Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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3018 - I Love You And You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi And Mako Jhasmin (Published 2018-06-15)
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3028 - Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal (Published 2019-07-13)

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25. Chapter 15.

Chapter 15.


Paige wove her way recklessly through the traffic, gaining speed all the way. She pitched and tilted the hovercar, swooping up and over other hovercars, twisting sideways between narrow ones, and slicing through openings a fraction of an inch larger than the hovercar itself. 

In the passenger seat, I stared out at the skyway ahead at nothing in particular. My mind was occupied elsewhere that I was not at all shaken up by the way Paige was driving. Yet not withstanding the manner in which she was piloting the vehicle, it seemed that she was not taking the quickest route.

“What the hell are you doing?” I objected.

“Merging. Aggressively. You do want us to reach Mako on time to stop her,” Paige said, pulling hard to the right to catch the turn for Zed's.

“I thought you were just going to leave the skyway! Go straight there!”

“Come on Kixi, I know that you're still semi dazed by Mako's sedation tranquillisers, but you out of all people understand exactly how all this works. If I cross the edge of the skyway, it will trigger all sorts of traffic alerts. The police will be on us in under a minute and we won't be going anywhere. I'm cutting right through the middle, just like you actually taught me years ago, that way, even if the cops see us, they have to get to us, so we—"

“I know, Paige," I quickly stopped her mid sentence, realising that I had asked a stupid question. "Just pay attention to where you’re going. We won't be able to stop Mako if we don't actually make it to Zed's.”

“Don’t worry Kixi, you can definitely count on me.” Paige assured me, cunningly. Flawlessly, her hands constantly moved from one control to another and back again. They darted with frantic grace as she pulled off her extraordinary acrobatics.

Ahead, as the city’s night traffic grew heavier, hovercars began to bunch up. Instead of slowing down, by performing some erratic manoeuvres, Paige managed to shove herself ahead of the wave of slow moving hovercars. She squeezed between traffic and the lower corner of the skyway.

“You sure you know what you’re doing?” I asked as the bottoms of cars whipped by my window close enough to rattle the panes. “I know I taught you a few tricks here and there, but you’re not exactly a race driver.”

“It’s fine Kixi. I know what I’m doing." Paige arched her right elbow with a somewhat theatrical gesture momentarily taking one hand away from the vehicle's controls, and, with a wink at me, continued. "Oh, and yes, I’m no race driver, but if I recall correctly, the woman who taught me is.” 

My eyebrows raised a little, while my mouth made what was almost an upside-down closed smile. I nodded my head ever so slightly, in what Paige had long learnt was a look of flattered approval.

Right on cue, Zed's came whipping up ahead of us. "Okay Kixi, we're almost there, I'm going to bring us in as quickly as possible. We’re heading down now. Hang tight as it won't be smooth."

“Paige, that’s the landing platform up ahead!" I yelped, fumbling around as if looking for anything else that could help restrain me. Incredulously and totally unexpected, I was getting rather severely shaken up.

“Yes, Kixi. I’m familiar with the layout of Zed's,” Paige said calmly, watching the large platform looming ever so closer. 

"Paige! Your approach velocity is faster than what even I would—"

"— Slowing down now!" Paige briskly said. She throttled down hard, and upon hovering a metre or so above from the actual platform, made a sharp right into an entry tunnel that led to the level below. 

"We are here, and all in one piece!" I wheezed. As I peered out the window, I realised that we were now actually moving slightly slower than the surrounding traffic of maintenance vehicles and service droids.

The hovercar had not yet come to a stop when I popped open the door, and tore off my restraints. “You did good, Paige. I've never flown a hovercar into here this quickly before and had such a clean entry,” I admitted, climbing out, and after almost tumbling to the ground, inspected damage to the hovercar. 

Paige climbed out a moment later, her eyes pored over mine. She smiled, allowing every hint of flattery to show on her face. I was so cute when I was impressed by somebody, and Paige had did exactly that.

“This hovercar is my rare Saab Viggen Quantum GT. It's my pride and joy, you handled it pretty good, and you caused zero damage to it.” I said, stumbling, this time tumbling to the ground. 

