Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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3016 - KnM Blade: Part 2 (Published 2019-01-03)
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3016 - KnM Blade: Part 1 (Published 2019-01-03)
3016 - KnM Blade: Part 2 (Published 2019-01-03)
3016/17 - KnM Blade: Part 3 (Available by mid to later part of 2020)
3017/18 - KnM Blade: Part 4

3018 - I Love You And You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi And Mako Jhasmin (Published 2018-06-15)
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3028 - Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal (Published 2019-07-13)

3039/42 - Time’s Arrow (KnM Blade version. Available in 2020)
3044 - Total Recall (KnM Blade version)
3052 - Reunion: Part 1 (KnM Blade version)
3052 - Reunion: Part 2 (KnM Blade version)

29. Chapter 19.

Chapter 19.


A week later on Europa, Jupiter's fourth largest moon.


The surface gateway of Europa's underwater city of Caecadis impressed even the most seasoned pro. Its web of structures spread out from a central hub across acres of frozen wilderness. At the far end, connected by a single snakelike tunnel, stood a dome. Melded to the ground with a slurry of water that was turned into rock hard ice, the inflated balloon rose above a variety of crates, computers, storage units, and scaffolding, all within its pressurised embrace. A separate nuclear power plant fed the dome's hungry appetite for electricity. Pumps inflated, lights illuminated, heaters warmed winter to— if not summer— at least late autumn like temperatures.

The sun was finally rising. Illuminated spots of boulder and hill formed a chain of pearls between the ground and the sky. Along the brilliant horizon, one could see a mist like glow. It began at the surface but brightened a little ways up, then faded abruptly to a rich purple before fading away into the sky. The rare vision betrayed the telltale sign of the interplay between Jupiter's sweeping radiation fields and the molecules in Europa's ice. Jupiter's magnetospheric barrage stripped away minute particles from the ice, sputtering material into space and eroding away the surface. The trailing hemisphere, west of the Caecadis’ surface gateway, got it the worst, and there was an odd band of irradiated territory along the equator even on this side, a few hundred kilometres to the north of them. Atomic hydrogen and oxygen and other things seeded the dark sky with their spectral colours, but only for a few minutes each dawn and dusk.

Later in the day, the phenomenon faded to invisibility, a ghost of what was. As the Sun rose ever higher, I could feel its warmth through the window. Its ascent into the heavens seemed sluggish. Europa's 85 hour day gave the unfolding morning a lackadaisical feel. I craned my neck, but couldn't quite see Jupiter from my window. It was too high, too far to the north. That was a shame. I enjoyed watching the aurorae play across the mighty planet's poles, as it did on the top and bottom of Io— an eerie incandescence at the poles.

Mako and I stood side by side, shoulder to shoulder, gazing across the frosty wilderness. The descent had been uneventful, but afforded a great view of Caecadis’ surface gateway a few kilometres to the side of where the ship had touched down. The gateway stood near the edge of a precipice some ninety metres above ground level. The cliff dived into the frozen pandemonium at a dizzying angle, ending in a talus pile of ice cubes the size of houses. Up close, it took on the appearance of a stormy sea frozen in time; Rubble rode fossil waves among plates and hummocks, some gentle as ripples in sand, others rearing up in tsunamis paralysed by the cryogenic temperatures.

"Well we are here on the surface. We just need to get one of the submersibles down through the water and into the city below." I said, stamping my feet.

"I had no idea white came in so many shades." Commented Mako, as what caught our eyes be filled us with wonder.

Atop the cliff, the landscape was relatively smooth, providing the ship with an easy touchdown. The grey-brown plain undulated with the subtle rise and fall of ancient ridges, now sunken into near oblivion. Within the grey and blinding white, speckles of crimson, azure, ultramarine, purple and dusky orange glistened in the sunlight. Boulders strewn across the landscape mingled with small impact craters, while floating in the eternally black sky, sat Jupiter. Above the gateway, Jupiter gazed down with its one red eye, its white oval storms and rusted cloud banners marching across its lace as it clocked through phases from crescent to gibbous to full and back down again. All the while, the striped orb never moved from its perch some twenty degrees above the horizon.



I manoeuvred the little yellow submersible with care. No light filtered down this far, but the headlights scattered beams of impossibly blue light. A smattering of particles glimmered in the artificial illumination, golden flecks drifting in expanding cones spreading before them. Pings issued from the control panel.

"What's that?" Mako snapped.

"We're picking up the signal for the tunnel that leads to the city's entrance. Almost there.” I inhaled sharply, and allowed several seconds of silence to follow. 

I began shaking my head, “I was meaning to ask you Mako?”

“What is it Kiks?”

The shaking then made its way down my entire body. “Why did you kill Jessica— and hide it from me for all these years?”

