Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.


8. Chapter 3.

Chapter 3.


It was hot. Damned hot, and stuffy too, which was strange because the nights had been chilly these past few weeks. I threw back the covers, scrubbing a hand through my sweat dampened hair. I felt the bed move beneath me and froze as a soft, slender hand fell across my ribcage.

My eyes fell on the younger woman sleeping next to me, my wife, and last night came thundering back. Even after what seemed like a lifetime together, Mako Jhasmin never failed to perform in the bedroom. My breath caught in my throat and my stomach leapt, not altogether unpleasantly.

Slowly, so slowly, I sat up. She'd obviously gotten warm too, and she'd cast off all the blankets. She was naked, arms flung over her head, hair spread out in a halo of dark waves on the pillow beneath her. I watched her small, shapely breasts rise and fall with her breath. Even after so many years together, I still admired the dark, pink tips, and the curves beneath where they met her ribcage.

Even now at age 30, she was still thin, but the furrows between her ribs and the concave dips of her hip bones were starting to fill in. Her hips were small, her waist tiny and her limbs slender. Everything about her was graceful, even in sleep, she was like a wood nymph, nubile and sensuous and wild.

My eyes lit on the darkness nestled at the juncture of her thighs, and I felt myself stirring. Like always, I wanted nothing more than to taste her. I slid down the bed, touching my lips to the top of her right foot, encircling my hand on her slender ankle and then sliding it up, caressing the smooth skin of her calf. Gently I spread her legs, inching myself up to place a kiss on the sensitive spot on the inside of her knee. I feather kissed up the inside of her thigh, my breath coming fast and hot with desire, as I worked my way up.

A tiny sound like a waking kitten escaped her, as she stretched on the edge between sleep and waking. I slid my arms under her thighs, grasping her hips in my hands. I took a shaky breath through my nose, inhaling the musky smell of her, before parting the pink folds with my tongue.

I laid long strokes of my tongue along her legs, tasting all of her, flicking and circling my tongue over her clitoris with each pass. It wasn't long before she inevitably woke up. I felt her squirm beneath me and I opened my eyes, seeing her push herself up on her elbows, lips parted and eyes blazing as she stared down at me. I dug my fingers into her hips, anchoring her in place, commanding her with my eyes to hold still, and fastened my mouth onto her again.

She gasped, her hands fisting the sheets at her sides as she fell back against the bed. I freed my right hand and parted her lower lips, sliding one finger inside her as my tongue lashed against her centre. A strangled cry escaped her mouth, and I felt her hands knot in my hair, as she lifted her hips to press herself against my mouth. I circled and flicked my tongue against her mercilessly as she mewled helplessly. I added a second finger, sliding them slowly in and out of her, and closed my lips around her clitoris, sucking and flicking.

Her back arched off the bed and she flung her head back. Her hands tugged painfully at my hair, sending shocks down to my groin. Her walls clamped down on my fingers, her legs closed around my head as she spasmed beneath me. She let out a gasping, shuddering moan, an animal cry as I worked my tongue against her over and over until finally, she stilled, sagging back onto the mattress.

She let her knees fall out on either side of my head, and I propped myself on one elbow to look down at her, licking my lips. Her body was racked with shuddering breaths, her eyes heavily lidded as she gazed up at me.

"Oh my God, Kixi," she said hoarsely, and I couldn't help the smile that split my face. I brought my hand up to my mouth, and keeping my eyes on hers, sucked all her wetness from my fingers. Her lips parted and her eyes widened again. I could feel my breathing becoming heavier, as my hormonal levels instantly doubled at the fiery gaze that she cast up at me.

“C'mon," I said cheekily, climbing out from between her legs despite her protests. I pulled her to my feet, "Let's take a shower.”

Under the hot gush of the shower, I enfolded her in my arms, with my stomach pressed up against hers, as I explored her body with my fingers. As was commonly the case, I didn't want to ever be done with wanting to touch her, running my hands over her wet breasts, the smooth taut plane of her narrow back, down over her stomach and hips. And like always, she let me, and in turn, her own fingers traced the lines of my own shoulders, my arms, my hips and finally, my breasts and nipples.