“I know, Kixi. Now come on, stay on your feet. I'm flattered, but let's not forget the reason why we stormed into here.”

“I haven't... Let's hurry then...” I sputtered.

“I hope we're not too late,” Paige said, helping me back to my feet.

“Yeah I hope so too,” I groaned.




Shortly after having forced the SS-7 droid that had stood guard to open the first of the reinforced doors, several quick elegant swings of Paige’s X Plasma blade ensured that the robot would no longer be around to bother us anymore.

Paige pressed a button on her wrist unit and covered her head: the second reinforced door that led to the area before the surgical room blew into melted pieces. Paige and I stormed through the gaping portal.

The two SS-7 droids inside seemed taken completely by surprise. One was damaged by the exploding door and deactivated seconds later; the other gawked in dismay as Paige and I rushed at it with weapons drawn. Paige took the lead, I was right behind her and covered the rear. We herded that sole remaining SS-7 droid into one corner of the room.

I studied one of the screens on the control panel that accessed the last reinforced door to the theatre room. "Blasted Mako, she's changed the access codes here as well."

Paige looked over at the screen. "Blast it! Just like with the other one."

"Okay. I can sense that neither Mako nor Kes are backed against the door on the other side or near it." I said as Paige kept her laser sword trained on the sole SS-7 droid while I began placing the explosive charges.

Once they were set, I crossed over to the side where Paige stood, took a step forward, and then motioned for Paige to hold her position with her weapon raised. I then slipped behind the SS-7 droid and pressed a small hard to get to switch from above its shoulder, and deactivated the robot.

"My gaze fell on Paige as I shrugged, "At least we didn't need to destroy it."

Paige nodded at me, then looked at door and then back at me. "Are we ready to blast the door Kixi?" 

My breath seemed to stutter in my lungs before I let it go, and I felt the tension drain from my body as I replied: "Yes." My breathing returned to normal and I felt as if I could face the problem.

A few seconds later, the small explosion rocked the room, making a gaping hole through the door that sent small objects skidding toward the edges of the walls on the other side. We initially back-pedalled as I lifted my arms and muttered for Paige to deactivate her drawn X Plasma blade. Looking every which way at once, she was about to protest, but then thought the better than to argue with me. She complied, switching off her weapon as we both leapt through into the room on the other side.

From the corner of her eye, Mako saw Paige and I making our way from the door toward her. Yet she did not turn around, nor did she bother acknowledging Paige who stopped and stood a metre or so behind her. Once I was at her side, I spoke in a whisper soft enough that only she would be able to hear.

"This isn't like you. Why are you doing this?"

"You wouldn't understand," she replied just as quietly.

"If you disagree with me that Kes deserves death over life in prison, that was one thing," I continued, my voice rising only slightly with carefully held in check emotion. "But actually wiping out her memories completely and then abusing her sexually?"

"She hurt us Kixi. She hurt many others. She deserves a cruel ending." 

"Except this won't exactly be her end, Jhasmin."

"You're right, it won't," Mako assured me. "I understand you now have reservations about what we should do to Kes after learning that she is your half sibling. You have allowed your emotions to take over logic. Kes will still not hesitate to kill you if I were stupid enough to unbind her, and then leave the two of you alone in here."

I refused to let it go. "Holding someone for torture and lobotomisation? It's not right. You know that."

"She's a cold blooded murderer. Not a warrior like we are. She is void of any remorse for all the deaths she has caused. She doesn't deserve your pity. Or mine."

I shook my head and turned away, but not before Mako clearly saw the frustration and disappointment in my face.

"Why is Paige here, Kixi?" Mako, who quickly sprung forward to take hold of my wrist asked. At her words, it also caused Paige to step forward protectively.

I shook my head, there were more important things I needed to worry about than justify Paige's presence. "You knocked me out with tranquilliser drugs, who was I was supposed to call?"

"I didn't do that because I really wanted to hurt you Kixi. I love you immensely, like I always have. But it was necessary for me to get Kes here since you objected to how best I—"

I yanked my wrist free angrily. "I would give my life for you Mako Jhasmin, and without any second thoughts. We may have had a disagreement over what fate should be handed down to Kes, but your actions are inexcusable," I insisted. I turned back to face Mako. "Yet you thought it would be okay to take advantage of my kindness and my trust. Do you deny that?"

