Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal

When I saw her after so long, for the first time in a very long time, I found myself wanting my revenge. I wanted a simple revenge, however my better half wanted something beyond that. In appeasing her demands, it brought out a most unselling part of me, knowing that the person capable of making both my better half and I feel this way, was tied directly to my yearning toward our road to vengeance.

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3016/17 - KnM Blade: Part 3 (Available by mid to later part of 2020)
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3028 - Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal (Published 2019-07-13)

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23. Chapter 13.

Chapter 13.


Mako Jhasmin sat alone in the small, windowless office. The only furnishings were a simple desk and the chair she currently occupied. The unadorned walls were a depressing shade of brown, their stone surface rough and unfinished. A small safe had been built into the rock wall, and a single door led out into the hall beyond. She cast a wary glance at the small, heart locket necklace that contained a single facial portrait image of me. The locket sat where Mako had placed it upon taking it off, on the edge of the desk.

'How could you? Betray the one who has self-sacrificed her needs for you on countless occasions; who wouldn't give you up for all the wealth and desires in the universe; who loves you immensely.'

Mako shook her head in momentary confusion. The thought had been in her own voice, but it had somehow seemed alien... as if someone else was speaking inside her head.

Except for herself, the office was clearly empty. The door was closed, and with the sparse furnishing there was no place for someone to hide.

The woman in the surgical room that had, during the rebellious resistance days served as a clinic to treat wounded Arjian Resistance agents, was the assassin Kes En'jusek. Anything she possessed was an instrument of pure evil; Mako wasn't interested in exploring her past, nor her relationship to me; she was only interested in punishing her.

It had been only an hour since Mako had transported Kes here from our apartment. As per her instructions to the medical droid, she had been kept drugged and helpless the entire time. Now Mako knew she couldn't put it off any longer; it was time to go carry out her deed. Her face set in grim determination, she left the office and marched through the twisting halls of Zed’s abandoned underground complex, the once secret headquarters of the Arjian Resistance, and headed for the surgical room that currently also served as a detention cell for the captured assassin.

When she had first learnt about the vast complex built into the rock several kilometres below the massive super structure that rose well over a kilometre above it, Mako had been just a teenager. She had been brought into the ranks of the Arjian Resistance by none other than me.

To this day, Zed's Performance & Auto Care Centre, occupied the tall massive structure above the underground complex that was more than a kilometres high, and hundreds of metres in diameter. At the time of the resistance, the USS’s former Drex Government, as well as Skycom Corporation were amongst Jak Zed’s biggest clients.

Zed, who amongst the higher ranks of the Resistance had been known as Jarvis, unsuspecting to the enemy, had used the hidden underground complex. In never suspecting a thing, the very resistance that he had led, effectively contributed to the Battle for Sol of 3018, and the eventual triumph of the Zhann Alliance. After a decade of abandonment, the complex’s vast facilities in effect, had remained hidden in the underground labyrinth.

Mako pushed the thought from her mind; pushed me away so I was no longer there. She had made her decision regarding Kes a long time ago. I hadn't agreed with her, so now she was left to deal with the assassin woman alone.

It took her nearly ten minutes to make her way from the office through the maze of passages and rooms to where Kes was being held. Although the corridors she travelled were illuminated by pale lights in the ceiling, many of the halls led off into darkness— Mako had only reopened one small section of the complex. The rest of it was still deserted.

Kes was being held in what was, during the days of the Arjian Resistance, a restricted surgical theatre and laboratory. Gaining access to the room differed little if at all, to a maximum security cell, accessible only by a single staircase guarded by locked reinforced steel doors at the top and bottom. The reprogrammed SS-7 droid that had once belonged to Skysec and reactivated upon Mako's arrival at the complex, stood guard on the other side of the door. The droid unlocked it at her approach, and she quickly made her way down the steep stairs.

