart raced wildly at the thought of Paige's lips slanting over mine.

She reached out and wrapped a finger around the belt loop of my shorts and tugged me closer. I followed without a fight, anxious for the touch of her mouth against mine. We were of a similar height, so all she had to do was move her head toward mine, which she did, but much too slowly for my liking, but I held myself still, determined not to appear too needy. Oh, yes... I felt bad but I still wanted her kiss. But I didn't want her to know that.

Her mouth slanted over mine, and my eyes drifted closed. The pressure of her lips moving over my mouth made mine part in invitation almost of its own accord. It was as though I no longer had control of my own body. Her tongue dipped into my mouth slowly, teasingly as she gently feathered it along my teeth. I opened wider, allowing her tongue to slide deeper and twirl around mine in a way that made my knees tremble.

Reaching up, I grasped her shirt to hold myself upright as one of her arms slid around my waist. Her hand flattened against the small of my back, pressing me against her so close, I could feel every inch of her body from shoulders to feet. Wow, she felt good. Soft and gentle, yet firm. She let go of my belt loop and raised her hand to cup my cheek. It was such a sweet move; her touch so tender it made my thighs wobble like jelly.

Her fingers slid slowly over my cheek, then moved to cup the back of my neck, holding me steady as she deepened the kiss even further. The catcalls going on around us faded away as I lost myself in her kiss. A shrill whistle cut through the haze, and I stiffened.

As quickly as possible, I jerked away from her. I couldn't do this with her, despite the fact that I was enjoying it. I was Mako's girl, and now after what she had just seen, there wouldn't be any doubt that she would be fuming. In fact fuming was probably an understatement. Clearing my throat, I lifted my chin and handed her half the credits. She took it, watching me with curiosity and just a hint of lust shining in her eyes. "There's the rest of what I owe you." With that, I turned and walked as steadily as my legs would allow back to Chris.

"You okay?" Chris asked as I slowly moved past him.

"No," I whispered. "I need a shot of Vodka and half the toys in my drawer after that kiss— Mako is furious at me cos I'm an imbecile."

Chris choked on the sip of beer he'd just taken. I looked to my left and saw Kajtia making her way over. Yet Mako chose not to approach. Instead she stood next to her car—alone. The moment I observed her biting her nails while staring miserably down at the ground, my gut reaction told me she was more than furious at me. She was hurt.

I held out my hand to Paige who had wisely walked away from Mako's car. "Give me the keys."

"Yeah they're here. You walked away so quickly that I didn't get a chance to give them back to you." Paige said as she reached into her pocket.

"Yeah sorry. By the way I really enjoyed kissing you, but I'm afraid that it can't happen again. Please don't take it the wrong way," I whispered as my fingers closed around the keys she placed in my palm. "Leave me with my wife for a few minutes." I walked away, leaving Paige to handle the congratulations on her own, in the company of Chris, Kajtia and whatever other mob was still gathered around.

"I'm sorry Jhazzy... The words softly exited my mouth as I reached out with a hand under her chin to lift her head up.

"You still hot enough to melt snow? If you get any hotter, you'll combust— right here in front of everyone." Mako sarcastically mocked.

"Excuse me?" I asked in surprise.

"When I gave my heart to you, it was forever." Mako said poking me firmly in the chest.

“Wow," I drawled. "Look... I... didn't think it was gonna end up like that.”

“That's the problem with you Kiks, sometimes you need to think." She then said reaching for the side of my head to tap her knuckles over it several times. "Do you know when everyone was chanting you on while you kissed her, just how much that hurt me Kiks? Do you?”

"Yes. And I'm sincerely sorry. You know I love you more than anything or anyone." I pleaded.

“You say you love me above all else," Mako continued placing a finger over her lips thinking. "Fine. Then it's time that fact is taken to a new level— demonstrate it in front of the whole crowd.”