She placed her small hand over my vagina and began rubbing it slowly, her tiny pink mouth curved into a wicked smile at my gasp. I opened the shower door, and stretched my arm out fully to grab a dildo from the drawer beside the sink, and shoved it up my pussy quickly letting out a soft groan. She let me push her back up against the wall of the shower, lifted her leg, and guided me inside of her. The scalding water pounded down on our joined bodies, and our ecstatic cries mingled with the steam.

We stayed under the water until it went cold, and then climbed out together. I tossed her a towel which she caught with a glare, and I couldn't help but laugh, which only made her purse her lips at me. God, I loved it when she scowled. That was something I simply could never grow tired or bored of.

It was shortly after we had dried ourselves up and put on some basic clothing, that I noticed for the first time, the split in her lip from where that fucker hit her last night. I cupped her face in my hand, running my thumb over the cut gently as she looked defiantly up at me, daring me to say something. It was in that split moment, that the unfortunate incident that had occurred yesterday, instantaneously entered my thoughts, the flashback as vivid as reliving the actual moment.

"Hey you there," the voice of the total stranger echoed like a ghostly spectre in my head. He had seemed like an average person, dressed in business attire, harmless by all means, especially in the middle of one of Celestia City's busy bustling squares.

“You are Mako Jhasmin, the former president yes?”

"Indeed I am." Responded Jhasmin, who stopped to turn around and respond at the voice of a handsome looking man dawning down at her.

"And you are Kixi, the former First Lady and race driver. I definitely can't mistaken you for someone else." He said forcing me to raise an eyebrow, and at the same time take a cautious step backwards.

"I'm pleased to meet you both," he then said nodding respectfully, following through with a pleasant grin and a standard handshake. We both accepted it by in return shaking his hand, and in Jhasmin's case, bashfully smiling back.

“Oh by the way, I would like to mention something to you personally. Remember that Assistance Reduction Bill which you allowed for some of those budget cutbacks?”

“Yes I do. It wasn't a light decision to make, but important and necessary due to at the time, an economic downturn. That was passed to help reduce the aid for those who had been using it for too long, or for frivolous reasons.”

I immediately leaned in closer toward her and murmured in her ear, "this guy might not end up being as nice as he seemingly appears, but keep smiling."

"So, basically in having done that, your Assistance Reduction Bill very much kicked people out of government assistance programs, because you believed they had been riding it instead of getting a job to help themselves? Also it kicked people out who would have had multiple medical costs that as I remember you putting it, was frivolous." He said an odd fire in his eyes as he spoke, yet I sensed no anger in him, nor conflict as I watched him lock eye contact with my wife.

"Well, yes," replied Jhasmin who I now sensed began to feel uncomfortable and awkward, and before she could add another word was cut off by the man.

"So you agree, that, that bill you passed when you were the president was designed to kick people out of government assistance programs just because they had been on it for a while, or were racking up too many bills so you could spend it on other things. Things that in your eyes were more important. Things such as having increased the military budget?" He asked again, the fire now was in his voice.

"That's not what I said nor why it was passed," Jhasmin replied, smiling at him trying her very best to keep a calm straight face.

“Excuse me? Are you denying that you just said all that? When I, along with all those watching around us just heard you?”

Keeping my eyes solely on the man, I stretched out with my peripheral vision to notice that a small curious crowd had gathered. In fact small was a bit of an understatement, this man had managed to bring us to the attention of more people then we would have liked.

“No, I said that was not what I said, Mr…?”

“Swan, Alan Swan.”

“Well, Mr. Swan, if you listened, I said that that bill was passed to reduce the aid to those that were abusing the programs, not those that truly needed the help.”

"So, say a single parent needed help for her son who had medical issues, and he had been piling up medical bills since he was born, but the doctors didn't necessarily agree that he had an issue, therefore some were to state that the child in question were to have nothing wrong. Would that be considered frivolous?" Mr. Swan stood there, arms crossed as he glared at Jhasmin with a look of hatred on his face.

Jhasmin simply smiled her winning smile at him, and answered him as best she could. "Doctors are in their positions because they know what they are talking about. If multiple doctors agree that nothing is wrong with the child in question, and ascertain that the single parent you mentioned appears to be abusing the assistance he or she has been given, then yes, the assistance would have, under the bill that I had passed as the former president, be cut for the parent and his or her child. So yeah, that sums it up pretty well, doesn't it?"