The door at the bottom similarly opened for her, revealing a small ten metre by ten metre guard station. Another locked heavily reinforced door on the far wall led into the surgical room that was also Kes' prison cell; a small viewing window had been built into the door. There were two tables in the room. The larger table stood off to the side of the door Mako had just entered. The smaller was on wheels; measuring only a metre by half a metre, it had been pushed against the wall beside the entry door.

Two SS-7 droids identical to the one that was standing guard at the top of the steep stairway were here, along with two medical droids that would be used to carry out the lobotomy procedure on Kes. The SS-7 droids were seated in chairs around the larger table, playing cards. The two medical droids were on opposite ends of the room, distancing themselves from those at the table and each other. One of the medical droids was leaning against the wall for support, while the other sat on the floor, its legs crossed, hands in its lap and robotic eyes closed. If the droid had been a human, it looked as if it might had been meditating, but of course, the robot had only powered itself down to minimum power while it waited.

As Mako entered, the SS-7 droids jumped up to stand at attention, as did the medical droid that had been leaning on the wall. The other medical droid opened its eyes and looked up at Mako, but otherwise made no move. 

"The woman is still sedated?" Mako asked.

"Yes, ma'am," one of the SS-7 droids replied. "She was given another dose by one of the medical droids thirty minutes ago."

She nodded and made her way over to the wheeled table in the corner. Atop the table were nearly three dozen hypodermic needles, colour-coded by label according to their contents. Mako had prepared each of the needles herself. The ones marked with a green sticker contained neurotoxins; they needed to keep Kes drugged at all times to prevent her from escaping. The others— red, black, and yellow— were filled with various compounds Mako would need while she interrogated and tortured Kes before her eventual lobotomy.

"Open the door," Mako called out to the SS-7 droids. "I want to speak with the woman who will be my lobotomy subject. Alone."

As Mako entered the surgical room, she only then realised at how much smaller it was than the room on the other side of the door: just three metres square. The surgical room was dimly lit, the only illumination coming from a single sputtering light overhead.

Kes was restrained against the far wall. Her arms were extended out to either side above, her hands shackled by chains dangling from iron rings set into the ceiling. Her legs were similarly splayed, her ankles cuffed to the wall behind her.

Because of the drugs Kes was unable to stand erect; her weight sagged forward, pulling the chains supporting her tight and putting incredible strain on her wrists and shoulders. The pain in her joints would have been excruciating, were it not for the numbing effects of the neurotoxins coursing through her system. Her head was slumped down, her paralysed muscles making it impossible for her to look up as Mako entered.

Mako selected a needle with a red label from the table and injected it directly into the carotid artery running up the side of Kes' neck. An instant later Kes' head snapped up and back in reaction to the powerful stimulant.

Kes had nothing to say except gasp loudly as she then fixed Mako with her cold, merciless gaze.

Earlier, my unexpected reaction whilst we were all together in the apartment had unsettled Mako. Thus, she fought the instinct to turn and flee from the bound and sedated assassin. She had nothing to fear from her prisoner this time. This time Kes was the victim, not her.

No matter what I thought, Mako had to do this.

"Do you now know the truth of who I really am?" she demanded.

Kes' answer came slowly. The stimulant Mako had given her only countered the physical effect of the neurotoxin; the toxin still clouded her mind, dulling her focus and concentration.

"The partner of my greatest nemesis."

The words were slightly slurred, and it was impossible to read anything into the flat, emotionless tone. Mako couldn't tell if Kes actually had fully comprehended, that she and eM Blade were the same person, or if Kes was just making a generalisation based on the fact that Mako had taken her prisoner.

"My name is Mako Jhasmin Zaneca. I am also eM Blade," Mako told her. “You hurt me, tried to kill me, and, you inflicted much pain and suffering to Kay Bla— Kixi.” Mako wanted her to know. She wanted her to understand that I, the person she had secretly desired for so long, was in fact her mortal enemy.

"I understood who you both were after you revealed yourselves. Your intention to inflict pain on me, is this revenge for you,” Kes asked after a long moment, the neurotoxin making her mind lethargic, "or for what I did to your partner?"