“Well sure I can kiss you back in the—”

"No Kixi, that's simply not gonna cut it." Mako's eyes widened as she tilted her head back parting her lips slightly. "I want you to really go for it, just like we would in private." She then leaned forward raising her eyebrows, expecting an immediate compliance on my part.

"Right here in front of everyone? I... don't know if that's a good idea Jhazzy." I responded, reluctantly, brushing a hand over an ear.

"Well you damn kissed Paige with enough passion in front of everyone!" Mako frowned stamping her foot on the ground, while her lips tightened and her eyes narrowed.

"And I said I'd kiss you back in the same way." I said placing a hand over the roof of Mako's car, feeling overwhelmed by her wild demands.

"No Kixi. If you love me truly, you won't care where we are and just go for it." She now demanded crossing her arms.

I was taken aback by her sudden outburst, each word like a painful blow to my guilt-ridden heart. She knew how much she filled me with such light, and made me want to be a better woman all for her. She knew how much I loved her, and that she gave me more a reason to wake up in the mornings. Yet at the present moment, knowing that didn't matter. She needed action, not words to know how much I truly loved her above all else in this universe. I couldn't just walk away and leave things be for even another moment.

Before I realised what I was doing, I embraced her tightly in my arms, and then roughly pushed her against the side of her car. My mouth crushed hers, as I kissed her hard and I pressed my body into her, trapping her where I wanted her, where I needed her.

Stunned, it took Mako a couple of seconds to register what was happening, that I, the woman that she loved with all her heart, was actually kissing her with a passion so fierce that it nearly buckled her legs. She quickly began to return my kiss with an intense hunger of her own, the fire that had been threatening to explode all evening now finally being unleashed.

An entire night of pent up lustful desire and need, love and utmost respect were poured into our kiss by both of us, neither of us wanting it to end any time soon.

My lungs began to burn as I devoured her, the need to breathe becoming more demanding by the moment, but my need for her was so much stronger, overwhelming me with a force I hadn't experienced in a long time.

I finally broke the kiss with a sharp gasp as I sucked in much needed air. I breathed heavily for a moment, before forcefully claiming her mouth all over again, as my hands began exploring her body like they had done so many times and never ever got tired of doing. I could hear the chanting from the many standing bystanders, making it feel almost like a dream that I was making out with the girl of my dreams in front of them. But this was no dream – this was better, this was us going for it in a crowded public venue, and it was real.

The feel of my tongue exploring her mouth sent tingles through Mako's body, my familiar taste, tonight was better than it had ever been before. She quickly began searching for the bottom edges of my top, so she could lift it and free my body for her to revel in.

I swiftly captured her hands with mine, guiding her to the bottom edges of my top, allowing her to lift and remove it, revealing my breasts, before threading my fingers through her thick ebony-blackish hair.

"Kixi…" she gasped with concern, her brown eyes clouded with lust, as well as a familiar anguish, as her fingers lightly traced the numerous wounds from my numerous battles against my arch nemesis, the woman who we'd nicknamed Death Incarnate.

Breathing heavily, I looked down, intently watching her as she memorised with her fingers as well as her eyes. Despite my battle scars, the unsightly evidence of my past endeavours with the same assassin who had no doubt traumatised her far worse than I could even begin to fathom, confirmed my true warrior spirit that was kindred to her own.

My head fell back with a low throaty moan when she suddenly added her teeth and tongue to the sensual worship of my breasts, sparks of pleasure lancing through me like lightning bolts. She was setting my entire body on fire, liquid flames of passion humming through my veins.

Unable to bear it a moment longer, I grabbed hold of her face and pulled her up, my lips claiming hers all over again as my lust and love took full control once more. I swiftly began removing her top as well, desperate to feel her skin against mine, to feast on her breasts, and to feel her wet heat fully surrounding me.

I slowly slipped her top over her head, taking a moment to enjoy a careful worship of her body, kissing every inch of exposed flesh as I made my way down to the tops of her boots through her already exposed legs. Mako shivered at being completely exposed in front of me, as she felt my mouth against her skin. Like me, she totally forgot that people were watching, immersed in the moment, completely oblivious to the many uproariously loud chants, catcalls and wolf whistles that besieged us.