“You were no different than President Atul Drex before you. Prioritising spending on weapons and the military first. You were nothing more than, and still are a pretender and a fake! You deceitful little—”

“Well prioritising the military was an absolute necessity—”

"You stupid fucking bitch!" I heard his voice shriek. Then before I could even react, I witnessed first hand the raging fury of his fist, smack Jhasmin directly across the lips and face. Standing no chance, she dropped to the ground, almost instantly followed by a loud dreadful thud, the horrid result of her body slapping the ground.

No sooner after that had happened, my natural inclination was to duck at the hooked swing that promptly was aimed at my head. Remaining in a squatted position, it was difficult to see what was happening, as I heard the screams, the grunts, and the sounds of holo cameras activating and people shouting all around me.

The last thing I recalled as I finally snapped out of my trance like flashback, was Mr. Swan scampering away, and the shocked looks and expressions over the bystanders as he disappeared into a sea of people.

"Does it hurt?" I asked, softly.

She tugged her face out of my hand and turned away. "It's fine. I've had a lot worse. And you know that. After all I'm also eM Blade right?"

“Yes indeed you are," I said wryly. "Your overall term as president was seen as a good one by the majority of citizens. Given you were not a tyrant like Atul Drex was, most things you actioned were automatically gonna be in the best interest of the nation and the people. However you're always gonna get that one person who doesn't see the overall situation in the light of all the good you did. Even though last night you definitely had a rough night, things aren't so bad I guess.”

She shrugged. "Well that's been our life like forever and a day now."

I hesitated a moment before speaking, "If necessary, and something like that were to happen again, we should not hesitate to fight like KnM Blade."

"Aren't you afraid? I mean, I know our alter egos are the good guys, but after all those years of secrecy... There could be a possible out roar... Or perhaps no one will give a shit anymore, since we're mostly better off because of what you achieved as Kay Blade to change things." She shrugged again, meeting my eyes.

"Good guys, bad guys, does it matter? We wouldn't use our NFVs to alter our faces, so depending on what level we are forced to fight at, no one might not even work it out, that is, who we really also are. But I think we have to be realistic, whether we're afraid or not, if the situation were to arise, then we must defend ourselves best we can. Mr. Swan could have inflicted some serious damage on you because you practically allowed him to hit you. If people are going to find out about us or not... well the only choice is to deal with whatever does happen when it happens." I said cautiously.

"Their former benevolent president is also eM Blade, a fucking former revolutionist. So very benevolent that they'll really sit lightly on that!" She snapped with finality.

I decided not to press the issue, at least not yet. "Okay," I answered simply.

The intimacy of the morning and the night before fell away, replaced by an uneasy silence. "Hungry?" I asked to fill the awkwardness.

Jhasmin moaned, nodding fervently. "Oh God, yes. Coffee first though, please?"

I laughed. "Why don't you get started on the coffee, and I'll make us some French toast?"

Despite her seemingly shy character, she was nothing like that, especially once she got going with chatting away. Whatever other shortcomings in Jhasmin's life, which were actually few to none, she sure knew how to make a mean cup of coffee. I finished my first cup and helped myself to a second, while she shovelled in French toast like it were going out of style. We quickly run out, but she refused my offer of eggs, collapsing with a groan on the living room couch.

"That was amazing. Besides driving racing cars and hovercars, flying spaceships and knowing how to fight, is there anything you can't do, Kiks?" she asked sarcastically, rubbing her swollen abdomen.

I pretended to think about it. "Not many things, you know me pretty well by now I guess," I teased, rubbing my chin in mock thoughtfulness. I dodged the pillow she threw at me, laughing. "Okay, okay. Seriously, there are much more things to life than the things I've mentioned, and that I just happen to be good at, thus I'm afraid there a lot of things I can't do. For one, I can't sing for shit," I admitted."

She sat up, grinning widely. "Really? Let's hear!"