Frozen, Mako didn't blink and in the depths of her gaze, she spilt out the truth regarding her actions. “I got jealous. I know it was stupid, but it was early in our rela—“

I covered my head with my hands. “Stop!” I cried out. My voice almost startled her. “Stop,” I said quietly again. “Mako you murdered an innocent girl!”

“I know... and... I regret ever doing it.” Mako responded jutting her chin towards me.

I took a hand off the submersible's controls, and gestured to her with my palm up. “How many more have you killed in my name?— I want the truth.”

“No one else. I swear Kixi.”

I gave Mako a long glaze, and then blinked, slowly. “You know if anyone were to find out, that you’ll go to jail for what you did.”

“I know,” the corner of Mako’s mouth twitched. “But only you know and you won’t tell anybody.”

“You’re right Jhasmin, I won’t.” I said dismissively. “And this is what I don’t understand? Why you would do such a thing when you know and have seen on countless occasions, me put you before anyone and anything.”

“Like I said, it was early on in our relationship, before you demonstrated that—“

“— Mako Jhasmin, I get it. Just— is this the only thing that you have hidden from me?”

“Yes Kixi, it is. I swear, there are no other secrets."

“Good— then you are forgiven. Just never do anything behind my back again. If someone is a threat to us, we discuss the issue between us first.”

“Of course Kixi. It’s what we have always done. That happened so early in our releationship that afterwards, I never... never knew how to tell you.” Mako’s face was scarlet with shame. “I did a terrible thing. Killing her in cold blood and should therefore be held accountable for my actions.”

I gently ran a hand through Mako's straight black hair. “Yes, a terrible thing you did do. But we’ve all done terrible things. It’s what war does— it can get the better of us.” There was a sincere expression on my face. “Let’s not discuss this ever again. This stays between us. I can’t fathom the thought of you going to jail and frankly I’d rather kill for you than surrender you— this I’m sure you know is true without any doubt.”

“Yes Kixi, I know... And thank you for your gratitude.”

I simply nodded and flashed her a warm smile, relieved that I had gotten that discussion off my chest.

A minute passed in silence, and soon, we could just make out textures in the foggy light. The textures resolved into a ribbed plain of ice. And just in the centre of the beams, a dark oval sprawled across the glistening floor of the seabed. 

I took in a sharp breath. "Oh, here we are. That's the entrance to the tunnel. Caecadis lies somewhere beyond, on the other side." 

"Excellent, let's proceed down then," Mako said cheerfully.

The descent through the lower borehole proved hypnotic. The submersible rocked gently as it passed by more of Europa's icy layer cake walls. Finally, the tunnel opened into a vast, black emptiness.

Then suddenly there was a new light, this one a steady glow that came from ahead. Slowly Caecadis came into view. The city was comprised of a cluster of bubbles that connected to one another like balloons and were anchored to several huge rock pillars. One by one, the bubbles grew more distinct, and it became possible to make out the particulars of the structures within and the features of the people as they moved about their business.

“Okay,” I said. “We’re coming in.” I sat beside Mako at the console, patting her on the shoulder, but barely taking a glance at her. 

“What's that, underneath that balloon like structure that we're moving towards?” Mako asked, squinting at a small ring. She made out the specks of other submersibles descending or ascending through its centre, but then a shimmer outside the ring’s edge and the rest of the balloon like structures caught her eye— the subtly distorting gleam of an energy field.

“There’s a citywide energy shield that protects the glass domes of each of these balloon like looking structures from cracking,” I said. “The ring is located on the bottom because the air pressure within the enclosed structure above it, is enough to keep the water out. That therefore  acts as a safe entry gate to the city, allowing submersibles in and out.”

Mako dug her fingers into the back of the cockpit seats and tried not to lean in. The submersible veered gently in the direction of the gate. When we reached it, the submersible slowly pushed up and rose toward the gate. Once we passed through the ring, with a splash, the submersible broke the surface of the water and rose another metre into the air before crashing back down, floating like a lame, oversized metal duck.

I straightened off the cockpit chairs and backed away carefully, and then opened the hatch. Upon climbing out of the submersible, Mako and I found ourselves on a platform that led down to a square surrounded by buildings. Light emanated from the bubble's glass walls, and the energy shield beyond that, in a steady glow brightening the space inside.

I glanced from Mako back out to the view outside as we descended to the square below. Mako shifted to the side of me, brushing a hand over her long straight hair. "You sure picked an excellent place to chill out and lay low for a little while." 

I looked her straight in the eye, smiling. There was no bitterness in my expression, but a flame of excitement glowed in my eyes. I had let myself get lost in Europa’s enchantments.

I nodded with excitement. "Yep, I sure did. Now I think it's time we shower, and then get cozy in our hotel suite and enjoy."

“Splendid idea,“ Mako said, guiding me by the waist and led the way...

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