"So very beautiful," I continually whispered against her body as I kissed my way back up, my hands slowly caressing and kneading the backs of her knees, thighs, buttocks, and back as I finally found her sweet lips once more. My fingers slipped up the back of her neck and into her thick raven hair as I kissed her deeply. We were both far past the point of no return.

"Kixi…please…" Mako panted as my mouth sucked and teased her breast, her fingers raking through my hair and holding me to her chest.

Notwithstanding that she had been the one having inciting it, Mako couldn't believe we were doing this in a public venue in front of hundreds of people of all places, but at this point we couldn't have cared less. The feel of my hot mouth on her breasts was driving her crazy, her body throbbing and pleading for more, as she gasped and panted for every drawn out breath.

I was rapidly losing control as I repeatedly raked my teeth over her nipple, my mind spinning with the feel and taste of her. How could I have been so stupid in wanting to kiss Paige so badly before. This was better than any fantasy I had ever had about Paige as I sucked hard, leaving my mark on her skin, and causing her to cry out as pleasure continually spiked through her body.

Mako's fingers were practically clawing into her car's body as she tilted her head back, not even caring if she was damaging it. She didn't think she could possibly take much more tonight, as her heart hammered wildly against her chest, every single fibre of her being cried out for me.

With a grin on my lips, I nuzzled my nose with hers as my hand snaked down her body, my fingers finding her moist centre. I began to stroke her causing her to make panting whimpering noises, her body already beginning to tremble as I kissed her again.

Her hands roamed over my body, her fingernails raked over my back, before slipping my shorts down past my hips. She lifted her leg, wrapping it around my waist as I continued to stroke and tease her, her hips moving with my fingers.

She felt her control slipping from her grasp as she suddenly came in a heated rush, pressing her forehead into the crook of my neck as she fought to calm her racing heart. I continued my sensual assault, kissing along her throat and collarbone, waiting for her to calm down a little before taking her even further.

Immersed deeply in the experience, she barely noticed as I leaned slightly, so I could stretch my arm and hand out into the open window of her car. I reached for the glovebox and retrieved a dildo that I kept for the unexpected, which I then effortlessly attached onto me.

Lining myself up, I slowly slipped inside of her as I wrapped her other leg around my waist, my mouth swiftly moving to cover hers as she cried out from the painful feel of me stretching her so very full. I continued to press myself further into her, pushing until I was fully sheathed deep inside of her.

I pressed the palm of my hand against the side of the car beside her head to brace myself, my other hand firmly gripping her backside. I rested my forehead against hers, both overcome with the intense intimate sensation of the moment.

“Jhazzy…" I gasped, swallowing hard past the sudden emotional knot in my throat. "I love you.”

Mako tenderly caressed my cheek, unexpected tears welling in her eyes as we shared the same breath. "I love you, Kixi," she whispered. "I love you with all my heart."

I kissed the tip of her nose as I started moving my hips, sliding in and out of her as I began to make love to her. Mako gripped my shoulders, holding on to me with all that she had, as she began to lose herself in the amazing waves of passion that were beginning to crash over her, with every delicious slam of my hips against hers.

She began to writhe against the car, her head thrown back as I assaulted her throat, her shoulder, her chest, her lips – anywhere I could possibly taste her. I couldn't get enough of my incredible wife who made me feel as though I was being ripped apart at the seams, with the rapture thundering through me.

"Kixi!" she screamed as she came with a sudden violent release, her fingernails digging painfully into my shoulders.

I hissed with the feel of her nails clawing at me, the contraction of her walls around me as I continued to pound into her with wild abandon. "Mako Jhasmin!" I cried her name, knowing full well that hundreds of people were watching us, but not caring.

I swiftly plunged headlong over that euphoric precipice with her, as I clung to her. We held each other close, exchanging soft sweet kisses as we calmed each other down from our mutual high.