I shook my head. "No. No way. You think I'm going to sing for you after you heard me last week at the Moon Deck Bar karaoke night? Fat chance. I'll stick to the things I know I'm good at." I winked at her suggestively, and I was rewarded when her lip quirked up in the corner before she could stop it. Then a second pillow came hurtling at me, this time catching me in the face.

I laughed, and tossed it back at her, but she just knocked it away. "So I'll just leave the singing to you, thank you very much," I said.

She then asked our apartment's personal AI to turn on our huge holographic TV, in which its display spanned a good six metres in length and width, as well as extending its real to life like holographic images all the way to the apartment's ceiling. The appearance of holograms the device produced were given by a construction of photons, force fields, and holomatter, emitted by holographic projectors that were located at several key points in our apartment. Projected light was then held in a localised central area, that even in an open area acted like a magnetic containment field to give the desired appearance, as well as provide a solid surface, so matter did not pass through the hologram if we desired that effect of realism.

However in the case of a TV show or a movie that was broadcasting or playing in holographic form, solid surface matter such as real people like Jhasmin and I, could definitely walk straight through all holographic objects. The experience was quite surreal, giving us a surround virtual experience of the fictional world being shown in the form of the holographic displays.

I stretched back out on the couch while I settled in on the opposite end. Our legs overlapped in the middle, and I let our feet intertwine, pulling the blanket down from the back of the couch to wrap us up.

Lying there with her, I was blissfully, delighted, without a single care in the world. We watched a holographic remake of Star Wars Episode V, a millennia old movie that we'd seen countless times and never managed to get sick of, followed by other classic sci-fi movies together, until my full stomach, the mindless holograms that surrounded us, and the comfort of having her next to me, lulled me into a dreamless sleep.




Later on in the evening, we, along with several friends who were actually more family than friends, had planned to participate in a local gathering which involved racing of a bygone era, reminiscent to illegal street racing meets of the early 21st century, except that in this case, there was nothing illegal about it. The scene, distinct from the average everyday metro life and bustle of the 31st century, thrived under the backdrop of the many surrounding city lights of District Versio of Celestia City. If it weren't for the streaks of lights of the busy air traffic ever so present in the skies above, and the presence of some modern day hovercars, one could easily mistaken themselves in having been warped backwards in time to the early years of the 21st century. District Versio in it's entirety, truly simulated the legendary underground street racing of old, it practically existed in a simulated environment, hence the reason why it was totally legal.

Until then however, our day would continue very much in the same fashion as the status quo. I eventually awoke from my sleep, waking in the midst of a conversation between two business men in what appeared to be a 22nd century setting, immediately realising that the holographic TV was still on, thus promoting the AI to turn it off.

I got up and sat down at the kitchen table with my comm pad, whizzing past some of the things I had to do during the week, mostly on track test drives, as well as some media reports for several system wide auto magazines. Then without any prior warning or foresight, something bizarre unexpectedly struck me. I shut down my comm pad and pulled out my digital sketchbook, having the urge to draw. Before long, the piece I was working on turned into a sketch of Jhasmin, and how she had looked last night with blood welling from her split lip, as well as tears running down from her cheek, and fire in her eyes. I didn't know what had suddenly given me the itch to want to sketch that, but I had to eventually force myself to come to a stop.

I glanced over to Jhasmin's peaceful form still sleeping on the couch and smiled. She was beautiful in every sense of the word. She rocked my world and gave me my drive and will power. I couldn't recall a time when I hadn't fought for her. She was my precious love, and that alone gave me all the reasons in the universe to put myself in the firing line for her.

Weird was that tingling sensation that suddenly sent shivers running throughout my body, yet I had felt it once before many years ago. It took me a minute to recall it, but unmistakably I recognised what had spooked me, deciding the better and to just shrug it off. After all it was nothing more than a random thought linked to a distant memory.

I turned off my digital sketchbook and quietly walked back over to my sleeping beauty still catnapping on the couch. I pecked her forehead and then laid myself next to her sleeping form. I took her arm and placed it over my body, and in turn placed my other arm over her body. I buried my head close into hers, feeling the tranquil rhythm of her breathing. This was my paradise, something I had learnt to cherish day in and out given the nature of the lives that we lead, and that at anytime it could well be our last. Once more I fell asleep, cuddled in the loving warmth of my soul mate's body.



