Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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3016/17 - KnM Blade: Part 3 (Available by mid to later part of 2020)
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3018 - I Love You And You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi And Mako Jhasmin (Published 2018-06-15)
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3028 - Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal (Published 2019-07-13)

3039/42 - Time’s Arrow (KnM Blade version. Available in 2020)
3044 - Total Recall (KnM Blade version)
3052 - Reunion: Part 1 (KnM Blade version)
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12. Chapter 5.

Chapter 5.


Having had to find somewhere to relieve herself unexpectedly, apart from having been separated from both Chris and Kajtia, Paige also found herself separated for the good part of around a quarter of an hour from her own set of wheels. Having had to park on a different street opposite a narrow alley in which she had to walk through to get to the restroom, she took note of the warm, quiet night as she strolled back down the one of many streets of District Versio, making her way back to her car. She had almost forgotten how much she missed it, the lights, the people and most importantly, the cars.

Overall, Celestia City was lovely to live in, always holding a special place in her heart. Her musings were interrupted by the familiar squeal of tyres as a black and orange Mazda RX-7 with a veilside body kit sped down the deserted street towards her. As Paige was standing in the middle of the road, she proceeded to cross the street, but her actions were halted as the car drifted in her intended direction and then decided to run rings around her as she stood still, waiting for the car to stop its show. When the car did finally stop after a few laps, a trail of smoke from the tyres surround Paige and she looked at the driver for the first time with a raised eyebrow.

She refused to show any emotion that conveyed that she was impressed. The driver had deep brown eyes and soft looking hair and Paige considered him to be handsome, but with what she'd just seen with his showmanship, she wasn't interested. Therefore she decided to proceed with crossing the road, not giving the driver a second glance as she carried on towards her destination. Walking along the pavement, she heard the roar of the engine as it moved towards her again.

"Hey sweetheart, you just missed your queue where you were supposed to give me your contact details!" The driver said in a calm voice next to her as he drove alongside her, keeping perfectly in sync with her walking pace. Paige glanced at him again as she kept her walking pace.

"Why should I give you my contact details?" Paige asked in a neutral tone, while sneaking glances at the driver every few seconds. The man looked taken aback for a small moment before he schooled his features.

"Why shouldn't you?" The man countered while keeping both eyes on Paige, not looking where he was going in front of him, although she had a feeling that he knew exactly what he was doing.

"I don't have a Comms device, it broke." Paige answered, while staring straight ahead.

"How unfortunate. Can I give you a lift anywhere?" His voice still in the same neutral pitch as before, Paige could tell that he knew she was lying but wasn't going to call him out on it.

"No." Paige answered immediately. She had her own ride waiting and not parked too faraway. Also, she wasn't exactly an idiot to get into a car with a man she knew nothing about— not that she couldn't defend herself should the man try something unexpectedly.

The stranger sighed and glanced at her curiously. He clearly wasn't used to being turned down.

"Can I at least get your name?" he tried again. Paige stopped walking and he also stopped his car. Paige walked over to his open window and leaned down, locking her gaze with his deep brown eyes.

"Paige... Paige Langley." She said, not even sure why she was telling him that, perhaps it was to get rid of him.

"Han." He immediately said back even though she didn't ask for his name.

"Wanna go to the races, it's happening just up the road from here?" he asked while looking her in the eyes with a quiet intensity.

Paige let out a short chuckle as she reached into her bag for a tissue, never breaking eye contact with Han. She then proceeded to lean her hand in and wipe the tissue over his neck while still locking eyes with him. It felt very intimate and intense as she brought the tissue back from his neck and dangled the now lipstick stained tissue in front of his eyes, finally distracting him from staring into her eyes.

"Looks like you've already had a girl you could have taken along with you," Paige replied while dangling the tissue for a second more between them, before her fingers let it go and it dropped in his lap.

“Besides you wouldn't wanna go out with me.”

“Yeah and why's that Paige?”

“Cos I was Cerberus' daughter, and Kristy Langley's younger sister... You know, the fucking one dead slut and other banished bitch from the days of Skycom Corporation control.”

“Oh. I thought the name rang a bell... and the face. So why are you still here? Skycom got their arse's whipped by that Kay Blade.”