"I don't deny it Kixi, and I regret doing what I did to you. I'm also sorry for not immediately telling you about Kes' relationship to you."

Paige glanced over and saw a strange expression on Mako's face; her turbulent history with Kes had obviously upset her.

Mako was a fairly brave person, yet she was clearly distraught. She was actually afraid of the assassin woman, even while she was restrained. She could tell that I felt some sympathy for Kes and that I disapproved of what she was doing, wondering, if I now thought her a lesser person. 

"I want you to stop what you are doing," I explained. 

"Why?" Mako demanded, suddenly suspicious.

I was worried about my wife. Since having invited Kes to our apartment I had sensed something different about her, but I had never suspected she was capable of going to such extreme lengths. I hadn't known that Mako had reopened the old Arjian Resistance HQ; If I had, I would have tried to talk Mako out of such a foolish and dangerous idea. Mako must have known I would object, however, and so she hadn't told me what was happening until after Kes was safely secured in the surgical theatre.

"She could prove to be more of value to us if we could exploit her talents and have her work as an agent of the Zhann Alliance," I insisted, crossing my arms.

Jaw clenched, Mako reached down to grab a hard object, but I seized her wrist.   

"Jhasmin, can you please hear me out?"

"Hear you out?" Mako slammed a fist from her free hand across a small work bench."

"Well that's the problem, neither of you get it. There are bigger things at stake here. Oh but I see, of course," she replied, avoiding the question. "You want to keep her the way she is because she's your half sister?"

"No. Let me explain. Jhasmin, you know all too well, that years ago, when we won the Battle for Sol, we merely drove out the Drex Dynasty and Skycom. Yet since then, the Drex Dynasty has become an Empire, and Skycom, although not allied with them, clearly doesn't have our best interests at heart. Then there are other smaller factions, such as the Gexin Combine and the members of the Cestus Coalition, none that have the interests of the Zhann Alliance at heart. They could easily join forces with Skycom Corporation and frankly if that were to happen, with our forces stretched thin throughout the many star systems that depend on us, the odds would be considerably turned against us. And then there are the Bladestrider faction groups, need I say—"

"— What has all this got to do with Kes?"

Paige who stood there in silence; Almost non existent, kept a careful eye on Mako. Notwithstanding her dislike toward Mako, she too could see something eating away at her. Mako was obsessed with the assassin woman. Paige knew it had something to do with her past, she knew that I knew too, but when she had tried to broach the subject with me, I too had refused to discuss it.

Despite Mako hurting me, I refused to do the same to her. I loved her way too much. Left with no other options, I had to try and reach a compromise, thus now being forced to wait for Mako to make the next move. Regardless who Kes was, Mako and I had fought countless battles by each other's sides. Abandoning her now would not be an option. I was determined to remain by her side.

"Kes has much talent," I continued. "Talent that can be used against the struggle with our enemies. I propose we still lobotomise her— but..." I let go of Mako's wrist, and raised my hand turning it. Except for my index finger, I clenched all my other fingers as well as my thumb toward my palm, and pointed the index finger skyward. "...not fully that she becomes zombie like. That would be such a waste, and personally I don't like your intentions towards her if you did that."

"Your personal sex toy Mako? That's really disgusting!" Paige snapped, pointing an accusing finger at Mako. "I might as well then be allowed to—"

I pressed each finger together, thumb to thumb, index to index, pinkie to pinkie, and narrowed my eyes. "—Quiet Paige." 

"So what do you suggest then Kixi?" Mako asked, raising her voice just a tad, while simultaneously brushing a strain of hair behind her ear.

I spread my arms wide, "I suggest we wipe all her memories of who she is and was. But that's it." I said, raising my voice to Mako's. "Her ability to function as a normal human being must remain, as well as her skills as an assassin and so forth. We implant new memories making her one of us— the good guys, and use her as a tool to infiltrate our enemies."

Paige who continued to stand behind me blinked twice, but didn't dare say anything.