Many hours later, I found myself in the living room with Kajtia, Chris and Paige, who had been over for around an hour now, waiting for Jhasmin to be ready so we could head off to the races. I was facing away from the stairs looking at the others. Kajtia was telling us a story from her derby days, days where she wasn't spending time in the cockpit with me being my F-Zero co-driver, when she saw Jhasmin coming down the stairs. She stopped mid sentence and stared. Chris and Paige looked up to see what had caught her attention. Chris let out a long whistle as the other two broke into grins.

"Damn, Jhazzy, you are looking hot tonight!" Kajtia said.

Turning to face the stairs that lead down from the upper level of our apartment, I damn near dropped the Corona in my hand upon seeing my wife. Her attractiveness never ceased to amaze me. As she stopped on the last step and turned to face me, staring at her slender yet curvy figure, as well as her light makeup just to highlight her natural beauty, made me think of angels. That's what she looked like, I thought, my very own angel.

I absently set the beer bottle on a side table and walked over to her. I looked her up and down before bringing my eyes to meet hers. Not at all fussed at the fact that my friends were present, I brought my palm to her cheek, leaned in and kissed her.

What I had meant to be a light kiss quickly escalated out of control. My hand slid to the nape of her neck as her hands came around my shoulders. My tongue darted out and when her lips parted, slipped into her mouth to duel with hers. My left hand settled on her hip and I pressed her body tight to mine. My right hand slid down her back and cupped her bottom. She let out a tiny moan and pressed herself closer to me. When we final pulled back, foreheads resting against one another, and we were both breathing raggedly. Suddenly our friends behind us in the living room, and our AI holographic lady who existed in the form of an athletic hispanic looking brunette that had materialised at the top of the stairs, all let out a cornucopia of catcalls, hoots and whistles. I watched as Jhasmin turned bright red. Tipping my head, I kissed her forehead and then slipped my arm around her waist and drew her down the last step. I guided her towards the front door.

"That's enough. Let's go!" I called to the rest without sparing them a glance.

"C'mon Jhazzy, remember we have to stop by Zed's to get our vintage car. There's no point showing up in a hovercar since I'm participating in one of the main event races." I said gently slapping her slender arse.

"You mean the only main event race Kiks." Answered Jhasmin not at all fazed about me having slapped her arse, her face no longer a scarlet blush.

"Yeah... um... yes, that. " I answered modestly.

“Although some hotheads there are gonna be showing off their beefed up street legal hovercars. How mad would it be if you brought your Saab Viggen Quantum GT.”

“Yeah, but then I'll only be showing off my ride. Can't race it as the events are strictly for vintage wheeled vehicles. Yet on the topic of Saab, we're taking my 2001 Saab 93 Viggen.”

“Umm... that is a nice piece of vintage machinery... over a thousand years old, and yours has many neat mods from the original. Such as a bigger turbo, wheels and brakes, NOS, as well as an all wheel drive system. If I'm not mistaken the original was only front wheel drive?”

"Indeed you are correct Jhazzy." I winked an eye at her proudly, yet Jhasmin seemed like she was thinking something else, almost as if being at odds with me.

“Ahem," My brows knitted in concentration. "What's wrong Jhazzy, have... I missed something?”

“Nothing's wrong Kiks. I just thought you'd bring the Nissan GTR.”

“But that's your car Jhasmin. Remember I gave it to you, and since I'm gonna race it—”

“I don't mind you doing so, and besides you kindly gave it to me. So it wouldn't be right to not let you ever drive it.”

"Nuh Jhasmin, it's okay, but thanks for offering." The corner of my mouth quirked up, and immediately Jhasmin understood the true nature of my hesitation.

"What happened when you drove Jak's GTR years ago and stacked it, was a once off isolated incident. I know it fucked your leg up and all, but seriously Kiks, it's all in your head. It could've happened in any make of car, and for crying out aloud, your an ex Formula Zero System Champion. You've had far worse accidents in your racing career." Said Jhasmin, her tone sincere as she gently took my hand and fondled it with her own.