I was so immersed in the moment, that I had totally forgotten where we were. There was something magical about standing out in the crowd; living the moment with my one and only, my previous love. Oddly I didn't feel overwhelmed as the wolf whistling ran wild, and we absorbed the chanting that echoed loudly from all directions. We felt the same emotions together, releasing an easing to our love for one another from within us. What I read on Mako's face was written on mine, and in that echo of our love, we were as close to being one as we would ever be. In this moment of unity, there was a feeling of love that I could not feel in any other part of my life.

Unexpectedly, from somewhere in the crowd, loud amplified sounds interrupted our remarkable moment, pulling us out of our reverie, and putting an end to our glamorous moment.

“That would be right!” I muttered to myself as we let go of one another.

Removing the dildo, I tossed it back into the car, as we then put whatever clothes we had taken off, back on again.

"It would appear that whoever it is that you'll be competing with has finally arrived?" Mako said gazing away to her right, recollecting the reason why we had actually come here tonight.

"It would appear to be so." I said still feeling a little slack-jawed and unable to move, fixing my own gaze toward the same direction as her.

"I wonder who you'll be competing with?" Mako asked rubbing her hands together in anticipation.

"Well we're about to find out. Let's take a peep first, shall we?" I said biting my lip as I ran a hand across the side of my hair and across my ear.

Once I safely climbed up onto the roof of Mako's GTR, I lent her a helping hand up so we could peek above where the crowd, and at least 100 racers had gathered. Unmistakably a man could be seen standing on the roof of a hover-truck, where he began addressing the crowd.

"Look, over there Jhazzy." I pointed in the direction of three figures moving through the crowd, and toward the speaker on the hover-truck roof.

"Yes I see them Kiks." Mako confirmed the form of two men and a girl moving through the crowd, the focus of all the attention clearly on one of the men who walked alongside the girl.

A speech from the man standing on the hover-truck roof then boomed over the crowd, his voice a strident timbre. Immediately after a cacophony of applause and cheering followed. Palpable excitement buzzed through the charged air— and then I realised who it was; who the man I would be racing in what was gearing up to be one hell of a show would be.

"Oh!" I cried out before placing a hand over my own mouth.

"Is that Michael Vickers with that girl? Mako frowned crossing her arms.

"Yes. He's an all familiar face I'm afraid. I don't recognise the girl, but that's his co-pilot Ramsey Gatehouse with him." I said creasing my brow.

“Hey are you getting this Kixi?" Kajtia who stood next to Chris and Paige yelled out to me from a few metres away. "Our old cunt face racing rival appears to have stolen the show.”

My mouth seriously felt as if it was about to drop from under my jaw, upon the realisation that the so called main event for tonight's race meet was for me to race him. We had been bitter rivals during our turbulent days as F-Zero rivals. Never had the two of us gotten along, both on or off the track. As far as I was concerned, Vickers was a disdainful man, and even after all these years, his presence alone was already rubbing salt in the wound.

"Bloody fucking Vickers!" Dammit no! I mean fuck yeah! I wanna whoop his flaming sorry arse." I yelled back, clenching my hands above my head as if I had already triumphantly defeated him.

"C'mon Jhazzy" I said as I squatted down, carefully jumping off the roof and then getting into the car. By the time Mako had gotten herself down and into the passenger seat, I had already brought the GTR's engine to life, a massive deafening roar followed as I revved it close to redline, and the car's quad exhausts crackled and popped.

"Even if he's a fucking piss ant, it's rude to keep him waiting." I said turning my head slightly to look at Mako, crinkling my nose in disgust at the thought of the man, who'd for years, been my on-track nemesis.

She nodding in complete agreement, while at the same time we fist pumped our fists together.

"It's time for Mr Vickers to meet his challenger." I smiled enigmatically, slightly tucking my chin in as I lit up the GTR's wheels, storming over to where Vickers, along with a crowd that was charged with a kind of demonic energy inevitably awaited.

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