Mako touched her chin as if thinking, while I stood nervously shifting my weight from one foot to the other, my hands were buried deep in my pockets. Mako then sat down, resting her elbows on the work bench, and put her head in her hands. She gave a dramatic sigh, shaking her head, "You can be so stubborn sometimes Kixi!" She almost growled, before standing up again and pacing back and forth.

Not aware of it, I rubbed my forearm. "Umm, I really think..." I gulped. "Well, what I was wondering was..."

"Oh just shut up Kixi." Mako was now leaning against the wall with one foot resting on the other, and shook her head slightly. "Look, I can understand why you're nervous," she pushed herself off the wall and strode cooly toward me, "the last thing you want is to fight me even after what I did to you before, so you're really hoping that I accept your compromise. But just relax, okay?"

I might not have understood fully what my wife was going through, nor might I have agreed with what she was doing either, but she knew all too well that I was still going to be there for her, despite what she had done. The ties that bound us were unbreakable, and because of it, she knew what had to be done.

Mako held her palms out to me. "I accept your compromise Kixi. We'll lobotomise Kes your way."

"Good, Jhasmin. I'm so glad that after everything that's just happened, that we've come to a peaceful agreement." I immediately announced, keeping my voice low, my eyes directed toward both Mako and Paige.

"Kixi," Mako said, facing me now. "I behaved badly at our apartment, and I am embarrassed. I meant no disrespect to you. I tranquillised you because I was so intent on taking Kes here but did not want to actually harm you."

"You are forgiven Mako Jhasmin," I replied, a faint smile appearing. "You have been honest with me. Honesty is never wrong. I can also see that you are genuinely sorry for your actions."

We gripped hands impulsively, and Mako then hugged me tightly around the neck, lifting her left foot up behind her. "I love you Kixi!" She whispered into my ear exitedly. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, leaving a smear of lipgloss. As quickly as that, the breach that had opened between us was closed.

Paige who watched on, blinked. "Great, I'm glad that's sorted between you two." She said, pretending to be happy that Mako and I had sorted out our differences. "Shall we get on with it then?"

Mako tapped her foot. "Yes, Paige. I just need to reprogram the machine so Kes can be lobotomised accordingly to how we've all just agreed."

Several minutes passed while Mako did that, and both Paige and I attentively watched on. Once Mako was done, she turned to the medical droid. "Fire it up."

The medical droid lowered the helmet over Kes' head. She tried to move her head out of the way, but could not; she was captive.

The medical droid turned on the implant machine. It made a horrible whining noise reminiscent of an old style dentist's drill. Mako grimaced and led both Paige and I out of the surgical room. I paused at the door and turned back to Kes before looking directly at the medical droid. "By the way, one last thing. Wipe out any memory of her knowing that she's my half sister. It's best she never knows that."

Kes gritted her teeth, refusing to respond.

Mako turned to the medical droid. "I concur with that idea."

"Understood," the medical droid replied, nodding absently.

Paige waved good bye. "I guess you'll be a different person when we see you in a few minutes."

Paige, Mako and I left the surgical room. Now the sounds of the equipment became really terrifying, not for their mechanics, which were physically painless, but for their significance. It was as if the living brain was being sawed apart so that portions of brains from a morgue could be grafted on.

Kes struggled against it. She concentrated to fight the effects of the reprogramming, but her resources were small, facing overwhelming force. Kes pulled against the metal brackets holding her wrists and forearms and ankles. They didn't budge.

Please keep still, the medical droid said.

Now there was pain, both physical and mental, as her skin was abraded by the bonds, and her mind tried to oppose the brainwashing. Both types of pain became more acute. Kes grimaced, as if that could drive away the hostile program.

Don't fight it, the medical droid said. That's what makes it hurt.

But Kes continued to struggle; vainly. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, and spittle drooled from her mouth. She thrashed in her chair, trying to break free. The whining of the equipment was excruciating, but that was nothing compared with the pain of struggle and loss. She seemed helpless, yet she could not just let it happen. Was this what a woman felt when she was being raped? Kes had raped many of her female victims before having killed them, but never had she herself been raped. Yet what was being done to her now, surely it was a kind of rape.