"Yeah but none miraculously caused any serious injury to either myself or copilot Kajtia." I said glancing over to where Kajtia and Chris were patiently waiting. Although I could feel it alone in just the way Jhasmin was fondling the tip of her thumb under the palm of my hand, that she was holding back a torrent of her emotions. I knew her all too well and could read her like a book. She really wanted me to take the GTR. I glanced directly at her, momentarily locking gazes. Jhasmin and I shared a connection that went beyond the realm of the simple everyday five senses. Through our sixth sense connection, I felt like every fibre of her being was vibrating with anticipation. Adrenaline was coursing through her veins. Her hands trembled and her eyes were wide. She tingled from her head to her toes. She bounced on her flexing feet, letting go of my hand and then rubbed her hands together. She wore the facial expression of a small child with an especially large Christmas present.

"Fine you're right, you make a good point." I finally conceded, and surprisingly did so without any reluctance. "It could've happen in any car, and that incident was like... fuck... I dunno, over ten years ago, given it happened before I won the F-Zero championship which was almost 12 years ago now. It's all psychological. You my sweet love are indeed correct. I'll take the Nissan then." Feeling a renewed sense of assertiveness, I glowed from the inside out, cracking a huge smile across my face.

“To be precise Kixi, it was definitely well over 10 years ago now. "Kajtia added. "You and I Kixi, won the F-Zero System Championship in 3016, which will mark its 12 year anniversary this year. That incident you speak of happened before that, at least 2 years prior if memory serves me correctly.”

"I'm glad someone's good with dates." I chuckled lightly, once again glancing over toward my bestie.

"Cool Kiks, you rock big time. Did I tell you that you're the best." Added Jhasmin, almost sounding as if she were sucking up to me, but I liked it all the same. 

"Always." I said chuckling.

"Oh and Jhasmin, must I remind you that you were once the president of this entire nation. We need to do something to make you a little more unrecognisable. Especially given we don't want a potential repeat of last night's incident." Chris said, suddenly the vibe swung over to become a lot more serious.

"Yes. These street like racing events, their happening in city districts that are either no longer thriving or are virtually abandoned. There are many century old abandoned buildings in the area, and no one lives there. They may have made it an ideal place to simulate these century old ways of racing, however it's a ripe area for criminal activity to occur." Paige who'd mostly had remained silent spoke up her first words.

"We don't wanna give any more potential haters, that you may have had from your former presidential days another good swipe at you Jhazzy." I said further encouraging the matter.

“Yeah well in all honesty, how the heck I even convinced myself to ever go to one of these races, I'll never understand. But yeah, all in all you all make a valid point.”

"Yep." I nodded.

"You know I could use my NFV to change into eM Blade," Jhasmin suggested jokingly.

I suppressed a laugh, sputtering like an old water tap. I then gazed around the entire living area of the apartment, at our friends, who just stood there, clearing their throats, with reddened faces, and laughter in their eyes.

I then snorted, knowing she clearly was joking and would never go through with such a thing. That was clear enough from our discussion earlier today, where she had been hesitant to even consider fighting like eM Blade while still her normal self of Mako Jhasmin, should such a situation arise.

"If only it were that easy." I said rolling my eyes at her. "You'd be better off being seen as the former president rather than eM Blade, the side kick of yours truly here, Kay Blade." I twirled one of my hands around to point at me and laughed, despite my efforts to hold it in. I stopped when Jhasmin gave me a dirty look.

"Okay fine them." Jhasmin said huffing and puffing in annoyance. "But to put it mildly, I walked around until now freely, and it was only that one time last night since my post president days that some prick assaulted me. I'll wear one of those military style berets and a pair of glasses, even though no one really fucking needs normal glasses in this day and age. I'll do the Superman / Clark Kent thing and although that in real life would be a bullshit disguise, at least it's something. All in all I don't really care. I'm sure I'll be safe with all you around and in the end, if something life threatening were to happen, despite the unlikelihood of it, I am eM Blade, my wife is Kay Blade, heck Paige is fucking Asuka Blade, we can all damn fight, and Chris you've proven yourself to be a pretty good brawler many a time with your wife backing you up out of trouble." Jhasmin conceded, yet agreed by her own terms.

"Okay, okay. Fine. Have it your way then." I shook my head in slight frustration.

"Who's Superman and Clark Kent?" Paige asked dumbfounded.