"Both," Mako replied, picking up a needle marked with a black sticker. “Now Kes, the real pain begins. I want you to experience pain. A lot of pain.” Again, she injected it into Kes’ neck. This time, however, the effects were markedly different.

Kes’ eyes rolled back in her head and her teeth slammed shut, narrowly missing her tongue. Then her body began to convulse, causing her chains to rattle madly.

Mako leaned in closer, enthralled by Kes' chemical induced torment. She let the seizure continue for a full ten seconds before injecting Kes with one of the yellow needles to counter the effects.

"Do you see the kind of punishment I can inflict on you?" she asked. "Now do you understand what it is like to be at the helpless mercy of another?"

Kes didn't answer right away. Her breathing was ragged, her face covered in sweat from the pain she had just endured. A spastic tremble had seized her left hand, causing it to twitch and flex madly in its iron cuff.

"You have no lessons to teach me," Kes gasped. "You, like your partner are criminals. Criminals who fought with your murderous rebellious resistance scum, to allow the current illegitimate government to rise to power— with you Mako, being its first president!”

“We the criminals eh? Then why did you kill so many innocent people?" Mako asked, picking up another black needle and holding it up for her to see.

"People who are weak deserve their fate— people like you."

Mako stabbed the needle into Kes’ neck, inducing another seizure. She let this one continue nearly twice as long before administering the antidote. She expected Kes to pass out from the pain, but somehow she managed to stay conscious.

"Your defiance will be punished," Mako warned her.

"You, like those currently in power are weak," the assassin muttered. "When the Drex Dynasty along with Skycom were in power, those who ceased to be of use, were destroyed. That is the way to absolute and unchallenged power— and my way.”

Mako picked the needle up from the table.

Kes however, simply looked Mako right in the face and scoffed at her; "No matter what you do, former President Zaneca, nothing will bring back all the lives that were destroyed— that I destroyed, many for my own pure pleasure and not because of the Drex Dynasty or Skycom."

"You Kes, are sick in the head— killing people for pleasure! I want you to see what it's like to be helpless and afraid," Mako hissed. "I want you to know what it's like to be a victim. I want you to understand that on a personal level, that what you did to to me— to Kay— Kixi— was wrong!"

Mako slapped Kes across the face. Her nails raked her cheek, slicing the flesh with four long, deep furrows. Blood welled up quickly into the wounds and began to run down toward her chin.

"The weak will always be victims," Kes said, her voice growing stronger. "That is the way of the universe. The strong take what they want, and the weak suffer at their hands. That is their fate; it is inevitable. Only the strong survive, because only the strong deserve to."

"You only believe that because you don't know what it's like to suffer!" Mako shot back at her.

"I know what it means to suffer," Kes replied, her words no longer thick and slurred. "I used to be a victim. I had nothing and nobody. No money, no assets, no family, and no friends. But I refused to accept my lot in life. I made myself strong by making others the victims.”

As she spoke, drops of blood from the gashes on her cheek fell from her chin and splashed to the floor.

"Those who are victims have no one to blame but themselves. They do not deserve pity; they are victims because of their own failures and weaknesses."

"But it didn't matter how strong you were!" Mako said, "Don't you see that? You still ended up here as a prisoner— and, you will do so for as long as that body of yours remains a living organism!"

"Had I been stronger I would not have been captured," Kes countered, a fierce light burning in her eyes. "If I am not strong enough to escape, I will continue to suffer until I die. But if I am strong enough to escape..."

Mako slammed the black needle down and grabbed one of the green, injecting Kes with another dose of neurotoxins.

"You will never leave this place as an intelligent sentient being," Mako promised as her victim slipped back under the influence of the drug, her eyes glazing over as her head lolled forward again.

Even drugged and chained, Kes was still cunning enough to be dangerous.