"This is a delicate procedure, Ms. En'jusek," the medical droid cautioned her. If you don't keep still, you'll end up schizophrenic.

The shackles did not give at all; Mako had made sure they were sufficiently strong. But the screws holding the chair together started to creak, encouraging Kes to summon all her strength to hold her identity intact and break free from the chair.

Turn up the sedative, the medical droid told the other assistant medical droid.

And from some untapped resource came a flow of strength. The noise, the pain, and her thrashing all reached a crescendo, and it seemed that she could endure no more, but she felt that strength increasing. Maybe it was the strength of madness, she thought as she tensed her arms even harder, and opened her mouth to cry out. Yet her strength was at its limit; And suddenly there wasn't anything more she could do.

Kes gave up struggling.

During the following four minutes, which was precisely how long the procedure lasted, Kes didn't feel the ice pick that hammered through her left eye, nor when it dug six inches into her head and scraped meticulously back and forth across her frontal lobe.

When Kes opened her eyes, which were surrounded by a ring of black and nearly swollen shut, she didn't quite feel like herself. With eyes that held no emotion behind them, she looked down at the chair she sat on, the edges of her lips turned up. And although she smiled, there was nothing behind it, there was no fear, no thoughts, no hallucinations. There was no Kes.

The last actual thought that Kes would ever be capable of thinking regarding who she now once was, flashed across her mind so fast she forgot it almost instantly, but it had been there all the same.

Kes En'jusek closed her eyes.




Celestia City. Still hot. Still muggy. A storm had come through the night before, and now the landing pad was littered with palm fronds and the fat, broad leaves and crinkly white blossoms of the surrounding trees. The flowers lay matted against the ground, still pretty in their way, but drowned looking, too.

Kes stood there, a sack over her shoulder. Paige stood with her. She had a bag with her, too. A Gencore Phoenix cruiser roared overhead.

Another ship drifted down, its twin engines pivoted and fired against the ground to slow its ascent. Opulent, gleaming brass and carmine piping, the Gencore T-3000 luxury yacht that was landing was a ship as much for its looks as its functions.

It settled down, and once it did, three people stepped off. Kajtia was first off the ship, craning her neck and cracking her knuckles. Chris followed after, and last off was Ālrai.

Kajtia stepped off and headed right for me, hand out. “Kixi, its good to see that after the events of last night, that you're pulling up well.”

“Kajtia,” I said, first shaking her hand, and then pulling my best friend in for a hug. “Yes I am, and so is my wife." I whispered softly into her ear before we both pulled back. "Funny how it seems a long time since I saw you last, yet we were only at the races together last night."

Chris walked past and muttered: “That's because of the events that took place afterwards with Kes."

"I appreciate you guys coming down and taking the time to give a lift to Paige and Kes. Kes already has the necessary skills for undertaking the most difficult of covert missions. At Epsilon Prime, she will be fully groomed and readied— and of course fully observed and checked if you get what I mean." I said. 

"I sure do and hey, it's no big deal Kixi." Kajtia said, resting a soft warm hand on my shoulder. "Vocheuhiri isn't far, and besides, it's been a while since we've visited Venus."

“You girls ready?” I turned to Paige and Kes.

“Yes,” they answered in unison, coming up to me and then stepping over onto the ship's boarding ramp.

Paige gave me a hug and whispered softly enough into my ear that only I heard what she said: "I remember everything. I still love you and I know you still love me." 

I smiled, pouting, as she pulled back and then gave Mako a light punch to the arm. "You behave Mako and take good care of your wife."

Keeping a straight face, Mako responded: "Kixi can definitely count on me." Holding her hands together behind her back, she did well to hide her distaste toward Paige.

“So, we ready to depart?” Kajtia asked with a shrug.

“Duty calls,” said Paige turning her head and nodding. “Kes and I are ready for departure."

“And there’s plenty of drinks in my yacht's bar fridge,” Kajtia added. "Just so you know."

Paige frowned. “Oh, this is going to be fun. Come on Kes.”

Kajtia smiled.

Mako and I stood on the ramp of Kajtia's ship and waved. Kes and Paige waved back and headed aboard. With her memories altered, the formidable assassin was now ready to begin life as a Zhann Alliance operative.

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