“No shit dude. I'm one of them.”

"One of them? I don't follow?" Han tilted his head slightly giving Paige a confused stare.

“I'm part of KnM Blade, I'm Kay Blade's apprentice. I'm also known as Asuka Blade.”

"Oh! I think... I remember hearing that now... Somewhere. So should I be scared?" Han said now taken a little aback, never having anticipated that the sexy red head he had tried to pick up was in fact someone he'd rather have preferred not to mix with.

“Not if you don't intend any harm.”

“You know your mother was a terrible person. You being related to her, I find it hard to fathom how you could possibly—”

“I killed her... I killed Cerberus, my mother.”

“You did that. Gee you lie as good as you look." Han said containing the urge to laugh. "We all know Kay Blade did that.”

“Nope. If it were for Kay Blade, Cerberus would have possibly killed both Kay and I. Kay is a softy. I couldn't believe Kay actually felt sorry for her when I strangled and tortured Cerberus, and then raped her dead body.”

"This was your mother you're taking about right?" Han said, a prickling sensation moved over his skin as he imagined the stunning girl before him, actually being capable of strangling her own mother to death – or anyone for that matter.

"Yep, and if I ever get my chance, I'll give my older evil sister the same fate she so fucking deserves." Replied Paige, coldly and emotionlessly.

"Fark, you're something." Han said more out of the fact that he didn't know what to say. "Say since we know that you are Asuka Blade, why don't you tell anyone the true identity of Kay Blade and her other little sidekick?

“Oh you mean eM?" Paige said her name rolling her eyes. "Well it's because of a major conflict of interest. It's confidential.”

"Gee it's not like either one is the President or the First Lady, or someone of high important. Don't get why we the people can't know. We do have a right to know." Han said irritatedly.

"Because it's just how it's gonna be, and in all honesty it's not my decision, nor do I really have a say in it." In her mind Paige couldn't help amuse herself at the fact that eM Blade's real self had in fact been the president, and I her First Lady. She smirked just imagining his, and everyone else's shocked faces if they even remotely knew.

"So are you bi-sexual?" he asked, curious and trying to change the topic.

Paige smiled just a little and her stomach did a flip. "No. I prefer girls, or women only. I tried men and... well I quickly learnt that I preferred same sex relationships."

“Do you like... um... well I saw how you rolled your eyes at the mention of eM Bla—”

"As a matter of fact I do. But clearly some things are just not meant to be. Just like with you and I. So it was nice knowing you, but it's just not gonna happen dude." Paige then straightened up ignoring his look of disappointment, and turned around to walk up into an alley, the same one she had came through earlier where no cars could enter. She could still feel his eyes on her as she made her escape from his presence. She didn't turn around to glance back, but heard the powerful rev of his engine as he finally pulled away a minute later.

When she finally got back to her own car, her R34 Skyline, she took a deep breath in and out before starting it up again, taking in the familiar surroundings of her car's cabin that made her feel safe and for now, like at home. Not wanting to waste another second, nor draw anymore unwanted attention, she immediately headed for where the others were waiting at District Versio in anticipation of my imminent arrival.




The sound of the engine roar was constant, as I threw the car around from corner to corner, with Mako bracing herself as I then continued to speed through the Celestian suburbs.

"Do you mind not driving like a murderous maniac?" Mako asked irritably, wincing as I took a sharp turn that practically resulted in her being thrown against the side of the vehicle.

My voice was eerily calm. "Who ever said I was murderous, and I'm not driving like a maniac. Furthermore you suggested I drive like this before we left our apartment."

"Kiks, I don't mind you gunning it on the straights, but you're taking the corners a little bit faster than the design capabilities of this vehicle." Mako protested futilely.

Colourful scenery quickly passed us as we flew through the city. Looking to the gauge on the dash, I saw that we were going a hundred and eighty, and we were only speeding up. "You asked me to drive like the racing car driver that I am. So that's exactly what I'm doing."

"You know you can be an arrogant little hot head at times!" Mako further protested cringing. Even though Mako knew that I was a great driver by most people's standards, she also understood that when I drove too fast, that I tended to be a bit rash in my decision making.