Caught up in arguing with her, Mako had almost missed the signs of the neurotoxins wearing off. She had thought it would be hours before she needed another shot, but she had underestimated the effects of the other drugs she had been pumping into Kes' system. She'd have to be more careful in the future.

"Right now I am weak," the assassin mumbled with her head staring down at the floor, refusing to give up. "Powerless. You inflict suffering on me because you are strong enough to do so. Your actions prove the truth of what I believe."

Mako shook her head angrily. "No. I was always taught to help those in need. The strong should raise the weak up, not trample them down. My parents believed in that, as did my peers, and so do I!"

Somehow Kes managed to lift her head, fixing Mako with her bleary-eyed stare.

"And because of your grand beliefs, you found it morally correct and honourable, to hurt Kixi, even contemplated killing her, your partner, wife— my half sister."

Mako raised her hand to slap Kes, then froze, struggling to control the flood of grief and rage that threatened to overwhelm her.

"Your half sister? Like it ever mattered Kes." Mako shouted. "For starters you only learnt that a few hours ago, yet you tried to kill her on many occasions, and, let's not forget how you brutally violated her back on Zerentia 3 in 3016. Sure you didn't know Kay and Kixi were the same person, however let's not kid ourselves, it would have made no difference."

"Anyway, I don't need to get angry at you anymore," Mako finally said softly, placing a hand on Kes' shoulder. "Soon you'll be fully lobotomised, unintelligent in every way, and a slave that will satisfy my every desire. I believe that I can now calm down."

Kes didn't answer, though a cunning smile played at the corner of her lips. Mako on the other hand, glared away from the assassin before turning her attention back to the same woman in chains.

She didn't say another word, however. Jaw clenched, Mako reached down in her pocket for her comm device, and signalled for the two SS-7 droids that were outside to enter.

In due course, the robots took hold of Kes, removing her from the wall, and then strapped her into an examination chair. Weakened by the drugs, Kes had no chance to break free, not that it would have mattered. The SS-7 droids had been very careful to keep her shackled throughout.

Mako watched as the medical droid that had been leaning on the wall upon her ingress, and then the other, who would be its assistant, prepare the reprogramming procedure. Kes bucked and struggled as the assistant inserted a needle in the back of her hand. It wasn't the momentary sting of the puncture that bothered her, but the finality of the coming injection of a drug that would pacify her for what was to be the loss of her personality— and worse.

"Relax, Kes," Mako said. "In the end, you'll like being my servant and slave, because, in my opinion it's still better than being dead."

"You bitch. I'd rather fucking die. I sure hope Kixi turns on you, you evil little fuck!"

"True about the evil part," Mako said. "I can be. But being a former president and all, I've got plenty of money, a nice hovercar and a cool girl. Speaking of which, you did fancy Kixi before you found out she was also Kay Blade and your half sister, right?" Mako glanced at the assassin woman, who grimaced, not appreciating even Mako's look. 

"Well, you'll get to fuck me whenever I please, and if Kixi decides to be a good girl, I'll allow her to participate. You Kes, are gonna be my personal living sex toy. I'm reprogramming you to be respectful and compliant and appreciative— the way an attractive woman like you ought to be. After I'm finished here with you, you'll have little or no ability to think for yourself, let alone do anything except, eat and shit. The only reason why you won't be wasting breathable air is because you'll be serving my sexual desires and that Kes, would be no waste."

"Live by the sword, die by the sword. You Mako, are deceitful and treacherous venom. In turn you'll eventually get what's coming." Kes defiantly insisted, though her voice was so weak Mako could barely hear her.

"Whatever. Cherish your final moments of what will be your old life."

Lowering her head, Mako turned her back on Kes without saying another word, leaving the droid doctors alone with her in the surgical room.

Mako needed to get out of the surgical room. On the examination chair and drugged, that would keep Kes helpless for at least another hour. Time enough for Mako to collect her thoughts before facing the assassin again, and just in time for when the medical droids would be beginning the lobotomy procedure on her.

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