"Really Paige?" Chris answered mockingly.

“Yeah really?”

"He was just a fictional alien superhero saving the Earth from villains of the sort, originally from early twentieth century comics, made famous from the many movies, that followed in the later twentieth century and twenty first century respectively after that. Don't worry about it Paige." Chris said patting the younger girl over the shoulder.

"Oh, okay then." Paige who'd momentarily felt like an idiot nodded.

"Okay guys." Said Chris. "Kajtia and I rocked up here in our vintage cars, as did Paige. Our cars are parked down at street level some 154 levels down. Since we don't have to swing past Zed's to actually go get our cars, we'll all get going and leave you to your own business for a while. We'll meet you there at about twenty hundred hours?"

“Leaving now to be there at eight? Oh yeah I forgot, driving old wheeled cars isn't anywhere as quick as a flying hovercar." I said immediately shaking my own head, when I realised the silliness of my question.”

"We'll do our best to observe the primitive ground speed limits that... Ahem... no one really observes in areas of little population since you know, nearly all traffic is in the air." Chris simpered winking at me.

"Don't worry. We won't speed like street hoons in heavy populated areas," Kajtia glanced at Chris rather amused, and reassured that they wouldn't get up to anything stupid as the three followed each other to District Versio.

“No probs Chris. "I replied somewhat not convinced despite Kajtia's reassurances. "Oh and what set of wheels did you all come in with?”

“I have my 2018 Lexus RC F coupé, and Kajtia her 2006 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.”

"I've got my R34 Skyline coupé" Said Paige, letting a sly grin creep across her face, baffling me what the heck that was about.

"Awesome. Should be a fantastic night, and hopefully with no bullshit strings attached to it." I said as once again, I felt that bizarre feeling from earlier today return and then immediately disappear. I was convinced that something unexpected would happen tonight. I had absolutely no idea what, but my gut feeling told me to tread carefully.

"Yeah well we've got each other's backs in case anyway." Said Chris brushing away any signs of uneasiness.

"Okay then, we'll get going then. Kixi. Jhasmin. We'll see you in a few hours." Chris said as he tapped a button on a door panel, allowing for our apartment's door to hiss open.

"Yeah no worries guys. We'll catch you in a little while then." I said accompanying them out, and then jubilantly blowing them a kiss goodbye as I shut the door to our apartment behind me.




"C'mon guys, let's get to our cars, we're going to follow each other to District Versio from here." Said Chris, as he along with Paige and his wife hurried out from our apartment, and rushed for the turbo lifts and down the many storeys back to the street level far below. They swiftly got into their cars and we're gone as quickly as they had got there. The crude sounds of their primitive engines echoed between the seemingly never ending line of tall buildings, which their endless skyward heights blocked the view of the many low lying clouds, which from the upper levels generally appeared like a dim sculptured ceiling that stretched in all directions.

They sped away into the distance, where from their perspective at ground level, the countless lights of the same many surrounding skyscrapers, helped guide their lone path along the mostly trafficless roads. Most of the traffic lay well above them in the busy skylanes above, which at night, was a bustle of activity, with the lights of vehicles and floating pylons that marked the streets above, intertwined to form a sort of flowing work of art.




“Fuck," I said out loud to myself, and leapt up to pull on my blue denim jacket. "Given we have to go to Zed's first to get your GTR, it means they're gonna get there before us.”

"Only if they speed." Jhasmin counted arching her neck slightly to one side.

"Even if they don't." I reaffirmed.

"Well it won't be by much, even if we take our time Kiks." She continued breathing a little heavy.

"What makes you think that?" I said ignoring her breathing, knowing precisely where she was headed with that, understanding that there would be no time for any sexual activities at this present moment.

“The actual hovercar trip to Zed's is only 30 minutes. Zed's mega complex of a garage... heck I don't even know why it's called that. Its essentially a multilevel hangar many stories high with... well you know, the old Arjian Resistance Cell complex hidden deep within it, or under it via that secret tube shaft. Say what has become of it?”

“It's obviously still there but since we won the war like ten years ago, it obviously hasn't been used in all that time, and no one in the general public still knows it even exits.”