"Come on, Jhazzy, calm down. You're acting like you're never been in a dangerous situation before. You're forgetting what our alter egos are, and seeing that we... I, need to be at District Versio to actually participate in any racing event, I think it is a good idea to get there in a reasonable amount of time to suss out the competition." I said, my eyes averting from the road so that I could roll my eyes at Mako.

“Eyes on the road, goddess!" Mako exclaimed, shoving me in the arm. "And, as far as getting there, we'll make it in good time even if you back off a little.”

I sighed exasperatedly, and she could tell I was probably pondering another eye roll. "But we don't wanna keep Chris, Kajtia and Paige waiting all damn night, by the way." I said, finally turning back to the road.

"Oh, wow. We wouldn't want them to get there before us. That would just be disastrous, wouldn't it?" Mako said sarcastically, still clutching the dash hard enough that her knuckles were turning white.

Just as Mako's hands had let up on the dash, we hit a harsh turn onto a bumpy road that looked like it hadn't been maintained in over a hundred years. Understandable since the vast majority of Celestia City's traffic moved in the skylanes above. Mako cringed as bits of loose bitumen bounced up against the undercarriage of the car. Mako's GTR.

“Take it easy!" She said, raising her voice as we hit a large pothole. "I don't want you to destroy this car like you ruined Jak's, and considering that I'm still nice enough to let you drive it, you should show a little more respect.”

“I didn't fuck up Jak's car driving like this, and you insisted I drive your car. A car in which I generously gave to my lovely wife... you. It'll be fine.”

Mako was going to cross her arms over her chest, but she quickly thought the better of it and gripped onto the door and the dash, trying not to move too much as we bounced unsteadily down the winding road of lose bitumen and gravel. "At least slow down, then."

“Stop being such a cry baby.”

“Stop being such an idiot.”

I chuckled. "Is that the best you can come up with?"

“No, I figured I would just feed your ego a little more. After all, it appears to be starving.”

I turned my face away from the road to glare at my wife. "Take that back, Jhazzy."

"Make me," she said defiantly, trying to look cool and collected despite her death grip on the interior of the car.

Taking another tentative look to the speedometer, she saw that we were still going a hundred. On a bumpy cracked uneven road. In a very low Nissan GTR not made for the conditions. For no good reason.

"Kixi Rajki! Slow down this car right now!" Mako ordered, bracing for impact as a sharp curve quickly approached and we were heading straight for a building in which judging by its condition, it's lower levels had been abandoned.

I quickly jerked the wheel to the left, slowing down just a hair before speeding down a straight stretch. "Don't worry, cry baby, I passed driving school a few weeks back."

"Stop it with the baby references!" Mako said, trying to seem as menacing as possible given the circumstances.

"Make me," I taunted, mimicking her voice from earlier, eliciting an irritated sigh from her lips.

“Just shut up.”

"Don't have to tell me twice." I stated, turning the wheel slowly as a grin spread across the lower half of my face, making her want to slap it off.

The car was engulfed in silence, other than the sound of tyres crackling along tiny pebbles along a small section of road that was once asphalt but now dirt, as well as the roar of the engine.

"We're almost at our destination and look, we have proper roads again so we can make our ingression to the event in style," I explained, still not easing off the accelerator.

Mako rolled her eyes once more. "Because no one else who thinks they are the shit won't already have stormed there way in."

I shrugged. "Maybe, but I wasn't actually gonna do that." I said finally slowing down and headed towards a large open lit up area, surrounded by what looked like large abandoned warehouses, where a large crowd of people and cars had already gathered.

"Thank the heavens for that!" Mako defended, already infuriated with me and my games.

A chuckle came from my side of the car. "You can complain all you want my dear wifey, but don't deny that deep down, you really enjoyed it."

“Grrr... yes, the Kixi I've always known, you are... always so very sure of yourself!”

I finally pulled up to where Chris, Kajtia and Paige were parked, amongst the many others who were gathered around, talking and checking out each other's cars. Before the brake was even pulled into place, Mako opened her door and climbed out, only too happy to be out of the car after the way I had been driving it. Stepping out myself, we were quickly greeted by our friends as I immediately spotted some curious faces glancing toward my direction. I grinned lopsidedly. The night's excitement was only just beginning.

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