“Anyway back to the topic of getting th—”

“Um yes. So Zed's is a lot closer to District Versio than it is from our apartment. It's not very obvious when buzzing around in a flying car, but on the ground it is. It will take them two hours of driving if they don't speed to get there from here.”

“Then make that one hour and fifty minutes since they left about ten minutes ago.”

“Yeah whatever Kiks stop interrupting me please.”

“Yeah okay. Sorry.”

“From Zed's, a road drive on the ground will take an hour to get there. So Kixi my dear wife. Our hovercar flight will be 30 minutes, we then will spend about 30 to 40 minutes at Zed's getting the car ready and doing other bullshit, and then we go.”

“If it takes an hour from there, doesn't leave us much time. We'll be late, very late.”

"No we won't! You're fucking Kixi Rajki my dear love, and you're gonna speed like crazy and get us there in half that time." Jhasmin said smiling devilishly. "Consider it a practice run for when you race there for real.

“Right. Yes. Of course I will. What the heck was I thinking. Of course I'll drive fast and disobey every sign there is to disobey." I laughed out aloud, and immediately after I did, Jhasmin burst out into laughter too. "I'm Kixi Rajki, the woman behind the legendary Kay Blade, what do I care about fucking road rules.”

"You never cease to amaze me Kiks." She ripped out, making it impossible for me not to help but grin at her boastfully.

"Oh and did I mention somewhere that I love you." She said flirtatiously.

"Probably for the one thousandth time today?" My heart stuttered. Shit I thought. We gotta go soon like now, but she already wants sex with me again.

"Yeah and I'll say it again. "I love you Kixi." She repeated still flirting.

"Yep. Add another time to the list of how many times." I chortled.

"Kixi!" She growled.

I whirled around, startled for a sec, and she started to rock back and forth, covering her face with her gloved hands. I walked slowly up to her and touched her on the shoulder.

"You were mocking me?" she asked harshly, pulling roughly away from me. My hands extended heartily out into the space between us, pulling her back to me.

“I… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, you know I like to stir around a little—”

"Yes but you know how much I hate that particular joke Kixi." She murmured. She spun back around, throwing her hands up, and then landed both of them on the tops of my shoulders. She looked back at me, her braid whipping around her neck as she turned.

"Oh Kixi, Kixi, Kixi. You know I'd rape you like an animal in bed right now?" She said as she vigorously moved her hips around.

"Yep and I love every single bit of it." I answered rapidly blinking my eyes at her.

"Too bad we have to go now." She said staring at my lips.

"Yeah well my sweet love, the good thing about us being married is that we get to come back home together later." I winked reminding my wife of the obvious.

"Yeah and after you being a smart arse before, you're gonna get double the dose." She moaned reminding me.

"Ooo yeah, should I have any worries of concern?" I smirked in laughter.

“I'll make it triple if you keep that up Kiks.”


“Oh shut the fuck up Kixi and just kiss me already. Seriously despite all your intelligence, you're suck a dumbarse when it comes to taking a hint.”

Without another word, I leaned in towards her, moving my head closer to hers until finally her forehead rested against mine. We both close our eyes. Both our breaths shook. "Thank you," she said in barely more than a whisper.

"For what?" I replied, my voice low and husky.

"For always being you." Her voice wavered, exhilarated from the momentary tension I had just caused between us. "From the day we first set eyes upon each other, and became a couple, you're existence has always been a part of me. I couldn't imagine how life would continue if you suddenly were no longer here."

There were too many thoughts running through my head as my loving wife's sweet words sunk in. However one flustering thought refused to die away though.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into the warmth of my embrace. "I might act silly at times, but you know at heart, and deep down, lies a fragile loving heart. If something ever happened to you, my world would collapse. I don't want to even imagine it." I said as shivers began to run down my spine, the strange feelings I had felt earlier today suddenly returning, slowly making it further difficult to continue brushing it off. Yet I kept it to myself, convincing myself it was nothing and suppressed the thought away.

We finally let go of one another and I pecked her gently on the cheekbone. "We best get going otherwise we'll be late no matter how fast I drive."

Nodding her agreement, we finally headed out ourselves. Indeed the night was still young, with all the fun and excitement yet to begin.

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